Exchange concert held at RHS

Georgia Panagiotidis
Veritas Staff

For the past two years, Taunton, Marshfield, Duxbury, Pembroke and Rockland have come together for their annual Band Exchange Concert. This gives each school’s band the opportunity to play two to three songs of their choice to show what they have been working on and to enjoy the others’ music.

Mr. Harden, Rockland High School Band Director, explained, “This is a productive environment for the students.” Nicole Cook, a sophomore at Rockland High School, says, “I enjoy this event and getting to hear each band play. It is a fun experience.”
For the last two years, Rockland High School and Middle School have been under construction and have not been able to host the concert. Mr. Harden explained with a smile on his face that he was excited that Rockland was hosting this year with the new auditorium. “I’m pretty excited. This is the first non-Rockland group performing tonight. Also, this is a great opportunity for the students. Just like sports, band is viewed the same way.”

Not only were RHS students excited about this event but others as well. Savanna Castello and Matthew Gomes, from Taunton High School said, “We like coming!” Dan Sullivan, from Pembroke, said that he loves band. It was wonderful seeing all the friendships created through events such as this one. Each and every school did an amazing job. Senior, Chris Carchedi says that one of his favorite songs the band performed was On the Mall by Edwin Franko Goldman.

Before and after students got together over pizza and water which was served by the Band Boosters. President of the Band Boosters, Beth Cook, said that they provided food and water to over three hundred students.

Their dedication and enjoyment of band was displayed by their performances of the night. The audience was amazed and impressed and is also looking forward to next year’s performance!

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