RHS already acquainted with new superintendent

Dr. Alan Cron, RHS principal and John Retchless.

Dr. Alan Cron, RHS principal and John Retchless.

Haley Macray, Veritas Senior Managing Editor

Current Rockland High School principal, Alan Cron will be the next superintendent of Rockland Public Schools. The Rockland School Committee announced their selection of Dr. Cron on Oct. 13.

After only four years at RHS, Dr. Cron is ready to take the next step in his career. On July 1st he will officially assume his new position. Until then, he will be working closely with current superintendent John Retchless, whom Dr. Cron says he has and will learn a great deal from.

Dr. Cron began his journey as a Rockland High School Bulldog the same time the Class of 2016 began theirs: in 2012. He will be finishing up his time as principal around the same time this year’s seniors will be graduating and beginning their own next chapters. Dr. Cron says he remembers the Class of 2016, the only graduating class to have him all four years of high school, as freshmen “vividly.”

“I don’t want to close a chapter. I’m trying not to look at it like that,” says Dr. Cron. “Four years is just not enough.” This is a statement that resonates with many seniors as their time as RHS begins to come to a close.

Even though July 1st is  months away, Dr. Cron already has some ideas and plans for the district.


See more about Dr. Cron and Mr. Retchless in News

RHS Veritas/WRPS November 2015


Seniors gain Powderpuff win

the winners2

The seniors are all smiles as they gather after their 8-6 win on Friday night.

Friday, Nov. 20, 2015

On their first possession, quarterback Ali Sammon  put the juniors on top driving for the  first touchdown of the game.   But the seniors’ defense stopped their two point conversion try.

Near the end of the first half senior quarterback Kyra Rose scored a touchdown and Kylie McKenna got the two point conversion.  That was all the scoring they would need as they defeated the juniors 8-6 in this year’s Powderpuff game.

With all of the scoring taking place in the 1st half, defense was the order for the second half.  As senior coach, Steve Norris said, “Defense wins championships.”  Congratulations to the Class of 2016 and to both teams for an exciting game.

Cheerleaders Go for State Championship on Sunday

The cheerleaders at Whitman-Hanson last Sunday. photo by Kelley Reale

The cheerleaders with their Division 4 South Regionals trophy at Whitman-Hanson last Sunday. photo by Kelley Reale

The RHS cheerleaders will be putting it all on the line on Sunday at Algonquin Regional High School as they compete for the Division 4 State Cheerleading Championship.  They will be competing around 11 am.


The girls have been successful this competition season with a South Shore League title and a first place finish in the Division 4 South Regionals last Sunday at Whitman-Hanson.

Congratulations and Good luck girls!

Alumni Part II

Michael Ivanoskos, Veritas Staff

It’s time for another edition of “Where are they now?” There are three more past alumni that have used RHS in the correct way to pave the way for their future success. One graduated early, one was a cheerleader at RHS, and one was very involved with the percussion section of our music department. One wants the simple American dream, one wants to become a teacher of the younger minds, and the last alum is deciding between pursuing a career in math or music theatre.

Ella Engle at graduation last June.

Ella Engle at graduation last June.

First is Ella Engle who graduated last year. She was actually from the Class of 2016. She did not know she was on pace to graduate in 2015 until after college applications were due. So, she missed the original application deadlines, but will be attending UMASS Lowell in January, 2016. Engle has been keeping occupied by taking gen-ed classes at Quincy College in the meantime.

Growing up in Rockland inspired Engle in many ways. “Being a Bulldog to me means that wherever I go Rockland will always be my home.” She also says that the skills she picked up while attending RHS are perseverance, grit, and being an all around hard worker. Engle exclaimed, “It made me understand the value of hard work and community.” Engle adds, “I miss my friends and other people that I now have even less opportunities to see.”

Her American dream is to become a teacher in order to inspire others through her line of work. In addition to that she wants to get married, raise a family, and read some great books along the way. It is awesome to see how teachers at RHS might have impacted her to decide to want to become a teacher. So thumbs up to Ella Engle and the teaching staff at RHS!

Lastly, Engle’s advice to seniors is to be role models for underclassmen and set an example of what it means to be a Bulldog.

krystin killionNext up is Krystin Killion who is a member of the Class of 2015. She has been consistently applying the materials she has learned at RHS to her school work at Bridgewater State University. Killion said, “I hope to become an elementary school teacher and high school cheerleading coach. So, I should be back at RHS in a few years!”

Killion’s connection to RHS remains strong. “Bulldog Nation always comes together for each other in times of need.” She says  she greatly misses her friends, the teaching staff, and the cheerleading program from RHS.

Her advice to the Class of 2016 at RHS is: “Be happy to be the oldest in the school right now because you will be little freshmen again!” Also, she said that we should live every day like it’s our last. To sum it up this girl has goals and a passion for reaching excellence in whatever she decides to do.

PJ Butler is a freshman at UNH.

PJ Butler is a freshman at UNH.

Lastly, is P.J. Butler from the Class of 2015. Butler is currently attending the University of New Hampshire and majoring in Applied Mathematics. Butler states, “Rockland will always be home to me no matter if I’m a state away.”

His summer was filled with work, band camp, and his marching band duties at UNH. He says he wants to be a drum major by the end of college and get a degree in Applied Mathematics or Musical Theatre. Butler said, “Senior year flies by and the Class of 2016 at RHS should be taking pictures of every memory because their time at RHS is precious. ”

Whatever direction Butler goes in, whether it’s math or music, he will do great because he has a leader’s mentality.

The Veritas would like to continue this feature, “Where Are They Now,” so if you want to participate or would like to refer a good candidate for our profiles, email us at mivanoskos2016@rocklandschools.org.

Fall Sports hold senior nights

It’s a tradition for RHS sports teams to honor their seniors on the last home game of the season. Following are links to the individual senior nights (or days) held this year for the girls soccer team and boys soccer team, the football team, the volleyball team, the cheerleaders and the band.

Boys soccer photos were taken by Hope Geary; football, cheerleaders, band, and girls soccer were taken by Kelley Reale.

Senior Cheerleaders are Bella Rindone, Kylie Keefe, Sam Aylward, Carly Reardon and Kiera Tobin-Rosman.

Senior Cheerleaders are Bella Rindone, Kylie Keefe, Sam Aylward, Carly Reardon, Kiera Tobin-Rosman and Liz Knobel.

boys soccer seniors

One Rockland Live Auction to be Held Sunday

Hope Geary, Veritas Staff

If you’re involved with a sport or club, you know about the dreaded fundraising that comes along with it. Now, you have One Rockland to help you out with that. One Rockland is a new unified  fundraising program that will hold large fundraiser events that will bring in a bigger income. The income will then be divided between all of the teams and clubs in the school. This will also allow students to work together in order to reach the same goal.

Gregory Rowe, a history teacher and varsity soccer coach at Rockland High, is donating his time to students and stepping up to run the program. Jaymie Atkins, Matt Dunn, Jeffre Donahue, Danielle O’Brien, Erin Field and Chris Penney have all been chosen to be the One Rockland Student Committee. Each of these students is involved in sports and activities, is well rounded and fits the job perfectly.

There is also a large number  of students who have been nominated to be Bulldog mentors. Bulldog Mentors are mainly responsible for helping out the freshmen and preparing them for everything they will face in high school. The Bulldog Mentor captains are Harrison Shields and Lexie Carchedi. All of these students will also take part in the One Rockland fundraisers.  

One of the first events that One Rockland has planned is a live auction. All the items that are being auctioned have been donated from the clubs, athletic teams, and various members of the community. The live auction will take place on Sunday, November 15, and it  will be on the air from 11am to 2pm on WRPS. If you have Comcast it will be on channel 15 and if you have Verizon it will be on channel 32. The WRPS staff which includes Chris Burnieika, Lisa Breeden and David Cable-Murphy are producing the event.

When asked about the auction Mr.Rowe stated, “We have over 45 items which includes a signed Julian Edelman jersey, a cooking lesson with Mr. Graziano, tickets to theatre and sporting events, as well as a number of gift certificates and other memorabilia. That will be exciting.”   The auction is expected to go pretty well this year and all of the members of One Rockland are hoping for the income to grow each year as the program continues according to Mr. Rowe. Mr. Burnieika mentioned that the estimated income or goal for the event is to raise 5,000 dollars.

Many people want to know what the clubs, activities and sports teams will be getting from One Rockland. “The basic thing we’re trying to cover now is uniforms for athletics and transportation and production costs for activities. So things like NHS will have their banquet and ceremony paid for. SGC and band will have their transportation paid for, and we’re hoping to get on a three year uniform cycle so if you play three varsity sports you will get a new uniform every year,” said Mr. Rowe.

This new program should be very exciting for the students. In the past everyone had to raise funds on their own, or bring money to pay for a bus and pay for other things like t-shirts. Jaymie Atkins, a member of the One Rockland Student Committee said, “Personally I’m looking forward to new uniforms for soccer and girls lacrosse, but also I’m looking forward to where this program will be in a couple years and how far it will take the school. I can picture in about four years these fundraisers will be a part of the Rockland tradition and will be very popular!”

