Seniors Celebrate Last Day of Classes

Veritas Staff

On Wednesday, May 25, the Class of 2016 celebrated their final day of classes.


Class of 2016 dresses in red, white, and blue as part of Senior Week

Liz Knobel, Kiera Tobin-Rosman, Sam Aylward, Kylie Keefe, & Carly Reardon

Liz Knobel, Kiera Tobin-Rosman, Sam Aylward, Kylie Keefe, & Carly Reardon

Haley Macray, Veritas Senior Managing Editor

On Tuesday, May 24, the senior class continued their week of school spirit with a red, white, and blue dress up day. The halls of RHS were filled with American pride and excitement for seniors’ final day of classes tomorrow, May 24.

RHS Seniors Represent Future Colleges and Universities

Ryan Sugrue (Boston College), Kate Dorney (UMass Lowell), Jenna O'Connor (Nichols College), & Jared Ochenduszco (Worchester State)

Ryan Sugrue (Boston College), Kate Dorney (UMass Lowell), Jenna O’Connor (Nichols College), & Jared Ochenduszko (Worchester State)

Haley Macray, Veritas Senior Managing Editor 

On Monday, May 23, the Class of 2016 decided to kick off their last week of high school by representing their future colleges, universities, and future plans via their t-shirts.

NHS Induction Held at RHS

Superintendent of Schools John Retchless and math teacher Steven Casagrande were made honorary members of the RHS National Honor Society on Wednesday, May 18, 2016. Veritas photo

Superintendent of Schools John Retchless and math teacher Steven Casagrande were made honorary members of the RHS National Honor Society on Wednesday, May 18, 2016. Veritas photo

The RHS Pentelic Chapter of the National Honor Society held its annual induction of new members on Wednesday, May 19.  Senior NHS President Ryan Sugrue presided as sixteen juniors and two seniors were inducted.

They include juniors, Noelle Atkins, Erin Buckley, Julia DiCienzo, Luana Lima, Shannon Lindahl, Jessica Lutts, Colleen McCarthy, Christopher McHugh, Michael McPeck, Vivian Nguyen, Kaylee Patten, Dana Peck, Meghan Saucier, Sean Vo, Sydney Wells, Mohammed Youssef and seniors Kylie McKenna and Fanting Zhou.

Senior members (shown in photo) were also recognized. Each senior member stood as NHS Secretary Haley Macray called the roll and announced the school that each will attend next year.

In a traditional salute to their educational mentors, two honorary members of the seniors’ choice were inducted: math teacher, Steven Casagrande and Superintendent of Schools, John Retchless.

nhs officers

NHS Officers: Seniors Sarah Margolis, Haley Macray, Ryan Sugrue and Meghan Foster. Veritas photo.


Mrs. Black (left) with senior NHS members: Kylie McKenna, Haley Macray, Kaitlin Dorney, Caroline Kilduff, Lexie Carchedi, Meghan Foster, Sarah Margolis, Fanting Zhou, Celia Rosa. Kevin Levesque, Matt Kirslis, Ryan Sugrue, Mark Ewell, Jared Ochenduszko, Tom Spengler photo by Zach Pransky

Mrs. Black (left) with senior NHS members: Kylie McKenna, Haley Macray, Kaitlin Dorney, Caroline Kilduff, Lexie Carchedi, Meghan Foster, Sarah Margolis, Fanting Zhou, Celia Rosa. Kevin Levesque, Matt Kirslis, Ryan Sugrue, Mark Ewell, Jared Ochenduszko, Tom Spengler photo by Zach Pransky

Veritas, Images Receive New England Scholastic Press Association Awards

Haley Macray, senior managing editor of the Veritas with the All-New England first place certificate received by the Veritas on May 2

Haley Macray, senior managing editor of the Veritas with the All-New England first place certificate received by the Veritas on May 2

Two Rockland High School student print publications, The Veritas and Images Magazine, received Highest Achievement Awards on Tuesday, May 2 at the New England Scholastic Press Association’s annual conference.

Celia Rosa, Sarah Hunter, Luana Lima and Lauren Zaremba are excited to hear about Images' Highest Achievement Award.

Celia Rosa, Sarah Hunter, Luana Lima and Lauren Zaremba are excited to hear about Images’ Highest Achievement Award.

Highest Achievement awards, according to NESPA Director Helen Smith, are given to only those publications considered to be of highest quality in content and editing. In addition, the Veritas website also received a Highest Achievement award.  With a Highest Achievement designation each publication is then entered into the All-New England contest.

This year, for the second year in a row, The Veritas newspaper came in first in the All-New England contest in Class III.

Awards are given in four classifications that are based on student enrollment.    A school with an enrollment between 400 and 699 students is Class III.

Individual Special Achievement Awards were also announced at the conference.  Adiza Alasa, a freshman in the Journalism class received an award for her sports story,  “Girls basketball team wins league title,” printed in the February edition of the Veritas.

Adiza Alasa received a Special Achievement Award for her sports story, "Girls Basketball Team Wins League Championship."

Adiza Alasa received a Special Achievement Award for her sports story, “Girls Basketball Team Wins League Championship.”

Smith said that Special Achievement Awards are given to individual stories, photos, and graphic designs that are “truly exemplary.”  Out of over 1,000 individual entries, only 125 students  were recognized individually.  Alasa’s story competed against student submissions in all four enrollment classes.

Madeline Lannin-Cotton, advisor to the Veritas, said, “The All-New England first place award is quite an honor, considering that publications from all six New England states are entered into the competition.  This year’s Journalism students were very excited to learn about their achievement.  For our senior editor, Haley Marcy, it is her second first-place award as an editor of the Veritas.”

NHS to Sponsor Voter Registration Drive



Haley Macray, Veritas Senior Managing Editor 

Hectic teen schedules and lack of information can no longer be reasons for RHS students to skip registering to vote, thanks to NHS.

On May 16th and May 17th, the Rockland High School chapter of the National Honor Society will be sponsoring a voter registration drive in the high school cafeteria during all three lunches.

During this drive students who are Massachusetts residents may register to vote and students aged 16 and 17 will be able to pre-register to vote before they turn 18. Students will need either their license number or the last four digits of their social security number in order to register.

As the flyer emailed to students about the drive says, “Your vote is power, don’t let it go to waste.”

Seniors Travel to Italy for Grand Tour


Students pose in Florence for a group photo. Photo courtesy of Kristen Walsh.

Haley Macray, Veritas Senior Managing Editor 

On April 14th, 19 Rockland High School Seniors and three RHS faculty members ventured off on a ten-day grand tour of Italy.

The group first landed in Milan where they met their tour guide Pablo. From Milan, the group traveled by bus to their first destination, Verona, the home of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Students and teachers visited what is said to be Juliet’s balcony and posed with the famous statue of her in the same courtyard. This day trip served as a great start to a wonderful trip.

The next day, RHS’s travelers took a boat to the famous city of Venice. There they started their day with a walking tour where they were taken into historical buildings, such as Doge’s Palace, with beautiful architecture and paintings inside. The students went on gondola rides, another great way for them to take in the beautiful scenery, and spent the remainder of the day sampling food and shopping in the heart of the city.

The next two days of the trip were spent in Florence. There, students and teachers participated in various activities.

A large number of students chose to spend their day climbing one of Florence’s most famous landmarks and one of its highest views, the Duomo di Firenze (Cathedral of Florence). Climbing over 400 stairs, students were able to take in one of the most incredible views of the entire trip.


Mother's DayTea Party







After their time spent in Florence, the group was off to Assisi for another adventure. They explored the area and students and their chaperones visited the famous Basilica of Saint Francis.

Following Assisi, RHS’s travelers were off to Pompeii where they were able to visit the famous ruins, shop, and have lunch. The same day students were able to explore the Sorrento region of Italy, some trying its famous lemon gelato.

Mother's DayTea Party12998599_1164785880229030_9105766516761167821_n-1







After the Sorrento region, it was on to the beautiful island of Capri. With its bright blue water and incredible mountains, the island was a sight to see. There, many students chose to take a ski-lift type ride up one of the island’s large mountains. At the top, they stopped to take in the scenery and pose for photos.


Mother's DayTea Party







The trip concluded with a day spent in Rome. Trip members toured the Vatican and ended their trip at the Trevi Fountain, a symbol of Italy and Rome. It is said that if a coin is thrown into the fountain over your left shoulder, you will return to Rome again in your lifetime. Students captured this moment with many photos.

Overall, the trip to Italy was an unforgettable experience for all those who attended.

Art Students’ Work In Two Shows

The Rockland High School Art Department has announced that many of its art students are currently having their work displayed in two shows.

Colleen Burke's Mixed Media "Starry Night City" received an award at the Second Parish Church Arts Festival. photo courtesy Mrs. Gibson

Colleen Burke’s Mixed Media “Starry Night City” received an award at the Second Parish Church Arts Festival. photo courtesy Mrs. Gibson

The first show is the annual Second Parish Church Arts Festival.  

