February Vacation Starts Today: Got Plans?

No snow days yet this year make this a much needed February Vacation! Veritas file photo


Students at Rockland High School will be enjoying a nice, long, well-deserved vacation starting today! After all, in an unusual winter, no snow days have been called and students have had no real rest since the holidays!

Most students will be far away from the high school, many getting much needed rest, many working extra hours to try to save money for their savings accounts, and many actually doing some school work without worrying about next-day deadlines!  Some will be heading south on family vacations to Disney or other tropical locations; some will be going north to snowboard, ski or do some tubing, especially since our area has had no real snow this year (so far).

A large group of students will be playing in vacation tournaments, including the boys and girls basketball teams who will both be participating in a combined tournament hosted by Abington.  For the boys they will still be in the hunt to wrap up a tournament spot, while the girls will be polishing their record to earn a home game and the highest seed possible in the postseason tournament that starts after vacation.  Those games are on Monday and Wednesday.  Check our website Events calendar for specific times.

The hockey team will also be involved in games over the holiday and they too will be looking to come out of the regular season ready to do well in the postseason tournament.

Two other groups will be participating in school-related activities.

The Service Learning trip to Guatemala starts on Saturday, Feb. 16.  Fifteen students and three chaperones will be traveling to Guatemala and working for the week to help provide needed services and supplies to villagers near  Panajachel where they will be staying.  See our Veritas story on the trip here.

Another group will be heading to Boston to participate in the Harvard Model Congress program.  This will be a four day conference held at the Boston Sheraton hotel conference rooms, involving multiple schools.  The purpose is to foster familiarity with the government process.  The Harvard Model Congress is the largest congressional simulation conference in the world, providing high school students from across the country and abroad, an opportunity to experience American government firsthand. This years’ HMC participants from RHS consists of Jordan Cunningham, Terika Crooks, Paige Donnelly, Michaela Sugrue, and Nicolle G. Winter.  Ms. Adrienne Donovan is the Club Advisor.  The Veritas will be reporting on the students’ experience when they get back in a week.

Whatever it is that you do, enjoy your vacation, Bulldogs, and be safe and rested, and ready for the final months of the school year!


Students Achieve High Honors for Terms 1 and 2

Principal Harrison and Asst. Principal Paulding hand out certificates at the luncheon on Tuesday, Feb. 12 for those students who achieved High Honors during the first or second or both terms this year.

Students were treated to a special luncheon on Tuesday, Feb. 12 right before their early release due to the impending snow storm.

Congratulations to the following students who achieved high honors for one or both terms so far this year.  Achieving high honors means that students have gotten grades of 90 or better in all of their academic classes.

Terms 1 and  2

Kathryn Buckley

John Ellard

Kevin Matos

Ngan Nguyen

Cullen Rogers

Julia Yeadon

Term 1

Jared Allen

Monalisa Almeida

Taylor Anzivino

Jad Bendarkawi

Isabella Burns

Kerin Dalton

Tyler Gambon

Callie Gillan

Lara Glennon

Frank Hawe

Olivia Jones

Sarah MacDonald

Alyssa Patten

Ramzey Youssef

Term 2

Brett Armstrong

Kaileigh Fulton

Olivia Golemme

Robert Ivill III

Tyler Johnson

Russell Jones

Leah Leonard

Shannon Murphy

Michelle Ramoska

Madison Smith

Hannah Wyllie

Congratulations Bulldog Scholars!!


Students show support for the Patriot’s Super Bowl victory

Super Bowl MVP Julian Edelman at the parade on Monday, Feb. 5, 2019. Boston Globe photo by Barry Chin.

Jasmin Morse, Veritas Editor-in-Chief and Web Editor


With last Sunday’s New England Patriots victory against the LA Rams by a whopping score of 13-3 at Super Bowl LIII, yesterday, Tues. Feb. 5, called for a Boston tradition: a Super Bowl Victory Parade.

This occurrence almost seems to become annual: the parade takes place in Boston and people from all over New England come to celebrate the Super Bowl victory of their beloved hometown football team, the Patriots. The last parade was actually two years ago, in 2017,

Tom Brady holds the Lombardi trophy as he rides a duck boat through the crowds lined up for the Patriots Victory Parade on Feb. 5, 2019. USA Today photo

Yesterday, people crammed onto the streets of Boston and Boston Common to celebrate their favorite players, coaches, staff, and cheerleaders as they rolled down the streets in duck boats and were welcomed home with the Lombardi trophy as their souvenir from Atlanta.

This year was one of the highest attendances ever for a Boston sports parade. The MBTA noted that they saw the highest total of riders on the trains ever. Furthermore, the Boston police estimated about 1.5 million people to have attended the parade. (boston globe.com)

As for Rockland, many teachers planned for their class attendances to be lower than normal on the day of the parade as many students noted that they would not be coming to school. In total, RHS noted nearly 200 students to have been absent on parade day. Whether these absences were parade-related or due to it being flu season is not specified.

All in all, with unseasonably warm weather, the crowds flocked to Boston to show their love and support for Tom Brady, Julian Edelman and all the New England Patriots. People young and old celebrated their outstanding year and all the accomplishments the team had as a whole. Whether seeing Brady was your favorite part of the day, going out into the balmy spring-like weather, or simply absorbing Patriot pride, everyone who went to Boston yesterday is sure to have had an unforgettable day.


Mock Trial closes out 2018-2018 season

Back left to right: Giovan Soares, Emmy Kelley, Annie Kelley, Callie Gillan, Jasmin Morse, and Caitlin Cameron. Font left to right: Maria Pala, Ngan Nguyen, Ashley Galliger, and Brynn Dempsey.

Jasmin Morse, Veritas Editor-in-Chief and Web Editor


After months of preparation and hard work, RHS’s Mock Trial team finished off the season on Mon. Jan. 28 after winning the trial’s verdict against Norwell.

At the beginning of this year, the team and advisors, history teachers Greg Rowe and Randal Grimmett were faced with the task of filling the team with fresh new faces after a majority of the team graduated last year. Thankfully, several underclassmen came to some meetings and decided to commit to the club.

On Fri. Jan. 18 the team kicked off the season on defense at the Hingham District Court where they faced Hull. The following week on Fri. Jan. 25, they faced Thayer Academy on prosecution at the Brockton District Court. Finally to close out the season they won as defense against Norwell at the Brockton District Court.

At the close of this season, yet again the team will be losing some key seniors including Giovan Soares, and captains: Jasmin Morse, Caitlin Cameron, and Elizabeth Kelley.


  • Jasmin Morse
  • Elizabeth Kelley
  • Callie Gillan
  • Ashley Galliger
  • Giovan Soares
  • Maria Pala
  • Makayla Andre


  • Caitlin Cameron
  • Annie Kelley
  • Ngan Nguyen
  • Ashley Galliger
  • Brynn Dempsey

For more information about the Mock Trial Team’s season see the print edition of the Veritas on Feb. 14.

Poetry Out Loud Is Monday Night!

January 25, 2019

Last year’s Poetry Out Loud contestants included: left to right: Mardally Freitas, John Ellard, Emily Gaboriault, Joe Lauria, Eden Dalton, Jocelyn Reera, Olivia Elie, Kellie Berry

Students are gearing up for the annual Poetry Out Loud competition to be held on Monday, Jan. 28 at 7 p.m. in the RHS lecture hall.

This year six students will vie for the honor of representing Rockland in the Regional Competition to be held in March. They are: Jillian Mitchell who will recite, “Self Portrait” and “Then and Now,”  Maria Pala who will perform “Lazy” and “Life,”  Kathleen Nee whose poems are “Song in a Minor Key,” and “The Ocean,” John Ellard who will perform “Caged Bird,” and “Invitation to Love,” Megan Diver who will recite “Kubla Khan,” and “Megan Married Herself,” and Paige Boggs whose poems are “A Rabbit Is King of the Ghosts,” and “Grief.

Ms. Carol Cahill, English Dept. Chairperson, says that this year students have selected interesting and diverse poems that are sure to inspire those in the audience.  She encourages all to attend, not only to support the students, but also to be entertained by the poetry that they will hear.


New Year, New Midterm Schedule

Jasmin Morse, Veritas Editor-in-Chief and Web Editor


midterm schedule

As the new year is kicking in gear, the students at RHS are preparing for their midterm exams. To help benefit the students and staff of RHS Principal Dr.  John Harrison has implemented some changes.