Like stated earlier, the live auction will take place on Sunday, November 15, and it  will be on the air from 11am to 2pm on WRPS. If you have Comcast it will be on channel 15 and if you have Verizon it will be on channel 32. 

Honoring veterans



Evan Murphy, Erin Buckley and Brian McLaughlin made the trip to Bourne on Saurday, Nov. 7


Zach Pransky, Veritas Staff

On Saturday, Nov. 7, a group of high school and middle school students from Rockland made an early morning trip to the Massachusetts National Cemetery in Bourne to put flags on the graves of veterans in preparation for Veterans Day on Nov. 11.

Beginning at 10 o’clock, a short service, led by organizer Paul Monti, preceded the day’s task of putting a flag on each of the almost 60,000 grave sites in the cemetery.

The Rockland students joined groups of people from all over the state to administer the flags. Groups of students broke off to try to cover as much space as was possible. With hundreds of volunteers showing up, the task was completed in only a few short hours.

Overall, the day was very successful for everyone involved at the cemetery.

Mrs. Black and Ms. Paulding accompanied the bus full of students. Each of the 23 high school students who gave up their morning and part of the afternoon earned four community service hours.

group to Bourne


Fall MIAA Tournament Information


RHS Varsity Volleyball

Joe Taft, Veritas Sports Editor & Web Editor

The time to play for your life is now for three of Rockland’s fall teams. Boys’ and girls’ soccer, as well as volleyball, were deemed good enough to begin the quest for a state championship in their respective sports.

The volleyball team goes up against Old Colony(9) at home Thursday night at 6:00. The girls ended the season with a record of 13-6, took home the 8th seed, and are looking to make a deep playoff push. If they win, they will face either Case(1) or St. John Paul II(16). The seniors on the team call for a black-out in the student section.

The boys’ soccer team plays at home on Friday against Fairhaven(11) at 2:30. Rich MacAllister’s group went 12-6 this season and are looking at the number 6 seed. With a win, they will move on to face either Foxborough(3), Blue Hills(14), or Dedham(19).

Girls’ soccer looks to take on Norfolk County Aggie(5) in an away game this Friday at 2:30. The girls find themselves with the number 12 seed after going 10-7-2 this season. The Veritas asked Greg Rowe, the head coach of the team, how deep of a playoff push he is looking to make. He responded with “We’re focused on the next game.” Well said, Mr. Rowe. With a win, the girls will move on and face either Nantucket(4) or Falmouth Academy(13).

Don’t forget to go out and support Rockland Bulldog football, as they face Fairhaven on Friday night at Veteran’s Memorial Stadium. The game is at 7:00, and they are looking to end their season on a high note in the coming weeks. Even though they are not playing for a state title, they are a great group to watch with their tenacity and grit.

Come out and support all of your fellow Bulldogs. All the teams are looking to make a deep run this postseason. When the RHS student-sections are loud, the teams have a much better chance of squeaking out wins. Every player looks to leave all they have on the playing field for themselves and our school, do the same for them. Bulldog Nation, they need our help!

RHS Girls’ Varsity Soccer

RHS Varsity Soccer Captain, Gustavo Ribeiro.

Rockland High Students’ views on Halloween

Happy Halloween!

Produced by Joe Taft (Veritas Sports Editor/Web Editor) and Kaylee Ellis (Veritas Staff).

Spirit Week Ends with Class T-Shirt Day and Pep Rally

The Class of 2016 during Roller Coaster

The Class of 2016 during the roller coaster led by #83 Stephen Norris

Haley Macray, Veritas Senior Managing Editor

On Friday, October 23, Spirit Week wrapped up with Class T-Shirt Day and the annual Fall or Homecoming Pep Rally. The playful junior class vs. senior class rivalry was evident at the rally during the student favorite “Roller Coaster” contest. Junior, Matt Dunn and Seniors, Russell McCauley and Stephen Norris led their classes in the famous Rockland High School cheer. Teachers Chad Bigsby and Amanda Lanigan were crowed Mr. and Ms. Rockland after being voted for by RHS students.

See below for a photo gallery of the day’s events. Photos by Michelle Downey.

Project Pumpkin fun for all!

Veritas Staff

The RHS Student Government held the annual Project Pumpkin for the children in Rockland on Sunday, Oct. 25. The Veritas was there!

Seth Rosczewski captured many of the sights and sounds digitally while Carolyn McCarthy, Jill Donahue and other staff photographed the student government members in their diverse costumes as they provided candy and entertainment for the trick or treaters.  Also available was a haunted hallway and many activities in the gym including a jump house, face painting and games.

Below are Seth’s video and Carolyn’s photo gallery. Enjoy!

RHS Students Showcase their Favorite Sports Teams

Liz Knobel, Sam DeMarco, Abby Kinlin, Brittany Pitts, and Kylie Keefe

Liz Knobel, Sam DeMarco, Abby Kinlin, Brittany Pitts, and Kylie Keefe

Haley Macray, Veritas Senior Managing Editor

On Thursday, Oct. 22, Rockland High School Students continued to show their school spirit with Favorite Sports Team Day!

Stay tuned for more pictures from Fall Spirit Week. Want your photo to be featured? Submit it to hmacray2016@rocklandschools.org!

Miss Rockland is crowned

Abigail Kinlin with her parents, Keith and Katie Kinlin. photo by Carolyn McCarthy.

Abigail Kinlin with her parents, Keith and Katie Kinlin. photo by Carolyn McCarthy.

Chosen by members of the RHS senior class, Abigail Kinlin is the new Miss Rockland for 2015.  Kinlin was crowned at half-time of the Homecoming Game on Friday night, Oct. 23.

Also honored during the ceremony were the other five senior nominees, Haley Macray, Caitlin Yannizzi, Ashley Pezzella, Lexie Carchedi and Kiera Tobin-Rosman.

miss rockland crowned2

Left to right: Haley Macray, Kiera Tobin-Rosman, Abigail Kinlin, Lexie Carchedi, Caitlin Yannizzi and Ashley Pezzella. photo by Carolyn McCarthy

Below are Veritas photos of the girls and their parents.

Be sure to see our next Veritas print edition for more information including interviews with each of the girls.

USA! USA! USA!: RHS Students Participate in American Pride/Camo Day

Back Row: Sydney Wells, Haley Macray, Taylor Gallagher, Meghan Foster, and Maddie Cedrone Front Row: Noelle Atkins and Ryan Sugrue

Back Row: Sydney Wells, Haley Macray, Taylor Gallagher, Meghan Foster, and Maddie Cedrone Front Row: Noelle Atkins and Ryan Sugrue

Haley Macray, Veritas Senior Managing Editor

On Wednesday, Oct. 21, Rockland High School Students continued to show their school spirit with American/Camo day.

Up next: Favorite Sports Team Day!

Stay tuned for more pictures from Fall Spirit Week. Want your photo to be featured? Submit it to hmacray2016@rocklandschools.org!

Pransky wins Mr. Rockland crown

Veritas Staff

At the annual Mr. Rockland pageant held at RHS on Wednesday night, senior Zach Pransky took home the crown. The event was hosted by seniors Carly Reardon, Caitlin Yannizzi, Kiera Tobin-Rosman, and Haley Macray; and organized by junior Finance and Fundraising committee chair Colleen McCarthy. Asked after the event, Pransky was at a loss to explain why he won. Two of his opponents cited his dramatic reading and his responses to the Q&A.

Seasoned judge and chemistry teacher Ms. Hoyo said it was the toughest competition she has ever judged, alluding to the fact that she has judged many competitions in the past. She and the other judges Mr. Damon, Mr. MacAllister and Mr. Liquori took quite a while to deliberate who the winner was. Pransky believed his opponents, Mark Ewell, Ryan Sugrue, Billy Parlee, and Michael Ivanoskos, were all deserving of the award, possibly more than he was.

The unexpected appearance by Dr. Cron in his ducky costume, during contestant Mark Ewell’s performance, was a hilarious addition to the pageant.

Tuxedos for the formal wear part of the contest were sponsored and provided by Merian of Brockton.

For taking first place, Pransky was awarded a $250 scholarship, a front parking spot, a Chipotle gift card, a ride in the Rockland Veterans Day Parade, and ultimate bragging rights.

A complete video of the event will be available through wrpsrockland.com later this week. Check the next print edition of The Veritas for complete coverage.

Photos below are by Veritas staff member, sophomore Megan Lund.

Miss Rockland will be crowned Friday night

Veritas Staff

Miss Rockland will be crowned on Friday night at half-time of the Homecoming Game.  The six candidates were chosen by the faculty of RHS and are all actively involved at Rockland High School in various clubs, sports and community service projects.  Good students as well, they all plan to attend four year colleges or universities next year! Good luck and congratulations to all six senior girls!