The festival is going on from May 5 to May 15. Admission is free and the public is welcome. The Second Parish Church is on Main St. in Hingham.

The second show is at Bella’s restaurant on Hingham St. in Rockland.  This show will be going on until the end of June.

These two shows provide great opportunities for people to see the work that Rockland art students are doing.

The following list includes RHS students and the art pieces that were selected for the Second Parish show.

Second Parish Church Show: May 5-15.  Open daily 10 am to 8 am; Sundays Noon-4 pm.  For more info  click here.

Syan Teixeira's computer art "Diamond Lion" received an Honorable Mention at the Second Parish Church Arts Festival. photo by Mrs. Gibson

Syan Teixeira’s computer art “Diamond Lion” received an Honorable Mention at the Second Parish Church Arts Festival. photo by Mrs. Gibson

Students:  High School

    1. Caitlin Hedges – 3-D eye mixed media
    2. Celia Rosa – Surreal Hands colored pencil
    3. Shawn Ward – Pastel Still life
    4. Alyssa Hatch – 3-D diver mixed media
    5. Celia Rosa – Acrylic portrait
    6. Colleen Burke – String and painting mixed media
    7. Chistine Hurley – Buddah mixed media
    8. Caitlin Hedges – photography dog
    9. Syann Teixeira – Computer art Diamond Lion
    10. Kylie McKenna – ceramic gargoyle
    11. Shawn Ward – ceramic box and cover

Bella’s Restaurant Show : May 2- June 30: The art work is displayed in one of the lounges at Bella’s. Click on a photo to see a sampling of some of the work.






Proposal For New Athletic Facilities Clears First Hurdle

Microsoft PowerPoint - Athletic Complex Presentation.pptxVeritas Staff

Microsoft PowerPoint - Athletic Complex Presentation.pptxThough there is still controversy, plans to build new athletic facilities in the town moved forward Monday night at the annual town meeting. The $3.9 million plan put forward by the Park Department would feature a new football facility with turf field and seating for 800 spectators. The plan also provides an eight lane track and field facility, and would modernize Bicentennial Park on Lower Reed St.  by adding two new softball fields and a soccer field in between.  Baseball games will still be played at Veterans Memorial Stadium.

A new sports complex would  benefit Rockland’s  youth and high school sports immensely for generations to come,  but some local veterans are opposed to the idea as it is now laid out.  Because of the construction of the new complex, two  veterans’ memorials in the area would have to be relocated. The veterans say that they are not against the new fields but are disappointed that they were not included in the planning.

Representing the veterans, Jeff Najarian said the softball field that would be relocated is dedicated to a Vietnam veteran. He also said that the pine trees called the Groves that would have to be displaced are also dedicated to veterans.  Speaking for the plan Parks Commission member Steven Murphy said that the memorials could be relocated and the new fields could be rededicated. Murphy also said that the plans are not set in stone, but that the softball field by Memorial Park would have to be relocated to make room for the new facility.

After discussion from several townspeople who spoke both for and against the plan,  the proposal was put to a vote and was passed by town meeting, allowing the plan to go to the next step, a special town election. This election will be held on June 11 when the public will vote on the $3.9 million debt exclusion that would fund the new sports facilities.


A community group called Rockland Fields Project has been formed and have a Facebook page. They have announced that an informational meeting to discuss the fields project will be held on Wednesday May 11th, 7pm at the Harmon Club on Concord Street. There will also be a meeting with all local veterans to discuss the replanting of trees, covered pavillion in the memorial area and rededication of the softball fields at 6pm, also at the Harmon Club. A post on the Facebook page states, “All are encouraged to attend so that together we can have a project that the whole town will be proud of.”



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Rockland Senior Gets Award in Congressional Art Show

Syann Teixeira

Rockland High School senior, Syann Teixeira with her family and Congressman William R. Keating at the 9th Congressional District Art Show where Syann won 2nd place in computer art for her digital-collage, “Diamond Lion.” Syann’s computer drawing is on display at Bella’s Restaurant, Hingham St., Rockland until June 30. Courtesy photo.

Veritas Staff

At an awards ceremony held at the Plymouth Center for the Arts on April 29, Rockland High School senior Syann Teixeira won 2nd place in Computer Art for her digital collage, “Diamond Lion.” Congressman Bill Keating sponsored the 9th Congressional District’s Art Show held in Plymouth.

Each spring, a nationwide high school arts competition is sponsored by members of the House of Representatives.

Students interested in participating in the Congressional Art Competition submitted original artwork in one of seven different categories: Collage,
 Computer-generated art, 
 Mixed Media,
 Photography, and

Theater Guild’s A Chorus Line Is a Success


part of chorus line

Part of the finale chorus line: Erin Field, Morgan Foster, Sophie McLellan, Jeremy Bradley, Leah DeCecco and Sean Vo. Photo by Veritas Photographer, Hannah Boben

On Friday and Saturday, April 29 and 30, the Rockland High School Theater Guild under the direction of Rockland High School teachers, Joanne White and Kendra Donovan, put on the spring musical, A Chorus Line in the high school auditorium

 The talented cast of Rockland High School Theater Guild members featured seniors Leah DeCecco, Lauren Illes, Sarah Hunter, Jeremy Bradley and John Glennon.

Other cast members included: Jurnee Dunn, Sophie McLellan, Ryan Struzziery, Angelica Pacombe, Kellie Berry, Morgan Foster, Sean Vo, Shandi Austin, Erin Field, Ali Landy and Tatianna Hill.

Also involved in the production were: music director, John Piazza Jr.; choral director, Lindsay Crook; sound director, Lisa Breeden, and sound assistant, Chris Burnieka; stage manager, Kimberlie Jean-Poix,  and asst. stage manager, Maddi Parlee; stage crew, Taylor Vernava, and Michael Belmonte; lighting director, Jamie Canaan; student choreographer, Shandi Austin; lighting operator, Seth Rosczewski; spot operator, Rebekah Panaro; and audio Assistant, Tatianna Hill.

In the orchestra in addition to directors, John Piazza and Lindsay Crook were Keven Delaney and Jeff Popadic (trumpets), Alan Cron (trombone), Mark Pinto, and Terry Anthony (reeds), Ron Zack (piano), Chris Rathburn (bass) and Kenny Hadley (drums).

RHS English Department Chair, Carol Cahill said about Saturday night’s performance, “It was a great night of theatre! Hats off to all the performers, tech crew, musicians, and to the directors,  Kendra Donovan and Joanne White.”

For a complete story about the show with interviews of the cast, check the next issue of the Veritas print edition, due out on May 25.

The photo gallery below is by Hannah Boben!

Additional photos can be found in the Photo Gallery Menu


Cheerleaders Honored at State House

Senator John F. Keenan and the senior cheerleader captains: Seniors Sam Aylward, Bella Rindone, Carly Reardon, and Kylie Keefe

Senator John F. Keenan and the senior cheerleader captains: Seniors Sam Aylward, Bella Rindone, Carly Reardon, and Kylie Keefe

The State Champion Rockland High School Cheerleaders visited the State House in Boston today. They were guests of Senator John F. Keenan

The State Champion Rockland High School Cheerleaders visited the State House in Boston today. They were guests of Senator John F. Keenan

Excitement Building For RHS Musical, A Chorus Line

Theater Guild and Music Dept. production!

Theater Guild and Music Dept. production!

By Hannah Boben, Veritas Staff

As the RHS Drama Club, Theatre Guild and newer theatre members team up for this weekend’s production of A Chorus Line, we are eager to learn more about the production itself.

A Chorus Line is a musical that follows the auditions that a group of dancers, singers and actors have to go through in order to get on the cast for a show. Throughout this casting progress, we will also learn more about each character as they either give us a short monologue or song to add depth to their characters.

As we in the audience learn more about the play’s cast’s difficulties in learning the choreography and musical numbers behind the play, we will also watch our own Rockland students become more adept with their performances and the challenges that go along with them.

Between learning the tough choreography, and the lyrics and music cues, the RHS cast is doing well according to their directors, teachers Joanne White and Kendra Donovan. “The cast has been amazing in terms of learning dance choreography. We are so proud of their overall progress. They have been more than willing to learn and take corrections.”

A Chorus Line will take place on April 29 and 30 at 7pm in the auditorium. Come out to see the cast shine and give the audience their all in A Chorus Line.  

You can get tickets online at for $6 or $8 at the door.


A Week To Be Positive!

The National Honor Society has named this week, April 25-29,  a week to promote positivity  around Rockland High School and beyond.

Monday is Positive Affirmation Day

Tuesday is Random Acts of Kindness Day

Wednesday is Compliment Day

Thursday is Reasons to Smile Day,

 Friday will be Rockland Pride Day.

Click on each of the posters below to see the special instructions for each day!

