Honoring SSG Sean O’Connell

Sophie McLellan, Veritas Co-Editor-in-Chief

On the cool, Tuesday morning of October 25, SSG Sean O’Connell was buried after passing away from natural causes on the 15th.

O’Connell graduated from Rockland High in 1998 and went on to serve his country. A veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom-Afghanistan, he was a recipient of the Combat Action Badge. He is survived by his parents John and Susan O’Connell, brothers Michael and Kevin O’Connell and grandson of Patricia Comeau. Though the family was grieving, they were not alone.

Stretching from the funeral home and making their way all the way up to the Holy Family Church, students and teachers from Rockland Middle School and Rockland High School lined the funeral procession route to show their respect for the late veteran and Rockland native.

“He had a zest for life and lived every day to the fullest.” His obituary reads in The Patriot Ledger. “Sean’s laugh was as big as his heart. He will be dearly missed.”

With hands over their hearts and American flags held into the air, Rockland joined together to honor SSG O’Connell one final time. It truly exemplified the Rockland motto of “Once a Bulldog, always a Bulldog.”


Students from Rockland High School and Rogers Middle School stood along the funeral procession route on Tuesday morning, Oct. 25 to honor the service and passing of SSG Sean O’Connell, a 1998 RHS graduate.   Veritas photos by Jayanna Parham.

Student Government Having a Busy Month!


Student government participated in the Making Strides for Breast Cancer Walk on October 2. This event concluded the fundraising drive they organized in September, placing jars in all the classrooms and collecting $1700 for breast cancer. Because they raised that much money, Mr. Finn, Mrs. Shaughnessy, Mrs. Armstrong and Ms. Paulding all dyed their hair pink.

SGC also organized Spirit Week and the Mr. Rockland Contest, both big successes, leading up to Homecoming Weekend October 17-18.  Ryan Leavitt and Kaylee Patten were selected as Mr. and Miss Rockland this year!

Next, the Big 5 and committee chairs represented Rockland at Officer Shop on October 20.

Their next event is hosting Project Pumpkin on October 30th from 1 to 4 pm in the high school.  This is a big community event and everyone in SGC is working hard preparing for the day so that all the trick or treaters won’t be disappointed.  Click here to see last year’s Project Pumpkin Photo Gallery.



Shannon Lindahl, Julia DeCienzo, Noelle Atkins, Adam Royle and Taylor Gallagher at the Making Strides Walk for Breast Cancer. SGC photo.

Good job Student Government Council!


Shannon Lindahl, Taylor Gallagher, Noelle Atkins, Julia DiCienzo, Adam Royle, Jill Donahue, Sydney Wells, Macie Jones and Hannah Murphy.  SGC photo.

Student Government has a website now along with instagram, and twitter. Check it out for more information.

Pep Rally October 14, 2016

Last Friday the 14, Rockland held its first pep pally of the 2016-2017 school year. From many class roller coaster rides, and cheerleader performances, to numerous toilet paper mummies, everyone had a good time. All the classes had many laughs, sore hands from clapping, and lots of fun at the rally.

Below are photos taken by Veritas photographers Maddie Gear and Jayanna Parham.

RHS Reacts to Creepy Clowns

Mr. Rockland Photo Gallery October 12, 2016

Wednesday night, October 12, the Mr. Rockland competition was held. Out of the six competitors: Cornell McWilliams, Leo Field, Ryan Leavitt, Jeff Donahue, Adam Royle, and Evan Murphy, in the end, Ryan Leavitt won it all.  Check out the photo gallery below and look for our November edition of the Veritas to get more details.

photos by Sophie McLellan and Maddie Gear

Mr. and Miss Rockland Are Crowned

Spirit Week and Homecoming Weekend are now history! Highlights of Spirit Week included the pep rally, the Homecoming game (the Dogs won!) the Homecoming dance and also the crowning of Rockland’s new Mr. and Miss Rockland.  Congratulations to Kaylee Patten and Ryan Leavitt who received the honors and to all who participated.

Check back to this website in the days ahead to see our photo galleries of Mr. Rockland, Miss Rockland, the pep rally and Spirit Week.

Colleen McCarthy, Julia DiCienzo, Kaylee Patten, Noelle Atkins and Sophie McLellan.

Nominees for the title of Miss Rockland were left to right: Colleen McCarthy, Julia DiCienzo, Kaylee Patten, Noelle Atkins and Sophie McLellan.  Patten was crowned at the Homecoming Game last Friday night.  photo by Maddie Gear

Contestants for the annual Mr. Rockland Competition were seniors left to right: Cornell McWilliams, Leo Field, Ryan Leavitt, Jeff Donahue, Adam Royle and Evan Murphy. photo by

Contestants for the annual Mr. Rockland Competition were seniors left to right: Cornell McWilliams, Leo Field, Ryan Leavitt, Jeff Donahue, Adam Royle and Evan Murphy. Leavitt was crowned on Wednesday night, Oct. 12.  photo by Sophie McLellan.

Mr. Rockland pageant tonight!

Jasmin Morse, Veritas Web Editor

Don’t forget! Tonight at 7:00pm in the RHS auditorium is Rockland’s annual Mr. Rockland Pageant. The contest is an all senior boys “beauty” pageant in which the winner receives  $200 in scholarships, a Chipotle gift card, and a designated parking space.  Some of the categories they will compete in will be talent, lip-syncing, formal wear and question and answer.  Good luck to the contestants!


L to r: back: Adam Royle, Leo Field, Evan Murphy, Ryan Leavitt, front: Cornell McWilliams and Jeffre Donahue will be competing for the title of Mr. Rockland in the auditorium tonight! Don’t miss it.

First Veritas Print Edition Is Now Available

The first print edition of the Veritas has been published. Reporters in the Journalism class at RHS have written updates on all the high school sports as well as reporting on the major events and issues in the high school.

Copies of the newspaper are available in Room 126 or see one of the Veritas staff members.  Members of the community can get copies of the newspaper in the high school office.  We will be publishing some of the stories on our website in the next few days.  Check for new stories in the pulldown menus of the website.

Congratulations to the Veritas Staff for publishing its first edition.



Veritas Staff 2016-2017

The Veritas Staff 2016-2017

Don’t forget Spirit Week!

Jasmin Morse, Veritas Web Editor

As next week’s Homecoming events start coming around the corner, RHS is having their annual Spirit Week! This will be held all next week from Tuesday to Friday.


Last year’s juniors pose for Superhero Day for 2015 Spirit week.

The days include:

Tuesday: Neon and Tie Dye Day. Wear your favorite tie dye shirt and/or your brightest clothing.

Wednesday: Workout Wednesday. This can be as simple as throwing on a pair of basketball shorts or you can go full out with some awesome old fashion 80s gear.

Thursday: Hawaiian Day. Throw on a lei or Hawaiian shirt, it’s as easy as that!

 Friday: Class Tee Shirt/ Color Day. Show your class pride by representing with your shirt or colors for the Pep  Rally at the end of the day!

Spirit Week is a fun opportunity to come together as a school to participate in something as a whole. It also serves as a fun way to countdown to the Homecoming Game and Dance at the end of the week. The Homecoming Game will be on Friday and the Dance will be on that Saturday the following day from 7:30-10:30. Tickets will be on sale all week during Spirit Week.



2016 Seniors during Pep Rally’s Roller coaster.

Art teacher retires after 19 years at RHS


Superintendent of Schools, Alan Cron presented retiring art teacher, Sandy Gibson with a congratulatory plaque. Outgoing superintendent, John Retchless was on hand as well to congratulate Gibson on 19 years at RHS. Veritas Photo

Sophie McLellan, Veritas Co-Editor-in-Chief

When looking around at the halls of Rockland High School, it would be hard to miss the numerous pieces of students’ art that decorate the walls. There has been some unbelievable artistic talent at RHS but the true origin of it comes from Ms. Sandra Gibson. Ms. Gibson has been an art and photography teacher here at Rockland High since September of 1997.

After going to Rhode Island College and earning bachelor of science a degree in art education, Gibson began teaching at the age of 21 in Rhode Island. After years of teaching there and in an elementary school in Vermont, Ms. Gibson eventually found her way to Rockland.

From singing ‘Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend’ at Faculty Follies to taking her photography students into Boston every year, Gibson has many fond memories of her time at the High School. She says that teaching was never a struggle for her and that she has loved her time here. “Teaching art was always great. You have to work for a living and it’s really nice if you like what you do, and I like what I do. I’ve been really lucky. Making money wasn’t a hassle, I like what I do. I like coming here. It’s been my home.”

