Dodgeball strikes fancy of RHS students, staff

Mr. Cron, Mrs. McGonnigal, Mr. MacAllister, Mr. Johnson, and Mrs. Linehan had a great game of dodgeball.
Mr. Cron, Mrs. McGonnigal, Mr. MacAllister, Mr. Johnson, and Mrs. Linehan had a great game of dodgeball.

Jonathan Lindahl, Veritas Staff

The student team, the Purple Cobras, wearing custom made purple t-shirts, won Rockland’s High’s 1st Annual Dodgeball Tournament.  The tournament, a fundraiser for the Stephen P. Sangster Scholarship Fund, was held on Thursday night, March 28th at 7 pm in the gym.

The Purple Cobras, made up of Sean Roche, Jonathan Turner, Matt Nicholson, Alex Mejia, Angelica Calderon and Brittany Starkey cruised through the tournament until coming up against the Rockland Middle School teachers’ Dangerous Dodgers team.  The Dangerous Dodgers featured Mr. Chuck McDonald, Ms. Diana Mitchell, Mr. Ronnie Ricciarelli, Mr. Steven Capone, Ms. Lawrie Donovan and Mr. Ryan Austin.

Several other teams of teachers and students competed and featured many surprisingly capable players including Mr. Cron, Mrs. Black, Mr. Moscoso, Mrs. Ryan and Mr. Wells.

Also playing were Mr. Johnson, Mr. MacAllister, Mrs. Hologitis, Mrs. Phelps, Mrs. McGonnigal and Mrs. Linehan.

Another strong student team, The Plague, had Brianna Novio, Nicole Gilcoine, Tim Lorgeree, Shannon Gray, Joe Callahan and Kevin Strobel.

Dodgeball is a game in which two opposing teams throw balls at each other in order to eliminate the other team’s players. Players can get opposing players out by hitting the players with balls or catching an opposing players ball before it hits the ground.

Rockland High students were clearly excited to throw some balls at some of their favorite teachers, or even their not so favorite teachers. “I can’t wait to throw balls at teachers,” said senior Sean Roche, who is known throughout the school for his strong throwing arm.

The entry fee for this year’s tournament was thirty dollars a team or five dollars per person. Each team’s roster had a maximum of six players.

The dodgeball tournament was a great time and will be a great tradition to pass down to future generations of Rockland High students.

For more info on the tournament and some great pictures, check out The Veritas print edition on sale April 11th during lunches and at the Arts Festival.  We also have more pictures in our Photo Gallery.

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