Summer Reading Has Many Benefits

June 21, 2022

Shannon Gustin, Veritas Features Editor

This summer at Rockland High School, the RHS library is hosting a summer reading program, directed by Ms. Kemp, the librarian for RHS and RMS. Even though it is optional, students are encouraged to participate in the event.

 Ms. Kemp says, “I made this optional since so many classes assign work, and being required to read would only make people want to read less. I want the students to enjoy reading  and not see it as just another assignment.”

This year Ms. Kemp put together a list of books that she hoped people would resonate with and be interested in. The books students can choose from are, Einstein’s Dreams by Alan Lightman, Storm in a Teacup: The Physics of Everyday Life by Helen Czerski, The Many Worlds of Albie Bright by Christopher Edge, I Must Betray You by Ruta Sepetys, The Happiest Man on Earth by Eddie Jaku, Life in a Jar: The Irena Sendler Project by Jack Mayer, How to Stop Time by Matt Haig, Breaking Night: A Memoir of Forgiveness, Survival, and My Journey from Homeless to Harvard by Liz Murray, The Field Guide to the North American Teenager by Ben Philippe, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time by Mark Haddon, The Grapes of Math: How Life Reflects Numbers and Numbers Reflect Life by Alex Bellos and The Housekeeper and the Professor by Yoko Ogawa.

 “I want students to be inspired and want to read, so I chose books that reflect differences in people’s likes with many different genres” Ms. Kemp stated.

Some of the books that she liked the most and the ones she recommended are Storm in a Teacup: The Physics of Everyday Life by Helen Crzerski which is about how ordinary objects relate to problems like Climate Change and energy crisis. Crzerski introduces Physics in a way that many can understand and makes it less daunting. 

Another favorite was, Life in a Jar: The Irena Sendler Project by Jack Mayer, which is about Irena Sendler, a hero in World War 2, she saved 2500 Jewish children from the horrors of Auschwitz but her story went unnoticed, and 60 years later three students want to learn more about her why she is not heard of for a research project.

After the students pick and read their book they would complete a project where they would redesign a book cover that shows their interpretation of the book they chose.  The design would include:

  • Title
  • Author
  • Visual representation of a theme within the book
  • Meaningful quote that reflects an important aspect of the book. Students should be able to explain why the quote was chosen during our RHS Library Takeover in September.
  • Students will use Canva to complete their projects. Completed covers should be emailed to by September 9th

Then at the beginning of the year, students will be called down on September 23, during G block to participate in The RHS Library Takeover. During the takeover, there will be a book chat, serving of refreshments and a display of students’ redesigned covers. Ms. Kemp is hoping that through this takeover students would make connections with new people and celebrate reading.  

Our school hasn’t hosted summer reading since 2019 before COVID-19 hit our community. But before the virus each year the number of students who participated varied. Ms. Kemp as well as many RHS teachers are encouraging students to participate in the event. 

“Reading strengthens literacy skills, promotes empathy, heightens English skills, a celebration of works, and reading is good for the brain, so I think all students should make an effort to participate in summer reading this year” explained Ms. Kemp. 

A few students have mentioned that they like the idea but do not think they have the time for it. Freshman Melia Olinek thinks that summer reading is a cool program but doesn’t think a lot of students will be doing it because of all the work they have already. 

She states, “I will not be doing it this year. I am taking honors English next year and I have to read a book for that. I think it is important and I love to do it but also I want time to relax and not think about school. ” 

Sophomore Meghan Gustin says, “I won’t be doing the summer reading this year because I already have many assignments from other teachers, and with work, I don’t think I will have any free time if I do the reading.”

Sophomore, Thomas Enman, had an opposite opinion on summer reading. “Over the summer reading has been easy and isn’t even bad. I honestly find it kind of fun when I get to do it on my own time.” 

But some students don’t feel they will have enough time, especially since many teachers at RHS are assigning other work to get ready for their classes in the fall. 

Some students have expressed that if it was mandatory or graded they would do the reading. But since it’s not they don’t feel it’s as important as other activities this summer. 

The book options have been sent out to every student and if parents or students want additional information they can visit Aspen / X2 in the announcements section to get the link to titles and descriptions for each book. 

Nicole Cedrone and Cameron Babcock also contributed to this report.

Senior Awards Night

June 2, 2022

Senior Awards Night was held on Thursday evening, June 2, in the auditorium. The awards included scholarship recipients, athletic award winners and academic awards winners. A highlight of the night was the awarding of the Valedictorian Award to Monalisa Almeida and the Yearbook dedication to English teacher, Chad Bigsby.

Below are the recipients and some photos from the evening.


WOMAN’S COACHES AWARD –  Hannah Higgins and Jessica Esposito (Senior female student/athlete) 

 VICKI SOLARI AWARD –  Madison Smith (Most inspirational female athlete) 

SENIOR FEMALE ATHLETIC AWARD – Julia Elie  (Top senior female athlete) 

MARION MANSFIELD DONOVAN AWARD –  Julia Elie (Top female student/athlete) 

JOHN BELL BULLDOG AWARD – Jordan Stec and James Evers III (Male and Female who play over and above abilities

PETER J. CROWLEY AWARD – Brett Armstrong. (Top senior male athlete)

JOSEPH DONDERO AWARD – Conor Leavitt. (Top male student/athlete) 

LOUIS CIFELLO AWARD (Two)  Mateo Vasques and Jacob Higgins (Most inspirational male athlete) 

JOSEPH DUNN AWARD – Mark Dalton II (Top student/athlete football player) 

WARREN NAJARIAN BULLDOG PRIDE AWARD – Greta Willis and Peter Celestino (Male and Female athletes that never give up) 

MADELINE LANNIN-COTTON AWARD – Julia Elie. (Top Student Female Athlete/Basketball Player)

JOHN DELOREY AWARD – Madison Murphy, Adam Beatrice and Justin Cronin (Female and Male athletes that exemplify sportsmanship)  

CHARLES E. LEVERONE AWARD –  Kameron Christ and Maggie Flaherty (Top Male and Female Track athletes)

ROBERT ELLIS AWARD –  Ramzey Youssef. (Top Student Male Athlete/Basketball Player)

Recipients of “The Good Guy” Scholarship in memory of Jared Lewis Quirk

Patrick J. Sullivan Memorial Scholarship – Conor Leavitt   1,500.00 

“The Good Guy” Scholarship in memory of Jared Lewis Quirk

Beatriz Lopes, Emma Krog, Olivia Campbell, Riley Taylor, Conor Leavitt, McKenzie Leavitt, Madison Murphy, Olivia Dalton

Robert J. and Christine J. Biggins Courage Award  –  Grace Meacham –$1,500.00

Specialist Matthew Pollini Memorial Scholarship – Adam Pollard – $1,000.00 

Andrew James Lawson Foundation Scholarship –  Madison Murphy – $1000.00

Krysta Doherty Memorial Scholarship –  Julia Lynch    

Skarbek/Bober Teacher Scholarship – Christa Pollard – $16,000.00

The Jimbo Award – Mark Dalton – $300.00 

Rockland/Hanson Rotary Community Service Award – Olivia Dalton, Maria Pala

The John Mahoney Memorial Award Scholarship  – Justin Crowley  $100.00  

The Edward Sokolowski Award –  Jenna Whitten  $100.00  

Reuben A. & Lizzie Grossman Foundation Award – Monalisa Almeida, Adam Pollard -$750.00  

Spellman Oratorical Winners – Ava LaBollita (first $1,200) ; Olivia Jones (second $1,000)  ; Kathleen Nee (third $700) ; Leah Leonard (fourth $500) ; Madison Smith (fifth $300) , Daniel O’Brien, Christa Pollard and Callie Gillan (sixth $100) 

Share the Spirit Award (S.H.A.R.E. – Selfless Helpers Assisting Rockland Everyday) – Madison Murphy  $300.00  

National Honor Society – Monalisa Almeida, Olivia Jones, Leah Leonard, Olivia Golemme, Mikayla Andre, Kaileigh Fulton, Callie Gillan, Julia Elie, Madison Smith, Het Patel, Kameron Christ, McKenzie Leavitt,Ava LaBollita, Carolyn Lage, Connor Leavitt, Kathleen Nee, Ngan Nguyen, Daniel O’Brien, Maria Pala, Charlie Succar, Ramzey Youssef

Military Acknowledgments Adam Pollard

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Senior Academic Letters (Excellence In Education) – Hannah Higgins, Kaitlin Keefe, Jessica Esposito, Stephanie Alvarenga, Mikayla Andre, Adam Beatrice,  Kameron Christ, Victoria Crowley, Olivia Dalton                                                                                                                                                

Community Service Award – Monalisa Almeida

High Honors First Three Terms This Year – Monalisa Almeida, Jenna Whitten

Advanced Placement Scholars – 

AP ScholarsOlivia Jones, Ava LaBollita, Madison Smith   

AP Scholar with Honor Monalisa Almeida, Ramzey Youssef  

The Phoenix Award – Mark Gilmore 

The Ann E. Phelps Make a Difference Award –  Ngan Nguyen 

Seal of Biliteracy Awards – Yasmin DeSouza, Luis Araujo, Beatriz Lopes,  Kevin Matos Donorato Soares Campos

Massachusetts Secondary School Administrators’ Association Student Achievement  Principal’s Award – Callie Gillan 

 Massachusetts Association of School Superintendents Academic Excellence Award –   Monalisa Almeida 

Valedictorian  –   Monalisa Almeida

Yearbook dedication – Jillian Mitchell to Chad Bigsby


Art presented by Mrs. Cheryl Thompson to James Killion, Ava Glushik

English presented by Mrs. Kendra Donovan to Leah Leonard, Daniel O’Brien

History/Social Science presented by Mr. Richard MacAllister to Charlie Succar, Olivia Golemme

Mathematics presented by Mr. Steve Casagrande toRamzey Youssef, Madison Smith

Music presented by Mr. John Piazza to Adam Pollard, Lily Meola-Afienko

Family Consumer Science presented by Mrs. Adrienne Donovan toMax Huggins, Abigail Spengler

Construction Technology  William Maynard-Pimental, Kathleen Nee

Physical Education Kameron Christ, Greta Willis

Science Olivia Golemme, Ngan Nguyen

World Language/Spanish   presented by Mrs. Melissa Shaughnessy to Leah Leonard, Kaileigh Fulton

World Language/French presented by Mrs. Julie Dore to Ava LaBollita, Jenna Whitten


Seniors Visit Elementary Schools and Middle School to Say Goodbye

June 2, 2022

Nicole Cedrone, Veritas Editor-in-Chief

On Thursday, June 2nd, the Seniors of RHS went around to some of their old schools to do their Senior walk-through and say hello to the new generation of students. Before they left, they had breakfast together and reminisced over all of the amazing memories that were captured in the yearbook. 

