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Veritas Video Report: Credit for Life Fair

The Veritas Staff put together interviews at the Credit for Life Fair on Nov. 7.  Here is the report.


Click here for more info and photos on the Credit for Life Fair


RHS Students Defeating Staff for Annual Turkey Trot Contest

Jasmin Morse, Vertias Editor-in-Chief and Web Editor


From the juniors’ pile of overflowing “Ramen Noodles,” to the overstuffed box belonging to the seniors, and even the freshmen who managed to gain class participation, all RHS grades are crushing the staff in the annual turkey trot charity.

Each year around Thanksgiving RHS’s Student Government Council sets up a donation competition amongst the grades in order to collect canned goods for the Rockland Food Pantry.

New to this year’s competition is a staff box. Now staff have the opportunity to collect cans for the food pantry and compete; unfortunately the faculty are falling short in their can collection.

Running the event, junior Katy Buckley who is the Student Services committee chair notes, “The student participation is the highest it’s been in recent years, although the addition of staff participation could use some work.” Furthermore she encouraged, “There’s still plenty of time to get out there and donate.”

When the event has come to its conclusion the winning class will receive $200 to their class bank account, and if the teachers manage to come out on top, they’ll receive a staff breakfast.

Happy trotting to all, and may the best class (or staff) win!

Credit for Life Fair Held on Nov. 7

Sophomores make the rounds of booths in the gym on Weds. Nov. 7 at the second annual Credit for Life Fair. From left are: Ryan Hindy, Zack Phripp, Nick Blonde, Patrick Moriarty and Zack Ofurum. photo by Arianna Esposito

Veritas Staff


The sophomore Class of 2021 attended a Credit For Life Fair on Wednesday, Nov. 7.  This is the second year that Rockland High School’s guidance department has organized the fair with the help of many community organizations and businesses who volunteered their time.

Credit For Life is designed to teach students about finances and important skills regarding money management that they can use when they are adults. 

Before the fair began, students logged in to their naviance account and after taking a survey they received a list of occupations that best fit their interests. They then picked from their lists, and were given a salary, a budget, and a credit score.

The Credit for Life Fair is an interactive, realistic, and interesting way to help RHS’ students learn about their futures, and the financial decisions they will need to make. 

On Wednesday from 9-11 a.m. students walked around the gym to different booths and tables, where they kept track of their money and learned important financial lessons. Working within a budget based on their monthly “income,” students visited booths such as “Insurance,” “Transportation,” “Savings and Retirement,” “Career Counseling” and “Luxuries” over a 2 hour period.

They also went through scenarios like buying an apartment or a house, buying their first car, and paying insurance and monthly bills. They also have to deal with the cost of accidents, like being in a car collision, or needing repairs on their house or car. 

During and at the conclusion of the Fair students also were required to visit the Reality Check Booth where they checked whether they are living within their budget.  By the end of Credit For Life, students hopefully know a lot more about money than they previously did.

Mrs. Margaret Black, Guidance Department Head, said that she was pleased at how the fair went.  She also referenced a few of the “post-fair” survey responses that sophomores took.

“What was the best thing you learned about managing money?:  the difference between buying what I want instead of need.”

“The most challenging thing about the fair?:  staying in budget.”

About your spending plan, what surprised you the most?: how much money came out for taxes.

Students also gave suggestions for how the fair can be improved. Mrs. Black said, “We value their input and will use it to help us going forward.”


Photos below were taken by Veritas photographers, Arianna Esposito and Danting Zhu

Click here to see the video produced by the Veritas Staff

JNHS and NHS take a trip to Bourne

Rockland High School and Rockland Middle School students braved rainy weather on Saturday morning to travel to Bourne where they placed flags on the graves of veterans at the Massachusetts National Cemetery. photo courtesy of Mrs. Black

Jasmin Morse, Veritas Editor-in-Chief and Web Editor


Despite the rain last Saturday morning, Nov.3, Rockland High School and Rogers Middle School students boarded a bus together in order to place flags on the graves of veterans at the Bourne National Cemetery. Here, at the Junior National Honor Society conducted event, 19 RHS students and 16 RMS students came together in order to honor the lives lost for those who fought for our country. NHS advisor and RHS guidance director and JNHS advisor andmiddle school teacher ,Susan Lonergan organized the trip.

Mrs. Lonergan was very pleased with the students’ hard work honoring the veterans interred in the cemetery. She said, “It was a great day despite the rain. I always appreciate seeing our students being so respectful and taking the time to make a difference in the lives of others.”

The weather cleared up on Saturday in time for Rockland High School and Rockland Middle School students to place flags on the graves of veterans at the Massachusetts National Cemetery in Bourne. photo courtesy of Mrs. Black

She also explained how much work they did. “There were over 77,000 flags placed on Saturday. Our students placed flags in a section and moved to the next section placing flags until their area was flagged. I would guess our 32 students placed a few hundred flags.”

A group from Rockland High School has been involved in this event for many years, thanks to Mrs. Black who brought the first group of students several years ago. For past years’ stories, click herehere and here.

Powderpuff 2018 Shirts on sale now!

Jasmin Morse, Veritas Editor-in-Chief and Web Editor


With the November RHS tradition of the annual Powderpuff game right around the corner, this week until Wednesday, the junior and senior classes are selling their class shirts for $20 each.

This year the game will be played on Monday, Nov. 19 at 6 p.m. at the Veterans Memorial Stadium. Be sure to come out and support the girls!

Spooky Fun at Project Pumpkin 2018

Jasmin Morse, Veritas Editor-in-Chief and Web Editor


On Sunday, Oct. 28 from 1-4 p.m. families from Rockland and surrounding towns filed into the Rockland High School lobby to partake in annual RHS Halloween tradition, Project Pumpkin. Here, families paid $3 per child, or $2 if a canned good was donated, in order to trick or treat through the RHS halls, Also available was a venture down the Haunted Hallway, and enjoyable games in the gym.

Running the event was the Student Government Council’s Student Services committee. In charge of the committee is senior Sarah Pollard, a Halloween fanatic, who called the event’s success a team effort stating, “The event went smoothly. There was a great turn-out and I’m thankful for all who volunteered and the families that came.”

On top of the fun and candy, both the SGC and the students involved in the 2019 Guatemala trip held their own bake sales with home baked goods ranging from chocolate chip cookies, whoopie pies, and rolo pretzels.

All in all, both the students and families had a day filled with frightening fun that served to connect Rockland High School to the community.

Photo credits to junior, Arianna Esposito and here is a link to our video shot by sophomore, Alexxys MacDonald.

Don’t Forget to Go Trick or Treating at RHS on Sunday Afternoon!

Rockland’s Student Government Council will be holding its annual Project Pumpkin on Sunday, Oct. 28.  Families are invited to attend between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. at Rockland High School.

Along with trick or treating throughout the hallways at RHS, face painting, games and other activities will be available in the gym.  A haunted hallway (optional) is also available.

All candy is peanut free.

Take a look at pictures from year’s past Project Pumpkins!

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