Not so new this year, but made a guarantee is the promise of an exam in every class. Whether it be AP Calculus or gym, to even cooking, there will be an exams in every class with the exception of study blocks. As for more hands-on classes like cooking or woodworking will also be given a midterm, whether it be a typical test or a project based test is up to the teacher’s discretion.

Also new to this year is the implementation of different classes acting as study periods in between the lunch blocks. Dr. Harrison explains, “We didn’t love how D block was everyday [in previous years].” So now the faculty has worked to make it so that each day during the lunch periods a different class would meet prior to their testing dates in order to prepare for the exam.”

The second change Dr. Harrison has established is the elimination of the the makeup period that used to be held on the last day of midterm week. Now to make up exams students must stay after school On Tuesday through Friday or go to Saturday School. Mr. Dan Kimball will be in charge of after school makeup exams that will run from 2:45-4:15 p.m. Furthermore, students must speak to an administrator in order to get permission to miss an exam due to an excused absence.

Additionally, students who have a study are allowed to leave school at 12:35 p.m. if their study falls during the afternoon exam portion. If their study falls during the morning session, students are allowed to come to school at 11 p.m.  During the week of midterms, the school day will start at 9 a.m. and end at 2:20 p.m., versus the normal start time of 8 a.m. and ending at 2:35 p.m.

Midterm grades count as 10% of students’ overall end of the year grades and will be displayed on  term two report cards that will be opened on Fri. Jan. 25.

Be sure to hit the books because midterms will start next week on Tuesday,  Jan. 15 and finish up on Friday, Jan. 18 unless of course there is a snow day.  In that case, everything will be moved up a day.

The Bulldogs’ Night at TD Garden

Dante Vasquez scores over the outstretched Norwell center in the game at the Garden on Jan. 6. Veritas photo

January 7, 2019

The boys basketball team got to play on the famed court of the Boston Celtics last night.  The last game of an all-day festival of basketball games began at about 8:15 pm.  The hour of the game did not deter the players, cheerleaders or their fans from an enthusiastic presence at TD Garden.

The boys, tipping off against Norwell in a game that did not count in the standings, got off to a great start and led at the half 22-8.  Norwell chipped away, however, and managed to gain the lead with a minute left in the fourth quarter. Dante Vasquez hit a big three with only ten seconds on the clock but  Norwell held on and came away with a 45-42 win.

The festival, called the Good Sports Invitational Tournament, began in the morning and included nine boys and girls high school varsity games. Also, during the event a silent auction was held to support the Andrew James Lawson Foundation, which advances inclusion for persons with disabilities. Lawson, a Norwell native, was 27 years old when he passed away due to cancer.

Overall, it was an exciting night for both teams in which all the players were able to play on the Celtics’ court. Plus, the Dogs will look to build on this experience going forward to get back to a winning record. See the Patriot Ledger interview below with three of the Dogs’ players after the game for more about the players’ reactions to the game.

Check out the following photos from the night of players, cheerleaders, coaches and fans!

Swimmers Bond In and Out of the Pool

The swim team at practice at the Hanover Y. photo courtesy of Mrs. Margolis

January 3, 2019

Jahri Francis, Veritas Staff

The RHS swim team is having a good season. Members of the swim team tell the Veritas that they aren’t concerned about their record or the losses they take. They are excited about improving their best times and strokes.

At the beginning of the new year, Coach Julie Margolis says that she is pleased with the progress the team has made so far this season. “Everyone is getting stronger and all four competitive strokes have been worked on,” she said.

Improvement has always been the biggest goal for each swimmer. Mrs. Margolis said, “My goals, as always, are for every swimmer to have fun and to improve their strokes and physical well-being during the season.”

Swimming can be used to build bonds, laugh, have fun, and provide exercise for all ages.  “We like to laugh and have fun…. Swimming is a sport that you can do your entire life. At the pool I work at during the day, we have a 93 year old man who comes in every day and swims 500 yards still.”

Ms. Margolis also says that she is so happy that she is able to offer diving this year to the team because of the addition of Mrs. Maureen Hebert, the new dive coach.

Coach Margolis said “The divers are doing awesome and most of the girls have learned at least six dives so they are now able to score at a meet.”  For those who would like to see this addition to the program, they can go to the following dual meets: at Randolph on Jan 20, at Middleboro on Jan 22 and at Quincy on Jan 29.

Margolis said, “One swimmer has already announced that she has a ‘slamming’ playlist ready to blast on the bus rides. We also try to have a couple of pasta parties.”

A member of the RHS swim team, Olivia Janis, says the reason she joined the team is because she has always enjoyed swimming and it has been part of her life since she was a kid.

She said, “Whether it was in the pool or at the beach, I was always happier in the water.”

Janis has goals for herself as well. She said, “I want to try to make sectionals this year.” She says she wants to make a change for RHS because not many people on the swim team have been able to make sectionals, so she is very motivated and determined to make it big this year.

Another member of the team, John Ellard says he wanted to be part of the team because he desires to enhance his swimming skills, even more after a swimming club he has finished.

He also mentioned how they are all working on perfecting their strokes and building their stamina up constantly.

Ellard has set personal goals for himself to eventually win more meets than last year and to hit a .500 mark for his swimming event.

He says he is very happy and motivated to “kill it” this year, thanks to his awesome coach, Mrs. Margolis.

Ellard says that she is a role model and very talented with swimming. “She is not only very knowledgeable about swimming, but she is one of the most supportive people I’ve ever met. She helps us reach our goals but also cares about us on a personal level.”

Both the girls and the boys teams opened up their seasons on Sunday, Dec. 9 with wins against Randolph.

The boys team followed that with a win against Pembroke.

The team looks forward to their meet tomorrow (Jan.4) with Norwell and with Cohasset on Jan. 11. Both meets are at the Scituate Racquet Club at 7:30 p.m.

Check out the team’s upcoming meets to see the competition and pride of this close-knit team!

Coach Julie Margolis and captains, John Ellard III, Aleigha Williams, Angelina Vuong, Rebecca Mullen, and Tyler Beatrice before their first meet against Randolph on Dec. 9. Veritas Photo

Rockland High School’s Year in Review for 2018

Jasmin Morse, Veritas Editor-in-Chief

After a busy and fun-filled year, the Veritas reflects upon the events that took place here at RHS in 2018.

RHS team members watching RHS senior, Harry O’Brien make his throw


Jan. 2: School reopens after Holiday Break.

Jan. 4: RHS starts ACCESS Testing.

Jan 6: Band students attend RHS Senior District Festival.

Jan.19: Eden Dalton wins the annual Poetry Out Loud competition.

Jan 24: NHS sponsors a blood drive partnered with the American Red Cross.

Jan. 25: The Mock Trial team kicks off their season at the Brockton District Court.

Jan. 28: RHS gymnasium holds MASC Bocce Tournament led by SGC.


Feb. 2: Boys basketball team clinches SSL championship for third year in a row.

Feb. 3: Hockey team repeats as SSL champs, defeating Norwell 1-0.

Feb. 9: Girls basketball clinches SSL championship for the third straight year, defeating Norwell 45-40.

Feb. 10: RHS holds Berklee Jazz Festival.

Feb. 17: RHS’s Images Magazine is ranked “Excellent” in the National Council of Teachers of English’s “Program to Recognize Excellence in Student Literary Magazines.”

The group in Guatemala.

Feb. 17-24: 22 RHS students and staff travel to Guatemala in partnership with the Worthy Village organization on a service trip.

Feb. 17-25: Staff and students are on Winter Break.


Mar. 7-9: Select members of SGC go to annual MASC Conference held in Hyannis.

Mar. 9-10: RHS Jr. District Band Festival.

Mar. 13: SGC runs Nets for Nets tournament.

RHS students participate in walkout

Mar. 15: A student-driven walkout is held in response to the Stoneman Douglas school shooting in Parkland, FL in remembrance of the victims.

Mar. 19: Start of spring sports season.


Advanced Art Display

Apr. 4-6: RPS schools hold annual Arts Festival in the RHS Gymnasium.

Apr. 10: Students start ALICE training with teachers and staff.

Apr. 11: Aiden Glennon comes in first at the annual Spellman Oratorical contest sponsored by the English Dept. and held in the lecture hall.

Apr. 22: Freshmen attend Bay Colony Shakespeare performance of Romeo and Juliet.

Apr. 26: SGC elects Caitlin Cameron as 2018-2019 President.

Apr. 28: RHS lacrosse team participates in Rockland Clean-Up Day.