Arts Festival Features All Kinds of Creations

On display at the Arts Festival were paintings by members of the Pathways class and the PhotoVoice exhibit. Veritas Photo

On display at the Arts Festival were paintings by members of the Pathways class and the PhotoVoice exhibit. Veritas Photo

The Rockland Public Schools Arts Festival held last night featured displays of creativity in several different areas.  The visual arts were well represented with displays of drawings, paintings, photography and 3D designs. Displays included work from pre-school to elementary to middle school and high school, including AP Portfolio collections of senior art students.

Technology Education was represented with exhibits that included woodworking projects, and computer drawings from the Auto Cad and Chief Architecture classes.

Family and Consumer Science projects. Veritas photo

Mrs. Ashche’s Family and Consumer Science class projects included pillows, aprons and quilts Veritas photo

The Family and Consumer Science classes displayed a variety of sewing projects including quilts, fleece blankets and pillows.

2nd grader Gus interacts with NAO the robot at the Arts Festival. Veritas photo.

Esten School 2nd grader Gus Noguera interacts with NAO the robot at the Arts Festival. Veritas photo.

Robotics and Engineering had their robotic creations on display which provided a lot of fun for the younger visitors to the arts festival.  Robotics teacher Jennifer Wozniak said, “Kids and parents were excited about the engineering and robotics projects, including our humanoid robot, NAO.  We need to make sure we are encouraging our younger students who show interest in science and math – especially the girls!”

images pageImages Magazine, the Rockland High School Art and Literary Magazine, was on sale at the event.  The magazine also has a website that you can access here.
Below is our photo gallery!


Seniors Compete At Spellman Oratorical

Seniors await judges' decision after their speeches at the Spellman Oratorical Contest on Tuesday, April 12.  Front row l to r: Mark Ewell, Haley Macray, Meghan Foster, Leah DeCecco and Ashley Pezzella. Back l to r: Brad Gasdia, Celia Rosa and Bella Rindone.  Veritas Photo.

Seniors await judges’ decision after their speeches at the Spellman Oratorical Contest on Tuesday, April 12. Front row l to r: Mark Ewell, Haley Macray, Meghan Foster, Leah DeCecco and Ashley Pezzella. Back l to r: Brad Gasdia, Celia Rosa and Bella Rindone. Veritas Photo.

Adiza Alasa, Veritas Staff

The annual Spellman Oratorical Contest occurred on Tuesday, April 12 at Rockland High School. This contest was created in memory of the late Ellen Conway Spellman of Whitman.

This year’s topic was “Nonconformity, Society, and the Human Condition” as seen in art or literature. The essays written by all seniors were narrowed down by AP English teacher, Mr. Neal, to the top eight contestants. The winners were chosen by three impartial judges, Laura Whittaker, Kevin Whitaker, and Bill Cunningham. Contestants were judged based on content, delivery, diction, and poise.

Ashley Pezzella was awarded first place at the Spellman Oratorical Contest on Tuesday night.  WRPS photo.

Ashley Pezzella was awarded first place at the Spellman Oratorical Contest on Tuesday night. WRPS photo.

Ashley Pezzella won first place with a prize of $1200 in college scholarship money. Mark Ewell took second place and the $1000 scholarship. Leah DeCecco came in third place and received a $700 scholarship. In fourth place was Bella Rindone who received a $500 scholarship. Brad Gasdia came in fifth place and received a $300 scholarship. Meghan Foster, Haley Macray and Celia Rosa tied for 6th place and each received $100 scholarships.

Students Perform at SEMSBA

Tahmya Cappra, Veritas Staff

Rockland High School students,  Leah DeCecco, Lauren Illes, Rebekah Panaro, Rebeca Portela, and Sean Vo represented Rockland High School at the Southeastern Massachusetts Bandmasters Association (SEMSBA) Festival held on Friday, April 8 and Saturday, April 9 at Milton High School.

The festival is organized into four groups that rehearsed together on Friday and then took part in concerts on Saturday that were open to the public.

Left to right: Sean Vo, Rebekah Panaro, Leah DeCecco, Lauren Illes, and Rebeca Portela represented RHS at SEMSBA on April 8 and 9. Genesis Rojas (not available for picture) also represented RHS at Milton High School. photo by Tahmya Cappra Veritas Staff

Left to right: Sean Vo, Rebekah Panaro, Leah DeCecco, Lauren Illes, and Rebeca Portela represented RHS at SEMSBA on April 8 and 9.                         photo by Tahmya Cappra Veritas Staff

SEMSBA is a festival that students must audition for.

RHS senior Leah DeCecco talked about her experience in this festival and if she would recommend it to her fellow music peers.

DeCecco said that the festival went “excellent” for her. She also said that it was her “last festival of high school,” and that “it was an incredibly emotional and wonderful experience.” She said that she “will truly never forget it,” and that she would “10 out of 10” recommend SEMSBA to fellow music peers.


Girls Lacrosse Team Remains Positive

Jaymie Atkins, Veritas Asst. Managing Editor

The girls lacrosse team went to varsity status this year for the first time, after competing as a sub-varsity team the last two years.
Since they will be underdogs against more established teams, it is not a surprise that they have lost their first three games to Norton, Cohasset and Pembroke.

Senior goalie Caitlin Yannizzi at practice before the first game. Veritas photo

Senior goalie Caitlin Yannizzi at practice before the first game. Veritas photo

Senior captain Caitlin Yannizzi provided insight on these losses.

“Losing games, I believe, pushes us to work harder to prove not only to ourselves but each other, and most especially our coach that we do have the skills to win, and we want to win.”

Yannizzi admits the first game against Norton was discouraging, but says the Cohasset game was uplifting.

“We may have lost, but we pushed through and gave it our all, and I was very proud of myself and the team.”

Coach Lauren Rizzotti has some input on these losses as well.

Unfortunately we started out with some of our best competitors.They [the girls on the team] need to have it in their head to just play their absolute best. We are a newer team against teams who have been playing for years. We are not always going to get the result we want, but I have not been disappointed in what I am seeing on the field.”  

Juniors Bridget Reardon and Hannah Millen are keeping their attitudes positive. Veritas staff photo

Juniors Bridget Reardon and Hannah Millen are keeping their attitudes positive. Veritas staff photo

Coach Rizzotti also said that things have been looking up for the girls considering the rocky start. “The girls need to realize this is now a varsity team; everything needs to be different: dedication, attitude, versatility on the field. The group of girls are a fantastic group and we are finally feeling like a team again.”  

The girls were to face last year’s state champions, Norwell, today at home with a start time of 4 o’clock, but the game has been postponed due to lack of officials according to the Norwell Athletic Department.



Atkins Voted New Student Council President

RHS SGC's Big 5 pose together at the April SGC meeting. From left to right: Vice President Caitlin Yannizzi, Publicity Coordinator Adam Royle, President Haley Macray, Treasurer Ryan Sugrue, and Secretary/President-Elect Noelle Atkins

RHS SGC’s Big 5 pose together at the April SGC meeting. From left to right: Vice President Caitlin Yannizzi, Publicity Coordinator Adam Royle, President Haley Macray, Treasurer Ryan Sugrue, and Secretary/President-Elect Noelle Atkins

Veritas Staff

On Tuesday, April 5, the Rockland High School Student Government Council elected its president for the 2016-2017 school year. Current RHS junior, Noelle Atkins was selected for the position by her fellow council members.

Atkins, presently secretary of RHS SGC and current RHS SGC Publicity Coordinator Adam Royle were both nominated for the position of council president.

“Noelle and Adam are incredible individuals. I am so very proud of all that they have accomplished this year. Seeing them grow and become more mature and experienced leaders over the course of the time that I have known them has been a wonderful experience.” says current RHS SGC President Haley Macray, “Noelle and Adam will be amazing resources for this council next year and I know that they will accomplish so many things. They were both extremely qualified candidates for this position and they will make RHS very proud as they enter their senior year.”

Atkins will assume the position of council president on May 4, at the annual RHS SGC Awards Banquet when Macray passes her the RHS SGC gavel. The remaining council officer positions will be determined at the first RHS SGC meeting of the 2016-2017 school year in June.

Spellman Oratorical Contest and Arts Festival Coming Up This Week

Danielle Hill (Class of 2015) was the winner of the Spellman Oratorical Contest last year.

The annual Spellman Oratorical Contest will be held on Tuesday night at 7 p.m. in the RHS/RMS Lecture Hall.  Eight seniors will be competing for $4,000 in scholarship money.   The seniors will present original speeches commenting on this year’s topic: “Nonconformity, Society and the Human Condition.”

In order to participate in the contest, RHS seniors submit a written essay on the specified topic and the top eight are then chosen to compete in the oratorical portion of the contest.  Judging will be based on delivery, content, diction, and poise.

The contest is open to the public and admission is free.

Celia Rosa with her award winning still life on display at the Globe Show. Art work from all the schools will be on display at the RPS Arts Festival on Thursday, April 14 from 6 to 9 p.m.

The Spellman Oratorical is traditionally held during the same week as the Rockland Public Schools’ annual Arts Festival. The Arts Festival is on Thursday, April 14 this year in the high school gymnasium.  The gym will be open from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. and artwork from all grade levels in the Rockland Public Schools will be on display.

