Introducing Mr. Alan Cron, our new RHS principal this year

RHS principal, Mr. Alan Cron is getting to know the students at RHS. Left to right are Cara Goudy, Sydney Bissonette, Scott Cieri, Tamika Blount, Nikki Falco, Lena Long. Front row are Shannon Gray and Kayla Grafton. photo by Leah O’Bryan

Leah O’Bryan, Veritas Managing Editor

For sophomores, juniors and seniors there are many noticeably different things about Rockland High School, such as the new classrooms, the new cafeteria, the new gym and the new teachers. Of all these differences from last year to this, the most notable is our new principal.

Many miss our former principal, Mr. Stephen Sangster who retired last year. But do not worry, someone with great leadership and confidence is here to keep Rockland High School going, just like Mr. Sangster did.

Former Milton High School vice principal, Mr. Alan Cron, is now the new Rockland High School principal. While he grew up in upstate New York, Mr. Cron is currently living in Wrentham with his wife, Ellen, an English teacher, whom he met while teaching, They have two children, Madeleine, eight, and Henry five. Mr. Cron’s teaching experience in the Milton Public Schools was in Music Education from 1994-2004.

For the last nine years, Mr. Cron was an administrator at Milton High School. The transition to RHS, however, has been smooth as Mr. Cron says that he truly enjoys it here at Rockland High School, “I love it!” he beamed. You would think the on- going construction at the high school would make his job stressful, but he said it has not. “It’s fine for me. I just want to make sure it’s comfortable and productive for the teachers and students, and I am very pleased with the first few days. I was worried about some safety issues, but everything has worked out,” he said in an upbeat tone.

Mr. Cron says he has also become familiar with the adults in the community. “I’ve gotten to meet the policemen, firemen, the town hall staff, the people who own the stores (in the center of town) and they’re all great. I’m very happy.” Mr. Cron says he likes the closeness of the school community. “It feels more close knit; the faculty and students are very close. Everyone knows everyone and there are fewer new students. In Milton we had a lot of students changing schools,” Mr. Cron explained about the differences between the two high schools. He has many positive things to say about the students here at RHS. “I can’t tell you the number of students who’ve introduced themselves to me. I am very impressed with the quality of people. They are very kind; the kids here are great.” Mr. Cron says he is looking forward to the rest of the school year and has high hopes for the Class of 2013.

Ms. Cahill, a Rockland High School graduate, and an eight year English teacher here at Rockland High, spoke about our new principal. “He’s doing a great job, coming into a tough situation dealing with construction, (and) keeping his eyes on what’s important and that’s educating the kids.” Mrs. Cahill who had our former principal, Mr. Sangster, as her health teacher and her Drivers Education teacher said she does miss Mr. Sangster but she wants Mr. Cron to know that he should “keep up the good work.”

Students at the Rockland High School seem to be adapting well to the changes around them, including having a new principal. Senior Sarah Royle hopes that Mr. Cron can feel comfortable talking to all the students about situations in the school. “Mr. Cron is a very intelligent man who is just starting his first year at RHS and he knows no one which is hard to do,” Sarah said with an upbeat attitude. Of course, many students at Rockland High School have been concerned about some of the rule changes made this year. Sarah said, “The study’s being gone for some students is kind of hard for the other students with a lot of classes, but it will help with more credits and more learning. There’s a good side and a bad side.”

Mr. Cron said he is always willing to answer any questions and concerns students have. He is holding a question assembly once a month after school for students with any comments. All are welcome.


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