Emily Gaboriault (Dorothy), Ryan Struzziery, Rebekah Panaro, Ryan Mott

May 4-5: RHS Music Dept. presents the musical, The Wizard of Oz.

May 4: Veritas staff receives Excellence Award at the New England Scholastic Press Conference held at BU.

May 6: SGC members participate in the Walk For Hunger.

May 9: SGC holds their 2017-2018 banquet in the lecture hall where awards are given out and the graduating members are honored.

Junior Court: Caitlin Cameron, Kaitlin Diver, Larissa DaSilva, Justin Sherlock, Lexi Nastasia, Nicole Blonde, and Alyssa Antoniewicz

May 11: Junior/Senior Prom is held at the Venezia in Dorchester.

May 16: 15 members of the junior class are inducted into the Pentelic Chapter of the National Honors Society.

May 18: Environmental Club receives a Community Action and Community Research Award for outstanding participation in the Massachusetts Envirothon at the Blackstone River and Canal Heritage State Park in Uxbridge, Massachusetts.

May 21: RHS holds Drama Banquet.

May 22: RHS holds Music Banquet.

May 28: Class of 2018 starts annual Senior Issues.

May 28: RHS Band plays at Memorial Day Parade.

May 30: The Class of 2018 return to the three elementaries to say goodbye to their starting places here in Rockland.

May 31: RHS holds Senior Awards Night and Banquet in RMS/RHS auditorium; Sean Sugrue receives Valedictorian Award for Class of 2018.

June and July:

June 1: The Class of 2018 graduates at the Veterans’ Memorial Stadium.

June 7-9: God’s Children wins the fourth annual Jared Lewis Quirk Speedball Tournament; $4,000 was raised for scholarships to be awarded in memory of Jared Quirk.

June 8: RHS holds Underclassmen Academic Awards ceremony in the RMS/RHS auditorium.

June 13: SGC elects their 2018-2019 Executive Board.

June 20: Last day of 2017-2018 school year.

June 24-July 4: Members of the RHS Travel Club visit Japan.


Aug. 13-15: SGC holds annual summer camp at RHS.

Aug. 22: RHS named Special Olympic Champion School by the Special Olympics.

Aug. 28: Students return to the halls and classrooms of RHS to kick off the 2018-2019 school year.


Sept. 30: Boston’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk is held; SGC, several sports teams and students attend.


October 1: Bulldog Buddies instituted.

Oct. 1-5: Many upperclassmen participate in Distractology to learn more about the dangers of distracted driving.

Oct. 4 Volleyball team clinches SSL championship for second year in a row.

Oct. 12: First pep rally of the year is held.

Oct. 12: Rockland wins Homecoming Game against Norwell at the Veterans’ Memorial Stadium with a score of  9-7.

The five nominees for Miss Rockland: from left: Jasmin Morse, Caitlin Cameron, Meghan Dion, Katy Burke and Alyssa Antoniewicz at halftime of the Homecoming game on Oct. 12.

Oct. 12: Meghan Dion is crowned Miss Rockland at halftime of the Homecoming Game.

Oct. 13: First Homecoming Dance coordinated by RHS Boosters is held in the RHS gym.

Oct. 15: RHS hosts its first Bulldog Buddy event at Boston Bowling in Hanover, MA.

The contestants from left: Giovan Soares, Sean Morrison, Francisco Oliveira, John Ellard, Matt Dalton and Justin Sherlock.

Oct. 17: John Ellard III is crowned Mr. Rockland.

Oct. 24: RHS holds annual Open House for Class of 2023.

Senior Jenna Burns posing in front of the picture station. photo by Danting Zhu

Oct. 28: SGC sponsors annual Project Pumpkin.


Nov. 3: NHS puts flags on veterans’ graves at Bourne National Cemetery.

Nov. 7: Sophomores participate in Credit For Life fair.

Nov. 14: Varsity volleyball team ends their season in the Semifinals at Oliver Ames High School against Case High School.

Nov. 14: Clearance Day for Winter Sports.

Nov. 17: RHS Cheerleaders come in first at the Division 4 State Championship Competition in Worcester.

The winning senior team.

Nov. 19: Seniors defeat the juniors 18-12 at Powderpuff game.

Nov. 24: Several RHS clubs participate in the townwide Holiday Stroll.

Nov. 26: Seniors win $200 toward their class account by winning Turkey Trot 2018.


Dec. 4: NHS holds a blood drive in memory of Ann Phelps with the help of Boston Children’s Hospital.

Dec. 4: One of RHS’s most beloved alumni, Michael Bodley comes back to the halls of RHS for a visit.

Dec. 6-8: RHS’s Theater Guild puts on the play: Arsenic and Old Lace.

Dec. 10: School Resource Officer, Officer Schnabel is honored as the “Staff Top Dog” of the week.

Dec. 12: Music Dept. Holiday Concert in RHS auditorium: band members from grades 5-12 will perform.

Dec. 17-21: Winter Spirit Week.

Dec. 19: Multiple freshmen and seniors travel to see To Kill A Mockingbird on Broadway.

Dec. 21: Class of 2018 alumni come back to visit and talk to this year’s graduating class.

Dec. 21: Students and staff end their final school day of 2018 before leaving for Holiday Break.

See you in 2019 Bulldogs!!

Mr. and Mrs. Claus Reflect Holiday Spirit of Giving

Mrs. Freea Leahy and Officer Ethan Schnabel were chosen as Mr. and Mrs. Claus this Christmas Season. photo by Alexxys MacDonald

Jasmin Morse, Veritas Editor-in-Chief

For the past twelve years the Veritas staff has selected two members of the RHS faculty to be RHS’s Mr. and Mrs. Claus for the year.

Due to their outstanding commitment to the school and their desire to make RHS a better place, Officer Ethan Schnabel, our school resource officer, and Ms. Freea Leahy, our guidance and adjustment counselor, have been named 2018’s Mr. and Mrs. Claus.

When it comes to what their favorite part of the holidays is, they’re both in agreement: giving back to others.

Officer Schnabel noted that he especially enjoys going out shopping for the gifts he gives his daughters, almost as much as they enjoy receiving them. In addition, Ms. Leahy says that she enjoys the holiday baked goods, who doesn’t?!

The pair are also in agreement in regards to their favorite things about working at RHS: the students.

Officer Schnabel emphasized, “As a police officer we often deal with people in crisis who have called us when things are bad.  In the schools I am able to meet students in non-stressful situations and build relationships.”

As for Ms. Leahy, she loves the people and the community the students build here in the school, noting that the humor, the staff’s striving for achievement in their students, as well as the students themselves create a strong sense of community.

Although Mr. Claus doesn’t have as much time off as the rest of us, he plans on spending time with his family over the holiday break.

Ms. Leahy will also spend time with her family and, in addition, the busy counselor plans to catch up on some much needed sleep exclaiming that she desires to “[take] lots of naps.”

Despite being the man himself, Mr. Claus is asking Santa, like many of us, for “a nice relaxing vacation,” and Mrs. Claus says “at the risk of sounding cliche,” that she already has everything she needs.

As the holiday season will soon fade away, Mr. and Mrs. Claus do have some holiday hopes for the students at RHS.

Like most of the staff, Ms. Leahy wishes “health, happiness, laughter, and good grades” for all the students.

Mr Claus, being the man of safety that he is, wishes the students, “to be safe and enjoy their time at RHS,” saying, “I know it’s kinda cheesy but that’s my thing.”

All in all, Mr. and Mrs. Claus and the staff here at the Veritas wish all students and staff  a safe and merry holiday break and a great start to the New Year!

Class of 2018 Alumni Return to RHS Halls

Jasmin Morse, Veritas Editor-in-Chief and Web Editor


alumni are back

Members of the Class of 2018

As students waited anxiously for the 2:35 bell to ring on the last day of 2018 classes, RHS seniors had the privilege of learning about the college experience many will be going into from former students of RHS.

Today, many of the members of the Class of 2018 returned to their former school to not only inform the Class of 2019 of their post-high school life, but to also visit their former teachers, and catch up with old friends.

The day began with a question and answer session in the RMS/RHS lecture hall where the RHS graduates sat in front of the senior audience to provide information and advice on life after high school.

After that, the bunch made their way to the cafeteria where they were eagerly greeted by former teachers, old friends, and seniors with questions about their experiences and the transitioning process. Here, they stayed for all three lunch blocks in the cafe, while others managed to slip away into the halls of RHS where they roamed the school in search of their former favorite teachers.

