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Sole of Rockland Preview

Jasmin Morse, Editor-in-Chief and Web Editor 9-14-18

During today’s C, D, F and G block classes, many of Ms. Cheryl Thompson’s art students participated in decorating the sidewalks of Rockland for next Saturday’s Sole of Rockland Celebration. Led by Massachusetts Area Planning Council (MAPC) artists, Annis Sengupta and Carolyn Lewenberg, students painted the sidewalks  with murals of shoe prints and footprints in the residents’ favorite Rockland locations.

Join the Open Space Committee, Rockland Highway Department, and Rockland Park Department for a fall Clean Up Day along Union Street and the Rail Trail followed by the Sole of Rockland Celebration on Saturday, Sept. 22.


What’s New at RHS?!

Jasmin Morse, Veritas Editor-in-Chief and Web Editor


As fall is settling into place so is everyone here at the high school. With the fall sports season underway and clubs revving into gear, RHS is going full speed into this school year.

One of the main events going on right now is the Breast Cancer fundraiser. A Block classes are competing to see which class can raise the most money to help support awareness and research for breast cancer. The class with the most money will earn a prize. Furthermore, at all three lunches students can sign up for the annual Boston Breast Cancer Walk that will take place on Sunday, September 30.

Along with these sign ups at lunches, this week class officers are beginning to sell this year’s class shirts for the Pep Rally that’ll take place October 12. Each of the class’s shirts are being sold for $20.

Tonight the Travel Club will be holding an informational meeting about the April 2021 trip to Greece at 7pm in the Lecture Hall.  Also in Travel Club, an informational  meeting for the Australia and New Zealand 2020 trip will be held on Tuesday, Sept. 18 at 7pm in the Lecture Hall. See club advisor, Ms. Walsh, with any questions.

Tomorrow night at 6:15 at the Holy Family Church the Rockland Cares Foundation will be holding its annual Vigil in remembrance of the lives loss and families effected by drug abuse.

Next Wednesday at all three lunches sign ups will begin for the annual Mr Rockland pageant that will take place  Wednesday Oct. 17 at 7pm in the auditorium. Sign ups are available for all senior boys who are interested in competing to be 2018’s Mr. Rockland.


Welcome Class of 2022!!

Jasmin Morse, Veritas Editor-in-Chief and Web Editor


A new school year welcomes a new class entering the walls of RHS. This year’s freshmen will be the graduating Class of 2022 and after a full week here at high school, many are starting to find their way around the building and settle into their home for the next four years.

In the Freshmen Orientation and the Class of 2022 meeting on the first day of school, the students heard from faculty members including principal, John Harrison, school resource officer, Ethan Schnabel, and guidance director, Margie Black.

To provide additional help with their transition, the Veritas interviewed several upperclassmen to uncover their tips and advice to the newbies at the school.

Video Producers: Molly Grass and Jasmin Morse

Can’t Beat the Rockland Summer Heat

Jasmin Morse, Veritas Editor-in-Chief and Web Editor


first week of school temperatures

Rockland’s forecast for this past week from temperature lows from the 70s to highs reaching the high 90s, not including the effects of humidity.

The start of school usually entails the start of autumn, but not in our case this year. From highs in the 90s and humidity making it feel well into the 100s, this has sure been a hot one here this first week back at RHS!

All across Massachusetts schools have been dismissing students due to this miserable heat and many students and staff argue we should have done the same here. English teacher, Christopher Neal and Spanish teacher Melissa Shaughnessy were two of many teachers in the building who had to relocate their classes due to the extreme heat in their classrooms.

Along with the extreme heat, Rockland also found West Nile Virus carried by the mosquitos infesting Rockland.  From the fear of both West Nile and the heat, many of the sports practices have been changed due to these factors.

Hopefully, the upcoming long weekend will bring more seasonal weather for more comfortable classroom temperatures and better learning! Enjoy the long weekend!

Summer News and Important Dates for the First Days of School

RHS Principal John Harrison has provided a great deal of information about summer activities and important dates for the upcoming school year in a special Summer Community newsletter.  Check it out:  August 6, 2018 News and Updates.

Again this year, we will compile all the Community Weekly Updates on the Veritas website on Principal Harrison’s Page in the menu bar.

2018-2019 SGC Executive Board

Jasmin Morse, Veritas Editor-in-Chief and Web Editor



Back: Sarah Pollard, Lara Glennon, Katy Buckley, Jasmin Morse, and Tyler Beatrice. Front: Caitlin Cameron, Francisco Oliveira, Jacob Leahy, Justin Sherlock, and Maddie Gear


As the 2017-2018 school year comes to a close, the June meeting means new beginnings for members of the RHS Student Government Council. This past Wednesday, new positions were elected and assigned, creating this year’s E-Board.

2018-2019 Executive Board Positions

Big Five

President: Caitlin Cameron

Vice President: Francisco Oliveira

Treasurer: Justin Sherlock

Secretary: Jacob Leahy

Publicity Coordinator: Maddie Gear

Committee Chairs

Finance and Fundraising: Jasmin Morse

Student Services: Sarah Pollard

Unified Spirit: Lara Glennon

Community Service: Kathryn Buckley

Class Presidents

Sophomore: Lauren Draicchio

Junior: Matt Bruzzese

Senior: John Ellard

Head Representatives:

Freshmen: Carolayne Lage

Sophomore: Grace Henry

Junior: Julia Yeadon

Senior: Marissa Smith

SEMASC Representative: Greta Russo

Historian: Tyler Beatrice

End of the Year Wrap Up

Jasmin Morse, Veritas Editor-in-Chief and Web Editor


Now that classes are over here at RHS, the Veritas took a moment to reflect on the last few months. From graduation to sports reports, its been a busy last few months for all the students and faculty involved.

Here’s the link of our 2018 wrap up.

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