 Good luck Class of 2022, you all will do amazing things!!

Photos taken by Shannon Gustin, Veritas Feature Editor

Video taken by Hailey Christianson, Veritas Web Editor 

The Last Veritas of the Year

Here’s a pdf version of the last issue of the Veritas that came out on May 24. We will continue to cover the senior and underclassmen events during the month of June. You can still get a paper copy of the Veritas if you go to Room 124, the Journalism room.

Rockland Welcomes Back the Arts Festival!

May 2, 2022

Shannon Gustin, Veritas Feature Editor

This year on May 4th and 5th the annual RHS Arts Festival will return to the high school. The event will run on both days from 6:00 to 8:30 pm. The Arts Festival hasn´t been held since 2019. This year will be the 49th year of having the festival.

Rockland High School art teachers Kata Medeiros and Cheryl Thompson both  expressed their excitement for this event after not having it for 2 years because of COVID-19. Mrs. Thompson said, “The Art Dept. is excited to bring the Arts Festival back after a two-year hiatus. We are so happy to see so much involvement from students, staff, and members of the community.”

Ms. Medeiros added, “We are very excited to have the Arts Festival running again; the Art Department loves showcasing all the work our talented artists create.

 Artwork from all grade levels throughout the district will be displayed along with many other exhibits and activities.  On Wednesday, The Blue Dog Cafe, an open mic event, will be hosted in the RHS/RMS library. On Thursday night the chorus and band will be performing in the auditorium.

There will also be activities such as a a community Unity String Art Project run by Daring Discussions on Thursday night in front of the middle school, along with a GSA face-painting table, and a Student Council scavenger hunt which will be running throughout both days of the festival.  Exhibits include K-12 Art, Preschool and Daycare art, as well as projects by Woodshop, and Robotics, along with activities such as hands-on STEAM projects, and interactive science and art projects.  

Lots of planning goes into this event over the course of the school year. The Art Department started planning this event in early November to be ready for the large event. Ms. Medeiros explained, “We have had several meetings with people who are participating in the Arts Festival. We have had members of Reimagine Rockland, Rockland Recreation, Rockland Farmers Market, and much more join us to help plan the event.” 

The Arts Festival has returned to Rockland after 2 years.  Many students and staff are excited to see this event come back. Both teachers, Mrs. Thopmson and Ms. Medeiros are hoping to see a large turnout as in years past. 


Here’s some photos from past festivals


Spellman Oratorical Contestants Explore “The Other”

KODAK Digital Still Camera

April 14, 2022

The annual Spellman Oratorical Contest was held on Wednesday evening, April 13 in the lecture hall.

This year eight seniors presented their essays on the question of how literature and art explore the experience of otherness and thus provoke a reevaluation of biases and perceptions in the process.

The Spellman Oratorical contest provides not only the opportunity for seniors to explore important aspects of art and literature but also distributes prize money which each year is given by the Ellen Conway Spellman Foundation to the winners of the essay/oratorical contest.

This year Ava LaBollita received the grand prize of $1200 for her essay which discussed the otherness of the characters in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and Out of My Mind.  Her essay also encouraged people to read literature in order to break down walls.  “Exploring otherness will help expose previous biases toward those different from us and also bring us closer together… we can also get one step closer to understanding the experience of the other.”

In second place was Olivia Jones who received $1000 for her speech which focused on the characters in “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” and the screenplay Legally Blonde.

Third place ($700) went to Kathleen Nee who explored the theme of otherness in Beowulf and Wicked.

Fourth place ($500) was won by Leah Leonard for her essay on the Lord of the Flies and The Kite Runner.

Fifth place ($300) went to Madison Smith.  She discussed two novels and one novella, “The Metamorphosis,” Farhrenheit 451 and The Giver.

Sixth, Seventh and Eighth place were awarded in no particular order to Dan O’Brien, Christa Pollard and Callie Gillan.  They received $100 each.  O’Brien spoke about The Lord of the Flies and Othello; Pollard’s thesis concerned the need to read works by authors who themselves are “others” such as Zora Neale Hurston who wrote Their Eyes Were Watching God; Gillan’s essay focused on Boo Radley in To Kill a Mockingbird. and on Jay Gatsby in The Great Gatsby.

English teacher Chris Neal was the master of ceremonies. He introduced each contestant and the judges who included Karen Bonn, Steve Waisgerber and Christina Kelly who are all RHS graduates.  Contestants were judged on delivery, content, diction and poise.  The essays were between 500-1000 words and were chosen out of a larger pool of submissions.  The contest is open to any RHS senior.

Monalisa Almeida was also chosen as a finalist but she was not able to attend the contest on Wednesday night.

Congratulations to all who participated!

Here is the link to a video produced by WRPS:

Shrek the Musical gets great reviews

April 12, 2022

Nicole Cedrone, Veritas Editor in Chief

On Friday, March 25th, and Saturday, March 26th Shrek the Musical came to Rockland High School. The Rockland Drama Club mixed with middle and high school students worked extremely hard to put together this amazing performance.

The whole process took about 3 months to pull it all together. RHS has not been able to perform a musical in the past 3 years due to COVID. The last musical that was planned was Mary Poppins in 2020 but it was never performed.

About 400 people came to support the cast and crew each night of the show. The band, crew, and cast did a phenomenal job and deserved to have that many people come to see all their hard work. 

Mr. Steve Bergman, the new head of the drama club, and his family helped bring Shrek the Musical to life. Mr. Bergman was the musical director and played the keyboard throughout the performance; his wife was the director, and their daughter, Emily was the choreographer. All of them helped guide the students into their roles and made everything possible. In the past, Mr. Bergman has been involved in many theater productions and he found Shrek to be “a wonderful way to present a wide variety of stories to audiences.” 

Mr. Bergman states, “There can certainly be days when everyone is a little tired, which can cause people to become grumpy, not the character, during a rehearsal. However any time there appeared to be a stressful situation, those involved would talk it out, and the situation would calm itself down, to go on preparing the show.” 

Allyson Leary played the character Pinocchio. She has been a part of drama club for some time now and loves being able to showcase her musical talents. She said that she loved when the Bergmans took over the drama club and is excited about their new theater view. 

Allyson states, “The most exciting part of being in the musical was getting to work with the new directors and choreographers. They were all pleasures to work with and I can’t wait to work with them again next year.

The actors/actresses had to overcome many obstacles such as learning the songs and routines on time. Songs like “I am a Believer” and “Freak Flag” were crowd favorites. During “Freak Flag” the crowd was waving their flags to be a part of the show.

Senior Ngan Nguyen, was the fairy godmother and also performed ensemble roles. With this being her last performance opportunity she was glad she was able to pursue her theater dream. 

Ngan states, “Over the months, I was able to meet and know some of the most wonderful and amazing people and cast/crew I could ever ask for. Throughout the process and on the show we laugh, smile, and cry together. We all share some of the memorable and wonderful moments. I like to believe that this production brought people together and created wonderful and unforgettable friendships and memories.” 

With it being 3 years since RHS put on a musical it was well worth the wait! Great job everyone!

Here are photos courtesy of the Yearbook.  Click on one photo to start the gallery.

We Will Miss You Graz!

Cameron Babcock, Veritas Sports Editor

In April, Rockland athletic director Gary Graziano will be retiring. He started working at Rockland High School on March 1st, 1998. and served as our athletic director for 19 years, starting in 2004.

Taking his place as athletic director is varsity soccer coach and teacher in the high school transitions program, Dan Kimball. 

Mr. Graziano will be retiring on April 14.  His last day as AD is today, March 31.  Mr. Kimball will be taking the position on April 1.

Dr. Harrison said in his March newsletter, “…Mr. Graziano has been a fixture as a guidance counselor, coach, and most recently, an athletic director. He has certainly left his mark in our community, raising the standard for our athletic programs.”

Principal Harrison also expressed his feelings about Mr. Kimball’s appointment as the new AD: “I have complete confidence Mr. Kimball will do an exceptional job in this new role!”

Undoubtedly, students and teachers are going to miss their athletic director after working and experiencing history with him over the years. Even students that haven’t been able to experience the full scale of high school and sports alongside Graz are sad that he is leaving. Sophomore and three sport athlete Jacob Comman explained, “Personally, I loved Graz being the athletic director through my first two years of high school. I’ll miss how involved Graz is, his closeness with the students, and his humor. Overall, my experience with Graz has been awesome.”  

Mr. Graziano was recently inducted into the RHS Athletic Hall of Fame.  He is also an honorary member of the National Honor Society at RHS.  And he’s even been the King!

The Veritas’ complete interview with Mr. Graziano about his retirement and his memories at RHS and more reactions from students and staff will be published in our next edition.

Here’s an article that was in the Enterprise this week about Graz.

Graz was inducted into the Rockland High School Athletic Hall of Fame as a player, coach and athletic director in November. Mr. Damon did the honors introducing Graz and talking about his many accomplishments at RHS.

Freshman Regan Glennon Is Our Winner!

March 30, 2022

Freshman Regan Glennon is the winner of the Veritas’ contest to name the 20 teachers at Rockland High School who are alumni of RHS.

Regan can come down to Mr. Murphy’s office at WRPS Wednesday or Friday to pick up her Chipotle gift card!

Congratulations to Regan!