All in all, as many of the students wait impatiently to leave the halls of RHS for Holiday Break, it’s safe to say the members of the Class of 2018 were happy to be back at RHS where “once a bulldog, always a bulldog.”

Chorus, Band Spread Holiday Cheer

Chorus members mingled with the senior citizens after their Holiday concert on Friday, Dec. 21.

Rockland High School’s Chorus and Band made their annual holiday visits to all the elementary schools on Friday, Dec. 21. Under the direction of John Piazza and Victoria McComb the students boarded their busses early and got on their way to their first stop at Memorial Park; from there they went to the Jefferson, and then on to the Esten.

The last stop was their visit to the Rockland Senior Center where they played to a full room of senior citizens who had gathered to hear their annual concert.  At all their stops they played and sang Holiday favorites to the appreciative audiences.



SGC Honors SRO Schnabel

School Resource Officer Ethan Schnabel was honored with a Top Dog Club t-shirt for his contributions to all the schools in Rockland.

Jasmin Morse, Veritas Editor-in-Chief and Web Editor


After a year of weekly announcements of who will be named the Top Dog amongst highly acknowledged members of the senior class, RHS’s Student Government Council felt it was necessary to recognize the faculty who go above and beyond their duties. This Monday, RPS’s School Resource Officer, Ethan Schnabel was honored as the Staff Top Dog.

For the past two weeks, SGC’s treasurer, senior Justin Sherlock as well as other members of the Executive Board have worked to create a video of staff and students for the hard work he dedicates to the Rockland schools. In addition, as you can see around the halls of RHS, they’ve hung posters everywhere thanking Officer Schnabel for all his hard work. This video was shown at the Wednesday, Dec. 19 SGC meeting.

Furthermore, at this meeting, Officer Schnabel was greeted by his wife and children as well as members of SGC to watch the video and in the end, presented him with his very own “Top Dog” shirt.

Be sure if you see him in the halls to thank him for the time and dedication he puts into making this school a safe environment for us all.

Theater Guild Delivers “Killer” Comedy with Arsenic and Old Lace

The cast at the end of the play. Photo courtesy of Mr. Harrison

Dec. 17, 2108

Megan Diver, Veritas Staff

The RHS Theater Guild performed its production of Arsenic and Old Lace last week on December 6, 7, and 8. The room was full of laughter each night, and the cast, crew, and directors were excited that their hard work was appreciated..

Directors Joanne White and Julia DiCanzio have nothing but great things to say about the performances. They are both extremely proud of the cast and how much work and effort they all put in to make this show as enjoyable as it could be.

Ms. White says they really challenged the cast this year, due to such a wide array of characters, but that just made the cast put in a little more grit to transform themselves into their own characters and light up the stage.

Summing up the make up and performance of her diverse cast and crew, Ms. White said, “It was a great mix of new people and veteran thespians who worked together as a group and really supported each other.”

Ms. DiCanzio said that she enjoyed getting to see the cast grow from the first day of rehearsals to show night.

She said she “genuinely loved getting to know every single person in a different way that I hadn’t known them, and I laughed harder than I have at many points during this whole play process, and that’s just what makes this so enjoyable.”

Director Joanne White said, “The kids worked so hard throughout the rehearsals and they lit up the stage every night.”

Senior Alison Landy (Stage Manager), is one of the two seniors who have been involved in the Theater Guild for all of her 4 years.

She says it’s heartbreaking knowing that it was her last play, but she wouldn’t have had it any other way. She says, “It’s so surreal that I’ve been doing this for so long and now it’s coming to an end. [I’m grateful for] the number of friendships I’ve made and how much I’ve grown since I started theater.” As a committed member of the Theater Guild for four years, her devotion to the program is truly inspiring.

Junior Neleh Dunn (Dr. Einstein) showed her  acting skills with this show. She nailed her character development, and almost made it look easy.  She says she is grateful for the family she found in the Theater Guild, and she’s so happy with the amount of fun, laughs, and inside jokes they had this year.

She had this to say about the performance nights. “I’d like to think it was just all cards on the table at that point, and we just wanted to make the crowd laugh.”

In his first play, senior Sean Morrissey took the role of lead character, Mortimer Brewster. Morrissey is widely committed to a number of activities at RHS. During the duration of the play he led the cross country team as captain, and he also is an AP student and the NHS president. Needless to say, he had quite a bit on his plate. It wasn’t easy for him, but he pulled through and gave a fantastic performance. He truly was a found treasure in his debut performance.

Morrissey says he loved the sense of family he found in the Theater Guild, and loved how close the cast and crew got.

The Theater Guild would like to thank everyone who came out to see the show, and for the support they received from the school. They are grateful they were able to put on a “killer” show for everyone to enjoy.

Photos by Veritas Staff and courtesy of John Ellard


The backstage crew included: Ali Landy (Stage Manager), Bonnie Gasdia, (Asst. Stage Manager), Seth Rosczewski (Lighting Operator), Leah Drago (Sound Operator), Molly Boggs (Costumes), Julia Yeadon (Hair and Make-Up), and Stage Crew, Morgan Wahlstrom, Maria Pala, Leah Leonard and Christa Pollard.Anthony DiNino contributed cover art and posters.

Staff members Bryan Conklin, Julia DiCanzio and Joanne White designed the set and Dave Cable-Murphy and Chris Burnieka coordinated sound and lights.

RHS Achievements Featured in School Committee Meeting

Jasmin Morse, Veritas Editor-in-Chief and Web Editor


AP Scholars

Michelle Ramoska, Caitlin Cameron, John Ellard III and Declan Rogers were presented certificates by Principal John Harrison. They were recognized as AP Scholars due to their achivements on last spring’s AP exams.

During the school year, the Rockland Public School Committee meets monthly to discuss and make decisions regarding our school system. Each meeting, the committee tries to highlight the achievements and students in the Rockland schools.

At last night’s meeting, special education teacher, Joanne White, and students from her Pathways class gave a presentation about what goes on daily in the Pathways class.

Here, Anthony DiNino and Dillion Doyle talked about the new Bulldog Buddies program that started this year to connect kids from the Pathways class with other members of the student body with their Bulldog Buddies, senior Tyler Beatrice and Caroline Eli. Additionally, Pathways student Emily Hunt-Grandmont talked about the unified gym class that she takes with seniors Ashley Murphy and Amelia Dalton. Lastly, Alex Anzivino highlighted the Pathways Grille and Dog Depot and the skills they learn through these businesses.

Ms. White also mentioned the fact that Pathways students have their own page in the monthly edition of the Veritas!

Also during the meeting, RHS Principal John Harrison recognized RHS’s AP scholars for their incredible achievements on last year’s AP exams. The AP Scholar Program recognizes three categories of achievers in the AP exams held each spring.

Awarded were the four current seniors who received certificates from Principal John Harrison. Caitlin Cameron and Declan Rogers were recognized as AP Scholars, Michelle Ramoska was noted as an AP Scholar with Honor, and John Ellard III was regarded as an AP Scholar with Distinction.

AP Scholars receive a score of 3 or better on three full-year course AP exams. Additionally, AP Scholars with Honor receive a score of 3 or better on four full-year course AP exams. Finally, AP Scholars with Distinction receive a score of 3 or better on five full-year course AP exams.

All in all, 18 total RHS students who took the AP exams in the spring of 2018 were recognized as AP Scholars, 14 of them being members of the Class of 2018. Principal Harrison congratulated all four current students, calling their achievement “remarkable.”  He also said that this year was “a great year for the Advanced Placement Program,” citing the fact that 47% of all AP students who took the AP exams passed with a 3, 4 or 5 score.

Additionally, Ellard was recognized as a Commended Scholar for scoring in the top 3% in the country (out of 1.6 million test takers) in the 2019 National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test taken in October.

Overall, the December School Committee meeting was full of recognition for all the hard work the students here at Rockland High do on all levels.

New Member of the RHS Family: The Hydration Station!

Jasmin Morse, Veritas Editor-in-Chief and Web Editor


new water filter for bottles

Jad Bendarkawi Lizzie McGaffigan filling up their bottle at the brand new Hydration Station.

After many requests, and complaints, about the bubblers the Environmental Club made a substantial change to the water services here at RHS. Last Thursday, a filtered and chilled water bottle filler was put in our very own school. The system has been dubbed as the “Hydration Station.”

Advisor to the Environmental Club and biology teacher, Angela Armstrong excitedly explained that its purpose is to not only provide fresh, cool drinking water, but to also reduce our ecological footprint on the earth by minimizing the use of single-use plastic bottles. The club fundraised money for its installation by selling stainless steel reusable bottles decorated in Bulldog pride for $20 each.