Also, the Consumer Science, Tech Ed and Robotics classes will have their creations on display.   Photos from last year’s Arts Festival can be seen here.


Special Veritas Broadcast: Interview with New Principal of RHS

Students in the journalism class have produced a special report to introduce students and the community to the incoming principal at RHS, John Harrison, who will be taking over for Dr. Cron on July 1.

Adiza Alasa conducted the interview with questions suggested by students in the journalism class. Theodora Panagiotidis directed the  broadcast with Hannah Murphy, Michelle Downey and Jill Donahue on camera.  Patrick Murphy, Kaylee Ellis, and Joe Taft also worked in the control room.

For more information read Veritas reporter, Francisco Oliveira’s article on Mr. Harrison in our News/Feature tab.

College Bound Student-Athlete Night

The Athletic Department and the Guidance Department are teaming up to present a look at the myths and realities behind college athletics, scholarships and recruitments.  All student-athletes and their parents are invited to this information session in the lecture hall at 6:00 pm.  See or call Mr. Graziano for details.

college bound

Music Department Entertains With Broadway Tunes

Chorus introduces selections from Rent with Seasons of Love

Chorus introduces selections from Rent with Seasons of Love

The Rockland High School Music Department held their annual Broadway Night on Friday, April 1 in the high school auditorium.  The band and chorus performed excerpts from two Broadway shows: Into the Woods and Rent.  High energy and talented singers provided a special musical event featuring cabaret style entertainment by the full chorus along with selected solos and duets.


Veritas April Print Edition Available

Our latest print issue features the following stories.  They are now on-line as well.

Taunts, chants and cheers: Are they offensive or part of the game?

Two Veritas reporters give their opinions about the recent controversy over the taunting at a local high school tournament game between Newton North and Catholic Memorial.  The fans were barred from attending the following game because of the racist taunts.  Website link to Zach Pransky and Greg Makarski’s  pro/con opinion stories are now available.


RHS fans at a tournament game photo Rockland High Sports


Rockland blasts off into leadership at MASC

Hannah Murphy, Hayley Macray, Abby Condon and Jill Donahue recount the events of Student Government’s trip to MASC’s spring conference including Caitlin Yannizzi’s Polar Plunge fundraising efforts.  Here is the website link: Rockland Blast Off Into MASC Spring Conference

Members of RHS SGC before the annual MASC Polar Plunge

Spring teams look to compete for titles

Adiza Alasa and Joe Taft talked to the spring coaches and athletes to get their take on how baseball, softball, tennis, track and lacrosse teams will fare this season.  Go Dogs! Click on reporters’ names to link to their stories.

Matt O'Brien against Plymouth North last year photo by Rockland High School

Matt O’Brien against Plymouth North last year photo by Rockland High School

RHS grad helps battle poverty in Guatemala

Reporter Mike Ivanoskos continues his series on RHS graduates: Where Are They Now? In this story, Mike interviews Julia Rayberg, Class of 2011, who has started her own non-profit company called Worthy Village.  Read this story here.

Julia with children in village where her team of volunteers teach about hygiene. photo courtesy of Julia Rayberg.

Julia with children in village where her team of volunteers teach about hygiene.      photo courtesy of Julia Rayberg.

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Music Department To Host Broadway Night On Friday, April 1

Cameron Estrella and Genesis Rojas in "Phantom of the Opera"

Cameron Estrella and Genesis Rojas in “Phantom of the Opera” last year.

The Music Department’s annual Broadway Night will be held next Friday night (April 1) at 7 pm in the high school auditorium.

The chorus and band students will be playing and singing excerpts from Rent and  Into the Woods.

Last year the Music Department wowed the crowd with selections from South Pacific and Phantom of the Opera.  Traditionally the band opens up the show and then members of the chorus act, sing and dance to selections of their choosing.

Don’t miss it!  The cost is $5.

Link to a review of last year’s show with photo gallery!


‘Who’s the Teacher’ Wins Nets for Nets Tournament

Who's the Teacher got the trophy: Danielle O'Brien, Aiden Glennon, Shannon Lindahl and Brian Smith

Who’s the Teacher got the trophy: Danielle O’Brien, Aiden Glennon, Shannon Lindahl and Brian Smith

Adiza Alasa and Hannah Boben, Veritas Staff

The team called “Who’s the Teacher?” took home the championship trophy for the Nets for Nets three on three basketball tournament.

The tournament was a fundraiser for an organization called Nothing but Nets. This organization helps to fight malaria in third world countries. The tournament was held on Weds. March 16 in the high school and middle school gyms. Junior Shannon Lindahl and English teacher Kristen Walsh came together with the idea of a fundraiser to help donate to this cause.

20 teams made up of middle and high school teachers and students battled in a double elimination tournament that featured some intense games. On the winning team, SSL all-star three point shooter, Danielle O’Brien and boys varsity center, Aiden Glennon owned the outside and inside game with Social Studies teacher, Brian Smith directing the play at the point.

“They both played fantastic. Danielle was hitting shots from Steph Curry range…Aiden was taking care of every person down low,” said Mr. Smith. Though Mr. Smith denied having played well, he scored when his team needed it and outworked his opponents for clutch rebounds. “Mr. Smith was the best rebounder in the tournament,” said Glennon.

For all the details on the tournament, see the next issue of the Veritas on sale April 1.  Follow this link to a Photo Gallery that includes pictures by Haley Macray and Hannah Boben.

One Rockland, Monday 6-9 pm

one rockland sign

One Rockland is holding its third fundraiser of the year Monday night from 6-9 pm at Players.  All proceeds of these fundraisers go to the sports teams and clubs and organizations at Rockland High School. There will be raffles again, and a great buffet. All are invited to come for a short time or to stay all night!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Mike Ivanoskos, Veritas Staff

The Irish holiday of Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated annually on March 17th. What was once celebrated as a religious feast day has become a date on which Irish culture is demonstrated through holding town-wide parades, taking part in Irish Step Dancing, eating special Irish food and representing the culture by wearing as much green as possible.

The figure whom the holiday was named after is ‘the Apostle of Ireland’ Saint Patrick himself. He was born around 460 A.D. In his early life, we’ve learned through his letters, he was captured in the city of Wales, Scotland which is just outside of Ireland. There he was made a slave. It was not until years later that he was able to escape and make a return to his family. Patrick’s family was made up of Romans who lived in Britain. It was finally around the 600’s that he returned back to the country of Ireland to continue his missionary work within the Christian faith by becoming a Cleric then a Bishop. Through this he became known as the Patron Saint of Ireland.

There are many legends and other folklore surrounding the holiday of Saint Patrick’s Day. Originally, people believed the shamrock,  a three-leafed plant, illustrated the Holy Trinity.  It has now become a symbol of the “luck of the Irish.”

Another popular legend is that Saint Patrick banished snakes from Ireland. The story entails him fasting and getting attacked by a swarm of snakes. As a result he proceeded to chase the snakes successfully back into the ocean. It is hard for people to believe in this legend because of the rarity that such an event could occur. There are no accounts of snakes spotted throughout the post- glacial period in Ireland. Another legend has St. Patrick sticking a walking stick into the ground while evangelizing, which turned into a tree.

St. Patrick’s Day was first celebrated in America in 1737, organized by the Charitable Irish Society of Boston, including a feast and religious service. This first celebration of the holiday in the colonies was largely to honor and celebrate the Irish culture that so many colonists had been separated from. The biggest traditions that do not seem to be fading anytime soon are people sporting the color green and the holding of the annual St. Patty’s Day Parades.

To learn more about why Saint Patrick’s Day is so important and such a special occasion to the people who are truly Irish, we went out and interviewed a couple faculty members about Saint Patrick’s Day.

The first person we interviewed was Mr. Finn who is one of the foreign language teachers at Rockland High. He teaches both French and Spanish but he is  most definitely Irish.

mr. finn

Mr. Finn dove into why the holiday of Saint Patrick’s day is important to him. “I am very Irish and I have more family in Ireland than I have in the United States, says Mr. Finn.”  Mr. Finn additionally mentioned,” I take this day to look back on and remember what my Irish ancestors had to go through to make it to this country.”

He went on to talk about what this holiday should mean to anyone with an Irish identity. ”It is great to remember and know where you came from when thinking about where you’re going to go.”

Mr. Finn looks forward to attending a traditional Saint Patrick’s Day feast with his family and friends. Mr. Finn explains,” The feast includes potatoes, cabbage, ham, corned beef, beer and Irish soda bread.”

We also found out that Mr. Finn is one-hundred percent Irish. Mr.Finn states, “As far as I’ve traced my family tree back on both sides it’s shown nothing but Irish roots.”  

This year Mr. Finn is excited to participate in a road race that takes place in South Cambridge called the Craicfest 5k. Mr. Finn says, “I really enjoy running anytime I can, especially on the Charles River, and there is also a party after the race.”  It is important to note that “Craic” is an Irish word that translates to having a fun time.