Here are the teachers submitted by Regan.

Mr. Liquori – math

Ms. Penney – social studies

Mr. Novio –  science/substitute

Mr. Casagrande – math

Mr. Anzalone – math

Mrs.  Mulready -math

Mr. Damon – Dean/math

Ms.  Cahill – English

Mr.  Kimball – English / AD

Mrs.  Newcomb – Phys. Ed

Mrs.  McGonnigal – Special Ed

Ms.  McKenna – Social Studies

Mr. Peter Harrison – Science

Mr.  Rowe – Social Studies

Mr. Doyle – Phys. Ed

Mrs. Phelps – Health

Mr.  Graziano – Athletic Director

Ms. Lannin-Cotton – Journalism

Ms. Paulding – Asst. Principal

Ms. Medeiros – Art

Here is the story that appeared in the March Veritas print edition with interviews with three of these alumni/teachers.

Shannon Gustin, Veritas Features Editor

Over the years many teachers who attended RHS have returned to pass on their legacy as teachers and inspirations to many.

The high school has changed since many of these students graduated, from the new building to new subjects being taught.

One teacher that returned to Rockland High is social studies teacher Kara Penney.  She graduated from Rockland High School in 2015.

“My high school experience had some ups and downs and it was all the teachers at RHS that my friends and I could rely on to help us. I am still very appreciative for all the support RHS teachers gave me and my friends,” said Ms. Penney.

Over the seven years since she graduated from RHS, many things have changed.  “There have been a lot more state championship games and victories than when I was in high school!”

She continued, “In all seriousness, RHS offers a lot more opportunities for classes and preparing for what happens when you graduate as long as you take advantage of the opportunities.”

Returning to teach history, she says, “Since I got to high school I loved history class; my dream was always to teach at RHS. But I also want to give back to a community that has given me so much. I am very proud to be from this town.”

Substitute teacher and AP Biology teacher Richard Novio attended RHS seven years ago. When he attended RHS he had teachers that are still teaching here today such as  Mr. Bigsby, Mr. Rowe, and Mr. Casagrande.

But he says, since 2011, the school has changed a lot.  “The best way I can describe it is taking a time machine back in time, but something broke and it’s some alternate timeline.”

He went on to explain, “A lot of the school is exactly as it was ten years ago, including most of the staff, but there are just some newer concrete blocks holding the building up, and a little better technology.”

He says, “When I went to RHS, I decided I wanted to be a teacher after one of the few classes I had with Bigsby, where something just clicked and I thought I would love to make that kind of impact on someone and also be able to share my love of English with others; and after some strange luck, I ended up teaching AP Biology once Mrs. Armstrong left.

He then went on to say, “Now that I am here, I couldn’t be happier. It’s great to be part of where I grew up and see a difference in people, and also see the huge strides Rockland has come to make this school a better and more inclusive environment than it was ten years ago.”

Another teacher that has returned to RHS to teach is Nick Liquori of the math department.  He graduated from RHS in 1995.

“I very much enjoyed my experience at RHS. I participated in football, basketball and baseball. None of the teachers that I had in school are here, now…though I do have former classmates that are now colleagues.”

Since 1995, Mr. Liquori says, “RHS has changed quite a bit. [There are] many changes due to the new middle school, but some classes were either reduced or combined with other classrooms. Locker room locations also have changed.”

After he graduated from high school and college, Mr. Liquori did not take a direct path back to RHS. He began working in the financial field. But his work in the community led him back to RHS. “I decided to become a teacher because I was coaching youth sports and I enjoyed the teaching aspect.”  As everyone knows, Mr. Liquori is now the head football coach at RHS.

Overall, 20 alumni who attended RHS when they were younger have come back and are teaching at the high school they went to right now.


Here’s a few photos of alumni/teachers that we had on file!


Shrek the Musical Opens Friday Night

Ngan Nguyen, For the Veritas

March 23, 2022

At 7 p.m. on Friday, March 25 and Saturday, March 26, the students of Rockland High School are presenting a performance: Shrek the Musical! 

Throughout the show, you will laugh, smile, and may even be a part of our show. The cast members are constantly learning, reviewing, and improving their choreography, steps, and songs. 

Everyone has tirelessly worked for months to make the performance fun and enjoyable. The cast of Shrek are very excited to be able to put on a Spring Musical for everyone.

In addition to individual roles and performers, there are mulitple ensemble roles which has given many students an opportunity to be a part of this fun show.

Tri Nguyen and McKenna Maher are playing Shrek and Fiona.  Come to the show to see who else will be playing the other roles!

Both shows begin at 7 p.m. Tickets can be purchased on-line at 

Mr. Bergman, the director of the musical said, “Rehearsals are going well.  Only one week until showtime!”


Girls Basketball Team Goes for State Championship Tomorrow at 5:30

March 17, 2022

How many schools have two teams winning a State Championship in one year!

That could happen tomorrow night as the Girls Basketball Team hopes to equal the football team’s Super Bowl victory in December by winning the Division 3 crown tomorrow night at Lowell’s Tsongas Arena when they take on St. Mary’s of Lynn.  

The girls have had a great playoff run with three home victories (Cardinal Spellman, Bishop Stang, Dover-Sherborn) and Tuesday night’s Final Four win over Medway by a score of 48-22.  

Now in the State Finals they will play St. Mary’s Spartans.  Rockland is familiar with St. Mary’s as they played them in March, 2020 in the Eastern Mass Finals at TD Garden.  The Dogs were not on the winning end then, but this year everyone in Bulldog Nation will be rooting for the Bulldogs to capture their second Division 3  crown in girls basketball in 22 years.

The game is at 5:30 pm and tickets for this game can be purchased at the door or on-line.   Let’s support the girls. Navy is the color for the game, and loud will be the volume of the cheers from our student section!

Here’s the link to buy your tickets on-line.



Girls Basketball Team Enters Elite Territory

March 10, 2022

With wins over Cardinal Spellman last Friday night (60-33), and Bishop Stang on Tuesday, March 8, (63-42) the Dogs have risen to the final 8 teams left in the Division.

On Friday night March 11, because of their ranking as #4 they will get to be home again against #5 Dover-Sherborn.

A win on Friday will put them in the Division 3 final four for a game to be played at a neutral site. 

First, they will need to once again have their home crowd behind them on Friday.  The fans have been great and not having to wear masks, they have been louder than ever!  Not since the girls tournament in  March 2020 have fans been able to go maskless, and it’s a welcome experience to see and hear them cheering in full volume!!

Leading the way for the girls will be seniors Julia Elie, the team’s leading scorer and Maddie Murphy. Also, playing supporting roles will be seniors Carolayne Lage and Jordan Stec.

Rounding out the girls line-up are juniors Sydney Blaney, Maddie Hermenau, Emma Cameron, and Charlie Kelleher and sophomores Maggie Elie who will direct the offense and Sophie Levy.

Tickets to this game must be bought ahead of time on

Coach Newcomb has said that the girls’ tournament run is “what it’s all about.”  Don’t miss it!

For more about the girls team and their season you can go to:

Good Luck to Hockey Team Today

The 2021-2022 RHS Hockey Team. photo by Chrissy D’Olympio

March 2, 2022

Cameron Babcock, Veritas Sports Editor

The Rockland High School Hockey team opens up tournament play today at Nantucket with a 2 pm game. The Dogs earned their place in the tournament with a record of 8 wins and 11 losses. However, with power rankings the Dogs landed in the #22 spot earning their match-up with #11 Nantucket.

Coach Murphy explained, “The season has gone expected in my eyes with how difficult our schedule has been. I knew it was going to be challenging for the players and the coaches, getting used to each other, adapting to a different playing/coaching style and changing the overall team aspects.” He then followed by saying, “We are really starting to gel as a team, play a style that fits our talent and getting ready to make some noise in the tournament.”

 The game starts at 2 PM and the Hyannis ferry leaves at 11:55 AM today  to Nantucket where after a bus will take people to the game.

Here’s a good explanation of how the team’s season went from Jim Clark’s Hockey Night in Boston D4 preview:

#22 Rockland (8-11-0)

First-year coach Stephen Murphy was encouraged that the Bulldogs’ tough schedule played dividends in allowing the team to qualify for the postseason.

Senior captain Jake Higgins has been a solid two-way player and leads the team with 25 points. Junior Joey Salamone has a team-high 10 goals, and Ben Romer (14 points) had a solid freshman season. Senior captain John Henry and junior Shane Kimball are other key contributors.

Juniors Sean Geary (captain) and Logan Murphy (15 points) have helped drive the offense from the back end, and junior Chris Fuller has been another solid player on the blue line in front of junior goalie Joey Dow (3.05 GAA).

“When we are on our game we are playing a fast game, controlling the pace and having fun playing the game,” Murphy said.

If the Dogs get by Nantucket they may be taking on another island opponent, as they would play the winner of Martha’s Vineyard, #6, and Monomoy, #27.

Good luck to the Dogs!

Here’s the tournament bracket.

Here’s some great photos taken by Chrissy D’Olympio. Lots more on Facebook page:


Student Government Participates in Polar Plunge

From left to right: SGC students who took part in the Polar Plunge at Nantasket Beach: Olivia Jones Maria Pala, Chelsea Amaral,
Ava Hagan , Lily O’Connel, Corine Medford, Ngan Nguyen, Madison Smith

March 1, 2022

According to Student Government Adviser, Kirsten Bartoloni, eight Rockland High School Student Council members braved the elements and plunged into the ocean on February 26th. Students attended the Polar Plunge event at Nantasket beach to raise awareness and raise money for Special Olympic programs. Several area schools took part.

This has been a long standing tradition that is sponsored by the Special Olympics of Massachusetts (SOMA). It was put on hold last year with the pandemic. The RHS kids pictured above were among the hundreds of plungers on Saturday. They collectively raised $440 for the cause!  The Nantasket Plunge raised a total of almost $140,000!

Polar Plunges are held in several locations.

Congratulations to the students in their efforts to support Special Olympics of Massachusetts.

