Track teams ready to compete

Track coaches: from left: Patrick Finn, Randal Grimmett, Robert Murphy and Mark Killinger. photo by Erin Kearns

Erin Kearns, Veritas Staff

The track teams this year are hoping to have a successful season, especially with the large turn-out they had.

Last year both the boys and girls teams finished the season with three wins and five losses.

The coaches this year are Robert Murphy, Randal Grimmett, Mark Killinger, and Patrick Finn.

“I’m really excited about this year’s team. We have almost fifty girls signed up so far, which is a lot more than we’ve ever had before. We also have a good number of returning athletes, so I expect that we will be very competitive in the South Shore League,” says Mr. Grimmett.

Mr. Murphy has similar expectations for this year. “I always have high expectations for our Rockland teams. This year especially, we had over forty students sign up for boys’ track, with a large number being freshmen, and many upperclassmen returning from last year’s team. This is very encouraging.”

Erika Ochenduszko, a returning track runner and one of the team’s top scorers explained, “I think it’s great that there were ninety people that showed up to the track meeting. It’s better to have more numbers because it gives us a better chance of winning the meets.”

She continued, “What I’m worried about is how long the meets are going to have to be because of how many people are doing it.”

With the large turn-out, the coaches’ task in finding the right events for everyone could be a little more difficult.

Mr. Grimmett explained that when judging potential the most important thing he looks for is a good work ethic, explaining, “I’d have to say that the most important characteristic we look for is a willingness to work hard and continually strive to get better.”

He continued, “We all have our individual aptitudes, but what we do with the natural talent we possess depends upon our willingness to work hard. For the athletes who are new to track, I try not to judge their potential and just wait and see how they progress as athletes. One of the best things about coaching track is seeing the athletes get better.”

Mr. Murphy has similar thoughts about an athlete’s potential saying, “Potential to me is based on dedication, desire and hard work.” he explained, “The more effort an athlete exhibits, the greater the potential he or she has to succeed.”

Lily Matson, one of the team’s top scorers and a returning runner says, “Track is a mental sport. You’re constantly fighting the part of yourself that wants to stop, and the biggest challenge is pushing through that, even though it hurts. It takes a lot of mental toughness and discipline, and it’s awesome to see the team push through the tough days together.”

To anyone unsure about coming out for track Mr. Murphy would encourage them to join.  Mr. Grimmett adds, “Track is a lot of fun, and there are so many events that almost anyone can find an event that they like.”

RHS Goes to Guatemala

photos courtesy of Amanda Lanigan, Melissa Shaughnessy and Gregory Connors. Click on one to see the gallery.

Jasmin Morse, Veritas Web Editor

4- 24-17

Over April Vacation, a group of fifteen RHS students and faculty went on a service trip to Panajachel, Guatemala. 12 students along with their three chaperones: Melissa Shaughnessy, Amanda Lanigan, and Gregory Connors embarked on the trip Saturday, April 15 and returned Saturday, April 22.

On this trip, the students and staff worked along side a program called “Worthy Village” to teach impoverished families how to filter water. The program was started by 2011 RHS alumni, Julia Rayberg. Their mission is to help the people of Panajachel who rely on one lake where they wash their dishes, clothes, and even bathe making it contaminated and unsafe to drink.

In Guatemala, the students gave villagers advice and methods on good hygiene as well as supplies. They also showed the villagers how to use the water filters, provided by Worthy Village.

Rayberg wrote to the Rockland group on Facebook: “I can not express how grateful the Worthy Village team is for all your hard work here in Guatemala. I am so honored, so proud and so grateful to know you’re Rockland kids. There’s just something about Rockland.”

Girls Lacrosse Team Focuses on Improving Every Day

Kaylee Patten (left) and Emily Beatrice are co-captains of the lacrosse team. courtesy photo/yearbook

Julian Tarpey, Veritas Staff

Lauren Rizzotti is in her fourth year as the coach of the girls’ lacrosse team at Rockland High School. That is exactly how long there has been a girls’ lacrosse team at RHS.

`In four years they have come a long way. The first year they were a club team, and the squad has only been a varsity team for two years.

Ms. Rizzotti, who also teaches math at RHS, says, “It has been amazing seeing these girls grow over the years. I just find it really cool to see the girls improve over the years and really compete.”

Two of those girls are senior captains, Emily Beatrice and Kaylee Patten. Ms. Rizzotti says she is happy to have them leading the team. “They are two of the strongest players on the team, but also the most dedicated.”

In addition to the two senior captains, Ms. Rizzotti says, “There are several returning players from last year that I am counting on to hold this team together because we have several fairly new players.”

Despite their youth and lack of experience, the coach enjoys her team and says that they enjoy playing.

From left: Emily Beatrice, Jenna Burns and Natalie Draicchio take a break from indoor practice. Veritas photo

“The strength of the team is how much they all truly enjoy playing. They aren’t playing because they have to, or they are getting in shape for another sport, they are playing because they find it fun,” says Coach Rizzotti.

Their inexperience does show, however, and the hardest part is playing against teams that have established programs from the youth leagues up to the high school level.

“We are playing against teams who have been playing for years, and they play during their off-seasons. My players are brand new a few years ago, and any new players coming in are learning from scratch as well. It makes it very hard to keep up with the other teams,” says Ms. Rizzotti.

The girls lacrosse team work on fundamentals in the gym in early season practices. Veritas photo

But the girls have goals and one of them is to improve every day.

“Every practice we focus on improving one more thing and to continue to work on the basics such as catching and passing in order to really compete,” explained the coach.

And with that goal comes the most important one for the team.

“The number one goal this season is to leave everything on the field each game,” says the coach, who explained how they lost several games last year by only a few points.

“Those are the hardest to walk away from, so this year we are looking to get those games back.”

The girls opened the season on Monday, April 3 at Southeastern Regional High School and came away with a 17-4 victory.

Their next game will be on Monday, April 24 against Silver Lake at home.  They will then be at Abington in the first game of a doubleheader with the boys’ team.  The girls will be going on at 5:00 and the boys will follow at 6:30.

Arts Festival April 12, 2017

The Rockland Public Schools held its annual Arts Festival. Among the highlights and exhibits was the release of the latest issue of Images, Rockland High School’s Art and Literary Magazine.   Photos by Veritas photographer Maddie Gear

Click on one photo to see the gallery.

Artwork from all the grades in the Rockland Public Schools was featured.

The RHS art students’ work was varied and interesting.

The RHS Band and Chorus also performed.

Click on any photo to see the slideshow.

Language Students Visit Quebec

Standing in front of a mural in Quebec City is the group from Rockland. Left to right: Mr. Finn, Elizabeth Kelley, Tatianna Hill, Emily Bugbee, Rachel Leleme, Jessica Dunphy, Nick Labolitta, Sarah Milks, Katie Houde, Leo Field and Ms. Lanigan. Back l to r: Kerin Dalton, Lara Glennon, Olivia Milso, Sammi Nachtman, Catherine Doyle, Hannah Wyllie, Jacob Nunn, Jacob Johnson, Kyle Lenihan, and Matt Griffin. photo courtesy Mr. Finn

Sammi Nachtman, Veritas Staff

A group of 20 students and two teachers left on a three day trip to Quebec, Canada on March 31. Mr. Finn, a French and Spanish teacher, organized the trip to introduce his French students to the French-Canadian culture.  He even had some of his Spanish students join the trip.  Ms. Lanigan, a history teacher, chaperoned as well. The group arrived home on April 2 at around 9:30 p.m.

When they arrived in the city, the group was brought on a two hour tour of the city and introduced to many of Quebec’s beautiful buildings: the Grande Alee, the Latin Quarter, le petit Seminaire de Quebec, Norte Dame de Quebec Cathedral, and the Terrasse Defferin. At the end of the tour they had a Parisian- style dinner where they had two options for food to choose from, and chocolate cake for a dessert. Later on that night they took a group picture in front of the Terrasse Defferin and headed home to sleep and get ready for the next day.

