RHS welcomes new teachers

Conley Sharland
Veritas Staff

As the school year begins new faces fill the halls of Rockland High School. New freshmen looking for their classes and seniors starting their last first day of high school. As some students file into their classrooms they are greeted by new teachers: English teacher Ms. Riley, science teacher Ms. Smith, and Spanish teacher Mr. Moscoso.

Students in Ms. Smith’s class.

New Science teacher Ms. Smith grew up in Raynham a small town similar to Rockland where she really enjoyed her time. She attended Boston University and had a lot of fun. “ I loved it,” she said. She really likes Rockland so far, saying it’s a good community a lot like where she grew up. Before teaching here she worked at a pharmaceutical company for 10 years.

Ms. Riley, a new English teacher, is very excited to now be a part of the Bulldog Nation. She grew up not too far from Rockland in Holbrook. After she graduated from high school she attended Bridgewater State University. Since enrolling she has received her bachelor’s degree. She is currently working on obtaining her master’s degree. She says she enjoyed the college experience although she did not live on campus.
Ms. Riley says she chose to teach in Rockland because she felt it was a great opportunity, it’s close to home, and it’s a great community. “I love it so far,” she said. She worked at a medical billing office since she was 16 and is grateful to now have a teaching position here at Rockland High.

Mr. Moscoso, the new Spanish teacher, has a different opinion about all of the construction. Growing up in Ecuador he really enjoyed his childhood as well as his high school years, but in Ecuador the schools weren’t under construction, instead they had dirt floors. “Where i’m from there is nothing, we learned on dirt floors.” Mr. Moscoso attended college in Ecuador for 2 semesters before transferring to Massasoit. After Massasoit he transferred to UMass Boston and received his Bachelors degree. He always wanted to teach, so when the opportunity presented itself to observe Mrs. Palmer he took the chance. Later on, he was offered a job and took it. Mr. Moscoso looks to continue teaching here at Rockland High School.

As time passes teachers come and go, but our three new teachers appear to be eager to stay in the Rockland community and provide their services for many years to come.

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