Mr. Finn reflected back on his favorite Saint Patrick’s Day childhood memory. “As a kid, going to the Saint Patrick’s Day parades held in South Boston were a great time, and it was also a tradition to watch my cousins do Irish Step- Dancing.”

The second person we interviewed was Ms. Lauren Sullivan who is another one of the foreign language teachers here. She is one of the Spanish teachers.

lauren sullivan

Ms. Sullivan sees Saint Patrick’s Day as a looked forward to annual holiday where people can express their Irish roots. Ms. Sullivan says, “Saint Patrick’s day offers an excuse to throw a party and be Irish for a day.”

Ms. Sullivan takes this holiday as a chance to do two things. ”On Saint Patrick’s Day I wear the color green and get together with friends.”

Ms. Sullivan is almost all Irish. Ms. Sullivan explains, “I believe I’m about ninety percent Irish.”

Ms. Sullivan is going to a parade to celebrate this upcoming Saint Patrick’s Day on Sunday. “I am going to the parade in South Boston because I love enjoying that atmosphere with friends.”

For Ms. Sullivan in her history of celebrating the Irish holiday one event in particular stands out. Ms. Sullivan reminisces, “During, my senior year at Boston College we had this huge school-wide festival to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day; it was a very good time.”

A special thanks to Mr. Finn and Ms. Sullivan for being such great interviews. Thanks to them for giving us more insight on why Saint Patrick’s Day is such a special day.  We at the Veritas wish you a happy St. Patrick’s Day.

See more at about St. Patrick’s Day here.

Students Represent RHS at MASC Spring Conference


Haley Macray, Veritas Senior Managing Editor

HYANNIS, MA – From Wednesday, March 9 to Friday, March 11, seventeen Rockland High School students of all ages attended the annual Massachusetts Association of Student Councils (MASC) spring conference. Their days were filled with leadership training workshops, roundtables, activities, and more.

DSC_8866 12.50.12 PM

Members of RHS SGC before the annual MASC Polar Plunge

Please check out a summary article of the week’s events as well as a senior’s take on four years of attending the conference in the April print edition of The Veritas.

Follow this link to the MASC Photo Gallery

Photos by Haley Macray and other MASC Delegates.

Google’s Virtual Reality Comes To Rockland

Mr. MacAllister's Rockland High School Social Studies teacher leads a Google Expedition with his U.S. History class. photo by Haley Macray

Mr. MacAllister’s Rockland High School Social Studies teacher leads a Google Expedition with his U.S. History class. photo by Haley Macray

Michelle Downey and Brianna Peppino, Veritas Staff

On Tuesday, March 8, Google Expeditions representative, Kristen Thomas came to Rockland’s Rogers Middle School to give 6th grade students what they refer to as a 360 degree virtual reality experience.  Two high school classes also had the opportunity to participate.

Richard MacAllister’s U.S. History class spent their class period taking a virtual reality tour of the Gettysburg National Military Park.  Mr. MacAllister said that the students seemed to be really excited about this immersive way to learn about the Civil War’s Battle of Gettysburg.  This is the largest battlefield site in North America where 160,000 Union and Confederate soldiers fought.   Mr. MacAllister said, “It’s a unique way to view history, allowing the students to be able to engaged and immersed, creating a stronger learning environment.”

Michael Bodley and Nicole Raymond, two students in the Pathways class at Rockland High use their Google viewers to visit the Grand Canyon, and an ocean habitat on March 8. photo by Haley Macray.

Michael Bodley and Nicole Raymond, two students in the Pathways class at Rockland High use their Google viewers to visit the the Great Barrier Reef, the Grand Canyon, and an ocean habitat on March 8. photo by Haley Macray.

Joanne White’s Pathways students were able to explore the Great Barrier Reef, the largest coral reef in the world and one that is visible from outer space.  They also explored the Grand Canyon and many other habitats.

Virtual viewers, made out of a smartphone and a cardboard cut-out, were given to each student during their half hour session to take them on a trip to different and often hard to reach destinations. Lead teachers received a tablet that allowed them to guide their students on their “trips.”

In the morning 6th graders had visited the library where they were led on their Google Expeditions of the Tolbachik Volcano in Russia.

When first looking into the devices,  students reacted with audible “ooohs” and “ahhhhs,” filling the library.

Sixth grader Callie Gillian said, “It’s amazing; [it’s] nothing I’ve ever seen before.”

Sixth grade student Dar-Rentz Bernard said, “The experience is pretty different. It’s like taking a field trip, but we’re still in the classroom.”

According to Thomas, that is exactly what the Google Expeditions Pioneer Program is trying to achieve. With each of these cardboard viewers students take a virtual reality, panoramic trip to places such as the Tolbachik Volcano in Russia, the pyramids in  Egypt and the Grand Canyon. In each of the 20 half hour sessions, teachers were able to guide each student and explain different aspects of the places that students wouldn’t be able to see by just looking at a textbook.

Sixth grade science and geography teacher, Mara Carey said, “The students are so engaged and so into it. The enthusiasm is great.”

Lisa Ryan, RMS technology teacher, said,  “It’s a wonderful opportunity for students to travel anywhere in the world or even in space and learn about it. There’s dozens of different expeditions already available, so there are many ways that it can be integrated in every part of the curriculum.”

She also said that this virtual explorer could be included in a variety of classes and further help students learn about certain subjects and landscapes. Thomas said that the program will be available in the fall for schools to purchase.

Google will be returning to Rockland on April 1 when 4th and 5th graders will be participating along with several more high school classes.

Below is a photo gallery of some of the classes taken by Hannah Boben and Michelle Downey

Basketball Unifies Students

Danielle O'Brien, Steve Norris, John Gorman, and Michael Bodley at the unified basketball game.

Danielle O’Brien, Steve Norris, John Gorman and Michael Bodley at the unified basketball game.  photo by Mark Norris

Veritas Staff

If the attendance and fan participation at recent tournament basketball games at Rockland High School are any indication,  basketball is a big time passion in Rockland.

That is why Rockland High School Physical Education teacher, Brenda Folsom spent a considerable amount of time preparing her Adapted P.E. class for the annual unified basketball game held every year with Abington High School.

This year on Feb. 24, athletic director at Rockland High School, Gary Graziano,  donated  his free time to set up the gym at RHS for this annual game.

Unified basketball brings the high school players together with students in the Special Education Pathways class to compete against their rivals, the Green Wave of Abington.   Wearing camo t-shirts, girls and boys varsity basketball players joined together, rebounding and passing to their Pathways teammates, who made more shots than they missed.

The Bulldogs came away with the win, 50-34.

After a night of fun, medals were given to each of the participants. Pariticipant and girls varsity basketball player, Adiza Alasa said that the best part about the night was “seeing the happiness that the unified players got every time they scored a basket as well as the excitement of the general ed students.”

Instrumental in organizing this fun, spectator event was Student Government Vice President Caitlin Yannizzi.   Others who helped out were SG advisor, Kristen Walsh and Pathways teacher, Joanne White.  Special Education Aides also involved were Diane Mahoney and Paula Reyno.

Rockland Pathways players were: Emily Grandmont, Nick Cara, Mike Bodley, John Gorman, Josh Keating,  Alex Anzevino and John Yandle

Pathways Players from Abington were: Anthony Ambrose, Mary Cartier, Brianne Fisher, Christopher Hagerty, Alexx Jenner, Kerrie Morgan, Kim Oberlander, Taylor Piccuito, Grace Quinlan, Liam Casey.

Click here to see photos by Veritas photographer, Hannah Boben

Alliance Brass Visits Rockland

The Alliance Brass performed in the auditorium for music students at Rockland. photo by Zach Pransky

The Alliance Brass performed in the auditorium for music students at Rockland. photo by Zach Pransky

alliance brass in lecture hall

Mary Galime, trumpet, Thomas Stark, trombone, Chris O’Hara, trumpet, Kelly Langenberg, horn, William Russell, tuba make up the Alliance Brass of Chicago who came to Rockland to perform for high school and middle school students.

Music students at Rockland High School and Rogers Middle School were treated to a concert/clinic on Thursday, March 10 when the Alliance Brass of Chicago visited Rockland.

The quintet is on tour in the northeast area and is also attending the Massachusetts Musicians Education Association’s conference in Boston this week.

Members of the group performed pieces from their classic/pop repertoire in the high school auditorium for chorus students, and then moved to the middle school lecture hall where middle school and high school band students listened to them perform.

They also answered students’ questions about their music and their careers in music, encouraging students to follow their passion wherever it takes them in life.

Their website says, “Whether through performance, clinics, or workshops, the Alliance Brass has an infectious enthusiasm they use to inspire a passion for music wherever they go.”

alliance brass in lecture hall2

William Russell of the Alliance Brass speaks to middle school and high school students in the lecture hall.

genesis rojas

Genesis Rojas takes a selfie with the five members of the Alliance Brass that visited Rockland on March 10 and performed for music students.