Principal John Harrison noted he was very excited about its arrival, and like the club, hopes to reduce the amount of non reusable cups and bottles being used here at RHS.

While in use, the device calculates how many bottles it is saving and after its third full day of being in use so far the school has saved 403 bottles with the hopes of saving hundreds of more.

Be sure to stop by the auditorium entrance where it is located to give it a try and to save a bottle!

Opening Night for Theater Guild is Tonight!!

Neleh Dunn, Sean Morrissey and John Ellard during dress rehearsal last night. Arsenic and Old Lace opens tonight (Thurs.) and will be performed on Friday and Saturday as well. Veritas staff photo

December 6, 2018

The Theater Guild, coming off their dress rehearsal last night, are ready to open up their fall production, Arsenic and Old Lace, tonight!

The production is the classic comedy by Joseph Kesselring that follows Mortimer Brewster (Sean Morrissey) and his family: brothers Jonathan (John Ellard) and Teddy (Philip Pattison), and aunts Martha (Lara Glennon) and Abby (Emily Gaboriault), as they cope with each others’ homicidal tendencies. The humor is both subtle and obvious and the interplay of the characters keeps the action moving swiftly throughout the three acts.

Megan Diver, Neleh Dunn, Tyler Beatrice, Justin Sherlock, Zach Webb, Terrell Wright, Cailin Sullivan and Jonah Pishkin round out the talented cast.

You don’t want to miss this production, which will also be performed on Friday and Saturday nights at 7 p.m. in the high school auditorium.


Theatre Guild To Perform Arsenic and Old Lace This Week


Megan Diver, Veritas Staff

The Theatre Guild, led by advisor, Ms. Joanne White, and co-advisor, Ms. Julia DiCanzio, will be producing the play Arsenic and Old Lace, a dark comedy on December 6, 7 and 8 at 7 pm in the high school auditorium.

Arsenic and Old Lace was written by American playwright, Joseph Kesselring, in 1939.

The play starts off with Mortimer Brewster (Sean Morrissey), a writer, notorious drama critic, and marriage detractor, who falls for the girl-next-door, the Reverend’s daughter, Elaine Harper (Megan Diver).

The two love-birds decide to get engaged on Halloween evening. As they part for their respective homes to tell the good news to their families, Mortimer Brewster opens the window seat in his aunts, Abby Brewster (Emily Gaboriault) and Martha Brewster’s (Lara Glennon), living room, and finds the dead body of an old man inside.

With his two “eccentric” aunts, disturbed brother, Teddy Brewster (Philip Pattison), and homicidal brother, Jonathan Brewster (John Ellard), Mortimer realizes that his already crazy family, is even crazier than he thought.

Ms. DiCanzio says, “I’m most looking forward to students working to their potential, and coming out of their comfort zones.”

Ms. White also says she can’t wait to see what the cast brings to the table, and can’t wait to see how much they grow from the first day of rehearsals to the first show.

Both have high hopes for this production which they describe as “a classic comedy that everyone would enjoy.”

There’s also a variety of character acting within the play, and with that said, they believe such diverse acting is one of the RHS students’ strong suits!

The Theatre Guild hopes that you all attend for a night of mischief, laughter, and mystery!

Tickets can be purchased before the show for $5 online here and will be available at the door for $8.

National Honor Society Sponsoring Blood Drive on Dec. 4

The Rockland High School National Honor Society is hosting a blood drive in honor of long time high school nurse, Ann Phelps on Tuesday, December 4th from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm.  A beloved member of the community, Phelps passed away in July of 2017.  The flyer above provides important details.

Students age 17 and over can donate blood; 16 year olds can donate with a signed parent consent form – click on this link to download the form. Blood drive parent consent form

You can register to donate at https://www.halfpints.childrenshospital.org/

Seniors Win Powderpuff 2018

Jasmin Morse, Veritas Editor-in-Chief and Web Editor



Last night girls from the junior and senior class faced off in a game of flag football at the Veterans’ Memorial Stadium. Although it was chilly, the stands couldn’t be used, and Sarah Pollard ended up with a broken collarbone, the seniors ended the night victorious with a score of 18-12.

Throughout the night touchdowns were made for the juniors by Maryn Monett and Hannah Wyllie. As for the seniors, two touchdowns were scored by Sarah Pollard, and one by Shannon Murphy.

Senior quarterback, Ashley Murphy said, “It was a pretty evenly matched game. The seniors took a lead to start the first half of the game, but at the start of the 2nd half the juniors caught up. Each team scored again to tie it up, making the score 12 to 12. The senior’s defense in overtime allowed us the ball back and the chance to score with an awesome catch from our wide receiver Shannon Murphy!”

In charge of teaching the girls the secrets to the game were some of their male football- enthusiast classmates. For the juniors, Owen Shea, Matt Bruzzese and Dante Vasquez helped coach the girls. Coaching the senior girls were John Ellard, Matt Makarski, Matt Dalton, Evan Gormley, Anthony Decceco, and Mike Ebersole.

Dealing with the confusion on and off the field were refs Damien Ricci and Peter Harrison. And to help oversee the practices and the team were math teacher, Kathy Hoffman and science department head, Samantha Hoyo.

At the game, Student Government Council put on a bake sale selling goods like cookies, brownies, hot cocoa, and popcorn. In the concessions stand, senior Tyler Beatrice, sophomores Greta Russo and Lauren Dracchio, freshmen Grace Henry were in charge of the bake sale. Freshmen Olivia Jones and Carol Lage helped to sell tickets at the gate. Overseeing the event run by the Finance and Fundraising Committee headed by Jasmin Morse, were SGC advisors and RHS teachers, Joanne White and Jill Delaney.

All in all, it ended up being a beautiful fall night for the Powderpuff game that both the players and fans enjoyed, and per usual, the seniors reclaimed their title as the “top dogs” of the school.

Powderpuff 2018 Plays Tonight

Jasmin Morse, Veritas Editor-in-Chief and Web Editor


junior class before game

The class of 2019 last year competing as juniors at the 2017 Powderpuff game.

Tonight, at 6 pm at the Veterans’ Memorial Stadium the junior class girls and the graduating class of 2019 are facing off for the annual Powderpuff game.

Here, the girls will be cheered on by their male cheerleading counterparts for an intense game of flag football. Tickets will be sold at the stadium for $5 per person.

This Student Government Council event run by the Finance and Fundraising Committee headed by senior, Jasmin Morse will also be running a bake sale at the event with goods such as hot cocoa, cookies, and popcorn in order to support SGC’s fundraisers and projects.

Be there tonight to support and watch the ferocious battle of the classes on the field at 6pm tonight!

Cheerleaders Take Home D4 State Crown

The RHS cheerleaders and coaches at Worcester State University.

November 19, 2018

Yesterday at Worcester State University the Rockland High School fall cheerleaders came in first in the Division 4 State Championship competition.  It is the eighth state championship for the team, the first in two years.  Last year the girls came in second in the state finals.

Abington High School and Georgetown High School finished second and third out of a field of ten division 4 teams this year.  Each team competing in the state finals had come in first or second in regional competitions held last weekend.

Head coach of the team is Jeanine Reardon; assistants are Kim Reardon and Kyrstin Killion. Captains of the squad are Hallie Molineaux, Bella Burns and Mia Comeau.

Many fans and alumni were at Worcester yesterday to cheer on the girls, and the winners received a police escort as they came back to Rockland last night!




Bulldog Buddies Show Off Their Painting Skills

Emily’s painting is rounding into shape.

Nov. 16, 2018

On Thurs. night the Bulldog Buddies at Rockland High School were treated to a painting lesson by none other than math teacher, Steve Casagrande.  Fittingly, as the first snowstorm of the season was forecast for later that night, the theme of their paint night was a snowman.

Teachers Joanne White and Kathy Hoffman  were on hand to supervise the artists as the Bulldog buddies paired up to create some great paintings of a snowman, carrot nose and all!

Veritas Video Report: Credit for Life Fair

The Veritas Staff put together interviews at the Credit for Life Fair on Nov. 7.  Here is the report.


Click here for more info and photos on the Credit for Life Fair

RHS Students Defeating Staff for Annual Turkey Trot Contest

Jasmin Morse, Vertias Editor-in-Chief and Web Editor


From the juniors’ pile of overflowing “Ramen Noodles,” to the overstuffed box belonging to the seniors, and even the freshmen who managed to gain class participation, all RHS grades are crushing the staff in the annual turkey trot charity.