SEMASC Conference a Success

February 18, 2022

The Rockland High School Student Council received this message below from Linda J. Francis, Executive Director of SEMASC about the successful Winter Conference hosted by Rockland High School on Thursday, Feb. 17. Rockland’s Student Government along with the SEMASC executive board worked hard to make the conference a success!

“Congratulations to Rockland High School Student Council and their advisors Kirsten Bartoloni and Kara Penney for hosting the SEMASC Winter Conference on February 17, 2022. We were 235 Delegates and 28 Advisors from 20 SEMASC schools STRONG celebrating and learning leadership training skills through Student Executive Board member led Workshops.”

“During the conference elections were held for the SEMASC 2021-2022 President-Elect/ 2022-2023 President which was won by Adam Halperin from Plymouth North High School. A fun dance, a delicious dinner, a spirited display of school flags and many energizers brought student leaders together to once again celebrate in-person student leadership training conferences.”

“Thank you to motivational speaker Dan Dufour for his entertaining, inspirational messages and Paul Branagan for sharing his heartfelt reflections of success through storytelling. Words of wisdom shared from the heart!”

Rockland SGC Advisor, Kirsten Bartoloni said, “It was great! RHS students were terrific getting the event mobilized, they were welcoming and engerenic. Underclassmen participated in leadership workshops. All was awesome.”

The SEMASC Executive Board

Carolayne Lage, President – Rockland High School

Hannah St. John, Vice President – Middleborough High School

Kaitlyn Murphy, Secretary – Foxborough Regional Charter High School

Aislinn Campbell, Publicity Coordinator- Taunton High School

Carly Quill, Webmaster – Middleborough High School

Jacob Lustig, Delegate-Quincy High School

Conor Kelleher, Delegate-Middleborough High School

Adam Halperin, President- Elect, Plymouth North High School

Linda J. Francis, Executive Director – Marshfield

Dining for a Cause TONIGHT (Feb. 17th)

This is to benefit the Rockland Drama Club and its production of Shrek the Musical on Friday March 25 and Saturday March 26 at Rockland High School.  In fact tickets are on sale now!

Both shows begin at 7pm. Click the links below to purchase your tickets!

Friday, March 25th at 7PM
Saturday March 26th at 7PM

Midyear Report

February 7, 2022

Hailey Christianson, Veritas Web Editor

As we come to the close of the first semester and enter the second, a lot has already happened in the first half of the year.  Even with the COVID pandemic still sticking around, that hasn’t stopped the students at Rockland High from their participation in events and activities for the school.  

In an interview with Dr. Harrison about how the school year has been going so far he says that the first half of the school year has been very good. “It’s been nice to see students more themselves.  It seems students are a lot happier this year, and that they’re benefiting from being in person every day. It seems that they are excited to be back and learning in their classrooms.”  

Since the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020, it has been a struggle for the adults involved in managing how to handle it, but also the students, not just in Rockland but in all schools, who have been affected the most.  They have had to make it through a pandemic while still trying to care about their education.  

COVID has affected everyone in different ways.  Throughout this year, the most that COVID has affected students at RHS is in student absences.  According to Dr. Harrison, this year student absences have been a lot higher than normal.  There have also been a lot more tardies lately.  The absences and tardies have been affecting students academically.  This has made it hard for people to go back to their everyday routines since before Covid.  

However, Dr. Harrison is most proud of the students’ resilience, the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties.  Considering the Junior class at the moment, he explains that they have not had one normal year since coming to the high school.  They had ⅔ of their freshman year, a hybrid year sophomore year, and their junior year still being in masks.  Even freshmen, they all went from being in 7th grade to being in their first year of high school.  

Mr. Harrison said that looking at what the students have had to figure out for themselves and their own education, they have become more responsible for their own education, they have become more tech-savvy throughout the last couple of years, because they had to be.  

The best part of the year, most would agree, would be the Super Bowl.  In December, the Rockland Bulldogs football team went to Gillette Stadium to play in the Division 6 Championship Super Bowl game against Abington.  They, of course, won the game but other things that make it one of the best parts of the year was the community support, the number of people that attended, the funding that went in for 100 free tickets and a free fan bus. 

Another positive part of the year has been the athletic teams being able to play their schedules and games in front of fans.  While masks are required for indoor sports, all the players have spoken about the positive impact of having their friends and family attend their games.  Also, the drama and music departments have been able to perform for audiences and a school musical (Shrek) is being planned for March.  Similarly, the travel club will be going to Belize during February vacation and our own student government is hosting the spring conference for Southeastern Massachusetts student governments at Rockland High School on Feb. 17.

Since coming back from Christmas break, there has been an increase in Covid cases not just in the school but around the country.  However, Dr. Harrison is hoping that once we hit February vacation  everything will start to get better.  He is hoping that we can “emerge from this pandemic for good.”  

In the second half of the year, we will start with midterms and end with finals as well as MCAS.  We will have gone a full year without “disruptions” in our learning.  At the end of this year students should be, mostly, caught up with all their work and academics.  Dr. Harrison says, “The kids that are taking the AP biology exam are going to do well, they’re going to do very well.  Our kids that are taking MCAS are going to do excellent because I feel like we’ve given them a normal year of education.”  The most exciting part of the year not just for Dr. Harrison, but all teachers and students, are those benchmarks at the end of the year.  The AP exams, applying to college, going to college, and just the students preparing their future plans.

The first half of our 2021-2022 school year has been both crazy and exciting, but has seen a partial return to “normal.”  So we can only hope that the second half will be even better.

Charlie Kelleher and Julia Elie battle with East Bridgewater earlier in the year.

Poetry Out Loud Held on Jan. 18 at RHS

The six POL contestants after the competition: from left, Callie Gillan, Corinne Medford, Emilly Goncalves Costa, Anabelle MacDonald, Nicole Cedrone and Maria Pala. Photo courtesy of Ms. Walsh

January 21, 2022

Nicole Cedrone, Veritas Editor-in-Chief

The Poetry Out Loud competition, a national competition in which students recite two poems, was held on January 18th at 7 pm in the RHS/RMS lecture hall. 

Six contestants competed in the lecture hall on Tuesday night. These included Callie Gillan, Maria Pala, Emilly Goncalves Costa, Anabelle MacDonald, Corinne Medford, and Nicole Cedrone.

Each contestant had to memorize two poems and compete in two rounds of recitation for each of their poems. Mrs. Kendra Donovan is the English department head and the coordinator of POL.

There were three judges who all judged in 5 categories for each competitor.
The categories are:  1. Physical Presence. 2. Voice and Articulation. 3. Dramatic Appropriateness. 4. Evidence of Understanding. 5. Overall Performance.
Each of these three judges used the same scoresheets for each poem recited.  There was also one Accuracy judge who only focused on errors/omissions.

Senior Callie Gillan was voted the winner by the judges and will be representing Rockland at the Regional Competition.  Corinne Medford and Emilly Goncalves Costa placed 2nd and 3rd. 

In past competitions, we have had nine students attend regionals, five students went to states, and two have gone to nationals in Washington DC.

Mrs. Amanda McDonough, an RHS English teacher, believes that this organization provides a great opportunity for students. She states, “The process of memorizing and reciting a poem is extremely challenging, but once a student has accomplished the task, he or she should feel pride in this accomplishment, an accomplishment many teachers would shy away from quite honestly.”

Watch the performances on WRPS Youtube.

Here are links to past Poetry Out Loud competitions.  To see more use the search tab on the Veritas’ Home page.

January, 2020

March, 2017

March, 2015

March, 2014

Savers Fundraiser: Check It Out

The Rockland High School Travel Club is running a Saver’s Clothing Drive.
The actual drop-off day is Tuesday, January 25, but the club is accepting bags of donations any day before that in Room 121.
The club will also be having a community drop-off next Saturday, January 22, in front of the building between 9-12. Feel free to pass this information along to anyone looking to do some winter cleaning/donating.
The goal is to raise $1,000 by collecting 278 bags of clothing and household textiles.  This will help the students in the Travel Club tremendously.

Covid Cases Increase

Graphic from

January 12, 2022

Veritas Editors Shannon Gustin, Nicole Cedrone, Cameron Babcock and Hailey Christianson contributed to this report

After the winter break, and the start of the new year, COVID case numbers in the Rockland school district have risen rapidly among students and staff. On January 9, Dr. Cron released statistics of the COVID cases in our commuitiy. In total, 94 students and 34 staff members among all the schools were infected at that time.  At the high school, 34 students were infected and 6 staff members tested positive. 

COVID has affected many people in our community. Sophomore Cameron Babcock said, “Many classmates of mine have contracted the virus.”  He went on to say, “This is the worst the virus has been at school, as it has taken classmates out of school because they have the virus, and even more because of the contacts.”

Almost every student at Rockland High School has had a firsthand experience with COVID-19, whether they had it, someone in their family had it, or someone they know had it. Shannon Gustin, a freshman shared, “From my experience about 10 to 15 friends and family members have been infected by this virus.” 

Even though the virus is widespread, it hasn’t affected others.  Hailey Christanson, a junior, said,  “None of my family or friends or anyone I know at the moment has been infected with COVID.” 

 Students have different opinions on whether or not we should have gone from in-person school to remote school after the holidays. Freshman Nicole Cedrone says, “With the increase in cases and students and teachers being absent I feel as though the school should shut down and go remote for 2-4 weeks. WIth hitting record high cases, safety has to be the most important thing. If the school shuts down now we are preventing the rise in cases and ensuring the safety of others. Safety has to be the priority.” 

Christanson had an opposing opinion of remote schooling, saying,  “I would say the school department has done a fair job. Going back to remote should not even be in question considering that the new [Omicron] variant is less deadly and it’s almost like a cold.  Most teachers are vaccinated, as well as a lot of students, meaning we should be over even having to think about going remote.” 

Even if our school board wanted to go remote, they wouldn’t be able to easily. According to an article on, Governor Charlie Baker said, “We count in-person days as school…they can use snow days until they run out of snow days, but they do need to provide their kids with 180 days of in-person education this year.”  This would mean if the schools decided to go remote they would have to add in-person days at the end of the school year. 

