Parking a problem for RHS students, staff

Joe Rizzotto,  Veritas staff

Construction has affected everyone. Whether you’re a student or employee of the school, the construction has changed your routine in some way,  and if you drive to the school you know how insane it is to find a place to park.

With the tearing down of the old middle school the parking spots were drastically decreased because all the destroyed materials and the construction vehicles are taking up the space where people would park.

“Hopefully the parking situation will be solved in about four weeks,” explained Ms. Susan Patton, Vice Principal. As for now students should try to carpool or try to park on Brian Duffy Way near Memorial Park. “This has been hard for everyone, even the staff and the teachers,” said Ms.Patton.

People have had to find new places to park but soon found out the bank lot is off limits. Some people found notices on their cars saying that if they park there again their car would be ticketed, as some cars have been in the past. Students were outraged about the notices on their cars but the administration has no control over the whole parking situation so there is no reason to complain to them

Senior Tyler Lewis said,  “It’s hard to make the first bell because we have to park so far away.” This is clearly the biggest problem for all students who drive to school. Even teachers have had changes in their routines.

Ms. Samantha Hoyo, chemistry teacher, has had to come in an hour to forty five minutes early to get a good parking spot in the lot in front of the school.

Although she has to get here early she isn’t too worried about it. “Having a new state of the art lab is more important than having a parking spot because a new lab will help improve the education of students,” said Ms.Hoyo.

If the teachers can not get a parking spot in the lot in front of the school they can park on Duffy Way near the elementary school or they can park in selected spaces in the bank parking lot because the bank has a deal with the school to let them park there. Recently, the school has also leased spaces in the parking lot below the Getty station.

The middle school parking lot is for the middle school teachers only so no high school teacher or student can park over there.

In about four weeks the new parking lot beside the middle school will be repaved and reopen and there will be a multitude of open parking spots for students, teachers and other members of the Rockland High school staff.

The construction has given high school students and staff  a fair share of problems.  But the new up to date school is a gracious gift and soon the parking situation will be resolved for everybody. Once the construction is cleared there will be an abundance of parking spots open for students, teachers, and staff, who need to use the parking lot.

  1. We are having the same problem at Bridgewater State!

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