Miss Rockland nominees: (Back Row) Haley Macray, Kiera Tobin-Rosman, and Lexie Carchedi (Front Row) Abby Kinlin, Caitlin Yannizzi, and Ashley Pezzella

Miss Rockland nominees: (Back Row) Haley Macray, Kiera Tobin-Rosman, and Lexie Carchedi (Front Row) Abby Kinlin, Caitlin Yannizzi, and Ashley Pezzella.

Lexie Carchedi is a member of the varsity soccer and tennis teams. She is a member of the National Honor Society and student government in which she has served as committee chair and head rep; she is also a captain of the Bulldog Mentor Program.

Abby Kinlin is a member of the varsity volleyball and softball teams. She is a three year member of Student Government, served as Class President her junior year, a Bulldog mentor and also on the staff of the student newspaper, The Veritas.

Haley Macray is President of the Student Government Council, Secretary of the National Honor Society as well as the Senior Managing Editor of the student newspaper, The Veritas.

Ashley Pezzella is a member of the varsity volleyball team, National Honor Society and Student Government Council. She also is a member of the Massachusetts Association of Student Councils and serves as the President of the South Eastern Massachusetts Association of Student Councils.

Kiera Tobin-Rosman is a four year member of the girls varsity basketball team as well as a member of the Rockland High School varsity cheerleading team.

Caitlin Yannizzi has been a four year member of Student Government Council and is currently serving as Vice President. For two years she served as Class Secretary as well as School Spirit Committee Chairperson and is also a member of the varsity volleyball team.

Spirit Week Continues with Twin Day

Haley Macray, Veritas Senior Managing Editor

On Tuesday, October 20, walking down the halls one may have thought they were seeing double, but that wasn’t the case. Rockland High School students were only participating in the second day of the annual Homecoming Spirit Week: Twin Day. Take a look at these dynamic duos.

Carly Reardon and Kiera Tobin-Rosman

Carly Reardon and Kiera Tobin-Rosman

Matt Kirslis and Mike Ahern

Matt Kirslis and Mike Ahern

Meghan Foster and Haley Macray

Meghan Foster and Haley Macray

Ms. Sullivan, Mr. Finn, and Mrs. Shaugenesy

Ms. Sullivan, Mr. Finn, and Ms. Shaughnessy

Up next: American/Camo Day!

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Spirit Week Kicks off with Superhero Day

Adam Royle, Taylor Gallagher, Shawn Ward, and Sydney Wells

Adam Royle, Taylor Gallagher, Shawn Ward, and Sydney Wells

Haley Macray, Senior Managing Editor

On Monday, October 19, Rockland High School’s annual Homecoming Spirit Week kicked off with Superhero Day. From Super Man to Captain America and Batman to Ninja Turtles, RHS students showed off their school pride in the most heroic of fashions.


Up next: Twin Day!

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RHS Students Make Strides Against Breast Cancer


RHS Girls Soccer represents at the Breast Cancer Walk.

Haley Macray, Veritas Senior Managing Editor 

On Sunday, October 4, members of Rockland High School’s Student Government Council, soccer teams, and volleyball team attended the annual American Cancer Society Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk in Boston with faculty, coaches, and advisors.

Attending the Breast Cancer Walk has become an RHS tradition over the years as well as supporting Breast Cancer awareness in general. This year along with raising money by selling Breast Cancer awareness t-shirts and individual fundraising or sponsoring online, Shannon Lindahl, SGC Community Service Chair, introduced a new and competitive way of raising money throughout the school. A pink collection jar was placed in each A Block teacher’s classroom and students were challenged to collect change to donate to the American Cancer Society – the winning teams to win free breakfast sponsored by SGC.

This year’s winning classes were Melissa Shaughnessy’s class ($201.40), Randal Grimmett’s class ($168.32), and Joanne White’s class ($118.67).


RHS science teacher, Angelina Armstrong and RHS Vice Principal, Kathy Paulding pause for a photo op with their newly dyed pink hair. (Photo Courtesy of Kristen Walsh)

Besides free breakfast, another incentive for RHS students to donate money in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month involved seeing two familiar faces with pink hair. As they did last year, science teacher, Angelina Armstrong and RHS Vice Principal, Kathy Paulding both agreed to dye their hair pink in support of finding a cure if RHS were to collect a total of $3,000 after all fundraising initiatives. After raising $3,126 so far, Mrs. Armstrong and Ms. Paulding debuted their new hair color on Wednesday, October 7. 


Members of RHS SGC pose with member’s of Hanover High School’s Student Council at the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk.

Support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month at RHS will continue. Collection jars will remain in A block classes for the rest of October for students to make donations. As the Breast Cancer awareness shirts designed and sold by SGC say, “In October RHS wears pink.”


Where they are now

Michael Ivanoskos, Veritas Staff

The students of RHS regularly hear that with a Rockland education the sky is truly the limit. Three former RHS students have been leaving their particular mark as individuals in the real world. From future engineers to aspiring musicians to hard working laborers all in the making, these students credit their Rockland roots with giving them a great start in their careers.

andrew ivan...First, Andrew Ivanoskos,  from the Class of 2012, is currently working as traffic supervisor for the Cambridge Police Department.  Ivanoskos commented on what being a Bulldog  meant to him. “Being a Bulldog means representing Rockland High School with pride.”  

Next, he went into how RHS helped him grow as a man, “The education I received there helped  me to grow and mature in my studies.”  He acknowledged, “How the teachers at RHS equipped me with the  knowledge to succeed and the community service I did helped to prepare me for life in the working world.”  

Ivanoskos enthusiastically reported,I miss the students as well as the staff and participating in sports for the town such as hockey and football!”

Since graduation,  he has attended Massasoit Community College and majored in Liberal Arts for one year.   “Through Massasoit I met a variety of nice people.”

He came to the conclusion he was meant to have a job where he can use his hands. His current long-term goals for the future are to either work for public works or the City of Cambridge as a full-time laborer. He said, “I have considered the possibility of getting my CDL (Commercial Driving License).”  

Overall, the education he received at RHS helped him to succeed in the work world. His final advice to current seniors is be prepared to work hard and treat people with kindness.

ethan rooneySecond, is Ethan Rooney from the Class of 2014. He is majoring in Facilities/ Engineering at Mass Maritime Academy.

Rooney  mentioned how kids from Rockland should be unselfish. “Being a Bulldog means you put other people first. When someone needs your help you should be quick to drop what you are doing and assist them.”  

The education he received helped him to succeed by offering the basics he needed to grasp more complex college material.  

Rooney said, “I miss all my friends, the football team and all the fun times we had in the locker room!” As one who knew Rooney would expect, football is still part of his life.  

His current long-term aspirations are to work in power plant or maybe an oil rig in the cold environment of Alaska.

To sum it up, Ethan Rooney’s education at RHS helped him to create goals for himself. His advice to RHS seniors is to get all the college application process finished now and you will not be stressed once it’s done.

andrea mendesThird, is Andrea Mendes from the Class of 2011. Mendes commented on the impact of  being from Rockland,  “Around here it is like once a Bulldog always a Bulldog.”  She added, “This town is small to the point where  in the recent tragic events everybody was able to be there for each other.” In her eyes that is what represents being from Rockland and owning the Bulldog label.  

She went on to explain how she misses the food and compared chicken with mashed potato bowl to the excitement of Christmas morning.  Mendes also said, “I also felt a lot closer to the teachers at RHS than just becoming another face in a crowd to a professor.”  It is worth it to note a great number of college classes are held in lecture halls with 50+ kids. 

Mendes is attending Bridgewater State University and is in her last year currently. She did not know the type of career she wanted to do until her junior year in college. She is currently majoring in Communications/Public relations. She has a job with CBS radio in Boston and Ring communications which is a PR(Public Relations) firm.  

Mendes explained the impact of her education at RHS. “I was also a former writer for the Veritas; it led me to pursue communications as a major in college and overall helped me to find success.”  

She is going to be interning at Sony entertainment this semester and wants to dive into the music industry; she hopes to do PR work for a record label in New York.

It seems like RHS helped start her on a path to finding her career and she is so grateful for that.  Her last words of advice are to appreciate those small 3- page papers because you’ll be required to write 8 to 10 pages on a regular basis in college.


New Veterans Memorial dedicated

Logan Murphy, Veritas Staff

After construction of the new middle school and the renovation of the high school, construction in Rockland seems to be inevitable. The Rockland Veterans Memorial is the latest project and was dedicated on Sept. 27.  Like the construction of the schools, this project is one that many believe was sorely needed.

In charge of the project was Rockland’s veteran’s agent Anton Materna. When asked about creating the project, Materna said, “The project to do this began about five years ago, when veterans came to my office and inquired as to how can one see those names on the [plaques on the]stadium wall?”

The use of granite stone and aluminium in the 10 new plaques results in a far more reliable and lasting memorial. Bronze and copper used in the old memorial is known to fade and tarnish, thus becoming illegible.  As to whether or not the previous memorial inside the stadium would be removed, Materna said, “The bronze plaques that are on the stadium wall will remain there.”