In conclusion, many students have been affected by the spike of COVID cases after the break, and with numbers rising many students had different opinions on whether we should go remote or not. But in the end, if the schools decided to go remote they would need to add more days to the school year. 

At this point, in-person school is the path Rockland Public Schools will stay on. As long as everyone stays safe and takes the needed precautions, the surge in cases will flatten. But until then, we hope everyone is safe and healthy.

Images is Back!

Check out the latest Images webzine found here.

Here’s a partial peek.  Click on the image or the link above to see Images!


Images webzine partial sneak peak.

Football All-Scholastics 2021



Despite missing three games (two to injury, one to rest), Coulstring ran for 968 yards and 11 touchdowns for the Div. 6 Super Bowl champs. … Ran 174 times for an average of 5.6 yards per carry. … South Shore League All-Star also played safety. … Intercepted two passes against Abington in the Div. 6 final. … “Couly is the epitome of how we run: downhill, shoulders parallel and always falling forward,” said Rockland coach Nick Liquori.



A versatile weapon for the Div. 6 Super Bowl champs. … Played running back, receiver and cornerback. .. Ran for 719 yards and six touchdowns while hauling in 34 catches for 565 yards and seven TDs. … His yards per carry (8.6) and yards per catch (16.6) show he’s a big-play threat. … Junior captain is a two-time South Shore League All-Star. … “Lucas is a threat as soon as he steps on field,” said Rockland coach Nick Liquori.



Junior is dominant on the offensive and defensive lines. … Helped Bulldogs rush for more than 2,600 yards and hold opponents to 12.3 points per game.

Honorable Mentions:

Brett Armstrong

Gabe Pinheiro

RHS Students Talk About the Holidays

December 21, 2021

Last Friday the Journalism class asked students in the cafeteria some Holiday related questions.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Football Team Wins D6 Super Bowl

Ollie Robinson and Veritas Staff

By now everyone knows that the Rockland Bulldogs won the MIAA Division Six football championship at Gillette Stadium on Dec. 3, but here’s our story that appeared in the December issue of the Veritas in case you missed it. 

The Dogs took down the Green Wave of Abington by a score of 23 to 13.  

Senior captain PJ Celestino was confident they would win. He said, “I knew we were going to win. Just the whole day I had that feeling. Especially through warmups we were all ready to go and you could feel it.”

So, how did the Dogs pull off this win? “We just played for each other, played our game, and had the belief in our coaching staff to put us in the right position to make plays and win,” said Celestino.

Celestino also said that beating Abington again was even more exciting for them.  “We’ve been playing those same kids our whole lives and it was pretty cool to cap off our senior year on the winning side of things against them. I don’t think the kids in this senior and junior class have ever started a football game against Abington and lost.” 

While Celestino’s scoring was key, it was also the defense that carried the Bulldogs in this game.

 Against Abington, Rockland forced five turnovers including two  fumble recoveries by Gabe Pinheiro, and one by Lucas Leander, and two interceptions by Jacob Coulstring.  

Reflecting on the whole experience Celestino voiced the feelings of the team, coaches and all the people of Rockland who went out to Gillette on Friday night.  “It was insane. Just to think of the history of that stadium and what’s been done there; it was pretty cool.”

It seemed like the entire school and the town were all out at Gillette.  “There were alumni from the 1982 Super Bowl team,” said Gary Graziano in a tweet, and players also from the other Super Bowl championship teams of 1992, 1998 and 2000.

PJ, who says he plans to continue to play football in college, had some final words for his teammates and coaches.  “Thank you to all my teammates and coaches for a great 4 years playing for this program and thank you all for your dedication this season.” 

He also had a prediction for next year. “But the craziest thing is the boys are gonna’ be going back next year.”

Hall of Fame Inducts Superfan, Jim Cahill

From left Gary Graziano, Carol Cahill, Ken Owen and Hall of Fame inductee, Jim Cahill. Our story on all the nominees can be found below on this website

December 17, 2021

Jax Leduc, Veritas Staff

This year the Rockland community welcomed several inductees into the Athletic Hall of Fame. This is the single most prestigious honor a Rockland athlete or Rockland athletics fan can achieve. 

Among the inductees was the brother of teacher, Carol Cahill, Jimmy Cahill. 

Ms. Cahill explained what it meant to Jimmy “Jimbo” Cahill to be inducted into the Rockland High Athletic Hall of Fame.

“It meant the world to him. He is a devoted RHS Bulldogs fan, and receiving their top honor meant the world to him.” She also said what this community has meant to Jimmy, 

“This community has meant the world to Jimmy. It has given him a link to things happening in the school and in the town.” 

Finally, what would be one thing she would want the people of Rockland to know about Jimmy that they may not already know? 

She said, “He’s got a great sense of humor and he is the most positive person on the planet… even when something horrible happens he has the ability to look past it and say ‘what’s next’, which is a lesson I think everyone could learn from him.”

This is a great tribute from Ms. Cahill about her brother, such a monumental figure in our community.

See our story on all the inductees here.

Drama Club performs Puffs on Dec. 3 and 4

December 17, 2021

Hailey Christianson, Veritas Web Editor

On Friday, December 3, and Saturday, December 4, the RHS Drama Club presented their play Puffs.  With Mr. Bergman directing the play, the show was a hit with just under 300 people in attendance.

Puffs is a parody of the Harry Potter books. The main characters are three of the Hufflepuffs who go to Hogwarts with Hannah (Harry) who is played by Leah Leonard. They include: Wayne Hopkins, played by Ben Quinn, Megan Jones, played by Allyson Leary and Oliver Rivers, played by Tri Nguyen. The trio forms a strong friendship as the play covers their seven years at Hogwarts.

McKenna Maher (who plays Leanne) gave some insight on how she thought the play went not only for herself but the whole cast.  

“The play was an amazing experience, especially considering it was the first performance with Rockland High School’s new musical director, Steven Bergman. We had a great ensemble cast with many new performers coming into the trade and they learned everything so amazingly and I think that we did great. I think that the play, especially considering its fast pace and confusing scene configuration, was a bit difficult to learn but executed well by our cast. Overall, I’m very pleased with the outcome and I can’t wait for the spring musical.”

Mr. Bergman also had some information about not just the play but about the students who performed.  

“I was very proud of the work the students did throughout the rehearsal process. Beginning with the initial read through of the script, the students worked every day to become more and more familiar with the lines and the stories that their characters would tell throughout the play. Several of the cast and crew had never participated in a play before, and it was great to watch their progress, and subsequent achievement with their production.”  

Of course, being a director is a difficult job considering all that goes into it as Mr. Bergman explained. “I’ve directed many shows, and every production brings different challenges. At the end of the day, figuring out the challenges that a particular show has, from casting to tech week rehearsals, all go into organizing the rehearsal schedule so that the cast and crew feel prepared for their performances.”

Mr. Bergman is now focused on the spring musical which is just around the corner.  Auditions were held on December 13 for the musical “Shrek”.  

For anyone who is wondering if they can participate, Mr. Bergman says, “Absolutely. Shrek is a very fun musical that has upbeat songs, and tells a wonderful story of acceptance and inclusion.  There are many roles for all skill levels, and we don’t have any cuts, so I hope that many students will want to participate.” 

Being a part of the RHS Drama Club would be a great experience for anyone who wants to be in any field involving acting, or even being on a crew.  


 Karen Araujo

Kaitlyn Brown

Nicole Cedrone

John Goncalves

Corinne Medford

Conor Quackenbush

Melindah Taylor


RHS Student            Character

Elias Carbone – J.FINCH FLETCHLEY (+ others)

Kelly Hamilton – SALLY PERKS (+ others)

Victoria Higgins – SUSIE BONES (+ others)

Seth Jesse – CEDRIC and MR. VOLDY

Allyson Leary – MEGAN JONES

Leah Leonard – HANNAH (+ others)

McKenna Maher – LEANNE (+ others)

Gustavo Noguiera – CLUMSY (+ others)



Joseph Quinn – NARRATOR (+ others)

Zachary Ryan – ERNIE MAC (+ others)

Front row (L to R) – Allyson Leary, Joey Quinn, Seth Jesse; Middle row – Leah Leonard, Kelly Hamilton, McKenna Maher, Elias Carbone;   Back row – Victoria Higgins, Gustavo Nogueira, Ben Quinn, Tri Nguyen, Zachary Ryan             photo courtesy of Mr. Bergman

Veritas December Print Edition on Sale this week

The Veritas December print edition will be on sale beginning Weds. Dec. 15 during the lunch periods. Here’s the PDF if you want to download it.  


Here’s a sampling of the stories in this issue:

Football Super Bowl win: Interview with PJ Celestino

PUFFS: Drama Club’s first play in two years was a success.  Interview with Mr. Bergman, our new Drama Director.

Mr. Rockland candidates and interview with Skylar Hitchcock.

The Giving Tree: interview with Mrs. Kemp

Powder Puff Results: Who did you say won?

Winter Sports Previews and Fall Sports Wrap-ups

Pathways Page: our favorite page

Football Friday Night; Puffs Friday and Saturday Nights

December 2, 2021

Bus permission slips still being accepted until 8:45 am tomorrow. Tickets for the game must be purchased before you get to Gillette on Ticketmaster.

On Friday night RHS students can choose between attending the Drama Club’s production at 7 pm or the State Championship football game at Gillette Stadium at 5 pm.

Those that go to the football game can see the Drama Club’s production of Puffs which is a play based loosely on Harry Potter’s adventures at Hogwarts on Saturday night. 

In both events, we wish the Bulldogs Good Luck!!

Dogs are Super Bowl Bound; Cheerleaders are State Champions

The football and cheerleading captains, Lindsay Tsiantoulas, Victoria Crowley, Katie Keefe, Pj Celestino, Lucas Leander with their coaches, Nick Liquori and Jeanine Reardon, along with AD Gary Graziano, attended a breakfast on Nov. 23 at Gillette Stadium.