And every home has a family. Ms. Gibson was well liked among her colleagues and adored by many students. As the news spread of her retirement, many people came to say goodbye and wish her happiness. Senior Nicole Reera was one of the many who will miss Ms. Gibson. “I think she is an awesome person who is dedicated to what she does,” Reera says. “and [she] is a great teacher that has a passion for art.”

After nearly twenty years of inspiring young artists at RHS, Gibson had only one piece of advice left to give. “You’ve got to find your passion and go for it,” Gibson says “Because if you’re not happy with what you’re doing then you won’t be happy anywhere else.”

September 30th is her last day. Goodbye Ms. Gibson and thank you for everything!

Kata Medeiros and Cheryl Thompson congratulate Sandy Gibson at a reception held on Thursday, Sept. 29.  Gibson will retire on Sept. 30 after 19 years as an art teacher and department head at Rockland High School.  Veritas photo

Kata Medeiros and Cheryl Thompson congratulate Sandy Gibson at a reception held on Thursday, Sept. 29. Gibson will retire on Sept. 30 after 19 years as an art teacher and department head at Rockland High School. Veritas photo


In October, RHS wears pink!

Jasmin Morse, Veritas Web Editor

Every year, people raise awareness of a disease that many has been touched by, Breast Cancer. Whether it’s a fundraiser, walk, or simply a day to dress in pink, schools all over the country come together in the month of October to raise awareness to end this horrid illness.

This includes the RHS! Throughout September, A-Block classes have been asked to donate money to help support the fight against Breast Cancer. Whichever class raises the most money by October 1 will win a free breakfast of their choice. Also, the two runner ups will receive a box of munchkins. If the high school is able to raise at least $1,000, Mrs. Armstrong, Ms. Paulding, Mr. Finn, and Ms. Shaughnessy will dye their hair pink.

cquwluiweaa0aaw RHS science teacher, Angelina Armstrong and RHS Vice Principal, Kathy Paulding pause for a photo op with their newly dyed pink hair October of last year.

Another event the RHS participates in to support the fight is the annual Making Strides Breast Cancer walk in Boston. Numerous clubs, teams, and students have signed up to participate in this year’s walk which is occurring this Sunday, October second. Students of all ages look forward to this walk every year because it is a time to spend time with friends, exercise, receive community service hours and raise awareness for a great cause.

cqe17x6ukai_dbo-e1444237661754RHS Girls Soccer 2015-2016 represents at the Breast Cancer Walk.

Don’t forget! Tomorrow, September 29, is RHS’s annual Pink Out Day! Get decked out in pink to show your support.

Images Magazine Looking for Submissions

Images Magazine is looking for submissions for its first webzine of the year.  The theme is “Dreams and Nightmares.”

Submissions can include any creative genre including poetry, stories, drawings, photos etc.  Students can go to the Images website at http://www.imagesrockland.com/to get some ideas. Look under Gallery.

Submit entries to imagesrockland@gmail.com

The deadline is October 17, 2016.  See Mr. Bigsby or Mr. Neal for more information.

Below is a photo by Shannon Lindahl from an Images Webzine: Hope and Change.

Shannon Lindahl

Shannon Lindahl

And this poem is from the same edition:

As the Seasons Change, Anonymous

 Change follows everyone

It is with you when you grab a coat instead of a sweatshirt

Or when you rake the leaves instead of mowing the grass

Fall is coming

 The harsh winter soon arrives

The snow starts piling up

Everyone shivers as the cold wind flies

As they clutch their hot chocolate cups

 Spring slowly creeps around

Its time short but sweet

Then summer comes in without any warning

And brings along the heat

See more examples from the Images Gallery!

Students Attend Internet Safety Presentation.

Sophie McLellan, Veritas Co-Editor-in-Chief

Facebook and Twitter and Snapchat, oh my!

Many social media pages are being used by the youth of our country to connect with others and represent themselves online. This is not always a good thing. From stalkers tracking your photo to colleges finding embarrassing tweets, there is a lot that could go wrong on these sites.

As the internet grows and plays a bigger part in everyone’s lives, it is essential to learn how to protect ourselves from the dangers it can bring. Katie L. Greer, an expert in internet and social media safety, came to the high school last Wednesday to lecture the students on how to keep themselves safe online.

Meeting with the middle school and high school students in the morning and then concerned parents at night, Greer gave advice to all who would listen.

After the presentation, senior student Luana Lima said “It was informative and I think it scared at least one kid into being more safe online.”

The event was sponsored by the Rockland Education Foundation and Rockland School Resource Officer Ethan Schnabel who worked to make the event a reality.

SGC Has First Meeting

The leaders of SGC posed for a picture after being elected last spring.

The leaders of SGC posed for a picture after being elected last spring.

Jasmin Morse, Veritas Web Editor

As the school year kicks off, one of RHS’s most influential clubs, Student Government Council, got off to a great start at its first meeting which was held last Wednesday. With the new year comes new leaders, and this year’s SGC has new advisors: Ms. Amanda Lanigan and Ms. Joanne White, as well as the new ringleader of it all, President Noelle Atkins.

Atkins says she was pleased with the meeting. “[the first meeting] went better than expected. Honestly, I didn’t think a lot of people would show.” She said there was a pleasantly unexpected large turnout for the new faces of the freshman class. Ms. White also mentioned that she and Ms. Lanigan were impressed with the organizational skill of the Big Five- which aside from Noelle consists of Shannon Lindahl as VP, Taylor Gallagher as secretary, Julia DiCienzo working as treasurer, and Adam Royle, as publicity coordinator.

Some of the major events that took place at this meeting were class and committee meetings. Sophomore meeting attendee, Justin Sherlock said, “At the meeting we got a lot accomplished. The sophomore class finalized our class tee shirt design and solidified our class fundraiser.”

Later he explained what occurred at his Spirit Committee meeting which is led by senior Sydney Wells. “Being in Spirit Committee, we worked on ideas for Spirit Week and Pep Rally.” Both of these major school events are soon approaching.

The advisors and the club’s president left me with some final words of advice for the students looking to get involved, especially to the freshmen. Ms. Lanigan said if you are contemplating attending or getting more involved: “Take the risk- you won’t know till you try.” Ms. White also stated, “[SGC has an] eclectic group of the student body,” so there’s a spot for everyone. Although Atkins warned that her advice may sound “cheesy”, she said for the members to just be themselves and get involved as much as possible.

Student Government Council has officially started the 2016-2017 year with a fantastic first meeting turnout and some great plans for the club and school to look forward to. So, check out social media or listen to morning announcements for an upcoming SGC meeting and stop by; there’s a spot for everyone.

Bulldogs Defeat Cohasset 28-7 On Gridiron

Joe Taft – Veritas Sports Editor

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Photos courtesy of Rockland High Sports and Jeanine Reardon

The Rockland Bulldogs took on the Cohasset Skippers in the first game of the new football season.

They fell behind early, but the Dogs did not back down. They scored 28 unanswered points after going down in the first quarter to start the season off on the right foot with a win.

Senior running back John Goode found the end zone to tie the game at 7 with 2:51 to go in the first quarter. Goode ran for the one score and 50 yards.

Senior quarterback Matthew Dunn was finding success through the air on Friday night. He found junior tight-end Zach Sharland open in the end-zone for a nine yard touchdown.

Rockland led 21-7 after Dunn ran a 1-yarder right past the goal line for a score. Dunn finished the night 11-16 passing for 175 yards and 2 touchdowns, (one passing, one running).

Senior running back Noah Mazzilli ran for 47 yards. Junior Jon Barr ran for 72 yards, including a 52 yard touchdown run that ultimately pushed the score out of the reach of Cohasset.

Rockland takes on Abington this Friday at Veteran’s Memorial Stadium, as they look to start a winning streak. They will try to avenge the loss they suffered at home against the Green Wave last year.

FINAL: Rockland 28-Cohasset 7


Weekly Update #4

Click on the following to read RHS Principal Harrison’s fourth community update.


Included is an update on Rockland’s sports teams’ records so far this year:

Sports Recap
We had a great first week of sports. It was fun to see the kids engaged athletics after school hours. Despite some challenging weather at the start of the week, by the end of the week we were enjoying the start of fall sports outside. If only we had the Fall weather🙂.