The new memorial contains the names of almost 3,000 Rockland residents. Names on the new memorial include any veteran who was a Rockland resident upon entry into the military and served 180+ active duty days from the Spanish-American War leading up to the current War on Global Terrorism.

Sunday’s dedication attracted many veterans, their families and several public officials.

Guest speakers included U.S. Congressman William Keating, State Senator John Keenan, State Representative David DeCoste, and many others.  Scott MacKinlay of the memorial committee served as master of ceremonies.

The day’s weather averaged 74 degrees which was perfect for the parade that preceded the dedication.

The parade included military vehicles from the National Guard and Massachusetts Air National Guard. A black hawk helicopter landed in the field at Memorial Stadium and a World War II era plane also conducted a fly-over.

The Rockland Eagles, the Rockland Lions Club, the Rockland High School band and many other organizations and clubs participated in the parade.

Cahill to Help Students with Writing Assignments

Haley Macray, Veritas Senior Managing Editor 

On Tuesday, September 29, the Rockland High School Guidance Department announced that Carol Cahill, RHS’s English Department Chair, has started a Writing Lab for students. The Writing Lab will be available to students during their lunch periods with some exceptions as seen in the schedule below.

writing lab

“The main goal is for there to be a place where students can get one on one instruction from a teacher to help strengthen their writing skills,” says Ms. Cahill, “Sometimes during a class, it is difficult for each student to get enough individual attention from their teacher. A staffed Writing Lab is an opportunity for that to happen.”

Ms. Cahill believes that, “There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution to helping someone become a better, stronger writer,” and that is why she hopes to help students with their difficulties by “looking at their work to identify the strengths and weaknesses and [going] from there.”

If you need a little extra help with your writing, this new program is definitely a resource for you to check out.


RHS supports finding a cure with Pink-Out Day

By Joe Taft, Veritas Sports and Web Editor

As October rolls around the hallways of Rockland High School are filled with pink in support of breast cancer awareness. Despite the rainy forecast set for Sunday, Oct. 4, many students are expected to participate in the annual Breast Cancer Walk in Boston.  Because of the rain students wore their pink on Friday, Oct. 2, creating a sea of pink throughout the school. The support of finding a cure for breast cancer is encouraging, but not surprising to see from a student-body who has grown so close together since last year.

Junior Sydney Wells participated, like many others, in the festivities on Friday. “I really enjoy pink-out day because it gives our school an opportunity to show our support for people who have breast cancer, have had breast cancer, or know someone who has been lost because of the battle with it.”. Sydney’s opinion has been the all-around vibe in the school and will be for the whole month.

Breast Cancer awareness is a serious matter, and even though it is easy to dress in pink once, RHS students and staff should capitalize throughout the month. The idea of having a pink-out every Friday this month has been discussed and brought to Ms. Walsh, and is currently pending approval.

Wells said, “It is something simple students and their teachers can do that is for a great cause, I also believe we should do colored days for other cancers or diseases. For example, purple for autism awareness and suicide awareness, or red for heart disease month.”

Wells has a point. If this idea is picked up on, students could donate to the cause that is being supported as well. Money was collected in each classroom for an extended period of time to donate to finding a cure to breast cancer.

Whether supporting disease and suffering is apparent through t-shirt color or just in our minds, we will continue to reinforce the causes no matter what. If interested, the Breast Cancer Walk takes place Sunday, Oct. 4, in Boston. Feel free to contact an SGC member for more information on the event. The true passion and love in RHS is something every student, parent, staff member, and resident of Rockland should be proud of.

Dogs gearing up for trench war with EB at the stadium

The Bulldogs take the field against the Skippers on Friday, Sept. 18.

The Bulldogs take the field against the Skippers on Friday, Sept. 18. Photo by Rockland High Sports

By Joe Taft, Veritas Sports Editor

Who’s ready for some Friday night football? The rivalry continues on September 25th when your Rockland Bulldogs square up with the East Bridgewater Vikings at Veterans Memorial Stadium at 7:00 pm for a battle under the lights.

The Dogs are coming off a big win over the reigning Division 6 Champions, the Cohasset Skippers, 27-13.  EB took home a win last week against Hanover: 25-23 was the final.  Rockland is looking to improve to 2-1 on the young season, while East Bridgewater tries to push its winning streak to three games.

See if quarterback Matt Dunn can find his go-to receiver Stephen Norris for another touchdown in this rivalry matchup! Come support your hometown team and enjoy the fall weather with good food, good football, and great vibes.

Veterans Memorial to be dedicated Sunday

The new Veterans Memorial plaques are ready to be dedicated on Sunday, Sept. 27.

The new Veterans Memorial plaques are ready to be dedicated on Sunday, Sept. 27.

By Logan Murphy, Veritas Staff

The Rockland Veterans Memorial will be dedicated on Sunday, September 27th at 1pm.  Anton Materna, the Rockland Veterans agent, says, “There will be a parade of military personnel starting at Union Square Memorial. The parade will proceed up Union Street to Taunton Ave. down to the Memorial. There will be a Flag of Honor set up by two ladder trucks in the school parking lot.” There will also be a black hawk helicopter on site.

Meet RHS’s New Teachers (Part 2)

Haley Macray, Veritas Senior Managing Editor

Rockland High School has welcomed quite the group of new faculty members this year. Didn’t get to learn about your teacher in our prior post? In this part of “Meet RHS’s New Teachers” you’ll get to meet Mr. Gregory Connors as well as Mr. Jonathan Robin.

Greg Connors – Transitions Program

“I left [the] first day feeling very hopeful, comfortable, and involved in a tight-knit community.”

greg connors

Do you have anything exciting planned for your classes this year? I do have some exciting things coming down the road for my classes, but I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag yet.

What is one thing that your students would be interested to know about you? My students should know that I love to travel, meet new people, and create new experiences.

If you could be any superhero who would it be and why? Mighty Mouse… because none of his adversaries ever see him coming.

What are three of your favorite things? I love watching/playing baseball and hockey, as well as long walks with Lou Dogg, my black lab/shepherd mix.

What do you most enjoy to do in your free time? I like to golf, spend time with my nieces and nephews, and complain about Boston Sports teams.

What do you love most about the subject(s) that you teach?  Every day is different than the last!

Jonathan Robin – Chemistry & Physics

“RHS rocks!”

jonathan robin

Is there a certain RHS tradition or event that you’re are most looking forward to this year? am looking forward to watching the sports teams, finding out what the traditions are, and participating in any faculty vs. student games (maybe soccer if that happens here).

What is one thing that your students would be interested to know about you? I attended the same High School as Stephen Hawking.

Do you have any special talents? I like to be creative in my spare time. Woodworking, gardening and writing are some of the things I enjoy.

If you could be any superhero who would it be and why? Wolverine. Constant cellular regeneration. Superhuman senses. Adamantium skeleton. What else would you need? The ability to fly maybe…

What are three of your favorite things? Dogs, history, and grilling with charcoal.

What do you love most about the subject(s) that you teach? Science is awesome! There is so much amazing stuff we know about and can do. And yet so much more yet to be discovered and figured out. Science is constantly growing and helping us to learn more about ourselves and the universe around us. There are new discoveries being made all of the time and greater and more powerful technologies being developed.

Missed our previous post in this series? Check it out here.

The Veritas would like to wish all of RHS’s new faculty members the best of luck!

Rowe and Fisher babies

Veritas Staff

Two new members are welcomed into the RHS family.

On Sept. 9 at 12:14 pm, Brian and Caitlyn Fisher welcomed their beautiful baby girl, Maeve Meaghan Fisher, into the world. She weighed in at 8 pounds 15 ounces and measured 21 inches long.


On Sept. 12 at 9:58 pm Theodore Richard Rowe was born. He weighed in at 7 pounds 15 ounces and measured 20 inches long. Congratulations to mom and dad, Erin and Greg Rowe.


Perhaps Maeve and Theodore will go to the Class of 2033 prom together! We’ll have to wait and see!

America Supports You Freedom Walk


WRPS Invites Students to Host Their Own Radio Shows


Meet Three of RHS’s New Teachers

Haley Macray, Veritas Staff

The 2015-2016 school year has officially kicked off here at Rockland High School. This year, along with welcoming the Class of 2019, RHS has also welcomed a group of new teachers in several departments. From Science to Foreign Language to Special Education, RHS’s new staff members seem to be very excited for the school year ahead. Get to know some of your new teachers by checking out their responses to the Q&A below.

Damien Ricci – Special Education

“I feel very welcomed here! I love it!”

damien ricci

Photo By: Carolyn McCarthy

Do you have anything exciting planned for your classes this year? I plan on emphasizing test taking strategies, it doesn’t sound exciting but I hope the students will be excited with getting better grades as a result of it.

What is one thing that your students would be interested to know about you? I do not eat chicken. I always get the follow-up question if I am a vegetarian…I’m not, I just can’t stand chicken.