November 23, 2021

Cameron Babcock, Veritas Sports Editor

The Rockland High School Varsity Football team beat the Blackstone Valley Varsity Football team last Saturday in a 20-17 close win. The outcome of the win on Saturday is the Division 6 Super Bowl, which is being held at Gillette Stadium on Monday, December 6th against Abington. Rockland previously beat Abington in the regular season, being Abington’s only loss.

The game against Blackstone Valley was held at Walpole High School on Saturday where the Bulldogs came out victorious. All four quarters were very close and the game was won off of a game winning interception by Jacob Coulstring with less than a minute left. 

The Super Bowl against Abington is scheduled for 5 pm on Monday December 6th at Gillette Stadium, though it is subject to change if the New England Revolution make the playoffs.


The Rockland High School Cheerleading team had a very successful season, coming in not only as SSL champions, but also as the Fall Cheerleading State Champions. The team also competed in the MSAA regionals where they came first out of 31 other teams that competed.

The state championship was held at Worcester State University on Sunday, November 21st where they ended up taking home their state championship ending their extremely successful season.

The other three tournament teams also did well, winning at least one game; Kam Christ and Maggie Flaherty qualified for States in Cross Country and the Volleyball and Boys Soccer teams did especially well getting within one game of the State Finals.


The Girls Volleyball team had a strong season earning the 11 seed entering the playoffs and winning two of the three games they competed in. Even though they lost in the semifinals of the playoffs, the girls were SSL champions and had the Player of the Year, Julia Elie.

The girls won their first game against Bishop Connelly 3-0, and then had an upset quarterfinal win against the 6th seeded Joseph Case High School, which was followed by their 3-0 loss against Medway to end their playoff run.

Boys Soccer

The Rockland High School Boys Varsity Soccer team season concluded its strong playoff run in the State Semifinals losing to Easthampton,  3-2. The team ended their season with a record of 18-2-1, a historical season for the team. Even though they didn’t win the championship, the team still earned other awards like MVP, awarded to Tommy Gallagher, and Coach of the Year, Coach Kimball.

The team won three games in the playoffs before they earned their loss against Easthampton at Leominster. The team’s future looks very bright after this season. Even with the league MVP graduating, the team still has lots of potential for the future.

Athletic Hall of Fame 2021

Nov. 22, 2021

Left to right are the 2021 Athletic Hall of Fame inductees: Jeff Fernandez, Mike Casagrande, Gary Graziano, Liz Martin, Jim Cahill, Dan Bohenek, and Brian Chamberlain. Jackie Bohenek was also inducted but was not in attendance.

On Saturday evening, November 20, the Athletic Hall of Fame banquet and induction ceremony were held and eight new members were inducted. The inductees were each introduced by one of their former coaches or colleagues.

First up was a very special induction of a long-time RHS sports fan, Jimmy Cahill.  Jim has been a fixture at athletic contests for many years and his Thursday pep talks for the football team were legendary. His  honorary induction was given by former football coach Ken Owen and by his sister Carol Cahill,  an English teacher at RHS.  Jim was ecstatic and very appreciative of the well-deserved honor.

Next up was another very special induction and one that was a surprise for the recipient.   Athletic Director and Class of 1980 RHS graduate, Gary Graziano who is retiring this year, has, year-in-and-year-out organized this banquet along with all the other duties he performs as AD.  So it was only fitting that he was inducted as a member of the Hall of Fame.  Coach and friend Fred Damon jokingly explained that he  wasn’t being honored as an athlete at RHS (he was a good one) but more as a coach of many sports and as AD for the last 17 years.  Graz was surprised indeed and very appreciative as well.

One of two females was next to be inducted.  Mal Lannin-Cotton, former girls basketball coach inducted one of her players, Jackie Bohenek of the Class of 2008.  Jackie wasn’t able to make it to the banquet since she is expecting her first child in December.  Her twin brother Joe accepted the plaque for Jackie who was an All-Scholastic athlete and a 1,000 point scorer (1,441) for the Bulldogs in her tenure as a basketball player at RHS.  Jackie was also an outstanding track and field athlete and led RHS to a cross country championship.

Jackie’s brother Dan Bohenek was next to be inducted as a wrestler and football player for RHS.  He graduated with the Class of 2006. RHS wrestling coach Tim Brown did the honors and spoke about Dan’s ability to focus on the task at hand which enabled him to combine his athletic talent with mental stamina leading to his many victories on the wrestling mats.

The second female honored was Liz Martin from the Class of 2002.  Girls basketball coach and Liz’s teammate, Diana Mitchell did the introduction and explained how Liz was an integral part of the girls’ basketball team’s  State Championship in 2000, being the only sophomore in the starting lineup along with four seniors. Liz was also a soccer goalie and a softball player for the Bulldogs.  

Next to be inducted was Brian Chamberlain, a football player for Coach Ken Owen.  Brian graduated in the Class of 1992. Brian’s size and strength were key to the strength of the Bulldogs’ line.  Brian has gone on to be a successful head coach at Braintree High School.

Former RHS science teacher and hockey coach, Jim Casagrande inducted his brother Mike Casagrande from the Class of 1999.  Mike was a phenomenal hockey player and scored 100 points in his high school career at RHS.  He also participated in four sports at RHS including track and earned 15 letters, an accomplishment that will not be duplicated.

Rounding out the inductees was Jeff Fernandez from the Class of 1983. Jeff was introduced by Steve Fernandez, his brother.  Jeff was an outstanding football player on the 1982 Super Bowl football team.  He was an All-Scholastic in both football and baseball and won the Joseph Dondero Award for both academic and athletic excellence in high school.  

Fall Sports Postseason Tournament Update

All of Rockland High School’s athletic teams have been very successful this year in postseason play. 

Here’s the results for the teams with three teams still in the hunt for a State Championship!!

The Volleyball team celebrates Coach Adams’ 100th win and their first round win!

Girls Soccer

Thursday, Nov. 4, 2021 vs. Seekonk Preliminary Round

Emilee Dunham had a hat trick to lead the Rockland High girls soccer team to a 6-1 win over Seekonk in the preliminary round of the Division 3 state tournament. Shea MacDougall scored twice, and Ainsley Cavicchi added a goal on Abington High’s turf field. Emma Radzik had a strong game in midfield for the Bulldogs, and Emma Cameron starred in the net against No. 35 Seekonk (12-8).

Saturday, Nov. 6 vs. Dedham 1st Round

Rockland faced a tough Dedham team and lost 4-0  ending their season with a 8-8-2 record. Thank you to the seniors who led the team in their march to the playoffs!



Nov. 5, 2021  1st round home game vs. Bishop Connelly

Rockland 3, Bishop Connolly 0: The win was No. 100 for Coach Emily Adams as her No. 11 Bulldogs earned a game with No. 6 Case in the quarterfinals. 

Nov. 9. 2021  2nd Round at Joseph Case High School

Final: Rockland 3 Case 2 (25-12, 23-25, 25-18, 12-25, 15-10). Julia Elie comes up huge with 19 kills as Rockland advances to D4 state quarterfinal versus Medway.

Nov. 13, 2021   Third Round Quarterfinals vs. Medway at Medway

Girls lose to a tough Medway team 3-0. It was a hard fought game and the team as usual played their hearts out.  Darcy McGuirk had  8 kills and Julia Elie had 11 kills. Jordan Stec had 14 digs. Thank you for another incredible season! SSL Champs!


Nov. 5, 2021  1st round at home vs. Easthampton

Rockland 27, Easthampton 0: The No. 4 Bulldogs (7-1) advance to the quarterfinals.  Lucas Leander (82 yards rushing, 61 receiving) ran for two TDs and caught a TD pass from PJ Celestino. Brett Armstrong (83 rushing yards) also ran for a TD.

Nov. 11, 2021  Football 2nd Round at home vs. Winthrop

Rockland defeats Winthrop 37-34 in what was a nail biter in the final minutes.  They will play Blackstone Valley Tech in Semifinals of Division 6.  Rockland’s PJ Celestino threw TD passes to Leander and Vasquez. Jacob Coulstring rushed for over 150 yards and two TDs.

Rockland will play Blackstone Valley Tech in the State Semifinals on Saturday, Nov. 20 at Walpole High School at 1 pm. Tickets on GoFan app.

The Football Team after their win against Winthrop
The Boys Soccer team after their 2-1 win over West Bridgewater on Saturday, Nov. 13. Rockland High Sports Photo

Boys Soccer

Nov. 6, 2021  Boys Soccer 1st round vs. AMSA

Dogs (16-1-1) win over AMSA 4-0 and move on to the Sweet 16! Goals were scored by João Faria (2) Matheus Gomes, and Luis Araujo. Tommy Gallagher earns the clean sheet and for the third time is named King of the Pitch.

Nov. 10, 2021 Boys Soccer 2nd Round vs. Winthrop

Rockland defeated Winthrop 3-2. Dogs (17-1-1) advance to the Elite Eight! Goals scored by Luis Araujo (2) and Carter Burke. Matheus Gomes, JV Araujo, Adam Beatrice, and Ryan Sullivan all play fantastic. Gavin Norton is named King of the Pitch!  

Nov. 13, 2021 Boys Soccer 3rd round vs. West Bridgewater

Dogs (18-1-1) win over West Bridgewater 2-1. Both goals scored by Gavin Norton. Gavin  named King of the Pitch!

The Dogs  will play Easthampton in the State Semifinal Game on Wednesday, Nov. 17 in Leominster at 7 pm.

Cross Country:  

The cross country runners also have been competing in the post season.  On Saturday, Nov. 13 the boys and girls ran in the State Qualifiers in Westfield.  All did well and Seniors Kameron Christ and Maggie Flaherty qualified for States by placing in the top finishers in their division.  Good luck Kam and Maggie.

Cheerleading Team

The cheerleaders are also doing well as they compete in their league, invitational and regional tournaments.  

On Nov. 3 they came in first in the South Shore League Championships!

This came with a bid to the MSAA regionals which were held on Nov. 14 in Marshfield for the South Division.  The ten time State Champion cheerleaders came in first in Division 4 South on Sunday, compiling the best score out of 31 teams that competed. They will now go on to compete for a State Championship.