W 28-7 v. Cohasset (1-0)
Boys Cross Country
L 50 v. 15 v. Norwell (0-1)
Girls Cross Country
L 50 v. 23 v. Norwell (0-1)
Freshmen Football
L 14-8 v. Cohasset (0-1)
Girls Varsity Soccer
W 6-1 v. Abington (1-0)
W 5-2 v. Hanover (2-0)
Girls JV Soccer
W 4-1 v. Abington (1-0)
Boys Varsity Soccer
W 6-1 v. Abington (1-0)
Boys JV Soccer
W 2-1 v. Abington (1-0)
Varsity Volleyball
L 3-0 v. Middleboro (0-1)
JV Volleyball
L 3-0 v. Middleboro (0-1)
Freshmen Volleyball
W 2-1 v. Middleboro (1-0)
L 161.5 v. 93.5 Mashpee (0-1)

Weekly Update #3 from Principal Harrison

Principal Harrison’s Update is once again packed with information including a link to the all important September lunch menu, a link to bus route information, scholarship information for seniors, SAT and ACT dates, and a list of events coming up this week.

Principal’s Community Update #3

Weekly Update #2 from Mr. Harrison

John Harrison, new principal at Rockland High School, has published his second weekly update on his blog.  Go to http://rocklandhs.blogspot.com/2016/08/rhs-community-weekly-update-2  to see the latest information for the beginning of school and for the week ahead!

Also, information about new staff members is included for students who might have one of the new teachers!

RHS Principal Harrison’s 1st Weekly Update Packed With Information

RHS Weekly Update #1 Welcome Back🙂

AUGUST 18, 2016
In this first edition of the RHS Community Weekly Update you will find information on the following:
  • New Staff
  • Guidance News
  • Review of the Bell Schedule
  • Student Picture Day
  • Summer Reading Information
  • Handbook Changes
  • Information from the Nurse’s Desk
  • Updates from the Cafeteria
  • First Day of School Paperwork
  • Extracurricular Activities and Athletics News
  • Upcoming Events
  • Entry Plan Parent Meeting
  • Back to School Night Information
  • Staying Informed
  • Reflections
Go to Principal Harrison’s blog for all the back to school information that you will need!!

Music Department to Host Kenny Hadley Big Band / Summer Jazz Concert



If you like the idea of sitting outside on a summer day listening to the sounds of classic and contemporary jazz, an upcoming, family-friendly, community event in Rockland may be just for you.

Hosted by the Rockland Public Schools’ Music Department with funding by the Rockland Cultural Arts Council and One Rockland, the Kenny Hadley Big Band will perform on Sunday, Aug. 21 from 1 to 4 pm at the Rockland High School/Middle School outdoor concert area.  Admission is free.

Drummer Kenny Hadley’s 16-member jazz band has performed classic and contemporary big band jazz selections for over 30 years. The band’s musicians have extensive resumes that include playing with some of the biggest names in jazz, including Woody Herman, Count Basie, Stan Kenton, Maynard Ferguson, and Buddy Rich. Some members also perform and travel with the Boston Pops Orchestra, and the band also has played at the Boston Globe Jazz Festival.

For more information about the Kenny Hadley Band go to the band’s Facebook page.

Kenny Hadley Big Band scheduled to perform on August 21 from 1-4 pm at Rockland Middle School outdoor concert area.

Kenny Hadley Big Band scheduled to perform on August 21 from 1-4 pm at Rockland Middle School outdoor concert area.

On the following Friday evening, Aug. 26 at 6 pm, a Beatles tribute band, Studio Two, will perform at the same venue. For more information about this event go to this link.

For the Rockland community it will be two opportunities to enjoy live music, geared to all ages.  Bring a lawn chair or blanket, sit back and enjoy the shows; food and drink will be available.   In case of inclement weather, the concerts will be held in the high school auditorium.

What a great way to close out a great summer!

For additional information about the Kenny Hadley show, contact RPS Music Director, John Piazza at jpiazza@rocklandschools.org




2016 Fall Athletic Schedule




Veritas Updates Principal’s Page

harrisonAs most know, John Harrison is the new principal at Rockland High School. He assumed his position on July 1. The Veritas will therefore be updating the Principal’s Page on the Veritas website, beginning with Mr. Harrison’s first post on his blog (below). So, as always, check this page on the menu bar throughout the summer and the school year to get the latest from Rockland High School’s Principal https://rhsveritas.wordpress.com/principals-message/ or go directly to his blog: http://rocklandhs.blogspot.com

Friday, July 1, 2016
Greetings from the new RHS Principal!
July 1, 2016

Dear Rockland High School Community,

It is with great excitement that I begin as Principal of Rockland High School. I feel very fortunate to join a learning environment with a committed staff, passionate student body, and supportive community.

Over the past few months, I have enjoyed attending a variety of school-wide events that have allowed me to start to understand the culture of Rockland High School. I was impressed by the thoughtful expression of ideas and strong presentation skills our students displayed at the Spellman Oratorical Contest. I was amazed by the high quality talent our art and music students displayed at the Arts Festival. The care students exemplified for each other at the Student Government Council Awards Night not only indicated how strong this leadership organization is but the strong values our students have to support each other. I observed the level of rigor involved to be a National Honor Society member at the Induction Ceremony and left impressed at how the students ran the entire night from start to finish under the direction of their advisor. When I attended the prom and graduation, the strong connections between staff and students were evident and the tightly knit sense of community in Rockland stood out. The past four months have afforded me the opportunity to realize how lucky I am to be Principal of Rockland High School.

Over the the next few months I will be working on my entry plan as Principal. While I will be meeting with all stakeholders within the Rockland community throughout the course of the entry plan, one of the elements of this plan is to meet with students and parents. When the school year begins, I will sit down with students to better understand the strengths and needs of Rockland High School. Throughout the summer and into the fall season, I have set-up the following dates and times for parents to meet with me this summer:
Tuesday, July 19th
8am-9am: Room Location H141 (room across cafeteria)
6pm-7pm: Room Location H141 (room across cafeteria)
Tuesday, August 23rd
8am-9am: Room Location H141 (room across cafeteria)
6pm-7pm: Room Location H141 (room across cafeteria)
Wednesday, September 14th
6pm-7pm: Room Location H141 (room across cafeteria)

It would be helpful if all students and parents could take the time to complete this brief survey so I can get to know the Rockland High School community in anticipation of the upcoming school year. Throughout the summer, I encourage you to stay informed by visiting my blog at http://www.rocklandhs.blogspot.com or following me on twitter @RocklandHS. I wish you a restful, well-deserved summer and I am very much looking forward to working with you.


John M. Harrison
Rockland High School


Molly Hurley, Class of 2013

Molly Hurley, Class of 2013, will be interning at WCVB this summer. She is a Communications major at Bridgewater State University.

On the right, Molly Hurley, Class of 2013, will be interning at WCVB this summer. She is a Communications major at Bridgewater State University.

Mike Ivanoskos, Veritas Staff

It is time at last for another edition of the alumni series!

Recently, I was able to catch up with Rockland High School’s Class of 2013 alumna Molly Hurley and conduct an interview.  Hurley is a great developing writer and journalist who cannot thank RHS enough for the lending hand to success that it has provided in her life.

We asked her if she feels about her Bulldog roots. Hurley responded, “For me, being a Bulldog brings me so much pride. It reminds me of where my roots are, and how I’ve struggled and conquered some of my greatest battles. Being a Bulldog means I’m never alone. I have classmates, teammates, teachers and faculty members all rooting for me. From these statements we can see how being bulldog made Hurley battle tested in every challenge she has encountered up until now.

It is always important to remember where you came from to know where you are going. Hurley seems to understand that perfectly as she references how her experience at RHS helped her learn and grow during her tenure there. Hurley explained, “I’ve accomplished a lot since graduation and I can’t possibly thank all the teachers, coaches, and faculty members for providing such a stable foundation for me to grow. If I’m being honest, my education at RHS made me realize that school only gets harder.  The advice and constructive criticism was always sincere and I wish I hadn’t taken it for granted.”  

Molly Hurley, Class of 2013

Molly Hurley, Class of 2013

Ms. McDonough wrote on one of my last papers,  “Smart, beautiful women make it far in life.”  Those words have followed me in everything I’ve set myself out to accomplish. The teachers I had while attending RHS knew I was capable of applying myself more to my schoolwork than I did when I sat in their classrooms. So, I think that’s what helped me succeed, the lessons that I learned.”  This is a great credit to our teachers and other mentors at RHS for setting the tone for a supportive and motivation in-fused atmosphere.

You know the old saying, “High school is some of the best years of your life”?  Well, that saying has not fallen on deaf ears when we hear the positive feedback about what RHS alumni have missed about their time here.  Hurley said, “ RHS is a memorable place. There’s not much that I don’t miss. For starters, I miss the social life that RHS provided me! Most importantly, I miss Friday night football games.”