If you could be any superhero who would it be and why? Mr. Incredible, he seemed to master the work/home life balance.

What are three of your favorite things? I have to say my wife and two daughters…but if they aren’t around: Simpsons, football and pizza.

What do you love most about the subject that you teach? I love the moment when a student struggles to get something and then all of a sudden it just clicks.

Patrick Finn – Foreign Language

“I feel so welcomed here in Rockland, and I would like to thank the Rockland community for that.  I am looking forward to an amazing year, and to getting to know the wonderful people and students that make up the RHS and greater Rockland community.”

patrick finn

Photo By: Jillian Donahue

Do you have anything exciting planned for your classes this year? The thing I love about language classes is that we get to teach so much more than just grammar and vocabulary, and I am looking forward to expanding my students’ view of their foreign language through genuine cultural experiences. 

If you could be any superhero who would it be and why? I would absolutely be Batman because he is the only DC superhero without actual superpowers, yet he is one of the most powerful. 

What are three of your favorite things?  Tasty Burger (it’s a chain in the Boston area), The Game of Thrones book/tv series (the books are awesome!!), Star Wars!!!!!!!

What do you most enjoy to do in your free time? In my free time I love to read, ride my bike, or go running. 

Lauren Sullivan – Foreign Language

“RHS seems close-knit and the students seem respectful and interested in doing well.”

lauren sullivan

Photo By: Hannah Murphy

What were you most looking forward to on your first day teaching at RHS? Getting to finally see the faces of the people who have been on my class lists.

Is there a certain RHS tradition or event that you are most looking forward to this year? I’m looking forward to checking out some of the sports events and seeing my students play. 

What is one thing that your students would be interested to know about you? I had a motorcycle but when I moved to Spain, I sold it. It was sad, but now I’m going to look for another one this coming spring!

Do you have any special talents? I can cut onions without crying.

What are three of your favorite things?  The beach, mint chocolate chip ice cream, and red wine. Preferably all together.

What do you most enjoy to do in your free time? Travel!

What do you love most about the subject(s) that you teach? I love the Spanish language and love using it all the time. Working as a Spanish teacher makes me able to use it everyday!

Didn’t see your teacher’s responses?  Stay tuned – more new teacher Q&A is to come!

RHS SGC Wraps up a Productive Summer

Council Officers, Caitlin Yannizzi, Adam Royle, Noelle Atkins, Ryan Sugrue, and Haley Macray pose with the RHS SGC Camp Committee Wars Champs.

Council Officers (front row), Caitlin Yannizzi, Adam Royle, Noelle Atkins, Ryan Sugrue, and Haley Macray pose with the RHS SGC Camp Committee Wars Champs and Committee Chair Shawn Ward. Ward is shown holding the “Chewy” award, designed by Council Advisor Joanne White.

Haley Macray, Veritas Staff

Rockland High School’s Student Government Council started the school year a bit early with their annual RHS SGC Camp held August 10, 11, and 12. This year the camp took on a luau theme and Council members were encouraged to follow Hawaiian culture and the saying “aloha” by spreading love and respect towards others.

Students from all grades came to the camp and participated in leadership workshops, team building activities, and other fun games. The Council allowed their more competitive side to be shown during the yearly Committee Wars. The Council is divided into four teams, each assigned a different color, which compete in classic games such as Leap Frog, relay races, an ice cream eating challenge, and of course a lip sync contest. Although all four committees gave their all, the Student Services Committee with Committee Chair Shawn Ward (pictured above) came out on top winning Committee Wars and the prestigious “Chewy” award.

RHS SGC alumna Aleksa Cieri, Class of 2012, led the council in a workshop regarding the different types of leadership and how to use them effectively.

Class Presidents and Committee Chairs met with Council members to begin plans for upcoming events such as the Breast Cancer Walk, Mr. Rockland, Project Pumpkin, Spirit Week, and Prom. More news about these events will be posted in the near future.

Missed out on the chance to attend camp? Have no fear! The first SGC meeting will be held tonight at 7 in the high school cafeteria. All are welcome!

Class Officers Announced, Ahern Looking Forward to “Wonderful Senior Year”

Haley Macray, Veritas Web & Features Editor

On Wednesday, June 3, the class officers for the 2015-2016 school year were announced. Each grade has a designated president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer who all play an important role in the running of class events, fundraisers, and other activities with the assistance of their class advisor.

Class of 2016

Senior Class Vice President Matt Kirslis (left) and Senior Class President Mike Ahern (right) before the 2015 Junior Prom have already started plans for next year's big event.

Senior class vice president, Matt Kirslis (left) and senior class president, Mike Ahern before the 2015 Junior Prom have already started plans for next year’s big event.

President: Mike Ahern
Vice President: Matt Kirslis
Secretary: Zach Pransky
Treasurer: Sean Carney

This year, upcoming senior, Mike Ahern, will be President of the Class of 2016. He, along with his fellow officers, have a lot in mind for their class and are ensuring successful fundraisers and a memorable prom.

“In order to help to make prom decisions easy, we as class officers have selected a group of people who all belong to different groups of friends. [These students] will pool together their thoughts and ideas for prom so we can have the best night possible and everyone will enjoy it,” says Ahern, “It is my hope that this prom committee will be the powerhouse behind our fundraising machine. If this works as planned, ultimately we will reach our goals for next year.”

Ahern and the Class of 2016 officers are hoping to decrease the cost of prom tickets by way of creative fundraisers and collaborative work amongst the senior class.

“We are hoping to do about one fundraiser per month to maximize our profits for the year,” says Sean Carney who will be the Treasurer of the Class of 2016 for his fourth year.

Other than working on plans for prom, Ahern is looking forward to some other aspects of the upcoming year.

“One thing in particular that I am excited about involving the upcoming school year is definitely just being a senior,” says Ahern, “Underclassmen look up to seniors and their leadership and it is up to us to set a good example for them, especially for the incoming freshmen who are settling into high school. It is cool to know that people look up to us and our advice means something to someone.”

Finally, Ahern would like to give the Class of 2016 some advice as senior year approaches, “Class of 2016, it is important to remember that when it comes to fundraising we must have an all hands on deck type of approach. If you have any fundraising ideas don’t be afraid to talk to one of your class officers!”

“That being said, I just want to say that I can’t wait to have a wonderful senior year with all of you guys. Remember we still have one full year left of high school so finish strong and don’t slack off because, as [RHS math teacher] Mr. [Craig] Johnson says, ‘the lesson is free here but next year when you go off to college it will cost you thousands of dollars!'”

Class of 2017
President: Kaylee Patten
Vice President: Colleen McCarthy
Secretary: Shawn Ward
Treasurer: Julia DiCienzo

Upcoming junior, Kaylee Patten will be the President of the Class of 2017. Like Ahern and the seniors, Patten already has ideas for next year in the works.

“This is probably a thing many girls say about becoming an upperclassman, but I’m excited to [not only] be able to go to prom next year but also be able to help plan it,” says Patten, “This upcoming school year I hope will be fun and successful, and alongside the vice president, treasurer, and secretary, I plan on being the best I can be for the Class of 2017.”

While making the transition from underclassmen to upperclassmen, Patten hopes to make the Class of 2017’s junior year memorable and involve her graduating class in activities to benefit her grade and the community.

Class of 2018

From left to right: Class Secretary, Izzy Uong, Class President, Aiden Glennon, Class Vice President, Macie Jones, and Class Treasurer, Sean Sugrue have ideas for fundraisers in the works.

From left to right: Izzy Uong, Aiden Glennon, Macie Jones, and Sean Sugrue have ideas for fundraisers in the works.

President: Aiden Glenneon
Vice President: Macie Jones
Secretary: Izzy Gong
Treasurer: Sean Sugrue

Re-elected Class of 2018 President, Aiden Glennon, with both a year of high school and a year of class officer experience under his belt, is getting ready to start off sophomore year strong.

With help from his class officers, Glennon already has the first fundraiser for the Class of 2018 planned and ready to go for the upcoming school year.

“We’re going to sell sweatpants. We already have the design,” says Glennon, “Our goal was to sell them this year but I wasn’t able to get it done in practical timing since I was learning the process for the first time.”

Now that he has the process down Glennon is looking to reach out to his classmates, “My goal for sophomore year is to make more money than we did this year. I don’t know the final totals yet, so I have no concrete idea of how it tough that goal will be. But I want to get everyone fundraising in order to accomplish it.”

Overall, Glennon is more than ready for the upcoming year and is “excited to see the school from a perspective other than being the babies.” He is also looking forward to watching the upcoming freshmen take a similar path as he did and “come out of their shells.”

Don’t Miss Out on RHS SGC’s Annual Leadership Camp

photo 1

Haley Macray, Ryan Sugrue, Ashley Pezzella, Katie DeLorey, and PJ Butler at the 2014 RHS SGC Camp.

Veritas Staff 

The annual Rockland High School Student Government Council Camp will be held August 10, 11, and 12 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. each day.