On day two the kids were taken to breakfast in the Quartier Petit Champlain. They had fruit, a freshly made croissant, a chocolate pastry, and a bowl of hot chocolate. They were then taken to a nineteenth century fortification where they learned about how the soldiers lived in there and reanacted some things.

The group then went to a very large mall where they had an hour to get lunch, shop a little, and use the indoor amusement park. For dinner that night they went to a place called the Sugar Shack. Outdoors there were piles of snow, snow tubes, sleds, and snow shoes for everyone to use and have fun with. On the inside there were rows of tables and many people excited to eat. Two men played music and everyone sang along and danced.

The trip was a success. The group learned  about the culture of a French- Canadian city  and met new people along the way.

Photos below courtesy of Mr. Finn.

Cheerleaders Honored at Fenway Park

The cheerleaders capped off a spectacular year on April 11 at Fenway Park.  photo courtesy of Jeanine Reardon

The 2016-2017 Rockland High School cheerleaders capped off a spectacular year with a special night at Fenway Park on April 11. As part of Champions Night, the girls were honored before the Red Sox game with Baltimore.

Peter Tolan is RHVC’s #1 fan & supporter. He wrote a letter to the Red Sox so that the team would be included among the other honorees at the Champions Night game on April 11. photo courtesy of Kim Reardon

Rockland High School custodian Peter Tolan, who is also an usher at Fenway, paved the way for the girls to be recognized.

The cheerleaders won the Division 4 State championship this past winter as well as the 2017 New England Championship. Along the way they also won the South Shore League title, the Southeast regionals and numerous invitational tournaments.

The girls got a special ride in a limo to Fenway and were also treated to dinner at the Bullpen Kitchen. Over 80 family and friends attended the game and sat in the bleachers. The Sox won the game 8-1, sending everyone home happy.

Head coach Jeanine Reardon expressed thank you’s to her thirteen cheerleaders and to all the team’s supporters, including asst. coaches Kim Reardon and Krystin Killion. Coach Reardon said, “I will never forget how fabulous this season was. I am the luckiest coach to have some of the best athletes ever.”

Reardon has coached the team for 10 years. In that time the cheerleaders have won seven state titles and nine league championships.

Senior Slideshow Pictures


Members of the senior class have begun working on creating a senior class picture slideshow to be shown to our graduates during senior week. The video will also be available for viewing online at a later date.

They are asking seniors and parents/guardians to send along any pictures from the class to the following email address: . They are looking for any pictures from the following time periods:

  • Baby Pictures

  • Elementary School Pictures

  • Middle School Pictures

  • High School Pictures

In addition, they are trying to make sure they cover all of the sport teams, clubs, fine and performing art events, and all of the seniors highlights over the course of the graduate’s time in the Rockland school system. Their goal is to make sure all students are represented and as many events as possible are highlighted. They do need your help to make this goal possible!

The deadline to submit photos is April 15th.

Baseball Team Wants to Make Statement This Year

Mike McPeck will be the ace of the staff again this year. Courtesy photo

Joshua Thompson, Veritas Staff

Winter sports took the season by storm with league titles in hockey, girls’ basketball, boys’ basketball and wrestling. Now the baseball team wants to join these sports in their success.

It has been a while since these Bulldogs have notched a playoff berth. The team looks to change that when this spring comes to a close, as every team’s one goal is to solidify a spot in the tournament.

Veteran coach Nick Liquori said, “Goals remain the same, always want to qualify for tourney, compete for a league title, get better each day.  Sounds generic, but with baseball we constantly need to be on our game mentally, the game changes so much pitch to pitch.”

Mr. Liquori also says every year is different from the last. However, the Bulldogs have more than one player with varsity experience which is something Mr. Liquori likes. “I will look to more leadership from everyone.”

With opening day approaching you wonder how the coach feels about the upcoming season. Mr. Liquori jokingly said, “I’d feel better if there wasn’t going to be any snow on the ground Monday the 20th.”


Every team has its seniors who are playing in their last high school season. Mike McPeck is one of those players, but he is not just any player. McPeck is coming off a great junior season on the mound for the Bulldogs. He will be one of the players that hopefully propel the Dogs into a tournament berth at the season’s conclusion.

Just like most senior athletes McPeck has mixed emotions about his last season being on the horizon. “I’m pretty sad this is my last season, but I’m also looking forward to a good season as well.”

Everybody has that one thing about a sport that makes you love it.  McPeck’s reason is one of the oldest in the book. “My favorite thing about high school baseball would be playing with my friends who I have grown up playing with my whole life.  It makes it much more fun and easier to play, since we’ve all been together for so long.”

The Bulldogs struggled last year on the hitting side of the game. McPeck said, “I think the team is looking to improve on hitting mostly. Our pitching and defense was quite good last year losing 4 or 5 games by 1 or two and only letting up 2-4 runs. I think we are looking to hit better as a team this year and be on the flip side of losing close games.”

He is not wrong when he says the pitching was good as McPeck finished the year 6-1 with a 0.70 ERA.

Another player looking to make a helpful impact for the team is Jonathan Baar.  Going into his junior year with the team JB, as his friends call him, also started for the football and basketball teams. So, he is not shy from a lead role in sports. He already knows how he plans to help the team positively. “I plan to help the team by taking charge of the out field from my center field position and having a better hitting performance.”

Some new players attended the baseball try-outs this year.

“There are a couple new faces I am surprised to see. I was surprised to see Jakigh (Marcelin) and Dunnie (Matt Dunn) at the meeting. I’m looking forward to hopefully playing with them this spring,” said McPeck. These new players could bring an unexpected spark to the team.

The season will kick off on April 4 in Pembroke.  The Dogs’ first three games are on the road. The home opener will be on April 13 against EB.

This May Be the Year for Boys’ Lacrosse Team

Coach Dave Taylor and players, Evan Gormley (24) and Matty O’Brien (14) discuss strategy at half-time of the Pembroke game. They won 12-9. Veritas Photo

Julian Tarpey, Veritas Staff

As the final season of sports for the year at RHS begins, the boys lacrosse team is looking stronger than ever.

Although the team consists of only three seniors, the talent and depth is still there. The team is led by juniors Matt McGaffigan, Matty O’Brien, and Joe Campanile.

“It’s their first time being captains. and they’re still getting used to it,” said junior Kevin Fennell.

He believes the team will have a great season and has gotten better.

“I think we have more skill this year and more experienced players. Last year we had some guys who had only played one or two years. We also have a lot more players [in general] this season.”

The team also has high hopes and believes they can do better than last year. Senior Mohammed Youssef explained, “I think the team will have its best varsity season so far. Talent wise this is the strongest team I’ve been a part of. I think this will be the first Rockland lacrosse team that will qualify for a tournament berth.”

However, in order to make a run during the season, the Bulldogs will look to their coach, Dave Taylor, to guide them.

“I’ve played for Coach Taylor since I was in middle school and there’s never a dull moment with him. He is a great coach to play for, and he motivates us to win everyday,” explained Fennell.

Coach Taylor also is in charge of the youth teams, so almost all of the players coming up have played for him in the past.

Freshman Owen Shea also weighed in on how he felt about playing for Coach Taylor now in high school. “It’s great playing for Dave. He is a great coach that understands his players’ personalities, and knows how to physically and mentally push these athletes so they can be successful.”

Although the team may look good on paper, Fennell believes some things need to improve. “The team needs to focus on helping each other  out more. In our first scrimmage there was a lot of barking at each other.”

With a sport like lacrosse which is very fast-paced with hard contact on nearly every play, tempers can flare.

If the team is able to focus on working together and working hard, they could turn a lot of heads in the league this year.