The Fall Cheerleading State Championships will be held at Worcester State University on Sunday, Nov. 21.  Time TBD.

After winning sectionals in Marshfield.

Fall Postseason Tournaments Begin Today

Football, Volleyball, Boys and Girls Soccer


Today, Thursday, Nov. 4 Girls Soccer vs. Seekonk at Abington 4 pm.

Tomorrow, Friday, Nov. 5  Football (Home) vs. Easthampton 6 pm

Tomorrow, Friday, Nov. 5  Volleyball (Home) vs. Bishop Connelly 4 pm.

Saturday, Nov. 6 Boys Soccer vs. AMSA at 2 pm in Holbrook.

The MIAA tournament is a single-elimination playoff tournament in which high school teams compete for state titles in their divisions, which are based on enrollment.

In the past, teams had to make it through sectional tournaments (North, South, Central, West) to reach the state semifinals and state finals. That has changed.  This year all tournaments are statewide from round one on.  As most know, there were no state tournaments last year, only league tournaments due to COVID.

To qualify for the tournament, teams had to finish in the top 32 of the power ratings (a formula consisting of strength of schedule, margin of victory and strength of opponent’s schedule) or finish above .500. For football, only the top 16 teams in the eight divisions qualified. There’s also a three-win minimum to qualify in football.

Girls Soccer: Division 3: Preliminary Round: No. 35 Seekonk at No. 30 Rockland, Thursday (3:30 p.m.) Rockland 7-7-2 record.  This game will be played in Abington.

If the girls are victorious today, they will play Dedham on Nov. 6 at 3 pm….Dedham is seeded #3 

Football: Division 6 First Round: # 13 Easthampton at # 4 Rockland 6 pm Friday, Nov. 5:  Rockland 6-1, Easthampton 7-1   Easthampton H.S. is located in the western part of Massachusetts (2 hours away). 

If Rockland is victorious they will go on to 2nd round of eight and play the winner of South Hadley and Winthrop.

Volleyball: opens up at home on Friday, Nov. 5  vs. Bishop Connelly at 4 pm in the first round of 32.  The girls are seeded # 11. Bishop Connelly is seeded 22nd in Division 4.

If victorious,  the girls will play in the round of 16 against the winner of Joseph Case High School and Notre Dame Academy.

Boys Soccer: Rockland is seeded third in Div. 4 with a record of 15-1-1. The boys open up on Saturday, November 6 and will play at Holbrook High School.  They will play Advanced Math and Science Academy Charter School from Marlborough.  This game will be at 2 pm on Saturday.

If victorious, they will play on November 10 against the winner of Wintrop and Bishop Connelly.

Good luck to all the tournament teams!


There is a Digital Site to get tickets for the football game:

Buying tickets through GoFan, which can be accessed as a smartphone app or on a web browser.  The MIAA is allowing cash sales               in Rockland.     

That will be the same for other sports later in the tournament. 

Trunk or Treat: A Success for the High School

By Nicole Cedrone, Veritas Editor-in Chief and Shannon Gustin Veritas Feature Editor

Trunk or Treat took place on Saturday, Oct 23rd from 2-4pm. It was held in the Middle School parking lot. The event, cancelled last year, was able to be held this year. The outdoor setting replaced the traditional Project Pumpkin that has been held inside the high school for many years.

The event was well attended, drawing between 350-400 kids who attended with their parents.

There were 80 RHS volunteers at the event, almost 30 trunks decorated, and 5 tables decorated to pass out candy to the public.

The event included a photo booth, a DJ, a bouncy house, as well as a Sweeties Shaved Ice vendor.

The event was organized by Ngan Nguyen and the Student Services Committee of the Student Government Council.

Below are photos taken by Kirsten Bartoloni, Student Government Council advisor.


Pep Rally Held on October 1

October 1, 2021

Lilianna Regens, Veritas Staff

Rockland High School held its first pep rally in two years on Oct. 1. This pep rally was held in the football stadium. 

There were teacher dares done to raise money for breast cancer research  which consisted of the following: Mr. Liquori and Lucas Leander doing a plank; Mr. Bigsby arm wrestling with football player Mateo Vasquez with Mateo winning. Mr.Anzalone and Mr. Casagrande having a water balloon fight    

Each grade performed the roller coaster with Michaela Duquette, Elias Nassif and Callie Herzog representing the freshman doing the roller coaster and all the other grades having great performances doing the roller coaster as well. 

The band did a great job setting the bar high for the energy at the pep rally. Everyone was engaged from the minute the band started to play their game day songs. 

The chorus sang the national anthem for us and they did awesome! We also had fall sports teams and SGC members participating in games and activities. 

“I want to give a quick shout out to Maria Pala and Jillian Mitchell for being the most electric MC’s I have ever seen! Great job girls!” said Asst. Student Government Advisor, Kara Penney.  The Student Government also did a great job organizing and conducting the rally!

Take a look at these photos by Shannon Gustin!

Halloween Opinions Heard at RHS

With Halloween this weekend the Journalism students went out and asked people what some of their Halloween favorites (or least favorite) things are. Take a look!

Happy Halloween!!

Trunk or Treat Coming This Saturday!!

Oct. 21, 2021

Shannon Gustin, Veritas Features Editor

On Saturday, October 23 from 2 pm to 4 pm, Rockland High School’s Student Government Council is hosting Trunk or Treat, an outside version of Project Pumpkin. Since this year is still affected by COVID-19, Trunk or Treat  will be held at the Rogers Middle School courtyard. 

This year’s Trunk or Treat event will have student volunteers decorate their cars/tables and hand out candy from their trunks to maintain a Covid free system. The children will go trick-or- treating from car to car, and in the end they will vote which car they think is the best. 

There will be games, a photo booth, and music. In previous years children, dressed in their costumes, would walk through the high school and trick-or-treat from tables in some hallways. Each hallway in the school had its own theme and anyone at a table in that hallway would dress up to match the theme. 

After traveling through the hallways, kids also had the opportunity to go to the high school gym and enjoy face paint, a bouncy castle, and other fun activities. The gym activities from years past are being moved outside to the RMS courtyard. 

This year after Trunk or Treat families and students will have the opportunity to participate in Terror on the Trails at Hartsuff Park. In the past, Project Pumpkin had its own haunted hallway where the kids would walk through and get scared.

This Saturday volunteers should be at the school at 12 o’clock, and for the public the event starts at 2 o’clock in the middle school courtyard.


The Veritas is Here!

The first print edition of the Veritas since February 2020 is now available at Rockland High School.  

As always the paper features current events such as Ms. Rockland and the Breast Cancer Walk along with updates of all the sports teams.  Profiles of three of our new staff members, articles on vaccinations, masks and “devious licks” along with awesome pictures from our pep rally, and the always popular Pathways page are also included in this colorful edition!

The paper will be distributed in the lunchroom all week starting on Oct. 20 and can also be picked up in Rm 124 any time during the day or from one of the editors of the paper.  

Nicole Cedrone, Class of 2025, Editor-in-Chief

Shannon Gustin, Class of 2025, Feature Editor

Cameron Babcock, Class of 2024, Sports Editor

Hailey Christianson, Class of 2023, Website Editor

Here’s a sneak peek of page 1:

Miss Rockland Crowned at Homecoming

The candidates for Miss Rockland are all smiles after Cailin Sullivan was announced as Miss Rockland at the Homecoming Game. From left to right are Olivia Dalton, Jordan Stec, Madison Murphy, Caitlin Sullivan, Olivia Jones, Grace Condon, and Maria Pala

October 8, 2021

Hailey Christianson, Veritas Web Editor

The weekend beginning on Friday, October 1st,  Homecoming weekend, RHS had its annual pep rally, Homecoming dance, and the annual Homecoming football game where at halftime Ms. Rockland was crowned.  This is a tradition that hasn’t happened in two years!

Every year, Rockland High students select several girls from the senior class to be candidates for the title of Ms. Rockland.  The senior class then votes on who will be crowned Ms. Rockland.  

This year the candidates were Grace Condon, Olivia Jones, Maria Pala, Olivia Dalton, Madison Murphy, Cailin Sullivan, and Jordan Stec.  Each of the girls was escorted by her parents onto the field where the winner was announced.

Congratulations to the winner of Ms. Rockland, Cailin Sullivan!  After being crowned Cailin said, “I feel great and amazing.  I love Rockland High School.  I like my teachers and my friends.” 

This tradition has been going on at Rockland High for decades.  Ms. Rockland is viewed as a positive role model who is respected by all students and faculty.  They are who little girls look up to and want to be when they get older.  It is a great honor to even be nominated and to win is just even bigger.   

For more details about each of the candidates please see our story in the print edition of the Veritas due out next week!  

In the gallery below from left to right top to bottom are:  Madison Murphy and her parents Steve and Gail Murphy; Maria Pala and her mom and dad, Stacy and Franco and her brother; Olivia Dalton with her parents, Kimberlee and Timothy Dalton; Olivia Jones and her mom and dad, Beverly and Edward Jones; Jordan Stec and her parents Matt and Jean Stec; Grace Condon with her mom and dad, Jenn and Mike Condon; and Cailin Sullivan with her parents, Kevin and Kerry Sullivan.

Fall Sports Season Off To A Good Start At RHS

Sept. 27, 2021

The fall sports season is underway and two of the teams are undefeated while the rest are also enjoying good starts.

The football team is 3-0 behind a strong running attack with Jacob Coulstring, Lucas Leander and several others leading the way.  PJ Celestino and Mike Moriarty are sharing the quarterback duties and Jerry Esposito has been on target in the kicking game.  Friday night’s Homecoming Game with Norwell will be a challenge for the Dogs.

The boys soccer team is 6-0 and is quite possibly on its way to a league title. It’s a team effort. This young group with Tommy Gallagher who has three shut outs so far in goal is on a roll.  The team has come up with two 1-0 wins, none bigger than their game against Cohasset, a first for a boys Bulldog soccer team.  The Dogs have three matches this week. They are home against Middleboro at 4 pm on Wednesday.