Each year around Thanksgiving RHS’s Student Government Council sets up a donation competition amongst the grades in order to collect canned goods for the Rockland Food Pantry.

New to this year’s competition is a staff box. Now staff have the opportunity to collect cans for the food pantry and compete; unfortunately the faculty are falling short in their can collection.

Running the event, junior Katy Buckley who is the Student Services committee chair notes, “The student participation is the highest it’s been in recent years, although the addition of staff participation could use some work.” Furthermore she encouraged, “There’s still plenty of time to get out there and donate.”

When the event has come to its conclusion the winning class will receive $200 to their class bank account, and if the teachers manage to come out on top, they’ll receive a staff breakfast.

Happy trotting to all, and may the best class (or staff) win!

Credit for Life Fair Held on Nov. 7

Sophomores make the rounds of booths in the gym on Weds. Nov. 7 at the second annual Credit for Life Fair. From left are: Ryan Hindy, Zack Phripp, Nick Blonde, Patrick Moriarty and Zack Ofurum. photo by Arianna Esposito

Veritas Staff


The sophomore Class of 2021 attended a Credit For Life Fair on Wednesday, Nov. 7.  This is the second year that Rockland High School’s guidance department has organized the fair with the help of many community organizations and businesses who volunteered their time.

Credit For Life is designed to teach students about finances and important skills regarding money management that they can use when they are adults. 

Before the fair began, students logged in to their naviance account and after taking a survey they received a list of occupations that best fit their interests. They then picked from their lists, and were given a salary, a budget, and a credit score.

The Credit for Life Fair is an interactive, realistic, and interesting way to help RHS’ students learn about their futures, and the financial decisions they will need to make. 

On Wednesday from 9-11 a.m. students walked around the gym to different booths and tables, where they kept track of their money and learned important financial lessons. Working within a budget based on their monthly “income,” students visited booths such as “Insurance,” “Transportation,” “Savings and Retirement,” “Career Counseling” and “Luxuries” over a 2 hour period.

They also went through scenarios like buying an apartment or a house, buying their first car, and paying insurance and monthly bills. They also have to deal with the cost of accidents, like being in a car collision, or needing repairs on their house or car. 

During and at the conclusion of the Fair students also were required to visit the Reality Check Booth where they checked whether they are living within their budget.  By the end of Credit For Life, students hopefully know a lot more about money than they previously did.

Mrs. Margaret Black, Guidance Department Head, said that she was pleased at how the fair went.  She also referenced a few of the “post-fair” survey responses that sophomores took.

“What was the best thing you learned about managing money?:  the difference between buying what I want instead of need.”

“The most challenging thing about the fair?:  staying in budget.”

About your spending plan, what surprised you the most?: how much money came out for taxes.

Students also gave suggestions for how the fair can be improved. Mrs. Black said, “We value their input and will use it to help us going forward.”


Photos below were taken by Veritas photographers, Arianna Esposito and Danting Zhu

Click here to see the video produced by the Veritas Staff

Powderpuff 2018 Shirts on sale now!

Jasmin Morse, Veritas Editor-in-Chief and Web Editor


With the November RHS tradition of the annual Powderpuff game right around the corner, this week until Wednesday, the junior and senior classes are selling their class shirts for $20 each.

This year the game will be played on Monday, Nov. 19 at 6 p.m. at the Veterans Memorial Stadium. Be sure to come out and support the girls!

Spooky Fun at Project Pumpkin 2018

Jasmin Morse, Veritas Editor-in-Chief and Web Editor


On Sunday, Oct. 28 from 1-4 p.m. families from Rockland and surrounding towns filed into the Rockland High School lobby to partake in annual RHS Halloween tradition, Project Pumpkin. Here, families paid $3 per child, or $2 if a canned good was donated, in order to trick or treat through the RHS halls, Also available was a venture down the Haunted Hallway, and enjoyable games in the gym.

Running the event was the Student Government Council’s Student Services committee. In charge of the committee is senior Sarah Pollard, a Halloween fanatic, who called the event’s success a team effort stating, “The event went smoothly. There was a great turn-out and I’m thankful for all who volunteered and the families that came.”

On top of the fun and candy, both the SGC and the students involved in the 2019 Guatemala trip held their own bake sales with home baked goods ranging from chocolate chip cookies, whoopie pies, and rolo pretzels.

All in all, both the students and families had a day filled with frightening fun that served to connect Rockland High School to the community.

Photo credits to junior, Arianna Esposito and here is a link to our video shot by sophomore, Alexxys MacDonald.

Don’t Forget to Go Trick or Treating at RHS on Sunday Afternoon!

Rockland’s Student Government Council will be holding its annual Project Pumpkin on Sunday, Oct. 28.  Families are invited to attend between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. at Rockland High School.

Along with trick or treating throughout the hallways at RHS, face painting, games and other activities will be available in the gym.  A haunted hallway (optional) is also available.

All candy is peanut free.

Take a look at pictures from year’s past Project Pumpkins!

Open House Showcases Student Enthusiasm

One of the “tour groups” being guided through the hallways at the Open House on Weds.night, Oct. 24.

Veritas Staff,  Oct. 26, 2018

The Open House held on Weds. Oct. 24 welcoming eighth graders and their parents showcased not only the many programs found at Rockland High School, but more importantly, the enthusiasm of student volunteers who served as tour guides and demonstrators for the many clubs, and academic programs that were set up and highlighted throughout the building.

According to Principal John Harrison, over 60 student volunteers and 30 staff members participated in the RHS annual Open House and Welcome Night for the RHS Class of 2023 students.

Each academic department set up demonstrations while all the clubs that the high school offers were showcased as members had set up tables with examples and demonstrations of what the club’s purpose and activities were.

The Open House began with a presentation in the auditorium where a powerpoint presentation  on the “Top 10 Best Things About Rockland High School” was shown. Then parents and students were divided into tour groups and were conducted through the hallways by students where they visited the many tables set up.

Most of all, it was Rockland High School students who enthusiastically led the demonstrations and explained the programs that RHS provides.

Veritas photographer Danting Zhu found many of the activities in the hallways.


Welcoming the Class of 2023 to Rockland High School

On Wednesday night, Oct. 24 from 6:30 to 8 p.m. the Class of 2023 students and parents are invited to attend a Welcome to Rockland High School Night.

In the format this year teachers, students and administrators will showcase for 8th graders and their parents the various programs and people that make up Rockland High School and Bulldog Nation!

Students and parents will go on tours, led by RHS students, and while they go on these tours, they will stop by at various academic and extracurricular tables to get more information. Some examples will include:

  • Demonstrations set up in the hallway including science and engineering demos including robotics,  cooking demos, wood shop demos and more.
  • A display table with magazines from prior years of Images art and literary magazine and the Veritas, the high school newspaper.
  • Information about technology available at Rockland High School
  • Students from athletic teams explaining the various sports available at RHS.



Ellard Crowned Mr. Rockland

The contestants from left: Giovan Soares, Sean Morrison, Francisco Oliveira, John Ellard, Matt Dalton and Justin Sherlock.

Senior John Ellard was crowned Mr. Rockland on Weds. Oct. 17 in the annual Mr. Rockland competition sponsored by the RHS Student Government Council under the direction of senior Jasmin Morse.

Ellard was judged the top competitor by four faculty judges, Kendra Donovan, Adrienne Donovan, Rich MacAllister and Fred Damon.

The other contestants included: Matt Dalton, Sean Morrison, Giovan Soares, Justin Sherlock and Francisco Oliveira.  The contest included talent, lip-sync, formal wear and question and answer.

Serving as ceremony narrators were Caitlin Cameron, Kate Burke and Sarah Pollard

To read more about the contestants and the competition see our next issue of the print edition of the Veritas due out next week.

Photos below were taken by Veritas photographer Arianna Esposito. Check back tomorrow for some video clips from the Mr. Rockland competition!

Miss Rockland Crowned at Homecoming Game

The five nominees for Miss Rockland: from left: Jasmin Morse, Caitlin Cameron, Meghan Dion, Katy Burke and Alyssa Antoniewicz at halftime of the Homecoming game on Oct. 12.

October 15, 2018

Five senior girls were introduced to the fans at half-time of the Oct. 12 Homecoming Game as the nominees for Miss Rockland for this school year.