The team won their first game at Pembroke on Monday, 12-9.  Their next game is on April 10 at home vs. Norton.

2017 Spellman Oratorical a Success Without Question

Left to right: Jurnee Dunn, Jessica Lutts, Sophie McLellan, Evan Murphy, Emily Delaney, Luana Lima, Michael Belmonte and Lauren Zaremba. These eight seniors were the finalists in the Spellman Oratorical Contest on Weds. April 5. Veritas photo



Sean Vo, Veritas Co-Editor-in-Chief

The annual Spellman Oratorical was held in the lecture hall on Wednesday, April 5 . At its roots this is a speech competition open to only seniors, where they were required to write a 500 to 1000 word speech, with the prompt changing each year.

This year’s prompt was all about the question, not the answer. Students had to explain how a variety of works of art were created in order to provide the audience with a better understanding of how to successfully question themselves and the world.

Students who were interested presented their speech to English teacher Christopher Neal. After about twenty students presented t him, he narrowed it down to eight finalists to present their speech in the official event. Those who spoke Wednesday night were , Michael Belmonte, Emily Delaney, Jurnee Dunn, Luana Lima, Jessica Lutts, Sophie McLellan, Evan Murphy, and Lauren Zaremba.

The prize, besides bragging rights, involved money: first place would get $1000, second place $700, third place $500, fourth place $300, fifth place $200, and sixth, seventh, and eighth place would receive $100 each; no one would leave empty handed. The awards’ total was $3000.  Prize money was awarded from a trust established by the late Francis Cardinal Spellman of Whitman in memory of his mother, Ellen Conway Spellman.

The panel of judges included Laura Whitaker, Karen Bonn, Peter Woodward. Whitaker is a grade 7 ELA teacher in Stoughton where she has worked since 2003. She received her Master of Arts in Teaching English from Bridgewater State University.Bonn is a former RHS Bulldog. During her time at RHS she was active in drama, chorus and the debate team. Following high school, she attended Dartmouth College and Suffolk University Law School. She is proficient in American Sign Language and French. Woodward is the former RHS English Dept. Head. Following his retirement from RHS, Peter went on to teach in China for three years and he continues to teach English part time at Hanover High School.

First place went to Murphy, second place went to Dunn, third place went to Lutts, fourth place went to McLellan; fifth place went to Delaney, and the final three places, in no particular order, went to Belmonte, Lima, and Zaremba.

Regardless of place, each student presented excellently. Congratulations to those who did speak; it will redefine beneficial inquiries for the years to come. As English teacher Carol Cahill said to everyone, “You are all winners in my book.”

RHS Shakespeare Festival was a Success!

Sophie McLellan, Co-Editor-in-Chief


The RHS Shakespeare Festival took place March 24th and 25th in the cafeteria, and was a complete and total success. Several groups of students came together, under the individual direction of each of the English department’s teachers, and gave the audience a night filled with wonderful performances of Shakespeare’s works.  

With classics like Romeo and Juliet, the cast portrayed a beautiful story of love and rivalry while the ensemble of Hamlet depicted the tale of a man gone mad. The cast of Macbeth brought forward a story of murder and madness, while the actors of A Midsummer Night’s Dream had the entire audience rolling in the aisles. From the talented actors to the brilliant sonneteers, the entire night was filled with beautiful words and exciting stories. With the roles of the King and Queen played by Mr. Graziano and Mrs. Patton and humorous anecdotes provided by the jester, Mr. Finn, the night was filled with joy and a delicious stew made by the King himself.

Everyone was pleased with how the night went and many left with a new love of Shakespeare.

“I have a newfound appreciation for Shakespeare,” says senior Shandi Austin, who played the role of Macbeth, ”I never thought I’d ever be in any play done by Shakespeare, and I’m so glad I decided to audition.”

The entire Shakespeare Festival was co-ordinated by Ms. Walsh, and the English Department, and  was funded in part by the Rockland/Massachusetts Cultural Council.

Link to pictures from each performance.

Link to cast and group photos.

RHS students attend annual SEMBSA Festival


Lauren Zaremba, Erin Field and Sean Vo participated at the Senior SEMSBA Festival” on Friday and Saturday held at Durfee High School.  SEMSBA festivals bring talented students from 33 schools in Southeastern Massachusetts together to sing or play in a combined choral or orchestral group. photo courtesy of Sean Vo.

Sean Vo, Veritas Editor-in-Chief


This past Friday and Saturday, March 24 and March 25, seniors Lauren Zaremba, Sean Vo and junior Erin Field went to Durfee High School in Fall River to represent the Rockland Music Department at the Senior SEMSBA (Southeastern Massachusetts School Bandmasters Association) Music Festival. Zaremba performed as part of concert band on tenor saxophone, while Field and Vo performed as part of the choir, soprano and tenor respectively.

While rehearsing with the choir conductor, Field and Vo learned a new and valuable lesson: to have your “heart on fire, mind on ice,” which was exactly quoted from the conductor Mr. Jeremy Young. The wise and final words of Mr. Young before the choir headed out to perform inspired each and every member. All in all, SEMSBA reminded seniors of the friendships they made through music and through festivals such as this one.

Erin Field and Sean Vo performed with the Senior SEMSBA chorus. courtesy photo

Lauren Zaremba is an accomplished saxophonist. She played at Senior SEMSBA courtesy photo

RHS Shakespeare Festival Taking Stage This Weekend

Jasmin Morse, Veritas Web Editor


shakespeare festival logoThis Friday, March 24 and Saturday, March 25, come join RHS students and staff and enjoy all their hard work and preparation for the Shakespeare Festival.

For both nights doors will open at 6:30 pm with the show starting at 7 pm.

On Friday, tickets are being sold for $5 in advance and $7 at the door. Light refreshments will be served along with the show.

On Saturday, tickets are being sold a little more pricey at $12 in advance and $15 at the door. This is because a dinner feast will be served during the show.

Come this weekend to enjoy a night of wonderful Shakespeare presented by the talented students and staff of the Rockland High School.

Tickets will be sold in advance at school lunches, and as well by emailing Kristen Walsh at

The Shakespeare Festival is supported by the Rockland/Massachusetts Cultural Council!

New England Champs Will Be Honored at Red Sox Champions’ Night


cheerleaders new england champs

Rockland High School Varsity Cheerleaders holding their victory trophy Saturday Night. Bottom Left: Jordan Rothwell, Taylor Pendleton, Talia Rindone, Haley Rice. Top Left: Jocelyn DeSousa, Bella Burns, Hallie Molineaux, Brittany Keefe, Becca Keefe, Mia Comeau, Alyssa Patten, Kelly Anderson, and Arianna Roosa.

Jasmin Morse, Veritas Web Editor

On Saturday, March 18, 2017 Rockland High School’s cheer team beat out the top eighteen cheerleading teams from Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts In Providence, RI. making RHS Cheer Division 4 New England Regional Champs!

Coach Jeanine Reale Reardon congratulated her team by stating after the victory Saturday night, “We had an unforgettable season and I am so proud of ROCKLAND High School cheer.”

Because of Saturday night’s victory, on April 11 at the Red Sox’s Champions Night game, the thirteen Rockland girls will have the opportunity to be honored on the field. Reardon said, “The opportunity to go on the field and be recognized before a major league game is a once in a life time chance! We can’t thank you enough Peter Tolan.” Mr. Tolan, who works at Fenway, was a key figure in having the team included at the Champions Night event.

Over the past 10 seasons under Coach Reardon the RHSVC athletes have earned 6 South Shore League titles, 7 Regional Titles, 7 State Titles, 2 New England Titles, & a National Title, not to mention the dozens of Invitational 1st placements, making cheer one of Rockland’s most successful athletic teams.