Veritas News Broadcast: March 10, 2016

Adiza Alasa, Danielle O’Brien and Joe Taft anchor the latest news broadcast, produced by the Journalism class.

Preview: Students Represent Rockland High School at Harvard Model Congress

harvard model congress logo1

Haley Macray, Veritas Senior Managing Editor 

Harvard Model Congress is still a relatively new club at Rockland High School but it has already developed a great deal of interest amongst students.

This year, RHS’s Harvard Model Congress advisors, Richard MacAllister and Amanda Lanigan, took students to a three night, four day conference at the Boston Sheraton Hotel during February Break (Thursday, February 18 to Sunday, February 21).

Harvard Model Congress, the “largest government simulation conference in the world,”  according to its website, gives students the opportunity to see firsthand how government works.

ronan mcnally

Ronan McNally at a session at the Harvard Model Congress. photo courtesy of Amanda Lanigan

While at the conference Harvard Model Congress members participate in various debates and committee work for which they have previously prepared.

The three night, four day conference is more than just deliberating laws and learning about the American legislative process,” says club advisor, Mr. MacAllister, “It’s also about meeting new people from around the country, standing up for something you truly believe in, and learning how to make [crucial]  decisions, under pressure, using a wide array of resources.”

Students from RHS attended the Boston branch of the conference. Other Harvard Model Congresses take place in San Francisco, Rome, Seoul, Dubai. and São Paulo.

Read more about the HMC experience in The Veritas‘ April edition on sale April 1st.

RHS Students: Let Your Voices Be Heard!

Who would you vote for as our next President of the United States?

With the Presidential primaries in full swing.  RHS students, most of whom are not yet able to vote, may want to let their voices be heard by participating in our newest Veritas poll created by senior Journalism student, Mike Ivanoskos.

You can find the poll on the left column on this website.

We will follow-up this poll with results and interviews in our next print edition of the Veritas due out on April 1. Also, look for our “man-on-the-street” interviews in our next broadcast which is now in production.


Bulldog Teams To Compete for State Titles

Joe Taft, Veritas Sports Editor

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Rockland Hig School’s winter athletic success rolls on. Four teams are looking at competing in the tournament, after three of those teams were crowned league champions.

Coming off a win against Dorchester, the boys’ basketball team is looking to make waves in tournament play. They were crowned South Shore League Champs earlier in the year, and now are the number-one seed in Division 3 South.

“It’s huge,” junior guard Jake Crawford said after finding out they would have a bye in the first round. “We have a good chance of winning our side of the bracket. We’re ready to go.”

Crawford was named a South Shore League All-Star this season, along with junior captain Jakigh Marcelin and senior captain (and leading scorer) Stephen Norris. Norris also took home SSL Player of the Year honors. Coach Fred Damon led the boys to where they are now, and he took home Coach of the Year honors in doing so.

Not having to play in the first round means the boys are automatically in the quarter-finals. They will face the winner of the Mashpee (9) and Burke (8) game on March 5th at the Dog-Pound. Check John Glennon’s Twitter page throughout next week to see what theme the student-section will be partaking in.

The boys aren’t the only basketball team making noise this winter in Rockland.

The girls’ team won the SSL as well, and are the number two seed heading into tourney play. They will face Dedham (15) on March 2nd at home. Again, check in next week for a theme.

The Lady Dogs were undefeated in league play this season, and 17-3 overall. They were led by senior captain and 1,000 point scorer Kyra Rose. Rose took home another SSL All-Star award, and won Player Of The Year. Other SSL All Stars from the team included Erika Ochenduszko, junior Maddie Olsen, and sophomore Danielle O’Brien. Coach Diana Mitchell won Coach of the Year.

The hockey team is the number nine seed in their tournament. They will go up against South Eastern on March 3rd at 8:15 in Bourne.

Hockey All-Stars include junior captain Matt Dunn, sophomore Michael Flaherty, senior captain AJ Clark and junior Chris McHugh. The hockey team also won the SSL Sportsmanship Award.

The Rockland/Abington wrestling squad won the South Shore League, and will be sending wrestlers to the state tournament this year. Coach Tim Brown won coach of the year.

Even though a joint-squad between two longtime rivals seems crazy, the boys were able to succeed all season long. All Stars include Jim Fitzgerald, Adam Russo, Jon Goode, Brad Gasdia, 
Cameron Smith, and 
Alex Freeman.

The swim team found success this season as well. Sarah Margolis, Ryan Sugrue, Mike Rocha, and Sabrina Sprague were SSL All Stars. The team worked very hard and competed throughout the winter.

The Bulldogs are ready to compete in the tournament this winter, as all the playoff-teams will be playing for state-titles and rings. Make sure you come out and support the Dogs.

‘Family Ties’ Lead to Success for Margolis


Coach Julie Margolis and RHS senior Sarah Margolis

Jaymie Atkins, Veritas Asst. Managing Editor

Rockland High School senior swim team captain, Sarah Margolis recently competed in the South Sectional MIAA championship bracket in two events. To be eligible to make sectionals, a swimmer has to get under a certain time for their event. In the sectionals the top swimmers of the South Shore compete against each other. After sectionals is another faster, cut-off time for the MIAA D3 State Championship.

This is not Margolis’ first time making sectionals. As a freshman she earned a spot due to her time in the 200 individual medley (IM). This year, as a senior, Margolis qualified in the 200 IM and in the 100 breaststroke.

Margolis gave credit to her coach who is also her mother. “I owe my swimming career to [my mom],” she said. “With my mom as my coach, she helps push me and critique me. She knows I can’t skip a practice. So, with her pushing me to always go, I have been able to get faster.”

Margolis has been swimming competitively since she was four. In addition to the RHS swim team, Margolis swims for the USA Sailfish Swim Team.

Julie Margolis has been coaching her daughter for fourteen years. When Sarah was four, Julie was teaching swimming lessons and lifeguarding at the YMCA.  Julie would take Sarah with her, and her boss allowed Sarah to stay in the aquatics office where she would play games and color with the staff on break.

But Julie would get Sarah in the pool as much as she could. When the head coach Bill Edwards saw how good her strokes were, he encouraged Julie to put Sarah on the team and offered Julie a job as the coach of the developmental team. Julie said, “Sarah was a natural swimmer and took to racing like a fish.”

Seven years ago, Julie began helping what was then the Hanover/Rockland team. The team then split because the Hanover team had grown so big that they didn’t need Rockland swimmers to fill the gaps any longer. Julie says that having her daughters on the team has impacted her coaching because she wanted to have an RHS swim team for them.

Julie is proud to be both a lead assistant coach for the Sailfish Swim Team based out of Scituate, as well as the Rockland High coach. Julie said, “Coaching my daughters has also given me insight in how to train and to teach children to swim competitively while being a coach that the swimmers can count on like a mother.”

Julie’s favorite part about watching her daughters grow and succeed is her “daughters themselves.” She explained, “Although I miss how super cute they were when they were little, I truly enjoy the wonderful young women they’ve become and I feel like they are two of my best friends.” Julie also said, “It’s great to watch college acceptance letters come in for Sarah, as she has worked so hard to succeed at school, but it’s even more exciting to see her striving to continue to swim in college as competitive swimming has become an important part of her life too.”

Recently, Sarah visited the University of New England in Maine with her friends to meet with the UNE coach. Julie thinks it’s “neat” to see that colleges want Sarah for her excellent academic potential as well as her swimming talent.

Julie’s other daughter, Lilly, is away at the University of Rhode Island. “I am so excited to see where Sarah decides to go for college and to watch her grow and build her own life, but I’m so scared too because I will no longer have either of my precious girls at home to keep me company, although they are forever in my heart and always on my mind.”

Sarah Margolis competed at the MIAA South Sectionals. photos courtesy of Julie Margolis

Sarah Margolis competed at the MIAA South Sectionals. photos courtesy of Julie Margolis

The MIAA Central/South Sectionals for Girls were held at MIT on Saturday, Feb. 13 with an 8:45 a.m. start. Sarah competed in the 200 yard dash IM and the breaststroke.

According to her coach she did well. “Sarah did great at sectionals. The results can be found on swimming south central sectional results. She had a best time in the IM but missed going to states by .3 second and had a great swim in the breast stroke too.”

Congratulations to Sarah for a great showing in the sectionals and good luck as she continues her swimming in the future!

Poetry Out Loud

Under the direction of English Department Chairperson, Carol Cahill, six Rockland High School students participated in the annual Poetry Out Loud contest on Feb. 4.

the contestants POL

Poetry Out Loud contestants this year are Elizabeth Kelly, Adiza Alasa, Yousra Bendarkawi, Hannah Millen, Eden Dalton and Kellie Berry.

Each of the students performed two poems which they chose from the Poetry Out Loud website.  Eden Dalton was judged as the winner this year with Adiza Alasa coming in second and Yousra Bendarkawi coming in third.

Dalton will represent our school at the Cape Cod Regional Competition in South Yarmouth on Sunday, March 6th. The contest will be held at 1:00 p.m. at the Cultural Arts Center located at 307 Old Main, in South Yarmouth

Eden Dalton was the Poetry Out Loud winner this year.