They are Alyssa Antoniewicz, Kathleen Burke, Caitlin Cameron, Meghan Dion, and Jasmin Morse.  The girls were nominated by faculty and staff at RHS; the senior class voted for Miss Rockland.  Nominees are seen as positive role models, academically sound, and respected by faculty and their peers.  In all, they make Rockland a better place to be.

Meghan Dion was crowned by Principal John Harrison as the 2018-19 Miss Rockland.

For more about each of the Miss Rockland nominees, check out our story in the print edition of the Veritas due out next week.


Pathways Students Participate in Unified Soccer

Jasmin Morse, Veritas Editor-in-Chief and Web Editor


unified soccer Oct

Rockland and Abington had their annual Unified Soccer game last night, Oct. 10. A good time was had by all!!photo courtesy of Mr. Graziano.

At the Abington Frolio field last night, on Wednesday Oct. 10 Rockland’s Pathways program students participated in a unified soccer game against AHS’s special education program.

The event was planned by RHS Athletic Director, Gary Graziano in coordination with Abington’s athletics.

Here, the athletes from both the pathways program, RHS boys and girls soccer teams came together for a night of fun and fitness.

October, A Frighteningly Busy Month

Jasmin Morse, Veritas Editor-in-Chief and Web Editor


The Class of 2019 will be competing for the roller coaster championship at next week’s Homecoming Pep Rally.

With fall sports in the heat of their seasons, Homecoming events revving into action, and extracurriculars in their prime, October is known to be one of the busiest months on the RHS calendar.

After the initial, semi-regular week, the second week of October is definitely one to note in your calendars. Monday, Oct 8 the school will be closed for Columbus Day. In addition, the following Tuesday will be closed as a professional day for the RHS staff.

Also on Tuesday, Oct. 9 RHS’s Student Government Council will be attending the annual fall Southeastern Massachusetts Association of Student Council (SEMASC) conference where junior Jacob Leahy will be running to be the 2019-2020 SEMASC president.

On Wednesday, Oct. 10 sophomores and juniors are taking the PSAT’s in order to help prepare them for the SAT test most seniors have to submit as part of their college admissions applications. As for the freshmen and seniors, they get to come in at 11:25 a.m. after the testing has ended.

In addition, Wednesday is the start of Spirit Week. Wednesday will be dedicated to the decades, students and staff are encouraged to dress up as their favorite decade.

After school Wednesday, the Unified Spirits committee and Rockland athletics partnered to plan a Unified Soccer game against Abington at five in Abington. Be sure to come and support our athletes!

Thursday is going to be Meme Day where everyone can dress up as their favorite meme or vine video.

Teams compete in the tug of war at last year’s pep rally.

Friday, Oct. 12 is one of the most important days here at RHS, Pep Rally and Homecoming Day. Students are encouraged to come to school decked out in their class colors and rep their class pride.

At the end of the school day, students will congregate in the gym for the pep rally where contests will be held, roller coasters will be ridden, and athletes will be recognized. Pep rally is planned in partnership with the athletics and Student Government Council’s Unified Spirit Committee which is led by junior, Lara Glennon.

Later on Friday night, the varsity football team will face Norwell in the Veterans Memorial Stadium at 7pm for the Homecoming Game.

From left: Hannah Murphy, Jaymie Atkins, Macie Jones, Lily Matson and Sydney McKenna. photo by Ryan Mott

At halftime, Miss Rockland nominees will be escorted onto the field where RHS Principal John Harrison will crown the 2018-2019 Miss Rockland. The winner will receive a scholarship and one of the best parking spots in the RMS/RHS parking lot. The nominees for Miss Rockland are Alyssa Antoniewicz, Kate Burke, Caitlin Cameron, Meg Dion, and Jasmin Morse.

The following night, the Homecoming Dance will take place in the RHS gym from 7-10 pm. Tickets are currently on sale at all three lunches for $10. The dance is put on by the Rockland Boosters. Be sure to grab your ticket and your dancing shoes!

Left to right the contestants of Mr. Rockland last year after the show: Ronan McNally, Jake Lauria, Aiden Glennon, Lou Casey, Chris Penney, Joe Lauria, Joey Yeadon and Elias Csubak.

Wednesday, Oct. 17 the Student Government Council’s Finance and Fundraising Committee headed by senior, Jasmin Morse is holding the annual Mr. Rockland pageant for senior boys. The event will be at 7pm in the RMS/RHS auditorium. The Mr. Rockland contestants are Justin Sherlock, Francisco Oliveira, Sean Morrissey, Matt Dalton, Giovan Soares, and John Ellard. The contestants will compete in the categories of attire, lip sync, talent, and a Q&A.

To wrap up the month, the annual Project Pumpkin community event will be held on Sunday, Oct. 29. The event is directed by Sarah Pollard and her committee in Student Government Council. Here, the community is encouraged to come to the high school in their costumes and go trick-or-treating through the halls, or venture down the Haunted Hallway, and enjoy fun and games in the gym.

All in all, October is bound to be a busy month and one full of fun, laughter, and memories for all.


Auditions Held for Theatre Guild’s Upcoming Production

photo: wikipedia.com

Megan Diver, Veritas Staff

October 2, 2018

Auditions were held Tuesday, Sept. 25th and Wednesday, Sept. 26th in Ms. White’s room for the Theatre Guild’s December performances of the play, Arsenic and Old Lace

The play will be directed by advisor, Joanne White, and co-advisor, Julia DiCanzio.

Both Ms. White and Ms. DiCanzio have high hopes for this production. They describe it as “a classic comedy that everyone will enjoy.”

The cast list was put up on Monday, October 1st, and 14 students were cast. With such a large cast, there will be variety of character acting within the play, and the directors believe such diverse acting is one of the RHS students’ strong suits! 

The showtimes for this classic dark comedy will be on December 6th, 7th, and 8th, all at 7:00 PM, in the high school auditorium. The Theatre Guild hopes that you all attend for a night of mischief, laughter, and mystery!

For a more detailed preview of the play, including the cast list, see our first issue of the print edition of the Veritas, due out in October!

For more information about last year’s Theatre Guild performance, Moon Over Buffalo, go here.



Students Walk for Breast Cancer, 2018

Approximately 150 students walked on Sunday, Sept. 30 to support the fight against breast cancer.

Jasmin Morse, Veritas Editor-in-Chief and Web Editor


One of RHS’s favorite community service events, the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk, took place this past Sunday, Sept. 30 in Boston. This year’s Student Government Council partnered event was run by the Finance and Fundraising committee which is led by junior, Katy Buckley. Several teams including the cross country, girls and boys soccer, and volleyball teams also attended the event.

As is tradition, students gathered together in front of the high school decked out in pink at 6:45 Sunday morning and boarded buses to bring them to the location. Once there participants had the option to walk the one or five mile route that runs along the Charles River.


Once the walk was completed, students were welcome to listen to speakers discussing breast cancer and stories from survivors. They could also take pictures, and shop at the numerous tents selling breast cancer awareness goods.

Student Government Council advisor, Joanne White noted, “The walk went great with beautiful weather and amazing spirit and community camaraderie.” She also said that there were 150 participants and $1456 was raised this week in school for the Breast Cancer Foundation.  This will require Principal Harrison to wear a pink wig which he did on Friday, Oct. 5.  Nice look Mr. Harrison!

Mr. Harrison is true to his word and wore a pink wig all day on Friday, Oct. 5. He had promised to do so if SGC raised over $1,000 for breast cancer. photo by Megan Diver

Once again, all these efforts demonstrated the caring community of RHS students led by the Student Government Council.

Two Fundraisers Scheduled for Tonight

Two RHS groups will be hosting fundraisers tonight to support their activities.
The Rockland High Trip to Guatemala will be hosting its fundraiser tonight at Chipotle at Derby St. in Hingham from 4-8.  The National Honor Society‘s fundraiser will be held tonight at the 99 Restaurant from 4 – 10 pm.
For each fundraiser, bring along their flyer so that proceeds from your purchases can be donated to the individual groups.
For more information on the Guatemala trip go here.

The Mystery of the Slippery Halls of RHS

Jasmin Morse, Veritas Editor-in-Chief and Web Editor


Have you been walking in the halls of RHS lately and almost slipped on nothing but the floor itself? Or getting up out of your seat in class, have you fallen back into your chair because it was too slippery to stand up?

Well, you were not alone. In fact you were in the majority of staff and students here at RHS pondering why the floors have been absurdly slippery lately.

Many students like senior, Justin Sherlock were unbalanced by this predicament exclaiming, “It’s wild!” Others, like senior Sarah Pollard were looking for the slippery situation as a way out of future college debt emphasizing, “If I slip, RHS is paying to put me through college.”