Seven Alarm Fire Engulfs Park St. Factory

Joe Taft, RHS Veritas Sports Editor

A massive fire began during the early hours of the morning at 65 Park street in Rockland. For those who aren’t familiar, that is the one-way street off of Union Street in the center of town. What is being reported as a 7 alarm fire (as of this publishing) has led to nearby home evacuation, as well as power outages scattered through the area. The fire was reported to be so big that the amounts of black smoke were being picked up on local news radars.

Rockland Public Schools were originally delayed two hours by Superintendent Dr. Alan Cron, but we are now awaiting a statement from the Department of Education in regards to MCAS testing, which was scheduled for this morning at 8:00. RHS principal John Harrison sent out a mass email regarding the situation. The testing was supposed to last until 10:38 this morning, but we are all on hold until after 8:00 when the Department of Education is expected to make a statement.

Thank you to the brave men and women battling the fire to keep our beloved town safe.

UPDATE (8:49)

School will begin at 10:00am for Rockland High School. MCAS testing has been delayed until tomorrow and pushed up to Friday for the final day. All students must report to A Block at 10:00am. The schedule is as follows:

A – (10-11)

E – (11:04-12:34) Lunch block

F – 12:37-1:34

G – 1:38-2:35

MCAS Man on the Street

The following video was produced by Veritas Web Editor Jasmin Morse, and Veritas staff members, Jake Lauria and Austin Woods.

Take a look and see what people think about the MCAS. Sophomores are in the middle of taking their Language Arts MCAS tests this week.

Shakespeare at Rockland High School

The Bay Colony Shakespeare Company on stage at Rockland High School on March 9. They presented Twelfth Night to students. Veritas photo

On Thursday, March 9, the Bay Colony Shakespeare Company performed Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night for students at Rockland High School. The performance was sponsored by the RHS English department. The Bay Colony Shakespeare Company is based in Marshfield, MA. and is an award winning theater company that specializes in bringing professional Shakespearean performances to local schools through its Performance in Education Program (P.I.E.).

Members of the troupe took time out and spoke to Veritas editor, Sophie McLellan after the performance.  They gave a shout out to all the students who attended their performance!

For more information about the Bay Colony Shakespeare Company go to:

Rockland High School is gearing up for its own Shakespeare Festival this weekend, March 24 and 25. The Festival features two nights of Elizabethan drama, entertainment and frivolity. Students will recreate scenes from several of Shakespeare’s most popular plays including “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” “Macbeth,” “Hamlet” and “Romeo and Juliet.”

The doors will open on both nights at 6:30 p.m. On Friday night light refreshments will be served during the entertainment. On Saturday night a full feast will be served. Tickets are $5 in advance and $7 at the door on Friday night. Tickets are $12 in advance and $15 at the door for Saturday’s show and feast. Tickets will be sold at all the lunches this week. Tickets can also be purchased in advance by emailing

RHS Music Department Hosts Broadway Night

Sean Vo, Veritas Co-Editor


Erin Field, Rebekah Panaro and Jurnee Dunn perform at Broadway Night. Veritas photo

Thursday night, March 16th, the RHS Music Department hosted its annual Broadway Night event. Each year, the department chooses two musicals, with students being able to choose selections from the two musicals. This year, Broadway Night was reinvented and became more of a cabaret style event, where students could choose a song from any Broadway musical.

At 7:00 pm, the band opened Act I of the show with “My Favorite Things” from The Sound of Music. After that, the first singer to perform was freshman Julia Yeadon with “Distant Melody” from Peter Pan.

After Act I closed with “Come Up to My Place” from On the Town, performed by juniors Erin Field and Devin Gallagher, Act II opened with the RHS Chorus where they performed “Seize The Day” from the musical Newsies.

This year, Broadway Night had a variety of musical numbers ranging from classic Broadway musicals such as previously mentioned On The Town to new musicals such as Hamilton. With the two-show cap lifted, students felt as if they really had the chance to showcase their true talent this year.

Act II closed with “Little Shop of Horrors” from the musical of the same name, which marked the end of an overall successful night.

RHS Positivity Week

Jasmin Morse, Veritas Web Editor


The Rockland and Abington Unified Teams photo courtesy of William Marquardt  ( )

Monday, March 13 marked the beginning of a week dedicated to helping promote a positive environment in Rockland High School.  A committee of members of the Student Goverrnment Council have been hard a work planning events and promotions for Special Education’s, “Spread the Word to End the Word” campaign along with overall positivity.

To kick off the week, members of the RHS basketball teams teamed up with Special Education students to create a Rockland Unified Basketball team. On Monday night, they competed against Abington’s unified team and after a well played game Rockland took home the win.

For everyday of the week as well students are encouraged to wear colors coordinated to the weekday to loosely represent the rainbow.

Monday- Red

Tuesday- Orange

Positivity Notes photo by Maddie Gear

Wednesday- Yellow

Thursday- Green

Friday- Blue

Also, in the cafeteria there is an array of colorful Post-It notes with different positive messages available for students and staff to take or make and give to others, or to take for themselves to promote positivity.

On Friday, “Spread the Word to End the Word” Day is planned to raise awareness to end the misuse of the highly offense term, “retarded.”  In the cafeteria, the word will will be painted on a large sign, and during the lunches students and staff are encouraged to go up where paint will be available to put on their hands to make hand prints to cover up the word. There will also be another poster students and staff will have the opportunity to sign up and pledge to help raise awareness of the misuse of the term.

Rockland-Abington Unified Basketball Game

Nick Cara shoots while Anthony Ambrose from Abington and Mike Bodley look on.  Veritas Staff photo

The Rockland and Abington Unified basketball players treated a large crowd on Monday night in Rockland with a fun-filled game.  The large roster of Rockland girls and boys players battled against Abington’s roster to a 59-46 win for Rockland.  The score was not the story of the game, however. What was the story was the teamwork and togetherness that both groups demonstrated.  There was also a lot of good shooting and defense played.

The unified teams are made up of players from the varsity basketball teams from Rockland and Abington who mentor the players from their schools’ Special Education programs.

This is an event that everyone looks forward to. It is organized by Rockland Athletic Director, Gary Graziano and coached by physical education instructors, Brenda Folsom and Mike Doyle.  For Abington Athletic Director Peter Serino organized the event along with coaches John and Sarah McGinness.

Thanks to William Marquardt ( for sharing some of his photos.


Rockland Dogs Go For South Sectional Championship

The Rockland boys’ hockey team will play at Gallo Arena on Sunday at 3:15.  They will be going for a Division 3 South Sectional Championship against Old Rochester/Fairhaven.  Good luck to the Rockland Bulldogs!  Be there to support the Dogs!

photos by Kelley Reale


Dogs Hockey to Compete For Spot in D3 South Final

Joe Taft, Veritas Sports Editor

The boys’ hockey team will travel to Bourne today at 1:30 to prepare for their D3 south semifinal match-up against Nantucket. The Dogs are fresh off their thrilling victory over Hanover in the quarterfinals, (2-1 in a shootout). The Indians, the reigning state champs, had only lost to Rockland once before the fateful Saturday afternoon.

It was a game of hard-nosed defensive effort and limited scoring opportunities. The score was locked at 0-0 through three regulation periods and two overtime periods. After Hanover took a 1-0 lead thanks to Zach Taylor, the Dogs rattled off two goals to comeback in the shootout and advance. Freshman Zach Callahan scored the equalizer, and senior captain Matt Dunn scored the game-winner. Junior Goaltender Harry O’Brien put in nothing short of a stellar performance, piling up 40 saves against a polished Hanover offense.

The Nantucket Whalers (19-0-3) are the #2 seed in Division 3 south, while the Dogs (20-1-3) sit at #3. Ultimately, this team is a mere 3 wins away from an appearance in the state championship at the TD Garden in Boston. Make sure to get on the highway and get over to Gallo at 4:30 to see some more magic happen.

photos by Kelley Reale and the Enterprise Sports

Rockland Senior Makes it to State Finals of Poetry Out Loud

Jasmin Morse, Veritas Web Editor



Genesis Rojas, senior at RHS, participated in Poetry Out Loud on Sunday, March 5, 2017. She was selected to go on to the State Finals in Boston on March 12.