The volleyball team had a couple losses against Hingham teams (Hingham High and NDA) but are back on the winning track beating Cardinal Spellman on Sept. 16 and Mashpee the next day.  They defeated Carver last Friday and will play Abington at 6 pm today at home. They are led by seniors Jordan Stec,  Julia Elie and Darcy McGuirk.

Rockland High’s Emilee Dunham was voted the High School Girls Soccer Player of the Week. The freshman, who received over 1,200 votes, scored four goals in a 5-1 win over Holbrook. The soccer team is working hard and has three games this week with  home games on Monday against West Bridgewater and on Friday against East Bridgewater. Both games are at 4 pm.

Both the boys and girls cross country teams are working hard with good performances from individual runners supported by the entire team.  The girls defeated Abington on Sept. 9 to open up the season.  Their next match is this week on Tuesday at home against Carver.  They start off at Hartsuff Park.

The golf team is also out there competing everyday.  They opened the season with a win against Carver 78-69 and have had some great matches.  Shawn Boostrom and Bryce Marrero are leading  the way for new coach Matt Vincenzi.  This week they go up against Carver and Middleboro.

Good luck to all the teams and congratulations on a great start to the fall season!!

You can read all about each team in our first print issue of the Veritas which will be out in October,

New elementary school getting closer to completion

Rockland’s new elementary school which will be called The Phelps Elementary School in honor of two Rockland citizens, Ann and Richard Phelps, is nearing completion.  A “topping off” ceremony was held on Tuesday, Sept. 14. As part of the event, a beam was hoisted in place to show the conclusion of the current construction phase of the school building project.  

At the end of the ceremony the beam was lifted by a crane and put into place on the building.

 Below is a video of the ceremony that was held outside the construction area.  Have a look!!

Join The VERITAS staff!

Attention to all RHS students: grades 9-12.

The Veritas extracurricular club will hold its first meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 7 after school for anyone interested in joining the staff of the newspaper and /or website. 

All positions are available including news and feature reporters, sportswriters, editors and photographers.  

The meeting will be in Room 124 right after school.  If you can’t make the meeting see Mr. Murphy in the radio station. 

Principal Harrison’s September Newsletter

Follow the above link to access Rockland High School Principal John Harrison’s September Newsletter which contains information and additional links to follow including:

Athletic Schedules

September and October important dates

The entire school calendar

Information about important deadlines from the guidance department

Breakfast and Lunch Menus

Info about Back to School Night Sept. 15

the RHS Student Handbook

and much more!


Golf Team’s Schedule 2021

The golf team has a full schedule this year and it all begins in a week on Sept. 1 at the Rockland Golf Course against Carver.

Here’s the full Golf Team schedule which you can find with results throughout the season on

Wed Sep 1  3:30 PM vs. Carver Middle/High SchoolRockland Golf Course

Tue Sep 7 3:30 PM vs. Quincy High School at Rockland Golf Course

Fri Sep 10 3:30 PM vs. Abington High School at Strawberry Valley Golf Course

Thu Sep 16  3:30 PM  at Cohasset High School. 

Mon Sep 20 3:30 PM vs. East Bridgewater Jr/Sr High School at East Bridgewater

Wed Sep 22  3:30 PM vs. Norwell High School at Scituate Country Club

Thu Sep 23  3:30 PM vs. Mashpee Middle/High School at Rockland Golf Course

Mon Sep 27 4:00 PM vs. Carver Middle/High School at Carver Middle/HS
Village Links 

Wed Sep 29  3:30 PM vs. Abington High School at Rockland Golf Course

Thu Sep 30  3:30 PM vs. Middleborough High School at Rockland Golf Course

Mon Oct 4 3:30 PM vs. Cohasset High School. at Rockland Golf Course

Tue Oct 5 3:30 PM vs. East Bridgewater Jr/Sr High School at Rockland Golf Course

Thu Oct 7  3:30 PM vs. Norwell High School at Rockland Golf Course

Tue Oct 12 3:30 PM at  Mashpee Middle/High School at Henry B. Burkland Elementary

Photo from a match last year.

Boys and Girls Cross Country 2021 Schedules

The cross country teams are opening up on September 9! You can access the latest schedules and results for all the RHS teams on


Fri Sep 10  4:00 PM vs. Abington High School at Hartsuff Park recreation

Tue Sep 14  4:00 PM at Norwell High School

Tue Sep 21 4:00 PM at East Bridgewater Jr/Sr High School  East Bridgewater Church Street

Tue Sep 28  4:00 PM vs. Carver Middle/High School. at Hartsuff Park recreation

Tue Oct 5 4:00 PM vs. Randolph High School at Hartsuff Park recreation

Tue Oct 12  4:00 PM at Middleborough High School. at Nichols Middle School
NMS Baseball/ Multi-Purpose Grass Field 

Tue Oct 19   4:00 PM vs. Cohasset High School at Norwell High School?

Veritas file photo from last year.

Fall Sports Schedule 2021: Girls Soccer

The girls soccer teams are in their preseason preparations and will begin their regular season on September 8 at the Reed St. field. JV’s play at Esten Elementary School. Check the Arbiterlive website for specific locations and any changes to the schedule.

Shea MacDougall in the game with Middleboro last year.

Varsity Girls Soccer Schedule 2021

Weds Sep 8 4:00 PM vs. Holbrook HS. at Rockland High School

Mon Sep 13 4:00 PM at Cohasset High School 

Fri Sep 17  4:00 PM vs. Hull High School at Rockland-Reed St 

Tue Sep 21 4:00 PM at Mashpee Middle/High School

Thu Sep 23 4:00 PM vs. Carver Middle/High School at Rockland-Reed St 

Mon Sep 27  4:00 PM at West Bridgewater High School

Wed Sep 29 4:00 PM at Middleborough High School

Fri Oct 1 4:00 PM vs. East Bridgewater Jr/Sr High School at Rockland-Reed St 

Tue Oct 5  4:00 PM vs. Norwell High School at Rockland-Reed St 

Thu Oct 7  4:00 PM vs. Abington High School at Rockland-Reed St 

Fri Oct 15 4:00 PM. vs. Cohasset High School at Rockland-Reed St 

Tue Oct 19 4:00 PM at Hull High School, Hull HS 
Finlayson Field

Thu Oct 21 6:00 PM vs. Mashpee Middle/High School at Rockland-Reed St 

Mon Oct 25 4:00 PM at Holbrook High School

Wed Oct 27 4:00 PM at Carver Middle/High SchoolCarver Middle/HS 

Fri Oct 29 3:30 PM at West Bridgewater High School

Fall Sports Schedule 2021: Football

Fall Sports Schedules according to Athletic Director Gary Graziano can be found at a new website:

Below is the football schedule. Check the website for any changes that may be made throughout the season.

Junior Lucas Leander is ready for the fall football season. The Dogs will be playing strong opponents this year so get out and support the team! The weeks between Oct. 22 and Nov. 25 are the weeks of the playoffs which will be determined by win totals and strength of schedule. Good luck Dogs!
Date/Time OpponentLocationResultLeague 
Sat Aug 28 
10:00 AM
Pembroke High SchoolPembroke HS 
Turf Field
Fri Sept 3
5:00 pm

Fri Sep 10 
7:00 PM

@ Cohasset High School

Cumberland High School
Cohasset H.S.

Rockland Stadium 
Football Field

Fri Sep 17 
7:00 PM
Silver Lake Regional HSRockland Stadium 
Football Field
Fri Sep 24 
7:00 PM
Whitman-Hanson Reg High SchoolWhitman-Hanson RHS 
O’Brien Field
Fri Oct 1 
7:00 PM
Norwell High SchoolRockland Stadium 
Football Field
Fri Oct 8 
7:00 PM
Abington High SchoolFrolio School 
Memorial Field
Fri Oct 15 
7:00 PM
Middleborough High SchoolMiddleboro HS 
Fri Oct 22 
7:00 PM
Saugus High SchoolSaugus Middle High School 
Thu Nov 25 
10:00 AM
East Bridgewater Jr/Sr High SchoolRockland Stadium 

Fall Sports Schedule 2021: Volleyball

The fall sports schedule according to Athletic Director Gary Graziano can be found on a new website  Below is the volleyball schedule as it stands right now.  Check the website to see changes and results “live.”

Julia Elie against Norwell last year. The volleyball team is a veteran squad and will work hard as always to maintain their success.

Girls Varsity Volleyball Schedule for Fall 2021

Tue Sep 7  5:30 PMNotre Dame Academy–Hingham   at Rockland High School 

Thu Sep 9  5:30 PMHingham High School.  at Hingham HS 

Tue Sep 14  6:00 PMNotre Dame Academy–Hingham  at Hingham-Notre Dame 

Thu Sep 16 5:30 PMCardinal Spellman High School.  at Rockland High School 

Fri Sep 17 5:15 PMMashpee Middle/High School at Mashpee HS 

Mon Sep 20 6:00 PMRandolph High School at Rockland High School 

Wed Sep 22 6:00 PMCarver Middle/High School at Rockland High School 

Mon Sep 27  6:00 PMAbington High School at Rockland High School 

Wed Sep 29 5:15 PMEast Bridgewater Jr/Sr High School at East Bridgewater Jr-Sr HS 

Tue Oct 5 6:00 PMNorwell High School at Rockland High School 

Fri Oct 8 5:30 PMMiddleborough High School at Middleborough High School 

Tue Oct 12  5:15 PMQuincy High School at Quincy High School 

Wed Oct 13  6:00 PMMashpee Middle/High School at Rockland High School 

Fri Oct 15 5:30 PMRandolph High School at Randolph HS 

Mon Oct 18  5:30 PMCardinal Spellman High School at Rockland High School 

Wed Oct 20  5:15 PMCarver Middle/High School. at Carver Middle/HS 

Wed Oct 27  5:30 PMDuxbury High School at Rockland High School 

Fri Oct 29  6:00 PMHingham High School at Rockland High School 

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