The camp, now an RHS SGC tradition, is held each year to prepare RHS students of all grades for the upcoming student government year. It allows incoming freshmen and students new to the school to interact with upperclassmen and become familiar with one of the high school’s most popular clubs.

While at the camp SGC members participate in student-run workshops, games, and activities. On the final day of the camp, members divide up into four groups according to the committee they have been assigned to for the year and compete in a colors war themed day packed with scavenger hunts, relay races, and minute-to-win-it challenges.

Upcoming senior Meghan Foster shows off the Committee Wars 1st place trophy at last year's SGC camp.

Upcoming senior Meghan Foster shows off the Committee Wars 1st place trophy at last year’s SGC Camp.

“SGC Camp is one of my favorite aspects of student government,” says RHS SGC President Haley Macray, “These three days allow SGC members to interact, bond, and have fun with their peers all while gearing up for a successful year of fundraisers, community service projects, and other events. Camp really makes planning and preparing a fun and exciting experience for all.”

As for this year’s camp? Macray has a lot of exciting surprises in store.

“Big 5 [SGC’s officers] already has a tentative theme that I personally am really excited about and soon we’ll be starting more in-depth plans,” says Macray, “Other than that we’re looking forward to bringing back everyone’s favorite traditions while also keeping things new and interesting.”

Macray urges anyone interested to give SGC a try and sign up for camp.

“I tell everyone this, but when I was finishing up my eighth grade year I wanted no part of student government because it just wasn’t for me, or so I thought. My friends dragged me to camp and that’s when my life changed. It sounds dramatic but student government really allows you to be yourself completely and will teach you valuable life lessons like working in a group or better public speaking,” says Macray, “As an incoming freshman, camp is going to mix you up with students of all grades so when you walk into school on the first day you’ll know so many faces and I think that helps anyone new to RHS.”

This year’s Executive Board and Big 5 made up of council officers, class presidents, committee chairs, and other representatives spend portions of their summer to make SGC Camp a successful three days filled with fun, laughs, and most importantly leadership.

“The entire premise of SGC Camp is to really build leadership in students and encourage imdividuality,” says Macray, “Student Government is a family and we are welcoming anyone who is interested to join us.”

For those looking to attend this year’s camp. The below permission slip must be completed and returned to Head Council Advisor Kristen Walsh along with either $80 cash or a check made out to “Town of Rockland.” More information about the camp can be found below as well as pricing for families of two or more. Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 12.32.45 PM

Jared Lewis Quirk Memorial Speedball Tournament a Success

Photos by Kelley Reale

Matt O’Brien, Veritas Staff

The first annual Jared Lewis Quirk Memorial Speedball Tournament was held from June 3 to June 5 at Rockland High School.

Speedball is a beloved game and tradition at Rockland High. Following the death of Jared Quirk in April, English teacher Kristen Walsh organized the tournament in his memory.  She explained that RHS alumni Ryan Quirk, Jared’s brother, and his friends wanted to play speedball one more time. The tournament was also a fundraiser for the Jared Lewis Quirk Scholarship.

The tournament involved ten different teams, made up of high school students, teachers, and alumni. Going into the highly-anticipated event,  God’s Children, made up of six RHS seniors and one RHS junior, was the number one seed.

Team NB led by Ryan Quirk, was the other favorite. Team NB was made up of Rockland alumni, two of which are Division II college athletes. Quirk’s team even had a cast of cheerleaders routing them on in every game.

Parents, friends, and fellow students, filed into the gym all three days of the tournament.

Ms. Walsh said, “We didn’t know if parents, friends, or other students would watch the teams play, but there was a strong turn-out all three days, especially for the championship.”

Each game kept fans and supporters on the edge of their seats the entire time as the gym rocked with cheers. The championship was played on a warm Friday night and the game went until 9 o’clock, yet students stayed in the gym waiting to see which team would be crowned champions.

The top seeds, Team NB and God’s Children, made it to the finals, but each team took a different road to the championship. Team NB had to play a handful of games the final day of the tournament, while God’s Children played a only a handful of games the entire tournament. This is because team NB lost early on and had to power their way through the entire losers’ bracket to reach the finals.  God’s Children came into the finals undefeated, suffering their first loss of the season against team NB in the championship.  Because the tournament is a two-game elimination, God’s Children and team NB had to battle through another championship game.

The final game went into overtime and then into a shoot-out. After four misses by each team, God’s Children’s Justin Nguyen lasered a kick right by Team NB goaltender Aaron Ryan who had a tremendous tournament. With the championship on the line, Team NB captain Ryan Quirk had the game in his hands.  He had to score or the game would be over. The gym was silent as Quirk approached the ball and fans were on the edge of their seats. Quirk kicked the ball just outside of the post and missed the net. God’s Children celebrated in victory, but Team NB took the loss well.

Junior Harrison Shields was overjoyed as his team won the tournament that meant so much to him.

“I feel on top of the world since winning, and overall, life is better as a champion. It’s a great feeling knowing that we’re the greatest team to play the game,” said Shields

Not only did the tournament provide a source of entertainment for fans, it also succeeded in raising funds.

“It was a strong fundraiser for Jared’s scholarship and we raised over $1,800,” said Ms. Walsh, who loved the atmosphere in the gym. “I think the tournament was a blast. Everyone seemed to have so much fun, whether it was the alumni coming back or current students getting competitive.”

The Jared Lewis Quirk Speedball Tournament was a special event held in the town of Rockland. People who never had a desire to watch speedball really enjoyed it.  Many people involved with the tournament will remember the event for its action-packed games, quick flashy goals, and tremendous split saves by goalies.

However, everyone will also remember why the tournament was played and the reason why an abundance of people were packed into the gym on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday nights. The town came together to support each other multiple times throughout this past year, but it was truly special that those closest to Jared could play and take part in the Jared Lewis Quirk Speedball Tournament.

Action photos from the tournament were taken by Ryan Palmer, Brianna Starkey and Matt O’Brien.


Final Exams Begin Tuesday

Final Exams begin on Tuesday, June 16.  RHS Principal, Dr. Cron has released the following schedule and guidelines.

“Dear Rockland High School Students, Parents and Guardians:

Just a reminder during a busy time that Final Exams at Rockland High School begin this Tuesday, June 16 and conclude Monday, June 22. Regular class sessions are suspended during this time.

If a student is taking two exams in one day, he or she must arrive before 8:00 a.m. and remain in school until the conclusion of the second exam period at 2:15 p.m. If a student is scheduled for only one exam per day, you must arrive on time for that exam and may leave campus when the exam period is concluded.

Throughout Final Exams, the library, cafeteria and computer lab in room 211 and 214 will be open for quiet study. Lunch will be served in the cafeteria from 10:45-11:45.

The schedule of exams is as follows:

Exam Periods 1 & 2              June 16    Tuesday

Exam Periods 3 & 4              June 17    Wednesday

Exam Periods 5 & 6               June 18    Thursday

Exam Periods 7 & make-up    June 19    Friday

Exam make-up (am only)*      June 22*     Monday

* The last day of school, Monday, June 22, is a ½ day (make-up day) for students and a full day for faculty. Lunch will not be served on this day. Buses will run on the regular schedule throughout final exams. 

If you have further questions, please call the RHS general office at 781-871-0541 ext. 1103.

Thank you and best of luck!

Dr. Alan H. Cron, Principal”

Letter, Exam Schedule and Guidelines


Major athletic awards given to seniors

The annual year end athletic awards ceremony was held on Tuesday, June 2. The top male and female senior athletes were recognized, celebrating their four years as Bulldogs. Several awards were given in honor of former coaches and athletes at Rockland High. The first annual Charles E. Leverone Memorial awards, given to the two top athletes in track or cross country, were presented to Kara Penney and Ian Welch. For all the award winners see list and photos below.


Woman’s Coaches Award (Senior female student/athlete) – Molly McDonough

Vicki Solari Award (Most inspirational female athlete) – Lauren Farrell

Senior Female Athlete Award (Top senior female athlete) – Brianna Starkey

Marion Mansfield Donovan Award (Top female student/athlete) – Julia Matson

John Bell Bulldog Award (Female athlete who plays over and above abilities) – Taylor Reis

John Bell Bulldog Award (Male athlete who plays over and above abilities) – Matt Clougherty

Peter J. Crowley Award (Top senior male athlete) – Justin Nguyen

Joseph Dondero Award (Top male student/athlete) – Dylan Bernache

Louis Cifello Award (Most inspirational male athlete) – Leshon Crawford

Dr. Joseph Dunn Award (Top student/athlete football player) – Dennis McPeck

Warren Najarian Bulldog Pride Award (Female athlete who never gives up) -Kallie Morss

Warren Najarian Bulldog Pride Award (Male athlete who never gives up) – Eddie Yeadon

John Delorey Award (Female athlete who exemplifies sportsmanship) – Natalie Ellard

John Delorey Award (Male athlete who exemplifies sportsmanship) – Mike Leavitt and Ben McKenna

Robert Ellis Award (Top male student / athlete basketball player) – Andrew Frazer

Charles E. Leverone Awards (Top male and female track or cross country runners) – Kara Penney and Ian Welch

Silver Bowl Winners: Eddie Yeadon, Matt Ryan, Dylan Bernache, Ian Welch and Julia Matson.