Senior Genesis Rojas will be moving on from her win at RHS’s annual Poetry Out Loud competition, to the State Finals level.

On Sunday, March 5 in So. Yarmouth Rojas competed against 21 other high school students in the Southeastern Regional Semi-final round of the Massachusetts 12th annual Poetry Out Loud competition.

She performed the poems “Introduction to the Songs of Innocence” by William Blake and “Windigo” by Louise Erdrich. Out of 21 contestants Rojas was chosen along with seven others to move on to the state finals.

Poetry Out Loud is an annual competition at the national level that was established in 2005. Rockland has competed all 12 years in the Southeastern Regionals, the only school to do this, and has brought six students to State Finals. RHS even was home for the 2007 and 2008 State Champion, Gabrielle Guarracino (RHS Class of 2008).

The State Finals will take place next Sunday, March 12 at the Old South Meeting House in Boston.

Head of the RHS English Department as well as Rojas’s coach, Carol Cahill stated,  “I am very happy Genesis is moving on to the finals; I am not surprised. She has a natural gift for performing and should do very well next weekend in Boston.”

Guatemala Trip Clothing Drive on Friday

This Friday (3/10) there will be a Saver’s clothing drive to benefit the students from RHS who are going on the Guatemala Trip in April.

If the group can collect 400 bags of donations, Savers will donate $1,000 to the trip.

If you have any clothing or other soft household items (blankets, pillows etc) you would like to donate, just toss them in a 13-gallon bag and bring them in on Friday. The truck will be coming at 3PM on Friday to pick up the goods.  Any donation is greatly appreciated as it will bring the group closer to reaching their goal!

Working with Worthy Village RHS students will help people of Guatemala use water filters to provide clean drinking water for their families.

15 students and staff from Rockland High School are taking a trip to Panajachel, Guatemala during April vacation this year. April vacation starts on the 14th, and ends on the 23rd.Students will be treated to beautiful scenery there, but the trip to Guatemala is more of a service trip than a trip to go sightseeing. Mrs. Shaughnessy, one of the chaperones along with Ms. Lanigan and Mr. Connors,  says, “We will be teaching the kids how to install water filters, and teach impoverished families how to filter the water so they can have clean drinking water.”

The people going on the trip include 12 students, and three chaperones.

The total cost of the trip is $2,100 per person, which includes airfare, hotel, most meals and insurance. A lot of fundraising is going on to lower the price.

Ms. Lanigan said, “Please spread the word to friends and family as well

Bulldogs Postseason Tournaments

Jasmin Morse, Veritas Web Editor

February 28, 2017

Fans rush to the floor after a Bulldog win!

Fans rush to the floor after a Bulldog win!

This has been quite an exciting year for the winter sports of the Rockland Bulldogs. Several of the Bulldog teams have made it to Postseason Tournament. The boys and girls basketball teams as well as the hockey team will be starting their first round in MIAA Division 3 South this week.

Tomorrow, March 1, the girls basketball team will be playing their first tournament game at home. The team will be facing Old Rochester at 6:30.

On Thursday, March 2, the boys basketball team will be going to Bourne. They will be facing Bourne at 6:30.

The hockey team will also be making the journey to Bourne to kick off their first postseason game at 8.They will be playing Cardinal Spellman at Gallo.

Theatre Guild Getting Ready For METG Festival on March 4


From top left: Tatiana Hill, Shandi Austin, Ryan Mott, Angelica Pacombe, Taylor Vernava, Sean Vo, Michael Belmonte, Morgan Foster, Ryan Struzziery From bottom left: Kimberlie Jean-Poix, Sophie McLellan, Jurnee Dunn, Neleh Dunn. photo by Mrs. Dunn

Sophie McLellan, Veritas Editor-in-Chief

Shakespeare wrote, “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players,” and this has never been more true for Rockland High School’s drama troupe as it tirelessly prepares for what some may call the Super Bowl for theatre geeks.

On March 4, our thespians will be heading off to the Massachusetts Educational Theater Guild Festival (METG), a one-act play competition in which around 112 schools compete. Their play, a murder mystery, is called “Room 404.”

Not only do the participants get to perform and witness a day filled with the performing arts, but they also make friendships that last a lifetime, learn incredible new things about their craft, and create memories they’ll never forget.

“Festival is a great opportunity for our drama guild to go out and see other schools perform,” said senior Michael Belmonte, who is playing a leading role in the production. “We get to showcase what we can do as well. Festival is about celebrating theatre, competing, and having fun with people that share the same passion as you.”

For the past three years, the drama troupe has come heartbreakingly close to moving to the next leg of competition. Held back by a lack of budget to pay for sets, the group last year came closer than Rockland ever has. The talent has been undeniable.

This time, the cast and crew of “Room 404” are feeling confident as the big day draws closer.

“The show is coming along fantastic! We still have a lot of work to be done such as memorizing lines and working with sets,” said Belmonte last week.

He added, “The lead up to the very last week of rehearsals is always stressful. However, I’m extremely confident that by March the cast and crew will be more ready than we have been in past years.”

This year’s show is student written, student directed and put together completely by students. “Room 404” is a murder mystery that takes place in the 1950s. It is the story of a beautiful Hollywood star killed in her hotel room, and of the secrets that are revealed about her and everyone around her afterwards. It deals with a number of mature topics, and a large amount of red dyed corn syrup.

Morgan Foster, the soundboard technician, is particularly excited about the way the production is coming together and can’t wait until the big day. “Festival means the world to me. It’s a time when I can let my inner theatre nerd out.”

The cast and crew have put in a great deal of time and effort to make this happen.

“The cast are amazing, hard-working, and talented individuals,” said Belmonte. “Every single person on the cast is dedicated to moving on to the next round. More importantly though, each cast member’s first priority is to entertain.”

Be sure to mark Saturday, March 4 on your calendar and support the RHS Theatre Guild when they head off to Norwood High School for the preliminary round of the competition.  Follow this link for the METG schedule for host schools across the state.

Here is the schedule for Rockland and the schools competing at Norwood High School:

9:00 a.m. Brockton High School Love/Sick
10:00 a.m. Hanover High School Eurydice
11:15 a.m. Boston Latin Academy Law and Order: A Fairytale Unit
12:15 p.m. Scituate High School Purple Haze
2:00 p.m. Norwood High School Pretty Theft
3:00 p.m. Dedham High School Dog Sees God
4:30 p.m. Rockland High School Room 404
5:30 p.m. Foxboro High School The Chronicles of Jane: Book Seven
5:30 p.m. St. Sebastian’s Country Day School Slacktivist

Four teams win SSL titles this winter!

Four Rockland High School winter  teams have captured their sports’ South Shore League titles this season.


The hockey team has had an outstanding winter season 2016-2017 and are South Shore League Champions.

The hockey team was the first to land on top with a win against Hull/Middleboro on Jan. 29.  The hockey team’s record is 17-1-2 in what many have called the best season ever for the squad.  It’s their first league title since 1991.  Check out Liam Lenihan’s story on the hockey team’s season here.

The Rockland-Abington Wrestling team.

The Rockland-Abington Wrestling team. They are  champs for two years in a row.

Next was the wrestling team with their win over Randolph on Feb. 1.  The combined Rockland-Abington squad has now completed  back-to-back title wins, having captured the crown last year as well. Read John MacDonald’s article about their season here.


The girls basketball team has captured the SSL Sullivan Division title again this year.