After Hurley’s RHS experience she was able to turn the page to the next chapter in her life. Hurley says, “After graduation I attended the University of Maine, where I studied Journalism. UMaine is a D1 school. The transition from being a big fish in a little pond to being little fish to a big pond was a little overwhelming. I had a blast in Maine, but realized how much I appreciated home once I left. I spent three semesters in Maine before I transferred to Bridgewater State University. I wanted to continue studying Journalism, but BSU didn’t offer Journalism as a major. After meeting with advisors I decided to enroll in Communication Studies and a Concentration in Media and Film. When I transferred, I told myself I wanted to start writing and telling stories again. I found out about the Comment, Bridgewater’s school newspaper and joined their staff. I wrote my first story on the 175th anniversary of Bridgewater State University.

This was my first time writing a story since my departure from The Veritas. The void that I felt when I was in Maine was suddenly filled. I’ve been writing for the Comment for three semesters now. I’m excited to enter my senior year as Editor-in-Chief. This summer I’ll be involved in a double internship with WCVB-TV and BTV which I’m also super excited about!” Hurley’s life has shown that sometimes change can be beneficial.

Hurley told us about her big long term plans for her future. Hurley tells, “The number one goal I set for myself when beginning my college education was to graduate. If all goes as planned I’ll graduate in 2017. I would like to graduate cum laude which is determined by your cumulative GPA. Someday, I’d like to see myself as a news reporter. I’ve learned so much about the media industry thus far and admire all the career opportunities this industry has to offer.”

Hurley had some great lasting advice for the Class of 2016. Hurley stated, “Don’t let anyone tell you that what you’re doing is insignificant or that you can’t do something. Life after high school is fun, but it’s time to take control of your life. I remember being told Journalism was a dying field and pursuing a career related to Journalism was pointless. I think of how much I’ve grown and how inspired I’ve been over the past few years. I’m proud of the choices that I’ve made. If you want something so badly, you’ll do anything and everything to get it. Class of 2016, get excited, be nervous and set goals for yourself. Rockland High School has prepared you to succeed, so go out and do just that.

Click here to see one of Molly’s pieces from her senior year at RHS!

In closing, a special thanks to RHS Class of 2013 alumna Molly Hurley for agreeing to conduct this interview and an on-camera interview with us (below). We wish her the best in her future endeavors.



This marks the final edition of the RHS Alumni Series for the 2015-16 school year!  The Veritas would like to wish reporter and graduate, Mike Ivanoskos the best of luck in all his future endeavors.  We will look forward to doing an alumni interview with him in the near future.


‘Devil’s Disciples’ defeat ‘God’s Children’ in Second Speedball Tournament

the champs

Devils’s Disciples captained by Joe and Dan Kimball defeated last year’s champs God’s Children. From left: Mike Ahern, Kevin Levesque, Jake Crawford, Joe Kimball, Steve Collyer, Dan Kimball and Jon Nguyen. photo by Hannah Boben.

Joe Taft, Veritas Sports Editor

The second annual Jared Lewis Quirk Speedball Tournament at Rockland High lived up to the hype. The returning champs, ‘God’s Children’, came back for a second run at a title. The large crowd in the gym saw an all-girls’ team battle through a couple of close games, as well as some other intriguing opening round matchups.

The ‘Spartans’, led by Kevin Strobel (WNE) as their goalie, defeated ‘The Lumberjacks’ in the first round and took ‘God’s Children’ to overtime before losing on day two. ‘Devil’s Disciples,’ led by the Kimball brothers, used a heavy-soccer tactic, and had a goal differential of almost +20 heading into the final day. ‘Bar Down’, captained by Joe Taft and Brett Schneider, played the Cinderella role after losing their opening game. They won both their games on the second day, including an upset win over the ‘Spartans,’ to advance to play on Friday. The ‘Thunder Donkeys,’ a team of strictly sophomores, rolled through the tournament to advance to the final day as well.

Though seventeen teams entered, only eight found themselves playing on the final day of the tournament. In the first game, ‘Bar Down’ continued their underdog prowess, defeating ‘Diversity’ in an overtime match. ‘Donnie’s Burgers’, led by Ian MacDonald and Pat Gorman, beat the ‘Barn Burners’ in the second game, also an overtime win, to move on to the next round. Bar Down was defeated by last year’s runner up, Team NB, and the young ‘Thunder Donkeys’ very nearly reached the championship before losing in a shootout with the whole crowd on their feet.

After the dust cleared, it was the championship matchup everyone was hoping for. Joe Kimball’s ‘Devils’ Disciples’ taking on Matt Clougherty’s ‘God’s Children.’ ‘God’s Children’ took the first game, setting up a decisive final game to crown the champion. The team’s battled hard, and at the end of regulation, defense was clearly the name of the game. A zero-zero tie heading into regulation was not what everyone expected from two high-flying offenses. Sam Collyer ripped a shot past Dylan Bernache in OT to capture the championship trophy for the ‘Disciples’. Collyer’s superior arm strength led him to the tournament MVP trophy as well.

Ryan Quirk holds a copy of the check for $3,800 dollars raised for his brother, Jared's Memorial Scholarship Fund at the second annual speedball tournament on June 8-10. photo by Hannah Boben

Ryan Quirk holds a copy of the check for $3,829 dollars raised for his brother Jared’s Memorial Scholarship Fund at the second annual speedball tournament on June 8-10, 2016.    photo by Hannah Boben

In the end, the tournament raised nearly $4,000 for the Jared Quirk ‘Good Guy” Scholarship. Some feelings may have been hurt on the court, but everything was for a great cause. Jared’s name will live on forever through the tournament, as well as through the mark he left on all of his classmates and friends.

photos by Abby Condon, Carolyn McCarthy and Hannah Boben.

Teams in addition to those mentioned were: Angels, Hands Off, Vicious and Delicious, Magical Mambas Scoop and Score, Hell Hounds, Diversity, and Italian Meats

Academic Hall of Fame and Underclassmen Awards

Left to right: Janet Colebourn Begin, Susan J. Darwin and David Oliver-Hussey

Left to right: Janet Colebourn Begin, Susan J. Darwin and David Oliver-Hussey

Three Rockland High School alumni were inducted into the Rockland High School Academic Hall of Fame on Wednesday, June 8 at the Emerald Hall in Abington.  They are Susan J. Darwin from the Class of 1979, Janet Colebourn Begin from the Class of 1982 and David Oliver-Hussey of the Class of 1984.

After the Hall of Fame Induction academic underclassmen awards were given out.  Following is a list of award winners and a photo gallery of some of the winners.

I Dare You Award Winner; Colleen McCarthy

I Dare You Award Winner; Colleen McCarthy

National Leadership Award (formerly I Dare You Award) – Colleen McCarthy

Rensselaer Medal Scholarship Award – Mathematics and Science – Mitchell Ryan

Recognition of Math Team – Grade 11 – Michael Belmonte, Luana Lima, Caitlin McArthur, Vivian Nguyen,; Grade 10 – Elias Csubak, Ronan McNally, Saoirse McNally, Alexander Domina, Joseph Naughton, Sean Sugrue, Haley Chase-Crocker, Nicholas Walker, Rebekah Panaro Grade 9 – none

 Art Awards: Shawn Ward – Boston Globe/Scholastic Art Show–- Two Honorable Mentions for Drawing; Colleen Burke – Second Parish Church of Hingham Art Show 3rd Place for 3D Art

Veritas Journalism Award – Adiza Alasa – Special Achievement Award from the New England Scholastic Press Association

High Honors Three Terms This Year – Grade 11 – none; Grade 10 – Stephanie Blaney, Sabrina Sprague, Sean Sugrue; Grade 9 – Adiza Alasa, Tyler Beatrice, John Ellard, Michelle Ramoska, Declan Rogers

St. Michael’s College Book Award – Luana Lima

Joe Naughton, Alex Domina, Ronan McNally and Saoirse McNally received certificates recognizing their achievements with an environmental project.

Joe Naughton, Alex Domina, Ronan McNally and Saoirse McNally received certificates recognizing their achievements with an environmental project.

