Coaches recognize their Unsung Heroes

Caitlin Yannizzi and Abby Kinlin, Veritas Staff

With fall sports coming to a close, the coaches of each team were asked  to choose an unsung hero for their teams. They were asked to consider someone who strives to achieve the team’s goals, and who has a good work ethic, but doesn’t always get recognized for it.

Unsung heroes are not always the most athletic players on the team, or the ones who get the most playing time; but they could be the teammate who is always on the sidelines cheering on their team through their good times and bad.

The unsung hero award provides a way for the unrecognized to finally get their chance to shine.

Brian Kelliher, head football coach, chose senior Ethan Rooney as the football team’s unsung hero. “Ethan has displayed an incredible work ethic dating back to last December when coming back from injury he invested greatly in the weight room .Ethan set an example in the weight room that was soon followed by many players,” Kelliher said.

Kelliher also said that Ethan is the leader of the group and the team will continue to follow in his lead. “Without the work of our offensive line, especially the work they put in the off season, our season would not be off to such a positive start,” said Kelliher.

When asked why he thinks his coach chose him to be the unsung hero,  Rooney said that he believes he works hard and doesn’t give up.

As for cheerleading,  head coach Janine Reardon chose junior Kelsey Girard as the team’s unsung hero.  Reardon said, “She is a hard worker, motivator, nice to her teammates, and has an excellent work ethic. Kelsey shows support to all of the girls on the team and always has a smile on her face,” Reardon said.

Girard’s position in the team’s routine has changed a lot this season, as she has gone from being a back to being a flyer, two completely different roles.

Volleyball head coach Craig Johnson took some time to think about his team’s unsung hero. After considering several choices, Johnson said senior captain Georgia Panagiotidis most deserved to be recognized as the team’s unsung hero.

Johnson says when he puts Panagiotidis in during a game, he knows exactly what he is going to get out of her. Johnson says, “She always plays hard and is all over the place and deserves to get recognized.”

History teacher and boys’ soccer coach Rich MacAllister chose senior Ryan Johnston.

MacAllister says, “As a defender, he is never going to be in the scoring report, but he is by far one of the most consistent players on this team.”

Despite his injuries throughout the years, MacAllister says Johnston continues to play aggressively and is a leader on and off the field. His tremendous personality makes him an incredible leader to have on the squad.

The girls’ soccer team had a very successful season this year. Out of a team full of team players, Coach Gregory Rowe picked junior Kallie Morss as the unsung hero. He says Morss, with her knowledge, has the ability to play any position on the field.

Morss believes she works hard on the field, and that is what makes her a key part of the team.

Athletic director Gary Graziano is the coach of the golf team. The unsung hero he chose was first year golfer, junior Matt Clougherty. Graziano said, “He works harder than anyone.” Graziano ended up putting him into a couple of varsity matches unexpectedly, and never did  he think Clougherty would bring home two wins. Clougherty said, “I’m a leader and I improved throughout the season.”

Cross-country coach Robert Murphy chose two unsung heroes from his team. For the girls he chose senior Lilly Margolis. Coming back from an injury this year, Margolis has done very well, even better than last year. For boys it was Cornell McWilliams. Murphy said the freshman has taken on the challenge  and, if he keeps progressing like he has, he is going to be a top runner.

Each fall athlete chosen by their coaches displayed all of the assumed qualities of the unsung hero, and did so efficiently.

As fall sports come to an end, the unsung hero awards give the coaches and players a chance to reflect back on their teams’ accomplishments and the season they shared together.

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