With a record of 13-5 and 11-2 in the league the girls basketball team has captured the Sullivan Division Championship.  They had lost to Norwell on Feb. 3 which meant that the two teams could have tied for the title but Norwell lost to East Bridgewater last Friday night, giving Rockland the championship alone.  With two freshmen in the starting line-up the team was perhaps not  not expected to do as well as they have. Here is Jayden Libby’s story on the girls’ season.


The 2016-2017 boys basketball team have won their second league title in a row.

The boys basketball team is the final team to win the SSL Sullivan Division championship.  They did that on Feb. 15 with a great win against Norwell, 62-57.  It went down to the wire but the Dogs prevailed. Here is Jake Lauria’s story on the boys’ season.

And although the swim team did not win a title, they worked hard this year.  Here is Josh Thompson’s story about the swim team.

Four teams, four titles! It’s been a great winter season 2016-2017, and as always, it’s a great day to be a Dog!

The schedule for upcoming games is on the right column of this website.

Bulldog Nation will hopefully support all the teams in their last regular season games so that they can get good seedings for the postseason play-offs.

RHS Annual Mini Golf Coming Monday!


Successful Season for RHS Mock Trial Team

Jasmin Morse, Veritas Web Editor



Back, left to right: Doug Reardon, Emily Delaney, Jeffre Donahue, Jasmin Morse, Elizabeth Kelley, Leo Field. Front, left to right: Corey MacDonald, Harry Hunter, Abigail Condon, Caitlin Cameron, Jad Bendarkawi.

For months now the Rockland High School Mock Trial teams have been preparing their arguments, studying their affidavits, and running numerous rehearsals of the case in preparation for their meets in January and February.

The team is coached by history teachers Randall Grimmett and Gregory Rowe.

The prosecution team included attorneys seniors Emily Delaney, Leo Field,  Doug Reardon, junior Harry Hunter, and sophomores Elizabeth Kelley and Jasmin Morse. The prosecution witnesses included sophomores Abby Condon, Caitlin Cameron, and senior Jeffre Donahue.

The prosecution had two meets in the season. The first was against Whitman Hanson where Rockland was able to pull off their first win of the season on January 25. Their next meet was on January 31 against Thayer where they put in quite the fight, but in the end lost.

On the other side, the defense team went against Braintree on February 8. The defense included sophomore John Ellard as the defendant. Attorneys included seniors Emily Delaney, Doug Reardon, and Leo Field, junior Harry Hunter, and sophomore, Jasmin Morse. Witnesses were senior Corey MacDonald, and freshman Jad Bendarkawi. In the end, the defendant was found guilty, although Rockland won in  points scoring.

Overall, RHS Mock Trial had a successful season after putting in much hard work and effort. This year, Mock Trial will be losing seniors Emily Delaney, Leo Field, Corey MacDonald, Harry Hunter, Jeffre Donahue, and Doug Donahue who will all be leaving the team on a high note.

SEMSBA Music Festival Auditions and Results


Five music students from Rockland High School and the Rogers Middle School recently auditioned for the SEMSBA Music Festival. From left: Olivia Janis, Sean Vo, Olivia Jones, Lauren Zaremba and Erin Field. photo courtesy of Lindsay Crook.

This past Saturday, February 4, auditions were held for the SOUTHEASTERN MASSACHUSETTS SCHOOL BANDMASTERS ASSOCIATION’s (SEMSBA) Music Festival, an annual music festival that includes a concert band and a chorus. It’s divided into Junior SEMSBA and Senior SEMSBA . Senior SEMSBA is strictly limited to high school music students, whereas Junior SEMSBA is normally limited to middle school music students.  Freshmen in high school have the option of auditioning for either. Sign-ups are just permission slips that have to be brought home to be filled out by the student and parent and brought back with a fee to a music teacher.

On Saturday, seniors Sean Vo and Lauren Zaremba auditioned for Senior SEMSBA chorus as a tenor and Senior SEMSBA band on tenor saxophone respectively. Junior Erin Field and freshman Olivia Janis auditioned for Senior SEMSBA chorus as sopranos. Seventh grader Olivia Jones auditioned for Junior SEMSBA band on clarinet.

The results were released on Sunday, February 5.  Vo and Field made it for the choir and Zaremba made it for the concert band. Janis and Jones did well in the auditions and gained experience for next year. The three upperclassmen will head to Durfee High School on March 24 and March 25 to participate in the Senior SEMSBA festival.

Rockland SGC Hosts Special Olympics Bocce Tournament

photos by Maddie Gear

Maddie Gear, Veritas Staff

The unified bocce tournament took place on Sunday the 29th at Rockland High School. This tournament was played by kids from all across Massachusetts, as well as their special education programs,” said Noelle Atkins, president of Rockland’s Student Government Council.  Sixteen Massachusetts high schools took part in the tournament.

Not only was it a good chance for Rockland High students to get community service hours but it was a chance to participate in something truly amazing.

“The unified bocce tournament is a Special Olympics event where kids from all across Massachusetts come together to play bocce with their special education program.” says Atkins.

Many of Rockland’s Pathway students participated.

For more about the tournament see the next issue of the Veritas which will be published next week on Feb. 14

Hockey Team Takes SSL Title


Celebrating after a goal against Abington last week. photo courtesy of Kelley Reale


The hockey team SSL Champions for 2016-2017. photo courtesy of Kelley Reale

The RHS hockey team has done it!  With a 3-2 win over Middleboro/Hull on Sunday night the team captured the South Shore League title.  They are undefeated in the league and after another victory on Wednesday, Feb. 1 against Coyle-Cassidy, 2-1, they hold a 14-0-2 record.

The SSL title is the hockey team’s first  in 24 years and only the 2nd title that they have won as outright champs (86). It is the 3rd title in school history overall.

HNIB has the Dogs ranked fifth in D3 after  two victories and a tie last week.  Rockland beat Abington, 5-1, and Middleboro/Hull, 3-2, and tied Cohasset, 2-2.


Seniors and coaches

Seniors and coaches

For more about the hockey team’s great season, and an interview with Coach Mike Flaherty, check out the next edition of the Veritas newspaper due out on Valentine’s Day!

Students Receive Awards at School Committee Meeting


Luana Lima and Dr. Cron.


Noelle Atkins and Mr. Harrison

January 27, 2017

On Monday, January 23, at the Rockland School Committee meeting, two Rockland High School seniors received awards recognizing their academic and extracurricular achievements.

Superintendent of School, Dr. Alan Cron presented Rockland High School senior, Luana Lima with the Massachusetts Association of School Superintendents’ Academic Excellence Award. Dr. Cron said that Luana is “exceptional academically.” She is a member of the National Honor Society, Images Magazine. the math team, and the concert band, and is a peer mentor. Luana has achieved honor roll each term and received the St. Michael’s Book Award last spring.

At the same meeting Rockland High School Principal John Harrison presented senior Noelle Atkins with the Massachusetts Secondary School Administrators’ Association Student Achievement Principal’s Award. Principal Harrison said, “Noelle holds one of the highest leadership positions in the school as president of the student government council.” She is also a member of the National Honor Society, and received the foreign language academic achievement award last spring and has been recognized as an academic achiever in English and mathematics.  Principal Harrison cited her ability “to balance an excellent academic record with all the things she does outside of the school day.”

Harvard Model Congress Students Want You to Dine at the 99


January 27, 2017

RHS students are raising money to attend the Harvard Model Congress Conference in Boston over February vacation.
They will be hosting a Dining for a Cause night this Monday, January 30, from 5-10 p.m. at the WEYMOUTH 99 Restaurant on Route 18.

Below is the form you can bring in or show on your phone.
They will also have raffles for gift baskets on sale.

Harvard Model Congress

This group attended Harvard Model Congress last year.

Harvard Model Congress is the “largest government simulation conference in the world,”  according to its website. It gives students the opportunity to see firsthand how government works. The Boston conference is one of several held throughout the country. Students who attended the conference last year spent four days and three nights in Boston. Read about last year’s conference here.