 National Energy Education Award – “Amped up in Rockland Project”, earned the Massachusetts Rookie of the Year Award for: Joseph Naughton, Saoirse McNally, Ronan McNally, Alexander Domina

Academic Excellence Certificates and Academic Letters:

Juniors: Jessica Lutts;

Sophomores: Kellie Berry, Stephanie Blaney, Eden Dalton, Alexander Domina, Olivia Elie, Rebecca Elliott, Aiden Glennon, Harrison Hunter, Margaret Jones, Meredith Long, Lily Matson, Joseph Naughton, Danielle O’Brien, Harrison O’Brien, Matthew O’Brien, Christopher Penney, Zachary Peterson, Jocelyn Reera, Sean Sugrue, Isabelle Uong

Boys State – Matthew Dunn, Leonard Field III    Girls State – Julia DiCienzo, Colleen McCarthy    Hugh O’Brien Youth Leadership Award – Jillian Schofield       Mass STAR Youth Leadership Award – Aiden Glennon

Art Awards: Ms. Thompson, Elizabeth Kelley, Hannah Millen, Jillian Scholfield

Art Awards: Ms. Thompson, Elizabeth Kelley, Hannah Millen, Jillian Scholfield


 Gr.     9            Elizabeth Kelley,

Gr.   10            Jillian Schofield, Samantha Stodder

Gr.   11            Shawn Ward, Hannah Millen


 Gr.     9            Justin Sherlock

Gr.   10            Aiden Glennon, Andrew Wile

Gr.   11            Andrew Finerty, Sara Boucher


Gr.     9            Francisco Oliveira

Gr.   10            Meredith Long, Kellie Berry

Gr.   11            Luana Lima

Jasmin Morse and Isabel Pica, Family/Consumer Science award winners

Jasmin Morse and Isabel Pica, Family/Consumer Science award winners


Gr.     9            Jasmin Morse

Gr.   11            Isabel Pica


 Gr.     9            Katie Houde

Gr.   10            Sabrina Sprague, Rebecca Taylor

Gr.   11            Tatianna Hill


 Gr.     9            Jacob Nunn, Lanaya Dutcher


Mr. Casagrande, Joseph Naughton and Michael Belmonte

Mr. Casagrande, Joseph Naughton and Michael Belmonte


Gr.   10            Joseph Naughton

Gr.   11            Michael Belmonte


Gr.     9            Angelina Vuong, Mireese Wilson

Gr.   10            Erin Field

Gr.   11            Sean Vo, Lauren Zaremba


Gr.     9            Sean Morrissey, Megan Diver

Gr.   10            Joseph Campanile

Gr.   11            Nicole Reera


Gr.     9            Marissa Smith, Alyssa Antoniewicz

Gr.   10            Danielle O’Brien, Stephanie Blaney

Gr.   11            Jessica Lutts

Ms. Wozniak with Mitchell Ryan, Justin Wright and Richard Pattison

Ms. Wozniak with Mitchell Ryan, Justin Wright and Richard Pattison


Gr.     9            Justin Wright

Gr.   10            Nicholas Stanton

Gr.   11            Mitchell Ryan, Richard Pattison


 Gr.     9            Declan Rogers

Gr.   10            Saoirse McNally

Gr.   11            Matthew Rocha, Julia DiCienzo


 Gr.     9            Elias Jones

Gr.   10            Ryan Kelley, Harrison O’Brien

Gr.   11            multi-winners


Nicole Atkins and Ms. Paulding

Nicole Atkins and Ms. Paulding


Gr.     9            Adiza Alasa                 English, World Language

Tyler Beatrice              Family Consumer Science, Mathematics

Michelle Ramoska       Mathematics, History/Social Science

Sarah Pollard               Art, Technical Education

Gr.   10            Sean Sugrue                Mathematics, History/Social Science

Gr.   11            Shannon Lindahl         English, Science

Noelle Atkins              World Language, Mathematics

Derric Trudeau            Technical Education, Physical Education

Overall Academic Achiever: John Ellard and Ms. Paulding

Overall Academic Achiever: John Ellard and Ms. Paulding



Grade      9      John Ellard

Grade    10      Eden Dalton


Class Officers for Next Year Announced

Jill Donahue, Veritas Asst. Managing Editor

Class elections took place on June 8, and officers were announced. Speeches were played in history classes throughout the week and students got to vote on who will be the best representative for them. Each class has a President, Vice president, Secretary and Treasurer. The final results are below.

Class of 2017:

President: Kaylee Patten

Vice president: Colleen McCarthy

Secretary: Shawn Ward

Treasurer: Julia DiCienzo

Class of 2018 - Izzy Uong, Hannah Boen, Jill Donahue, Hannah Murphy photo by Michelle Downey.

Class of 2018 Officers- Izzy Uong, Hannah Boen, Jill Donahue, Hannah Murphy photo by Michelle Downey.

Class of 2018:

President: Hannah Boben

Vice president: Jillian Donahue

Secretary: Hannah Murphy

Treasurer: Izzy Uong

John Ellard, Abby Condon, Justin Sherlock

Class of 2019 Officers – Madison Blonde, John Ellard, Abby Condon, Justin Sherlock  photo by Michelle Downey.

Class of 2019:

President: John Ellard

Vice president: Abby Condon

Secretary: Madison Blonde

Treasurer: Justin Sherlock

Senior athletes honored with awards

Winners of silver bowls for earning 10 or more letters in their high school careers were left to right: Shane Murray, Sarah Margolis and Caroline Kilduff. Shown here with Gary Graziano, RHS athletic director.

Winners of silver bowls for earning 10 or more letters in their high school careers were left to right: Shane Murray, Sarah Margolis and Caroline Kilduff. Shown here with Gary Graziano, RHS athletic director.



           (Senior female student/athlete)


            (Most inspirational female athlete)


            (Top senior female athlete)


            (Top female student/athlete)

JOHN BELL BULLDOG AWARD – Alexandria Carchedi

            (Female who plays over and above abilities)

JOHN BELL BULLDOG AWARD – Harrison Shields and Shane Murray

            (Male who plays over and above abilities)


            (Top senior male athlete)  


            (Top male student/athlete)


            (Most inspirational male athlete)

 JOSEPH DUNN AWARD – Kevin Levesque

            (Top student/athlete football player)


            (Female athlete that never gives up)


            (Male athlete that never gives up)


            (Female athlete that exemplifies sportsmanship)


            (Male athlete that exemplifies sportsmanship)

 ROBERT ELLIS AWARD – Joseph Kimball

            (Top Male Student/Athlete Basketball Player)


            (Top Female Track or Cross Country Runner)


            (Top Male Track or Cross Country Runner)

Veritas Final Broadcast of the Year: June 9, 2016

The final Veritas broadcast of the year includes an interview with retiring Superintendent of Schools John Retchless,  and RHS Principal Dr. Alan Cron. Highlights of the Class of 2016 Graduation and interviews with teachers about their summer plans are also included.

This broadcast was produced by members of the Journalism class. Jill Donahue filmed the graduates’ walk through elementary schools; Molly Grass conducted the interviews with teachers about their summer plans. Sarah Boucher and Rebecca Elliott of the Digital Media class filmed graduation; Hannah Boben conducted the interview with John Retchless and Adiza Alasa served as anchor for the broadcast with Theodora Panagiotidis, Kaylee Ellis, Joe Taft, Patrick Murphy and Hope Geary in the control room.

Graduation Ceremony June 3, 2016

Link to Graduation in photo gallery.

The Class of 2016 Graduation on Friday night June 3, 2016 was a bittersweet ceremony in which 129 received diplomas.  Following are details about the class.

Ryan Sugrue

Ryan Sugrue

Valedictorian: Ryan Sugrue

Salutatorian: Lexie Carchedi

Class president: Michael Ahern

Ashley Pezzella's cap

Ashley Pezzella’s cap

Class color: Navy Blue and White

Class flower: Rose

Class motto: Once a Bulldog, Always a Bulldog

Graduates: 129

Quote of the day: “Class of 2016, I wish you nothing but the best of luck. Don’t mess it up.” – Teacher Nicholas Liquori



Michael Ahern, Ashley Arena, Justin Arena, Trevaughn Augustine, Samantha Aylward, Erika Barstad, Sara Bistany, Lucy Boggs, Riley Bouchard, Jeremy Bradley, Mickey Burns, Joseph Callahan, Jonathan Cannon, Alexandria Carchedi, Sean Carney, Albert Clark, Samuel Collyer, Liam Connelly, Kevin Costello, Dylan Cunningham.

class offiicers

Class Officers: Mike Ahern, president, Matt Kirslis, vice president, Zach Pranky, secretary, and Sean Carney, treasurer. photo by Gary Higgins, Patriot Ledger

Shane Darcy, Leah DeCecco, Samantha DeMarco, Marquis Denis, Ashley DeWolfe, Andrew Doig, Kaitlin Dorney, Shane Driscoll, Shelise Dutcher, Kaylee Ellis, Mark Ewell, Meghan Foster, Austin Gareau, Brad Gasdia, Tamara Gibson, John Glennon, Brendan Goudy, Anthony Gramazio, Lauren Grisolia, Garritt Guerrero, Alyssa Hatch, Caitlin Hedges, Ryan Hooper, Sarah Hunter, Christie Hurley, Cassidy Hyson, Lauren Illes, Michael Ivanoskos.

group shot outside

Taia Johnson, Sarah Kane, Kylie Keefe, Caroline Kilduff, Samuel Kimari, Joseph Kimball, Brittany King, Abigail Kinlin, Matthew Kirslis, Elizabeth Knobel, John Lampert, Riley Lang, Raye LaPlante, Jr., Thomas Lavertue, Talya Lazisky, Daniel Leary, Jr., John Lenihan, Kevin Levesque, Jr., Kalee Lucier-Hill.