Eden Dalton was the Poetry Out Loud winner this year.

Poetry Out Loud Contestants – 2016

Yousra Bendarkawi

I felt a Funeral in my Brain

I Find no Peace

Hannah Millen

It was not Death, for I stood up


Elizabeth Kelly

I felt a Funeral, in my Brain

The Obligation to Be Happy

Adiza Alasa

Ways of Talking

On an Unsociable Family

Eden Dalton


All This and More

Kellie Berry

England in 1819


Judging the contestants were Karen Bonn, Bill Boyer, Elizabeth Morrell and Laura Whitaker.  The judges evaluated each student’s performance on physical presence, voice and articulation, dramatic appropriateness, evidence of understanding and overall performance. Accuracy scorer was RHS English teacher, Amanda McDonough.

Ms. Cahill was pleased with the competition and the performers. “This was a young group of competitors who, I hope, will return to the competition next year.”

Rockland High has done well in Poetry Out Loud through the years.

Good luck to Eden in the regionals!

Where Are They Now? Part IV

Mike Ivanoskos, Veritas Staff

It is time for another edition of the RHS alumni series. For the fourth edition of the alumni series we went out and interviewed past graduates of RHS who have used their education as a catapult to future success.

One is a woman who is now a professional golfer. Another is a man who is hoping to design video games. Last is a woman who is looking to broaden her horizons as an involved college student.

First is Megan Khang, Class of 2015, who is now pursuing a career on the LPGA tour as a pro golfer.

Megan Khang, Class of 2015

Megan Khang, Class of 2015


Khang explained the importance of her Bulldog roots to her.

“Being a Bulldog means to have each other’s back no matter what, since we are like one big family.”  She says she greatly misses attending Rockland High School as well as seeing her friends everyday at school.

She explained how her RHS education has helped her tap into her potential to get her to where she is now.

“Teachers here provided life experiencing teachings outside of just the regular subjects.”

Khang took a different route than most students do when they leave Rockland High. She has gone on to become a professional women’s golfer.  Khang said, “I have now made the decision to go pro and become a professional women’s golfer.”

Much congratulations to her as she just was involved in the LPGA Tour and headed down to the Bahamas to play her first tournament as a rookie. After having a great showing in the tournament she is excited for the rest of her rookie season.

One of her long term aspirations is to become the best at the sport of golf among women.  Khang emphatically stated, “I want to become the best woman golfer in the world.” That is her big endeavor and we wish her the best on achieving it.

Her advice to the Class of 2016 is to, even when times get tough, believe in yourselves so you can seek out your full potential.

Megan Khang is already making the town of Rockland extremely proud every time she competes because no matter where she goes she represents Bulldog Nation.

Up next is Joseph Pumphrey, also from the Class of 2015.  Pumphrey is going for his bachelor degree in computer science at UMass Dartmouth.

Joe Pumphrey, Class of 2015

Joe Pumphrey, Class of 2015

Pumphrey talked about the sense of community and strength that he experienced as a part of Bulldog Nation.  “Strength and community are two things that are cherished as they were certainly displayed during our senior year.”

Pumphrey says he was really fond of the teachers that he had at RHS saying, “RHS has some of the greatest teachers because they care about the students and they genuinely want the best for you.”  He says he misses going to Rockland High School because it was fun to put forth your best effort into your schoolwork daily.  

Pumphrey believes that when people leave Rockland High they will miss it greatly stating, “It will all pay off, trust me; just enjoy your time there because when you leave RHS you are going to miss the walls that encompassed your knowledge.”

He says he has many goals but one greatest aspiration. “ My greatest aspiration is to lead a small team of intelligent minds working together to develop video game entertainment!”

To summarize Pumphrey’s advice to the class of 2016 is to take classes that are similar to the courses you want to major in at college and ace the classes that you absolutely love because that is what matters. 

Our last alumni profile for this edition is Molly Garrity from the Class of 2014. Garrity is attending Loyola University Maryland.

Molly Garrity, Class of 2014

Molly Garrity, Class of 2014

Garrity admits that she used to believe that being a Bulldog just had to do with school spirit and sports teams, but after being away from RHS for two years she thinks quite differently on this topic.

Garrity explains, “Now, that I have graduated when I hear someone mention the phrase ‘being a Bulldog’ I associate that with camaraderie and the idea that we are all connected.”

When it comes to how the education at RHS helped her to succeed Garrity says, “I think that my education prepared me to confidently work with administrators/professors. The staff at RHS always treated us like adults and because of that, my teachers became my mentors/friends, and it always felt normal to use them as resources. I think those things meant the most to me in the long run because I’ve never hesitated to approach professors or to advocate for myself when I needed to.”

Next, she went on to talk about how she missed the whole environment of RHS, as well as being in school with the people she grew up with and the great teachers that she looked to as a second set of parents.  Garrity stated, “I know my experience doesn’t speak for everyone, but I loved it all and I would pay for it to all happen again!”

Garrity is not one to look too long into the future because she is living in the present, taking one day at a time. Garrity said, “I am just going to with the flow, maybe do some volunteer work after I graduate from college here at Loyola Maryland, but who knows.”

Her advice to the Class of 2016 is to be honest with your peers if they’ve made an everlasting impact on you, because it’s those types of memories that you can appreciate and look back on in happiness for a lifetime.

Molly Garrity is confidently embracing whatever future opportunities come her way, thanks to her education here at RHS.

In closing, this concludes another edition of the alumni series. A special thanks to Megan Khang, Joseph Pumphrey and Molly Garrity for providing us with up-to-date information of how their time at Rockland High helped them get to where they are now.  

If you have graduated from Rockland High and want to be interviewed for the next or 5th edition of the alumni series please contact me at Thanks for tuning in; have a great week!

RHS Students Recognized at Boston Globe Show

Celia Rosa

Celia Rosa, Flowers Still Life, Drawing and Illustration, Pastel



By Haley Macray, Veritas Senior Managing Editor

The winners of the annual Boston Globe Scholastic Art Show,  the Massachusetts Regional Scholastic Art and Writing Awards Competition, were announced on Jan. 29.   This year, two Rockland High School students were recognized for their artwork.

Senior Celia Rosa won a Gold Key for her piece “Flowers Still Life and a Silver Key for her piece “Self Portrait.” Both works were entered in the Drawing and Illustration category.

Rosa’s Gold Key  artwork will move on electronically to New York where it will compete against Gold Key work from around the country for National Medals.

Junior Shawn Ward was awarded two Honorable Mentions for his pieces “What’s in The Box,” in the Ceramics and Glass category, and  “Imagineer” in the Drawing and Illustration category.

Senior Art Teacher Cheryl Thompson is their sponsoring teacher.

According to the Award Committee, there were over 15,000 entries in Art. Over 50 judges looked at the entries and made their choices for Gold and Silver Keys as well as Honorable Mentions based on three criteria: originality, technical skill, and personal vision.

awards ceremony will be held at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston for all Gold and Silver Key recipients on March 12, 2016

A Gold Key Exhibition will be available for viewing from March 5–20, 2016 at the Museum.

One Rockland Mini-Golf on Feb. 15: Don’t Miss Out!


Michelle Downey, Veritas Staff  

After raising more than $3,500 in the previous One Rockland Cable Auction, the students and staff involved in the upcoming One Rockland miniature – golf fundraiser hope to top that number.

On Feb. 15 Rockland High School Bulldog mentors, and their advisor, Gregory Rowe, will be welcoming families to the classrooms and hallways of RHS to play indoor mini golf. The event will be taking place from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. and will cost five dollars.

While the Rockland community is enjoying their many rounds of mini golf, they will be benefitting current and future Rockland High School students.

One Rockland has given RHS students the opportunity to volunteer their time during the fundraiser. In return they will raise money for the sports or activities they take part in. Different athletes and club members will be creating a mini golf hole, to represent their team or activity.

Both RHS students and those planning to attend this fundraiser are looking forward to the fun it will bring to their Monday morning and afternoon.

Sophomore and Bulldog mentor, Chris Penney, says, “I’m taking part in this fundraiser because it’s for a very good cause and it will help out the One Rockland program a lot. It seems like it will be a lot of fun.”

With constant positive energy and hype from the Rockland Bulldogs, it is hoped this event will bring an enthusiastic atmosphere all throughout Rockland High School and in the Rockland community. Make sure you come and join the Bulldogs as well as the Rockland community on this day full of golf and smiles.

Winter Athletic Success: A Pleasant Surprise? Or More Than That?

Joe Taft, Veritas Sports Editor

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Last year was a difficult one for Rockland High School as a collective unit.

In a year when the only team to win a South Shore League title was the swim team, there is so much room to improve.

Fortunately for the Bulldog teams, there is a good chance of not just matching, but tripling or even quadrupling the amount of league titles from last year in just the winter.