No one would disagree that the state of the floors was rather unsafe in both the halls and classrooms.

Rumors have been floating around about the cause of the slick floors, whether it was due to “cheaper wax” being used on the floors, as many students are concluding, or due to the sticky, wet weather we had recently been experiencing.

Principal, Dr. John Harrison says that it was due to the recent humidity and the condensation created on the floors. Furthermore, he explained that all teachers were advised to keep all windows closed in order to combat the effects of the weather. In short, Harrison declared the status of the floors had very little to nothing to do with a new waxing, but was just affected by the unseasonably humid weather we’ve been experiencing.

Thankfully, with the use of air movers located in the hallways and the dropping dew points, the slipperiness of the floors has subsided. Dr. Harrison reassures, “It’s actually a really easy fix. It’s just a matter of teachers keeping the windows closed and turning on the fans.”

RHS Raising Breast Cancer Awareness

Jasmin Morse, Veritas Editor-in-Chief and Web Editor


Photos above are from last year’s Breast Cancer Walk.

As in many years past, Rockland students are continuing to show support and awareness for Breast Cancer. For the past month, Rockland’s Student Council has been collecting change in A-Block classes in support of the illness. This week, the money will be collected and counted to see which class raised the most money.

On Friday, RHS will have its annual Pink Out Day in which students deck out in pink attire and gear to show love and support for those battling breast cancer.

To wrap up the week, on Sunday, Oct.1 at 6:40 am students are congregating at the high school to board busses for the annual, Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk that will take place in Boston at 8am.

These events are planned in part by Student Government’s student services committee run by junior Katy Buckley. Be sure to reach out to her with any questions.

Be sure to support the cause and wear your pink this Friday!

Rockland Clean Up Day

Jasmin Morse, Veritas Editor-in-Chief and Web Editor


Saturday, Sept. 22 will be a fun, spirited day for the Bulldog community from Clean Up day, to the Sole of Rockland celebration, and Dog Walk, there will be something for everyone to do this weekend.

To start the morning off, Reimagine Rockland is partnering with the Open Space Committee, Rockland Highway Department, and Rockland Park Department for a fall Clean Up Day along Union Street and the Rail Trail. Home Depot will support the effort, as well. Similar to last year, all citizens are invited to help clean up the town’s most used walking areas.

After that, volunteers can head to the Rockland Memorial Library for lunch and to celebrate the Sole of Rockland Unveiling. Here, shoe print art and footprints have been decorated onto some of Rockland’s favorite spots that were identified by residents on Rockland Day and at the Rockland Farmers Market.

After a night’s rest after the busy Saturday schedule, people are welcomed to bring their families and dogs to join the Dog Walk on Sunday, Sept. 23. The walk will start at the Rockland Senior Center, proceed down the Rail Trail and Union Street, and will loop back around to the senior center.

Sole of Rockland Preview

Jasmin Morse, Editor-in-Chief and Web Editor 9-14-18

During today’s C, D, F and G block classes, many of Ms. Cheryl Thompson’s art students participated in decorating the sidewalks of Rockland for next Saturday’s Sole of Rockland Celebration. Led by Massachusetts Area Planning Council (MAPC) artists, Annis Sengupta and Carolyn Lewenberg, students painted the sidewalks  with murals of shoe prints and footprints in the residents’ favorite Rockland locations.

Join the Open Space Committee, Rockland Highway Department, and Rockland Park Department for a fall Clean Up Day along Union Street and the Rail Trail followed by the Sole of Rockland Celebration on Saturday, Sept. 22.

What’s New at RHS?!

Jasmin Morse, Veritas Editor-in-Chief and Web Editor


As fall is settling into place so is everyone here at the high school. With the fall sports season underway and clubs revving into gear, RHS is going full speed into this school year.

One of the main events going on right now is the Breast Cancer fundraiser. A Block classes are competing to see which class can raise the most money to help support awareness and research for breast cancer. The class with the most money will earn a prize. Furthermore, at all three lunches students can sign up for the annual Boston Breast Cancer Walk that will take place on Sunday, September 30.

Along with these sign ups at lunches, this week class officers are beginning to sell this year’s class shirts for the Pep Rally that’ll take place October 12. Each of the class’s shirts are being sold for $20.

Tonight the Travel Club will be holding an informational meeting about the April 2021 trip to Greece at 7pm in the Lecture Hall.  Also in Travel Club, an informational  meeting for the Australia and New Zealand 2020 trip will be held on Tuesday, Sept. 18 at 7pm in the Lecture Hall. See club advisor, Ms. Walsh, with any questions.

Tomorrow night at 6:15 at the Holy Family Church the Rockland Cares Foundation will be holding its annual Vigil in remembrance of the lives loss and families effected by drug abuse.

Next Wednesday at all three lunches sign ups will begin for the annual Mr Rockland pageant that will take place  Wednesday Oct. 17 at 7pm in the auditorium. Sign ups are available for all senior boys who are interested in competing to be 2018’s Mr. Rockland.


Welcome Class of 2022!!

Jasmin Morse, Veritas Editor-in-Chief and Web Editor


A new school year welcomes a new class entering the walls of RHS. This year’s freshmen will be the graduating Class of 2022 and after a full week here at high school, many are starting to find their way around the building and settle into their home for the next four years.

In the Freshmen Orientation and the Class of 2022 meeting on the first day of school, the students heard from faculty members including principal, John Harrison, school resource officer, Ethan Schnabel, and guidance director, Margie Black.

To provide additional help with their transition, the Veritas interviewed several upperclassmen to uncover their tips and advice to the newbies at the school.

Video Producers: Molly Grass and Jasmin Morse

Can’t Beat the Rockland Summer Heat

Jasmin Morse, Veritas Editor-in-Chief and Web Editor


first week of school temperatures

Rockland’s forecast for this past week from temperature lows from the 70s to highs reaching the high 90s, not including the effects of humidity.

The start of school usually entails the start of autumn, but not in our case this year. From highs in the 90s and humidity making it feel well into the 100s, this has sure been a hot one here this first week back at RHS!

All across Massachusetts schools have been dismissing students due to this miserable heat and many students and staff argue we should have done the same here. English teacher, Christopher Neal and Spanish teacher Melissa Shaughnessy were two of many teachers in the building who had to relocate their classes due to the extreme heat in their classrooms.

Along with the extreme heat, Rockland also found West Nile Virus carried by the mosquitos infesting Rockland.  From the fear of both West Nile and the heat, many of the sports practices have been changed due to these factors.

Hopefully, the upcoming long weekend will bring more seasonal weather for more comfortable classroom temperatures and better learning! Enjoy the long weekend!

The Veritas Wants YOU!

If you have an interest in writing or contributing to the Rockland High School newspaper, the Veritas, come to a brief meeting after school on Monday, August 27 or Tuesday, August 28th in Room 126.  All grades are welcome.

As reporters or photographers for the Veritas, you could come up with your own ideas or work within the group.  If you belong to another group or club, you could report on that club’s news. Sports writing positions are also available.

The meeting will be brief.  If you cannot make it either Monday or Tuesday, see or email Mrs. Lannin-Cotton or Mr. Cable-Murphy with any questions or to sign up.

Program of Studies Procedures in Place

Guidance counselors Jill Delaney, Chris Devine and Casey Morrison along with Guidance director Margie Black are ready to help students in grades 9-11 with their course selections for next year. Veritas photo

January 28, 2019

It’s that time of year for RHS students and parents when decisions will be made about the classes they will take for next year.  Principal John Harrison has outlined the procedures and the timeline for the process. Students and parents are encouraged to look over all the options and requirements that students have as they go through this process of course selection.

Here is the timeline for students and families regarding this process:

January 18th – the 2019-2020 Program of Studies is available on the RHS Guidance website (here). Please note:  RHS is not distributing print copies of the Program of Studies this year – it will only be available online.

January 23rd – January 29th – Guidance counselors will be in classrooms discussing the P.O.S. and giving students course selection sheets and a P.O.S. Summary sheet (also available online).

January 23rd – February 8th – teachers will be discussing Program of Studies course offerings with students and will have individual conversations with students about recommendations.  Teachers will enter their academic recommendations directly into X2.

February 26 – March 1st – Guidance counselors will be working with students during science classes to choose their electives for next year.

If parents and students have any questions about the process, academic recommendations or elective choices, please contact the appropriate Guidance counselor.

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