Students Awarded at Underclassmen Academic Awards Banquet

Haley Macray, Veritas Web & Features Editor 

On Wednesday, June 3 the annual Underclassmen Academic Awards Banquet was held at Emerald Hall in Abington.

After eating dinner with their families, friends, peers, and teachers, students listened to the speeches of two Rockland High School alumni both of whom were inducted into Rockland High’s Academic Hall of Fame.

kathy and mary 1

Kathleen O’Grady Elliot (left), Class of 1986, is a professor at the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth. There, she is one of few faculty members who work as both a clinician and a teacher. Elliot is not only a leader in current medical practices such as emergency room care but she is also known and respected for her volunteer work in Haiti following the recent earthquake crisis situation. As a student at RHS, Elliot was active in sports, especially basketball, soccer, and track, Student Government, and VIPS, a student led organization dedicated to preparing teens for college.

Retired Sergeant First Class Mary Reilly Callahan (right), Class of 1974, served 38 years in the Massachusetts Army National Guard and retired with the distinction as the longest serving female soldier. Callahan served two tours of duty in Operation Iraqi Freedom and received the Meritorious Medal, the Army Commendation Medal, and the Army Achievement Medal, to name only a few of her achievements and recognitions. As a student at RHS, Callahan was active in sports and Student Government. Her son now serves in the National Guard.

Both inductees talked about the impact Rockland has had on their lives and the strength of the community.

“I will always be a Rockland Bulldog,” said Callahan.

After Elliot and Callahan were inducted RHS Principal Dr. Alan Cron announced this year’s academic award winners as shown in the photo gallery below.

Seniors receive academic awards, scholarships

The Class of 2015 Senior Banquet was held on Thursday, May 28 at Rockland High School.  Seniors were honored with Scholarships and Academic Awards.  Below are scholarship presentations and several awards.

U.S. Marine Corps – Sergeant Cody Lee presenting award to: 4 marines- Patrick Tanner, Richard Walls, Jason Cameron, Alec Donegan

National Guard – Sergeant Joseph Pollini presenting award to – 2 students – Kyle Cousins, Shawn Fahey

George and Betty Domigan Memorial Scholarship $1,000.00 – Kaitlyn Mott presented by Joan Domigan-Wentz & George Domigan

DeAndrea Foods Scholarship – In memory of Joshua Rose – Dennis McPeck

Christine J. Biggins Memorial Scholarship – presented by Daniel (Dan) Biggins to – Kaitlyn Capeau – $500.00

Patrick J. Sullivan memorial scholarship – 1,000.00 Dennis McPeck; 8 more at $500.00 each: Dylan Bernache, Katherine DeLorey, Cameron Kelley, Michael Leavitt, Julia Matson, Justin Nguyen, Brianna Starkey, Cameron Stuart.

  1. The John Mahoney Memorial Award Scholarship –-Matthew Clougherty – $100.00
  1. The Edward Sokolowski Award – Danielle Hill – $150.00
  1. Peter Woodward American Studies Scholarship – Emma McGarry – $100.00
  1. Reuben A. & Lizzie Grossman Foundation Award –Edward Yeadon and Danielle Whitcher – $750.00 each
  1. Student Art Competitions –– Danielle Hill – Scholastic Art/Boston Globe Show Gold Key – Silver Key for Drawing; Daniel Silva – Scholastic Art/Boston Globe Show – Silver Key for Drawing and Second Parish Church Hingham Art Show – Third Place Drawing/2D Art; Victoria Rountry – Second Parish Church Hingham Art Show – Honorable Mention Photography; Kyle Cousins – Patriotic Art Competition – third place
  1. Mr. Rockland Award –– Christopher Landy – $250.00
  1. The Jimbo Award – Dennis McPeck – $500.00
  1. RHS Journalism/Student Newspaper Awards –Veritas – Katherine DeLorey, Editor-in-Chief; Alexandra Pigeon, Editor-in-Chief; Michael Leavitt, Photo Editor; Cameron Stuart, Sports Editor; Brian Cohen, Reporter and Sports Columnist; Mekenzie Levesque, Reporter
  1. Spellman Oratorical Winners – Danielle Hill (first $1,200); Pearse McNally (second $1,000); Alexandra Pigeon (third $700); Emma McGarry (fourth $500); Iman Bendarkawi (fifth $300); Katherine DeLorey (sixth $100); Alyssa Collins (seventh $100); Ella Engle (eighth $100)
  1. Rockland/Hanson Rotary Community Service Scholarship – Michael Leavitt -$500.00
  1. Poetry Out Loud –Danielle Hill
  1. Senior Academic Letters (Excellence In Education) – Madeline Daly, Natalie Ellard, Katherine Gardner, Krystin Killion, Bruna Lopes, Michael Mignosa, Taylor Reis
  1. Community Service Awards – Natalie Ellard, Jenna Novio, Tiffini Vo
  1. Excellence in Mathematics – Iman Bendarkawi, Natalie Ellard, Samantha Poirier, Patrick Butler, Markus Rohwetter, Alyssa Collins

Academic Awards –   Family Consumer Science:  Taylor Reis, Health: Christopher Landy,  Kara Penney, History/Social Science: Natalie Ellard, Mathematics: Patrick Butler,  Music: Ella Engle,  Markus Rohwetter,  Physical Education:   Matthew Bille, Brianna Starkey, Pre-Engineering: Owen Scott,  Science: Brian Cohen, Technical Education: Austin Ferrullo, Patrick Tanner,  World Language: Bruna Lopes


Danielle Hill        Art, English

Daniel Silva         Art, Pre-Engineering

Iman Bendarkawi      English, Mathematics

Kaitlyn Mott         Family Consumer Science, World Language

Tiffini Vo           History/Social Science, Science


photos courtesy of Mrs. Cheryl Thompson

2015-2016 RHS SGC Executive Board Announced


Haley Macray, Veritas Web & Features Editor

On Wednesday, June 3, the 2015-2016 Rockland High School Student Government Executive Board was announced. The Executive Board members are as follows:

President: Haley Macray (2016)
Vice President: Caitlin Yannizzi (2016)
Secretary: Noelle Atkins (2017)
Treasurer: Ryan Sugrue (2016)
Publicity Coordinator: Adam Royle (2017)

Senior Class President: Mike Ahern (2016)
Junior Class President: Kaylee Patten (2017)
Sophomore Class President: Aiden Glennon (2018)
Freshman Class President: TBA in the Fall

Community Service Committee Chair: Shannon Lindahl (2017)
School Spirit Committee Chair: Jeffre Donahue (2017)
Finance & Fundraising Committee Chair: Colleen McCarthy (2017)
Student Services Committee Chair: Shawn Ward (2017)

Senior Class Head Representative: Lexie Carchedi (2016)
Junior Class Head Representative: Taylor Gallagher (2017)
Sophomore Class Head Representative: Sydney McKenna (2018)
Freshman Class Head Representative: Brandon Gallagher (2019)

Historian: Meghan Foster (2016)

SEMASC President: Ashley Pezzella (2016)

RHS’s SEMASC Representative: Johnny Murray (2016)

Class of 2015 Graduates

Veritas Staff

Graduation was held on Friday evening, May 29, 2015.

As the band played “Pomp and Circumstance” the Class of 2015, administrators and faculty filed in to Memorial Stadium.

Class President Dennis McPeck led the opening ceremonies and introduced Social Studies teacher Richard MacAllister who spoke to the seniors.  Mr. MacAllister commended students for their courage and compassion throughout their senior year in which three of their classmates, Joshua Rose, Patrick Sullivan and Jared Quirk, passed away. MacAllister ended his address with a quote from Franklin D. Roosevelt:  “”Success is not final; failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.”

Dr. Alan Cron, principal of RHS, next addressed the seniors.  He too commended the seniors for their compassion telling them to “keep being about people.”  He then called the families of the three deceased class members to receive their diplomas.

Dr. Cron next announced the long list of scholarship winners whose awards totaled almost $150,000.

Dr. Cron then introduced Alyssa Collins, class valedictorian, who addressed the class.  She spoke of the necessity of change in life and urged her classmates to embrace it while remembering the people who have supported them.

Vice President Alex Pigeon announced the Class of 2015 gift consisting of three memorial trees and a bench to be placed outside Rockland High School.  Class of 2016 Vice President, Abigail Kinlin received the gift.

Superintendent of Schools, John Retchless and Chairman of the Rockland School Committee, Richard Phelps both spoke and then formally presented the diplomas to the seniors as Dr. Cron called each senior one by one.