So, come to the 99 in Weymouth on Monday night to support our Harvard Model Congress students.


RHS Mock Trial team wins

mock-trial-teamJasmin Morse, Veritas Web Editor

January 26, 2017

Yesterday, on January 26, 2017 Rockland’s Mock Trial team won their first meet of the season at Brockton District Court House. They won their case and also won point-wise.

The team unfortunately had to miss their F Bock final in order to argue their case against Whitman-Hanson’s Mock Trial team. At yesterday’s trial, Rockland played the role of prosecution and W-H was defense.

Senior Emily Delaney was a stand-out for Rockland. She was one of the attorneys and provided the opening statement and cross-examined the defendant of the case.

Next Tuesday the team will be facing Braintree at Brockton District Court House at 1 pm.

Prosecution Roles 
Emily Delaney 
Leo Field
Elizabeth Kelley
Jasmin Morse
Harry Hunter
Doug Reardon


Caitlin Cameron, Abby Condon, Jeffre Donahue

John Ellard was RHS time keeper.

Rockland holds annual Poetry Out Loud Competition

Jasmin Morse, Veritas Web Editor

On January 20 in the RMS/RHS Lecture Hall, Rockland High held its annual poetry recitation competition.

This event was hosted by Rockland Schools’ English Department Head, Carol Cahill. The event was made up of two rounds; in each round contestants from all grade levels recited one poem in front of three judges, who were Karen Bonn, Bill Boyer, and Jake Carey.

After many good performances, sophomore, John Ellard came in third place. Sophomore, Adiza Alasa came in second. First place winner was senior, Genesis Rojas.

Rojas will soon be participating in the regional competition that will take place in South Yarmouth. She will compete for a chance to go on to the State Finals.

Veritas News Broadcast January 18, 2017

The Rockland High School Journalism class presents its latest news broadcast, the first of 2017. Anchors are senior editors, Sophie McLellan and Sean Vo. Reporting for the Esten School report are Erin Kearns and Maddie Gear. The production crew includes: On camera: Maddie Gear, Jake Lauria and Julian Tarpey; Floor director: Brittany Keefe; Audio: Lucas Freitas; Teleprompter: Jayanna Parham; Director: Jayden Libby

Chris Herren speaks at RHS

Jasmin Morse, Veritas Web Editor

This morning, RHS students and faculty congregated in the RMS/RHS auditorium to listen to the story and message of drug abuse and self-confidence from Chris Herren. This event was sponsored by Dan Biggins, Rockland school committee chairman.

The ex-Celtics star spoke of his high school drug abuse leading into his professional basketball career and overdoses. He explained the impact drugs have on families and provoked many high school students to contemplate their decisions and ask themselves “Why?”.

His story and message, although saddening, was quite inspirational. He went from overdosing four times on heroin to being someone his children can look up to and admired by many. Herren suggested others can bounce back just as he has if they make the effort. He urged students to be someone younger family members can look up to and to be someone their parents could be proud of while sharing the stories he has encountered on his journey.

All in all, Herren’s speech was inspirational and eye opening to many.

The RHS students and faculty would like to thank Mr. Herren for his wonderful presentation and to Mr. Biggins for this generous event.


Eventful Day and Night at Rockland High School Tomorrow

Students at Rockland High School will have an early release day tomorrow (12:30 pm), Friday, January 13, leading into the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday / long weekend. But before their weekend begins students will be attending an assembly in the morning.

Chris Herren captivated RHS students with his life story aimed at showing the horrific effects of addiction.

Four years ago Chris Herren captivated RHS students with his life story aimed at showing the horrific effects of addiction.

Former Boston Celtics basketball player, Chris Herren will visit RHS at 9 am to speak to students about the dangers of substance abuse leading to addiction.  He speaks from personal experience and his message is a powerful one.  Herren visited RHS  four and a half years ago in Sept. 2012 (story here and interview with Chris Herren here )

Students have been asked to wear purple to support the Purple Project Initiative that Herren has established.

Chris Herren's powerful book about his addiction to alcohol, pain killers and heroin is available at Barnes and Noble, and can also be downloaded on your Kindle or Nook devices.

Chris Herren’s powerful book about his addiction to alcohol, pain killers and heroin is available at Barnes and Noble, and can also be downloaded on your Kindle or Nook devices.

The next events of note will happen in the gym and the auditorium.

The girls basketball team will play Norwell at 6:30 pm to see if they climb into a tie for the SSL league lead with the undefeated Lady Clippers.  Should be a great game.  Over in Norwell the boys will also take on Norwell in another game of meaning.


In the auditorium at 7:15 pm the first in the series of Jazz performances and jazz culture experiences will be taking place.  Talkin’ Bout Jazz will feature the RHS and RMS band members performing and learning about the jazz experience.  Students can attend for free and adults are welcome for a small donation of $5.

This project is made possible by the Rockland Education Foundation and the RHS Music Boosters.

John Piazza, Rockland Music Director said, “We’re trying to build a jazz culture in Rockland starting with this first concert/clinic exposing kids to an approach that gets to the root of how jazz is really learned. The concert/clinics that follow will expose students to seasoned jazz musicians who will speak about their process, tell stories and answer questions. Most importantly, students and the Rockland community will experience jazz music live in an intimate setting. It’s an up close and personal approach.”

Voice of Democracy Winners

Rockland High School Voice of Democracy Contest winners received awards at a ceremony at the VFW on January 5. From left: Old Colony Post 1788 Commander Joe Pollini; RHS freshman Jad Bendarkawi, 2nd place winner; Rockland High School Principal John Harrison; RHS senior Sophie McLellan, 3rd place winner; Scholarship Committee Chairman, Claire Payne; RHS sophomore Meaghan McDonough, 1st place winner; and Old Colony Post 1788 Voice of Democracy Chairman Jeffrey Najarian. Veritas photo

Rockland High School Voice of Democracy Contest winners received awards at a ceremony at the VFW on January 5. From left: Old Colony Post 1788 Commander Joe Pollini; RHS freshman Jad Bendarkawi, 2nd place winner; Rockland High School Principal John Harrison; RHS senior Sophie McLellan, 3rd place winner; Scholarship Committee Chairman, Claire Payne; RHS sophomore Meaghan McDonough, 1st place winner; and Old Colony Post 1788 Voice of Democracy Chairman Jeffrey Najarian. Veritas photo

Veritas Staff Report

Some students in David Murphy’s Digital Media and Journalism classes may not  have been excited about an essay assignment last November in which they had to write on the theme,  “My Responsibility to America.”

But, for three students it paid off… literally.

Three students were awarded first, second and third place prizes by the Rockland Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Old Colony Post 1788 in the local “Voice of Democracy” competition.

First prize ($150) went to sophomore Meaghan McDonough, second ($100) to freshman Jad Bendarkawi, and third ($50) to senior Sophie McLellan.

Voice of Democracy is an annual nationwide scholarship program sponsored by the VFW. It is an audio-essay contest for high school students in grades 9-12. This year’s theme was “My Responsibility to America.”  Students were required to write an essay and then do a voice recording of it. Tapes and essays were sent to the local VFW Post judges.

McDonough’s winning essay went on to the Eastern Mass. District 12 Regional round of judging where it was awarded second place.

VFW Post 1788 Commander Joe Pollini. and Voice of Democracy Chairman Jeffrey Najarian presented the certificates along with scholarship committee chairwoman, Claire Payne.


RHS to Host Special Olympics Bocce Tournament on January 29

Team Bocce Bulldogs - Back Row: Julia DiCienzo & Keith Wiley Front Row: Michael Bodley & Caitlin Ionize

Last year’s team Bocce Bulldogs at Whitman-Hanson- Back Row: Julia DiCienzo & Keith Wiley Front Row: Michael Bodley & Caitlin Yannizzi.  Veritas file photo

Jasmin Morse, Veritas Web Editor

The Bocce Tournament scheduled on Sunday, January 8 at Rockland High School has been postponed because of the snowstorm predicted for this weekend.