Brian MacDonald, Haley Macray, Owen Mahoney, Gregory Makarski, Liam Maloney, Jennifer Manning, Jillian Manning, Sarah Margolis, Russell McCauley, Brianna McConville, Kylie McKenna, Thomas McKim, Jr., Hunter Morris, Jeremy Morrison, Tyler Murphy, John Murray, Shane Murray, Jonathan Nguyen, Stephen Norris, Jenna O’Connor, Jared Ochenduszko, Prisca Okonkwo, Ryan Palmer, William Parlee, Myah Parsons, Ana Paula Pedra, Ashley Pezzella, Kaleigh Pishkin, Rebeca Portela, Zachary Pransky.


National Honor Society

National Honor Society

Carly Reardon, Gustavo Ribeiro, Mitchell Rice, Bella Rindone, Jo Roberts, Michael Rocha, Celia Rosa, Kyra Rose, Levi Sahn, Alecio Sampaio Jr, Taylor Schell, Ryan Shea, Harrison Shields, Steven Shorrock, Treasure Smith, Thomas Spengler, Alyssa Stanton, Adria Stephens, Ryan Sugrue, Timothy Sullivan, Jon Sylvester, Syann Teixeira, Kiera Tobin-Rosman, Angela Turner, Taylor Whitley, Erika Wiley, Patrick Winter, Makayla Wright, Hao Xu, John Yandle, Caitlin Yannizzi, Fanting Zhou.

Link to Graduation in photo gallery. with more pictures to be added as we receive them!

Class of 2016: Caps and Gowns

Before graduation seniors gathered in the gym to get ready for the ceremony.  Some steamed their gowns, all posed for pictures, and some showed off their decorative caps.  Following are photos by Hannah Boben and Michelle Downey, Veritas Photographers.  First a look at some of the decorated caps.

Pictures with friends, classmates, teachers and some selfies! We will be adding more to these galleries so keep checking back.

Check back to see our gallery of the ceremony itself!

It’s Official: The Class of 2016 has graduated

turning the tassel

Class President Mike Ahern directs the turning of the tassel, signifying that the Class of 2016 has graduated! photo by Michelle Downey


throwing the caps

The Class of 2016 celebrates by tossing their caps into the air! Photo by Michelle Downey


Check back to see more photos of the graduates and the ceremony!

Annual Speedball Tournament to Be Held Next Week

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Joe Taft, Veritas Sports Editor

As the end of the school year is upon the student population at Rockland High, usually the kids would have their minds set on summer vacation.

Since just last year, a newfound tradition at RHS has the whole school buzzing.

At the Jared Lewis Quirk Speedball Tournament, held at the high school from June 8th through 10th, 17 teams will all be vying for school-wide greatness.

The games will be 15 minutes long with no stoppages in play, and on-the-run substitutions are implemented, like hockey.

Ms. Walsh is in charge of the tournament, and has seeded all the teams and created all the match-ups. The champions of last year’s tournament, God’s Children, captained by Matt Clougherty, is the number one seed. Team NB, captained by Ryan Quirk, will be the 2-seed. These two team’s faced each other last year in the championship, and it took a shootout to crown the victor.

Though those teams are the heavy favorites, there are some other teams to watch out for heading into the tournament. The Barn Burners are led by Eddie Yeadon and features a team of 2016 grads, while Tyler and Terrence Gibson look to lead the Lumberjacks to the title.

The tournament will also feature an all-girls squad, named Hands-Off, who will go up against Italian Meats in the first game of the tournament.

No matter what the outcome, the tournament is sure to be a success. All proceeds will go towards Jared’s scholarship fund.

Let the madness begin!

Seniors Visit Their Old Schools

caitlin Yannizzi pauses outside Jefferson School

Caitlin Yannizzi is excited at Jefferson School. photo by Hannah Boben

Syann Teixeira and Mike Ahern at memorial park

Syann Teixeira and Mike Ahern are all smiles as they walk through the hall at Memorial Park Elementary School in Rockland. photo by Michelle Downey.

in hallway

Walking through the halls at Esten school are Sarah Margolis, Haley Macray, Meghan Foster and Lexie Carchedi. Also visible are Matt Kirslis and Mike Ahern. photo by Michelle Downey.


at Esten playground

Ryan Sugrue shakes hands with an Esten elementary school student. Behind Ryan are Lexie Carchedi, Sarah Margolis, Haley Macray, Matt Kirslis, John Murray. Veritas staff photo.

Veritas Staff

About 50 members of the Rockland High School Class of 2016 visited each of Rockland’s elementary schools on Tuesday, May 31.  The seniors walked down to Memorial Park School after visiting the Rogers Middle School.  After being greeted by the school children and some of their former teachers at Memorial Park School, they boarded a bus and traveled to Jefferson Elementary where they processed once again through the halls, the cafeteria and the playground.  The final stop was Esten Elementary where they were applauded by the school children as they visited the cafeteria, the gym, and the playground and walked the halls that many of them had once walked in their early days of school.

RHS Asst. Principal, Kathy Paulding,  said, “This event serves two unique purposes. For the younger students in the district who look up to our student athletes, or have them as a baby sitter, or are related to them, the walk serves as another way for them to see what their hard work can lead to. The goal was to inspire the younger students to strive to wear the cap and gown in the future. The other benefit of the walk is for our seniors to reflect on where they started this journey and to walk the halls of the elementary and middle schools again and remember how long they have worked for this goal and take pride in the accomplishment.”

Haley Macray was one of the seniors who took a stroll down memory lane.  “I think the event went really well. It was a reminder of how far I’ve come in the Rockland school system.  Going to Esten, my former elementary school was the most special part.  That’s where it all began.  Rockland schools have made me who I am and I owe them a lot.”

Macray also thought that the experience was great for the elementary school children.  “Being able to say hi and give high fives to the graduating classes to come was an incredible experience and I’m so glad I got to be a part of it!”

Rockland High School’s graduation is scheduled for 7 p.m. on Friday, June 3, 2016 at Rockland Memorial Stadium.

Photos below are by Hannah Boben and Michelle Downey, Veritas Staff Photographers

Veritas ‘Man on the Street’: What will you miss about the senior class?

Veritas Staff’s Joe Taft and Kaylee Ellis put together this video getting students and teachers’ reaction to the Class of 2016.  What will you miss about those lovable seniors?

Seniors Celebrate Last Day of Classes

Veritas Staff

On Wednesday, May 25, the Class of 2016 celebrated their final day of classes.


Class of 2016 dresses in red, white, and blue as part of Senior Week

Liz Knobel, Kiera Tobin-Rosman, Sam Aylward, Kylie Keefe, & Carly Reardon

Liz Knobel, Kiera Tobin-Rosman, Sam Aylward, Kylie Keefe, & Carly Reardon

Haley Macray, Veritas Senior Managing Editor

On Tuesday, May 24, the senior class continued their week of school spirit with a red, white, and blue dress up day. The halls of RHS were filled with American pride and excitement for seniors’ final day of classes tomorrow, May 24.

RHS Seniors Represent Future Colleges and Universities

Ryan Sugrue (Boston College), Kate Dorney (UMass Lowell), Jenna O'Connor (Nichols College), & Jared Ochenduszco (Worchester State)

Ryan Sugrue (Boston College), Kate Dorney (UMass Lowell), Jenna O’Connor (Nichols College), & Jared Ochenduszko (Worchester State)

Haley Macray, Veritas Senior Managing Editor 

On Monday, May 23, the Class of 2016 decided to kick off their last week of high school by representing their future colleges, universities, and future plans via their t-shirts.

NHS Induction Held at RHS

Superintendent of Schools John Retchless and math teacher Steven Casagrande were made honorary members of the RHS National Honor Society on Wednesday, May 18, 2016. Veritas photo

Superintendent of Schools John Retchless and math teacher Steven Casagrande were made honorary members of the RHS National Honor Society on Wednesday, May 18, 2016. Veritas photo

The RHS Pentelic Chapter of the National Honor Society held its annual induction of new members on Wednesday, May 19.  Senior NHS President Ryan Sugrue presided as sixteen juniors and two seniors were inducted.

They include juniors, Noelle Atkins, Erin Buckley, Julia DiCienzo, Luana Lima, Shannon Lindahl, Jessica Lutts, Colleen McCarthy, Christopher McHugh, Michael McPeck, Vivian Nguyen, Kaylee Patten, Dana Peck, Meghan Saucier, Sean Vo, Sydney Wells, Mohammed Youssef and seniors Kylie McKenna and Fanting Zhou.