McPeck closed the ceremonies with a special thank you to the faculty and staff at Rockland High School who supported the seniors thoughout their four years.  McPeck then took a class selfie and called for the traditional cap toss.  Led by Junior Marshals, Kinlin and Kevin Levesque, the Class of 2015 filed out of the stadium followed by family and friends.  The last to leave the field was Class Advisor, Sam Hoyo who oversaw the entire senior week activities.

To watch the Class of 2015’s Graduation Ceremony video created by WRPS please click here.

2015-2016 NHS Officers Announced

Junior inductees to the NHS: Back row left to right: Celia Rosa, Kate Dorney, Sarah Margolis, Haley Macray, Ashley Pezzella, Meghan Foster, Lexie Carchedi, and Caroline Kilduff. Front row left to right: Matt Kirslis, Jared Ochenduszko, Tom Spengler, Kevin Levesque, Ryan Sugrue, and Mark Ewell.

Junior inductees to the NHS: Back row left to right: Celia Rosa, Kate Dorney, Sarah Margolis, Haley Macray, Ashley Pezzella, Meghan Foster, Lexie Carchedi, and Caroline Kilduff. Front row left to right: Matt Kirslis, Jared Ochenduszko, Tom Spengler, Kevin Levesque, Ryan Sugrue, and Mark Ewell.

Veritas Staff

On Monday, June 1, Rockland High School’s National Honor Society officers for the 2015 to 2016 school year were announced. The officers are as follows:

President: Ryan Sugrue

Vice President: Meghan Foster

Secretary: Haley Macray

Treasurer: Sarah Margolis

The Officers will work alongside advisor, Margaret Black, to plan fundraisers and service projects to benefit the school and surrounding communities.

Class of 2015 Celebrates School Year at Senior Prom

Veritas Staff The Senior Prom was held at Patriot Place in Foxboro on May 27, 2015.  Before students got on the bus to travel to Foxboro, a traditional grand march was held in the gymnasium. Grand march photos by  Ryan Palmer, Veritas Staff.

Next was the prom itself in Foxboro.  Photos by Kristen Walsh.

Veritas Judged Best in New England

Editors of the Veritas this year are left to right: Jason Golemme, Arts Editor, Haley Macray, Web and Features Editor, Alexandra Pigeon and Katherine Delorey, Editors-in-Chief, Cameron Stuart, Sports Editor

Editors of the Veritas this year are left to right: Haley Macray, Web and Features Editor, Alexandra Pigeon and Katherine Delorey, Editors-in-Chief, Cameron Stuart, Sports Editor

Veritas Staff

The print and on-line editions of Rockland High School’s student newspaper, The Veritas, recently received Highest Achievement Awards from the New England Scholastic Press Association (NESPA).  This organization sponsors a high school newspaper contest each year and invites submissions from hundreds of schools in New England to be judged in the category of Scholastic Editing and Publishing.

The Veritas has received a Highest Achievement Award for several years in a row, but this year student editors and reporters in the Journalism class took it one step further.  In division three, based on enrollment, The Veritas was judged best in New England.  The Veritas shared its first place award with another high school newspaper, the Veritas from Nantucket High School.  The All-New England Award is the first Rockland High School’s newspaper has received since 2010.

Journalism adviser, Mrs. Lannin-Cotton says this award represents not only the talent, but also the hard work of the students in Journalism this year.  In particular, she credits the senior editors, Alex Pigeon, Katie Delorey, and Cam Stuart for their work in putting out the paper this year.  She also says that seniors Brian Cohen, Mekenzie Levesque and Mike Leavitt  also did a great job on their assignments and in their role as leaders of the staff.  “The way that they covered, in particular, the tragic deaths of their classmates this year showed a professionalism that went beyond their own feelings,” said Mrs. Lannin-Cotton.

Journalism instructor, David Murphy praised on-line editor, junior Haley Macray, for her work in keeping the on-line edition of the Veritas up to date, citing her work ethic, “Haley works as hard at making the paper work as do many professionals. And she has a good news sense.”

all new england

highest achievement



Senior Cook-Out a Success

Haley Macray, Veritas Web & Features Editor

On Friday, May 22, the annual Senior Class cook-out was held. After a difficult year for Rockland High School, and especially the Class of 2015 this year’s Senior Week outing was a special one for students. Organized by Nancy Borden and with help from parent volunteers and local businesses and restaurants, this year’s cook-out was one of the biggest ones yet.

Following a busy week of CPR training, a presentation from Harbor One, and discussions with Rockland police officers the seniors were ready to wrap up their week. The 99 Restaurant and Dominos Pizza reached out to Borden expressing interest in sponsoring the senior cook-out. Students were able to share a nice lunch with their peers, try their best at the dunk tank, and left with gift bags that included items such as: a drawstring backpack, a Dunkin Donuts gift card, a T.J. Maxx gift card, a water bottle, a movie pass, glasses, and a coupon for the local Lisa’s Hair Design.  The Rockland community really came together once again to provide this for the seniors.

After seeing students enjoy themselves so much Borden is looking forward to the coming years, “We should have this type of celebration every year!”

NHS Induction Ceremony


Haley Macray, Veritas Web & Features Editor

On Wednesday, May 20, 15 students (14 Juniors and 1 Senior) were inducted into the Rockland High School Pentelic Chapter of the National Honor Society.

Senior members Dennis McPeck and Dylan Bernache introduced RHS Athletics Director, Gary Graziano and RHS social studies teacher and soccer coach, Richard MacAllister as honorary inductees of the NHS.

The ceremony was conducted by Danielle Whitcher, president of the Rockland High School Pentelic Chapter of the National Honor Society.

Secretary, Katie DeLorey announced where the senior  members would be attending college.

Seniors Natalie Ellard, Alyssa Collins, Taylor Reis, and Samantha Poirier read the four virtues of NHS: character, scholarship, leadership, and service.

Following the reading of the four virtues, Vice President, Alex Pigeon exemplified the torch, a symbol of NHS.

Following the exemplification of the torch, the candidates for induction recited the NHS pledge and received their membership pins. Senior members received a yellow rose and their NHS certificate. Ryan Quirk accepted his brother, Jared Quirk’s certificate and rose on his behalf.


Alyssa Collins: Class of 2015 Valedictorian

Senior Alyssa Collins is the Valedictorian of the Class of 2015

Senior Alyssa Collins is the Valedictorian of the Class of 2015

Senior Alyssa Collins has been named the Class of 2015 Valedictorian.  She will receive her award at the Senior Banquet and Awards ceremony on Thursday night.  Alyssa will also give the Valedictory Address at Graduation on Friday night.

Collins has been active throughout her high school career in the Theater Guild and in the Music Department as a member of the Concert and Marching Band.  She served as Drum Major of the Band this year.  A member of the National Honor Society, Collins also was captain of the Math Team this year.

Collins  took time out of a busy senior week to answer a few questions for the Veritas:

Was this a goal of yours to be Valedictorian?

It was. I started off freshman year at number four in the class and slowly worked my way up to the top with a lot of hard work and late night study sessions.

Where are you going to school?  Major? 

Next year, I will be attending Clark University to study cognitive psychology. I eventually want to conduct my own psychological research.

What was your favorite subject in high school? 

I’ve always had a love for math. Most people hate it but I have typically been able to understand it and therefore don’t have such a deep seated hatred. I also took AP Psychology this year which I wish I could have taken earlier. I have planned for a long time to study psychology in college so I wish I could have had a longer chance to learn more about it in high school, but I really enjoyed the class.When I study psychology, I plan on conducting my research on how people comprehend numbers and calculations, so I will be combining two of my favorite subjects as a future career.

What is the thing you’ll miss most about high school?

I’m going to miss my music department family and the fact that the teachers are so personable. I’m really going to miss being able to have a repertoire of teachers and friends to go to if I have a problem or if I just want to talk. Although sometimes you hate that teachers assign too many homework problems and give you super hard tests, I appreciate that the faculty here really pushed us to be not only better students, but better people.

What do you look forward to most in college?

Being independent

What do you do to have fun?   Fav. movie, music?

I love watching YouTube videos, listening to music, and snapchatting or hanging out with my best friends.

Anything to say to the Class of 2015 (preview of your speech?)

Change is a necessary evil. As hard as it may be when it is happening, you can always look back on those moments and witness how much you’ve grown.

Congratulations Alyssa! 

Speedball Tournament to Benefit Quirk Scholarship


Haley Macray, Veritas Web & Features Editor

A Rockland High School alumni speedball tournament will be held from June 3 to June 5 to benefit the Jared Lewis Quirk scholarship.

The tournament will be held for three days in the Rockland High School gym from 5-8 pm each night. To be a part of this tournament teams of eight (five players, a goalie, and two reserves) may sign up to compete by filling out the form below along with a check for $80 by Friday, May 22. The signing up process will take place on a first come first serve basis. Questions can be emailed to Kristen Walsh at kwalsh@rocklandschools.org.

For more about RHS’s love for and involvement with speedball please click here to watch a video on the topic.



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