“Lax brahs” make up new team at RHS

Rockland's first lacrosse game against Norwell.

Rockland’s first lacrosse game against Norwell.

Tyler Quam

Veritas Staff

There’s a new dog in the pound: it’s the RHS lacrosse team.

There will only be a junior varsity team for the next two years but the sport is already becoming popular around the school and 28 players have joined  the team.

903392_472843232769750_2066508078_oThe team is coached by Rockland’s own Dave Taylor.  Mr. Taylor has run the youth program for the past three years.Rockland is trying to expand interest towards the sport through the youth programs.

Athletic director, Mr Graziano, said, “The eighth graders when they get to the high school next year will have played for the youth program for three years.”

You might have noticed how a lot of the lacrosse players are walking around with pink Mohawks.  The idea for the hairstyles and color  came from sophomores Joey Reardon and Alec Donegan.

Alec Donegan says this “represents the intensity we are going to show on the field this year; plus it shows the pride we have for our new lacrosse brothers…lax brahs.”

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