Senior members (shown in photo) were also recognized. Each senior member stood as NHS Secretary Haley Macray called the roll and announced the school that each will attend next year.

In a traditional salute to their educational mentors, two honorary members of the seniors’ choice were inducted: math teacher, Steven Casagrande and Superintendent of Schools, John Retchless.

nhs officers

NHS Officers: Seniors Sarah Margolis, Haley Macray, Ryan Sugrue and Meghan Foster. Veritas photo.


Mrs. Black (left) with senior NHS members: Kylie McKenna, Haley Macray, Kaitlin Dorney, Caroline Kilduff, Lexie Carchedi, Meghan Foster, Sarah Margolis, Fanting Zhou, Celia Rosa. Kevin Levesque, Matt Kirslis, Ryan Sugrue, Mark Ewell, Jared Ochenduszko, Tom Spengler photo by Zach Pransky

Mrs. Black (left) with senior NHS members: Kylie McKenna, Haley Macray, Kaitlin Dorney, Caroline Kilduff, Lexie Carchedi, Meghan Foster, Sarah Margolis, Fanting Zhou, Celia Rosa. Kevin Levesque, Matt Kirslis, Ryan Sugrue, Mark Ewell, Jared Ochenduszko, Tom Spengler photo by Zach Pransky

Veritas, Images Receive New England Scholastic Press Association Awards

Haley Macray, senior managing editor of the Veritas with the All-New England first place certificate received by the Veritas on May 2

Haley Macray, senior managing editor of the Veritas with the All-New England first place certificate received by the Veritas on May 2

Two Rockland High School student print publications, The Veritas and Images Magazine, received Highest Achievement Awards on Tuesday, May 2 at the New England Scholastic Press Association’s annual conference.

Celia Rosa, Sarah Hunter, Luana Lima and Lauren Zaremba are excited to hear about Images' Highest Achievement Award.

Celia Rosa, Sarah Hunter, Luana Lima and Lauren Zaremba are excited to hear about Images’ Highest Achievement Award.

Highest Achievement awards, according to NESPA Director Helen Smith, are given to only those publications considered to be of highest quality in content and editing. In addition, the Veritas website also received a Highest Achievement award.  With a Highest Achievement designation each publication is then entered into the All-New England contest.

This year, for the second year in a row, The Veritas newspaper came in first in the All-New England contest in Class III.

Awards are given in four classifications that are based on student enrollment.    A school with an enrollment between 400 and 699 students is Class III.

Individual Special Achievement Awards were also announced at the conference.  Adiza Alasa, a freshman in the Journalism class received an award for her sports story,  “Girls basketball team wins league title,” printed in the February edition of the Veritas.

Adiza Alasa received a Special Achievement Award for her sports story, "Girls Basketball Team Wins League Championship."

Adiza Alasa received a Special Achievement Award for her sports story, “Girls Basketball Team Wins League Championship.”

Smith said that Special Achievement Awards are given to individual stories, photos, and graphic designs that are “truly exemplary.”  Out of over 1,000 individual entries, only 125 students  were recognized individually.  Alasa’s story competed against student submissions in all four enrollment classes.

Madeline Lannin-Cotton, advisor to the Veritas, said, “The All-New England first place award is quite an honor, considering that publications from all six New England states are entered into the competition.  This year’s Journalism students were very excited to learn about their achievement.  For our senior editor, Haley Marcy, it is her second first-place award as an editor of the Veritas.”

NHS to Sponsor Voter Registration Drive


Photo: thebestcolleges.org

Haley Macray, Veritas Senior Managing Editor 

Hectic teen schedules and lack of information can no longer be reasons for RHS students to skip registering to vote, thanks to NHS.

On May 16th and May 17th, the Rockland High School chapter of the National Honor Society will be sponsoring a voter registration drive in the high school cafeteria during all three lunches.

During this drive students who are Massachusetts residents may register to vote and students aged 16 and 17 will be able to pre-register to vote before they turn 18. Students will need either their license number or the last four digits of their social security number in order to register.

As the flyer emailed to students about the drive says, “Your vote is power, don’t let it go to waste.”

Seniors Travel to Italy for Grand Tour


Students pose in Florence for a group photo. Photo courtesy of Kristen Walsh.

Haley Macray, Veritas Senior Managing Editor 

On April 14th, 19 Rockland High School Seniors and three RHS faculty members ventured off on a ten-day grand tour of Italy.

The group first landed in Milan where they met their tour guide Pablo. From Milan, the group traveled by bus to their first destination, Verona, the home of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Students and teachers visited what is said to be Juliet’s balcony and posed with the famous statue of her in the same courtyard. This day trip served as a great start to a wonderful trip.

The next day, RHS’s travelers took a boat to the famous city of Venice. There they started their day with a walking tour where they were taken into historical buildings, such as Doge’s Palace, with beautiful architecture and paintings inside. The students went on gondola rides, another great way for them to take in the beautiful scenery, and spent the remainder of the day sampling food and shopping in the heart of the city.

The next two days of the trip were spent in Florence. There, students and teachers participated in various activities.

A large number of students chose to spend their day climbing one of Florence’s most famous landmarks and one of its highest views, the Duomo di Firenze (Cathedral of Florence). Climbing over 400 stairs, students were able to take in one of the most incredible views of the entire trip.


Mother's DayTea Party







After their time spent in Florence, the group was off to Assisi for another adventure. They explored the area and students and their chaperones visited the famous Basilica of Saint Francis.

Following Assisi, RHS’s travelers were off to Pompeii where they were able to visit the famous ruins, shop, and have lunch. The same day students were able to explore the Sorrento region of Italy, some trying its famous lemon gelato.

Mother's DayTea Party12998599_1164785880229030_9105766516761167821_n-1







After the Sorrento region, it was on to the beautiful island of Capri. With its bright blue water and incredible mountains, the island was a sight to see. There, many students chose to take a ski-lift type ride up one of the island’s large mountains. At the top, they stopped to take in the scenery and pose for photos.


Mother's DayTea Party







The trip concluded with a day spent in Rome. Trip members toured the Vatican and ended their trip at the Trevi Fountain, a symbol of Italy and Rome. It is said that if a coin is thrown into the fountain over your left shoulder, you will return to Rome again in your lifetime. Students captured this moment with many photos.

Overall, the trip to Italy was an unforgettable experience for all those who attended.

Art Students’ Work In Two Shows

The Rockland High School Art Department has announced that many of its art students are currently having their work displayed in two shows.

Colleen Burke's Mixed Media "Starry Night City" received an award at the Second Parish Church Arts Festival. photo courtesy Mrs. Gibson

Colleen Burke’s Mixed Media “Starry Night City” received an award at the Second Parish Church Arts Festival. photo courtesy Mrs. Gibson

The first show is the annual Second Parish Church Arts Festival.  

The festival is going on from May 5 to May 15. Admission is free and the public is welcome. The Second Parish Church is on Main St. in Hingham.

The second show is at Bella’s restaurant on Hingham St. in Rockland.  This show will be going on until the end of June.

These two shows provide great opportunities for people to see the work that Rockland art students are doing.

The following list includes RHS students and the art pieces that were selected for the Second Parish show.

Second Parish Church Show: May 5-15.  Open daily 10 am to 8 am; Sundays Noon-4 pm.  For more info  click here.

Syan Teixeira's computer art "Diamond Lion" received an Honorable Mention at the Second Parish Church Arts Festival. photo by Mrs. Gibson

Syan Teixeira’s computer art “Diamond Lion” received an Honorable Mention at the Second Parish Church Arts Festival. photo by Mrs. Gibson

Students:  High School

    1. Caitlin Hedges – 3-D eye mixed media
    2. Celia Rosa – Surreal Hands colored pencil
    3. Shawn Ward – Pastel Still life
    4. Alyssa Hatch – 3-D diver mixed media
    5. Celia Rosa – Acrylic portrait
    6. Colleen Burke – String and painting mixed media
    7. Chistine Hurley – Buddah mixed media
    8. Caitlin Hedges – photography dog
    9. Syann Teixeira – Computer art Diamond Lion
    10. Kylie McKenna – ceramic gargoyle
    11. Shawn Ward – ceramic box and cover

Bella’s Restaurant Show : May 2- June 30: The art work is displayed in one of the lounges at Bella’s. Click on a photo to see a sampling of some of the work.