The tournament will now be held on Sunday, January 29.

On that date Special Olympians and members of the Student Government Council will be participating in the annual regional Bocce Tournament.

This year, the event will be held at our very own RHS!  It will be going on from 10 am til 3 pm.

Come support our Special Olympians in the RHS gym where the tournament will be held. There will also be food sold in the cafeteria.  In the RMS gym will be the Olympic Town you can walk around and enjoy a variety of games.

Alumni Visit RHS To Give Advice To Senior Class


Alumni visited RHS on Thursday, Dec. 22

John MacDonald, Veritas Staff

The fall has come and gone, Christmas vacation is here, and soon it will be 2017.

This means the seniors are coming closer and closer to graduating. The nerves are high all around the school as seniors are deciding which college they might want to attend.

Thankfully, on Thursday, Dec. 22 close to 30 Rockland alumni were generous enough to come back and give advice to students about college. English teacher Kristen Walsh and guidance director Margie Black organized an assembly in the lecture hall where seniors got the chance to ask all the questions that are bothering and scaring them about college.

The 12 alumni on the panel were very patient and serious with the seniors, giving them great advice that they can take with them to benefit them in the future. This was truly a great experience and hopefully the seniors next year will get the same benefits that this assembly gave to this year’s seniors.

The alumni panel in the lecture hall answered questions about their college experiences.

The alumni panel in the lecture hall answered questions about their college experiences.


The 12 panelists included:

Class of 2015

Kallie Morss -UNH, Danielle Hill -Mass College of Art, Molly McDonough – Plymouth State, Richie Walls – US Marine Corps.

Class of 2016

Mark Ewell – Winthrop University, AJ Clark – Massasoit,  Caroline Kilduff – Curry College, Owen Mahoney – UMasss Boston, Joe Kimball – Bridgewater State, Matt Kirslis – Rhode Island College, Haley Macray – Bentley, Lexie Carchedi – Elon


Winter Spirit Week is Soon Approaching

Jasmin Morse, Veritas Web Editor

With Winter Holiday Break soon approaching so isn’t the Spirit Week that comes the week before! Students and teachers have the fun opportunity to celebrate the break and holidays with fun and silly themed days leading up to the break.

Last year Mr. Johnson on Cozy Day.

Former RHS Math Teacher Mr. Johnson all dressed up in his holiday onesie

Next week’s themed days are:

Monday: Cozy Day- A day dedicated to getting comfy and going to school in your comfy clothes.

Tuesday: Favorite Sports Team Day- On Tuesday you can support you favorite sports and teams, whether its a national team or RHS sports team is up to you!

Wednesday: American/Camo Day- Support you country by wearing red, white, and blue and camo on Wednesday.

Thursday: Ugly Sweater Day- Friday is the perfect day to wear the pitiful sweater you might have received as a gift last Christmas. Or just dress up in holiday themed clothing.

SGC thought it would be fun to get the teachers involved too, sooooo they have an incentive for them.  For each spirit day, whichever teacher shows the most spirit both through dress and overall attitude, they will receive a $15.00 gift card from Target.  The students on Big 5 in SGC will make the final decision at the end of each day.  SGC can’t wait to see everyone’s spirit!!!!

RHS Theatre Guild performs musical Grease

Jasmin Morse, Veritas Web Editor

On Friday, Dec. 9 and Saturday, Dec. 10 at the RHS auditorium 7 pm Rockland High Schools Theatre Guild performed the musical Grease. 

The cast and crew have been preparing for the show since October along side directors, Joanne White and Kendra Donovan. Sophie McLellan played the leading role of Sandy Dumbrowski with Ryan Struzziery playing leading man, Danny Zuko.

By the roar of RHS the days following the production it is safe to say that the production was a success. The cast and crew  were pleased with the oucome as well as the directors. The crowd thoroughly enjoyed the high energy production including fun filled songs and choreography by the award winning musical by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey.

Gearing Up For Grease

Sean Vo, Veritas Co-Editor -in-Chief

The Rockland High School Theatre Guild will perform the musical Grease on Friday, Dec. 9 and Saturday Dec. 10 at 7 pm in the Rockland High School Auditorium.

Tickets can be purchased in advance at for $6.   Tickets will also be available at the door for $8.

The cast and crew have been rehearsing since the beginning of October and directors, Joanne White and Kendra Donovan say they are pleased with the progress they have made.

Sophie McLellan has the lead role as Sandy Olsson, and Ryan Struzziery will play her leading man, Danny Zuko.

McLellan says taking part in Grease “has been amazing so far. It’s been so much fun, and I’m feeling optimistic about it.”

Shandi Austin who plays Kenickie says Grease has been “going well.” She added, “Theatre is a family and we all work very well, so just seeing everyone progressing through the show has been pleasing.”

The Theatre Guild is excited for opening night on Friday, December 9. Don’t miss this high energy production with the songs and choreography you’ll remember from the award winning musical by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey.

Shakespeare Festival Auditions Dec. 13 and 14


Do you recognize this witch from the 2013 Shakespeare Festival?

Jasmin Morse, Veritas Web Editor

Every two years or so Rockland High School puts on a highly anticipated and well put together Shakespeare Festival to commemorate the classic works of art from the great poet and playwright William Shakespeare. This spring we will be putting it on yet again.

Auditions will take place on December 13-14 in the RMS/RHS Lecture Hall. For scripts and additional information see your English teachers. Students of all ages and experience are welcome to participate.

English teacher, Ms. Walsh is in charge of the production with the help of many faculty and staff members.

The following photos are from the Shakespeare Festival in 2013.



The cast of Henry V take their bows: Danielle Hill, Lisa Howes, Christianne Daley, Pearse McNally, Chris Landy, Ryan Sugrue and John Kamande.

The cast of Henry V take their bows: Danielle Hill, Lisa Howes, Christianne Daley, Pearse McNally, Chris Landy, Ryan Sugrue and John Kamande.

Bob Gasdia and PJ Butler

Bob Gasdia and PJ Butler

Sean Vo as Caesar; Chris Catania as Mark Antony

Sean Vo as Caesar; Chris Catania as Mark Antony

Holiday Stroll Video

Many students from Rockland High School as well many Rockland citizens took part in the Holiday Stroll on Nov. 26. Enjoy the festive atmosphere in this WRPS/Veritas video!

RHS Travel Club Visits England, Ireland and Scotland

photos courtesy of Kristen Walsh

Jasmin Morse, Veritas Web Editor


Over this April Vacation, alongside the Guatemala Trip, other RHS students and staff traveled to England, Ireland and Scotland.

The trip consisted of 46 students chaperoned by six RHS faculty members. According to the leader of the RHS Travel Club, Kristen Walsh, everything went well. She said, “[The kids] had good attitudes, were open minded.” She also reflected upon the awesome tour guides they had that were funny, yet extremely informative about places and history that might be unfamiliar to most students.

Ms. Walsh said the crowd favorite was probably Edinburgh in Scotland. She explained that the city was very different from the ones we are used to here. In Scotland, they visited Edinburgh Castle.

Another beloved spot was London, England where they spent three days. One of the favorite spots on the trip was the London Eye, a giant Ferris wheel on the South Bank of the River Thames in London, that they visited at night.  She said it gave them  a “cool view.”

They also spent four days in Ireland: two days in Northern Ireland, as well as two in Dublin. In Northern Ireland they spent some time at Giant’s Causeway, a formation of rocks the students had the opportunity to climb.Ms. Walsh explained she thoroughly enjoyed the tour guides who discussed subjects like the problems and conflicts that have taken place in the country, and made them funny and enjoyable to learn about.

It was an enjoyable trip that also gave cultural and historical lessons to the Rockland High School students.

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