How is that possible? So many talented seniors graduated last year. Weren’t we supposed to enter a period of “mediocrity” like some of the student body expected?

No way.

The winter teams this year have a chance to sweep the South Shore. With some key wins, there could be four new years being printed onto the gym banners sectioned “LEAGUE CHAMPIONS.”

The boys basketball team, with help from returning players Stephen Norris, Joe Kimball, and Jakigh Marcelin, are heavy favorites to win the league after defeating Randolph on Friday night on their home court.

Stephen Norris’ senior season has been everything we could have hoped for here at the high school. He was All-Scholastic for football, and leads the South Shore League in points per game. Coming off of a 45-point performance against Hull, (the most points a boys player has scored in a game in RHS history) the senior captain had 16 points in the effort against Randolph.

Another player with varsity experience, junior Jake Crawford, had a game-high 20 points. Crawford also knocked down an unbelievable three-point shot to end the first-half on a high note. Crawford faded away from way behind the arc as the ball went off the backboard and through the twine, immediately sending the student section into hysteria.

Rockland trailed by three points at halftime to an undefeated Randolph team who was ranked in the top twenty in the state by The Boston Herald. Three points at the half…

Wasn’t this year supposed to be a let-down?

In the third, Rockland went on an 18-5 run to take the lead. The defense-oriented Bulldogs held the Blue Devils scoreless for the first 4:30 of the fourth quarter. The Blue Devils battled back to come within five points, but in the end it was not enough. A 54-47 win put Rockland in sole possession of first-place in the South Shore League. The Boston Herald now has the Dogs ranked twenty-fourth in Eastern Mass, one spot above Randolph. 

But… How?

We’ll get back to it in a second. The girls’ basketball team beat the Lady Devils by 52 on Friday night, and also lead the South Shore League. Randolph scored a mere 21 points against Rockland, while junior Maddie Olsen led the Lady Dogs with 20 points.

Before the season started, students at RHS did not know what to make of the girls’ team. Everyone knew senior Kyra Rose would have another stellar year.  She already has three SSL All-Star selections under her belt, as well as an MVP award from her sophomore campaign.

Rose scored her 1000th point on January 5th in front of a packed gym against Cheshire, Connecticut. Her final season as a Lady Dog will probably go down as one of the best in girls’ history.

Returning players, like senior forward Caroline Kilduff and sophomore Danielle O’Brien, have made big contributions for the team. Their varsity experience is tremendously aiding the squad.

The girls are undefeated in league play, and are 8-2 overall. Led by coach Diana Mitchell, a 1000 point scorer herself when she played, the team will be highly competitive in the tournament this year.

But… How?

The wrestling squad has been on the radar this winter as well. The team is well on its way to taking the South Shore League, after a tough second place finish last season.

The team is led by senior Brad Gasdia who won the Cohasset Winter Tournament two weeks ago.

Gasdia also competed in the all-state tournament last year as a junior. He is poised for a big senior year on the mats. 

The hockey team has been very good, and sit with a record of 3-3 divisionally and are in third place. The team is 9-3 overall on the season.

Junior captain Matt Dunn has been scoring from all angles this winter, as the three-sport athlete has two hat-tricks and some multi-goal-scoring games as well.

Senior captains AJ Clark and Dan Leary have been playing great hockey as of late, as well as senior Riley Lang and sophomore Michael Flaherty.  Sophomore goalie Harry O’Brien has been great in net for the Dogs.

Head coach Mike Flaherty, Michael’s father, notched his 100th career win in the team’s victory over Silver Lake earlier this month.

At all times, any player is ready to have his number called and enter the game to make a play and give the stars an opportunity to score.

That has been the theme for every team this winter. Whether Coach Flaherty needs a goal out of Matty O’Brien, a sophomore who is finding the back of the net quite often even though he is not the star of the team. Or if coach Fred Damon needs a key 3-pointer out of senior Mickey Burns, or a defensive stop out of juniors Ryan Leavitt or Andrew Starkey. If Coach Mitchell needs a basket out of freshman forward Adiza Alasa, or anyone else on her bench, she can trust that the plays will be made. All of the winter coaches trust their players in crucial moments.

But… Why?

It’s because of the hours of preparation put in by Rockland athletes during the off-season. The blood, sweat, and tears, (and trust that there isn’t a single exaggeration in that statement) that the players put in day-in and day-out is what allows them to be so successful. The player who comes in and makes one big play and goes right back to the bench is training just as hard as the player who doesn’t touch the bench all game. The players are ready to lend a helping hand and pick each other up when they need it. They are ready to push their teammates during practice, in the weight room, and during the game.

That’s what being a Bulldog is all about. Being able to tell the teammate next to you that you love them and would lay it all out on the line for them. It truly is a special thing to see.

But to opposing teams, don’t let the sincerity towards each other fool you. The Dogs’ bite is just as big as their bark.

(Pictures credited to Rockland High Sports Facebook page.)

RHS Holds Breakfast for Scholarship Recipients

Recipients of the John and Abigail Adams Scholarship.

Recipients of the John and Abigail Adams Scholarship.

Haley Macray, Veritas Senior Managing Editor

On Friday, January 22, Rockland High School hosted a breakfast for recipients of the John & Abigail Adams Scholarship.

The recipients of the scholarship were: Gavin Annis, Sara Bistany, Lucy Boggs, Jeremy Bradley, Alexandria Carchedi, Sean Carney, Leah DeCecco, Kaitlin Dorney, Mark Ewell, Meghan Foster, Brad Gasdia, Lauren Illes, Sarah Kane, Caroline Kilduff, Matthew Kirslis, Kevin Levesque, Haley Macray, Owen Mahoney, Gregory Markarski, Sarah Margolis, Kylie McKenna, Hunter Morris, Stephen Norris, Jenna O’Connor, Jared Ochenduszko, Ashley Pezzella, Zachary Pransky, Mitchell Rice, Celia Rosa, Harrison Shields, Thomas Spengler, Ryan Sugrue, and Erika Wiley. 

The John and Abigail Adams scholarship pays for tuition for up to eight semesters of undergraduate study at any Massachusetts state college or university.

In order to receive this scholarship a student must have scored Advanced on one of the three high school MCAS tests in ELA, Mathematics, or STE (Biology, Chemistry, Introductory Physics, or Technology/Engineering), scored Proficient or higher on the remaining two high school MCAS tests, and must have combined scores from the three tests that place them in the top 25 percent of students in their graduating class at their school.

Veritas News Broadcast January 22, 2016

Get all the news on upcoming events in our latest news broadcast with Adiza Alasa and Danielle O’Brien anchoring,  and Seth Rosczewski, Zach Pransky and Hannah Murphy on camera.  In the control room were Theodora Panagiotidis, Hope Geary, Patrick Murphy and Kaylee Ellis.  Copy written by Journalism class members.


RHS SGC Salutes SEMASC at Winter Conference


RHS SGC members at the first annual Winter SEMASC Conference at Hanover High School (Photo By: Haley Macray)

Haley Macray, Veritas Senior Managing Editor

HANOVER HIGH SCHOOL – On Thursday, January 14, the Rockland High School Student Government Council attended the first annual Winter Southeastern Massachusetts Association of Student Councils (SEMASC) Conference hosted by Hanover High School.

The conference’s theme was “Star Spangled SEMASC: Pride in Leadership” and attendees were encouraged to show their American pride by dressing in red, white, and blue. Overall, 300 high school students from the South Shore attended the event.

The night’s events consisted of an Opening Session, including a welcome from RHS’s own Ashley Pezzella, SEMASC President and Hanover High School’s Student Council President Mike Meads.

The Opening Session was followed by a round table idea exchange activity. Following the round table, students participated in a hands on community service project where they helped to prepare care packages for soldiers serving overseas in association with the local organization, Care Packs. Also, SEMASC Executive Board members and alumni facilitated several workshops. A dance that featured an American Pride inspired photo booth concluded the event.

Overall, RHS’s leaders left this first of its kind event energized and ready to use the ideas and newly strengthened leadership skills they received back at Rockland High.

Take SGC’s Alumni College Fair Survey

Members of the Class of 2015 and Ms. Lombardi (front left) pose for a picture at the annual RHS College Fair.

Members of the Class of 2015 and Ms. Lombardi (front left) pose for a picture at the annual RHS College Fair.

Veritas Staff

On Wednesday, January 13, Rockland High School’s Student Government Council released a survey regarding last month’s Alumni College Fair.

RHS SGC hopes to improve its annual event with the feedback they receive from this survey. The survey was e-mailed to all RHS students but you can also take the survey and share your opinions by clicking here.

Veritas News Program January 12, 2016

The Veritas staff has produced its first newscast of the new year.

The newscast updates the records of RHS’ sports teams and informs the viewer of important upcoming events at RHS.  It also features Hannah Boben’s interview with RHS alumnus, Cam Stuart at Baylor University.  Cam talks about college life, and how his academic experience at RHS has helped him to succeed as a Journalism major at Baylor.

Anchors are Adiza Alasa and Danielle O’Brien.


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