Proposal For New Athletic Facilities Clears First Hurdle

Microsoft PowerPoint - Athletic Complex Presentation.pptxVeritas Staff

Microsoft PowerPoint - Athletic Complex Presentation.pptxThough there is still controversy, plans to build new athletic facilities in the town moved forward Monday night at the annual town meeting. The $3.9 million plan put forward by the Park Department would feature a new football facility with turf field and seating for 800 spectators. The plan also provides an eight lane track and field facility, and would modernize Bicentennial Park on Lower Reed St.  by adding two new softball fields and a soccer field in between.  Baseball games will still be played at Veterans Memorial Stadium.

A new sports complex would  benefit Rockland’s  youth and high school sports immensely for generations to come,  but some local veterans are opposed to the idea as it is now laid out.  Because of the construction of the new complex, two  veterans’ memorials in the area would have to be relocated. The veterans say that they are not against the new fields but are disappointed that they were not included in the planning.

Representing the veterans, Jeff Najarian said the softball field that would be relocated is dedicated to a Vietnam veteran. He also said that the pine trees called the Groves that would have to be displaced are also dedicated to veterans.  Speaking for the plan Parks Commission member Steven Murphy said that the memorials could be relocated and the new fields could be rededicated. Murphy also said that the plans are not set in stone, but that the softball field by Memorial Park would have to be relocated to make room for the new facility.

After discussion from several townspeople who spoke both for and against the plan,  the proposal was put to a vote and was passed by town meeting, allowing the plan to go to the next step, a special town election. This election will be held on June 11 when the public will vote on the $3.9 million debt exclusion that would fund the new sports facilities.


A community group called Rockland Fields Project has been formed and have a Facebook page. They have announced that an informational meeting to discuss the fields project will be held on Wednesday May 11th, 7pm at the Harmon Club on Concord Street. There will also be a meeting with all local veterans to discuss the replanting of trees, covered pavillion in the memorial area and rededication of the softball fields at 6pm, also at the Harmon Club. A post on the Facebook page states, “All are encouraged to attend so that together we can have a project that the whole town will be proud of.”



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Rockland Senior Gets Award in Congressional Art Show

Syann Teixeira

Rockland High School senior, Syann Teixeira with her family and Congressman William R. Keating at the 9th Congressional District Art Show where Syann won 2nd place in computer art for her digital-collage, “Diamond Lion.” Syann’s computer drawing is on display at Bella’s Restaurant, Hingham St., Rockland until June 30. Courtesy photo.

Veritas Staff

At an awards ceremony held at the Plymouth Center for the Arts on April 29, Rockland High School senior Syann Teixeira won 2nd place in Computer Art for her digital collage, “Diamond Lion.” Congressman Bill Keating sponsored the 9th Congressional District’s Art Show held in Plymouth.

Each spring, a nationwide high school arts competition is sponsored by members of the House of Representatives.

Students interested in participating in the Congressional Art Competition submitted original artwork in one of seven different categories: Collage,
 Computer-generated art, 
 Mixed Media,
 Photography, and

Theater Guild’s A Chorus Line Is a Success


part of chorus line

Part of the finale chorus line: Erin Field, Morgan Foster, Sophie McLellan, Jeremy Bradley, Leah DeCecco and Sean Vo. Photo by Veritas Photographer, Hannah Boben

On Friday and Saturday, April 29 and 30, the Rockland High School Theater Guild under the direction of Rockland High School teachers, Joanne White and Kendra Donovan, put on the spring musical, A Chorus Line in the high school auditorium

 The talented cast of Rockland High School Theater Guild members featured seniors Leah DeCecco, Lauren Illes, Sarah Hunter, Jeremy Bradley and John Glennon.

Other cast members included: Jurnee Dunn, Sophie McLellan, Ryan Struzziery, Angelica Pacombe, Kellie Berry, Morgan Foster, Sean Vo, Shandi Austin, Erin Field, Ali Landy and Tatianna Hill.

Also involved in the production were: music director, John Piazza Jr.; choral director, Lindsay Crook; sound director, Lisa Breeden, and sound assistant, Chris Burnieka; stage manager, Kimberlie Jean-Poix,  and asst. stage manager, Maddi Parlee; stage crew, Taylor Vernava, and Michael Belmonte; lighting director, Jamie Canaan; student choreographer, Shandi Austin; lighting operator, Seth Rosczewski; spot operator, Rebekah Panaro; and audio Assistant, Tatianna Hill.

In the orchestra in addition to directors, John Piazza and Lindsay Crook were Keven Delaney and Jeff Popadic (trumpets), Alan Cron (trombone), Mark Pinto, and Terry Anthony (reeds), Ron Zack (piano), Chris Rathburn (bass) and Kenny Hadley (drums).

RHS English Department Chair, Carol Cahill said about Saturday night’s performance, “It was a great night of theatre! Hats off to all the performers, tech crew, musicians, and to the directors,  Kendra Donovan and Joanne White.”

For a complete story about the show with interviews of the cast, check the next issue of the Veritas print edition, due out on May 25.

The photo gallery below is by Hannah Boben!

Additional photos can be found in the Photo Gallery Menu


Cheerleaders Honored at State House

Senator John F. Keenan and the senior cheerleader captains: Seniors Sam Aylward, Bella Rindone, Carly Reardon, and Kylie Keefe

Senator John F. Keenan and the senior cheerleader captains: Seniors Sam Aylward, Bella Rindone, Carly Reardon, and Kylie Keefe

The State Champion Rockland High School Cheerleaders visited the State House in Boston today. They were guests of Senator John F. Keenan

The State Champion Rockland High School Cheerleaders visited the State House in Boston today. They were guests of Senator John F. Keenan

Excitement Building For RHS Musical, A Chorus Line

Theater Guild and Music Dept. production!

Theater Guild and Music Dept. production!

By Hannah Boben, Veritas Staff

As the RHS Drama Club, Theatre Guild and newer theatre members team up for this weekend’s production of A Chorus Line, we are eager to learn more about the production itself.

A Chorus Line is a musical that follows the auditions that a group of dancers, singers and actors have to go through in order to get on the cast for a show. Throughout this casting progress, we will also learn more about each character as they either give us a short monologue or song to add depth to their characters.

As we in the audience learn more about the play’s cast’s difficulties in learning the choreography and musical numbers behind the play, we will also watch our own Rockland students become more adept with their performances and the challenges that go along with them.

Between learning the tough choreography, and the lyrics and music cues, the RHS cast is doing well according to their directors, teachers Joanne White and Kendra Donovan. “The cast has been amazing in terms of learning dance choreography. We are so proud of their overall progress. They have been more than willing to learn and take corrections.”

A Chorus Line will take place on April 29 and 30 at 7pm in the auditorium. Come out to see the cast shine and give the audience their all in A Chorus Line.  

You can get tickets online at showtix4u.com for $6 or $8 at the door.


A Week To Be Positive!

The National Honor Society has named this week, April 25-29,  a week to promote positivity  around Rockland High School and beyond.

Monday is Positive Affirmation Day

Tuesday is Random Acts of Kindness Day

Wednesday is Compliment Day

Thursday is Reasons to Smile Day,

 Friday will be Rockland Pride Day.

Click on each of the posters below to see the special instructions for each day!

Arts Festival Features All Kinds of Creations

On display at the Arts Festival were paintings by members of the Pathways class and the PhotoVoice exhibit. Veritas Photo

On display at the Arts Festival were paintings by members of the Pathways class and the PhotoVoice exhibit. Veritas Photo

The Rockland Public Schools Arts Festival held last night featured displays of creativity in several different areas.  The visual arts were well represented with displays of drawings, paintings, photography and 3D designs. Displays included work from pre-school to elementary to middle school and high school, including AP Portfolio collections of senior art students.

Technology Education was represented with exhibits that included woodworking projects, and computer drawings from the Auto Cad and Chief Architecture classes.

Family and Consumer Science projects. Veritas photo

Mrs. Ashche’s Family and Consumer Science class projects included pillows, aprons and quilts Veritas photo

The Family and Consumer Science classes displayed a variety of sewing projects including quilts, fleece blankets and pillows.

2nd grader Gus interacts with NAO the robot at the Arts Festival. Veritas photo.

Esten School 2nd grader Gus Noguera interacts with NAO the robot at the Arts Festival. Veritas photo.

Robotics and Engineering had their robotic creations on display which provided a lot of fun for the younger visitors to the arts festival.  Robotics teacher Jennifer Wozniak said, “Kids and parents were excited about the engineering and robotics projects, including our humanoid robot, NAO.  We need to make sure we are encouraging our younger students who show interest in science and math – especially the girls!”

images pageImages Magazine, the Rockland High School Art and Literary Magazine, was on sale at the event.  The magazine also has a website that you can access here.
Below is our photo gallery!


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