Bocce Tournament Held At RHS

Maddie Gear, Veritas Staff

A unified bocce tournament took place on Sunday, Jan. 29, 2017 at Rockland High School.

“The unified bocce tournament is a Special Olympics event where kids from all across Massachusetts come together to play bocce with their special education program,” said Noelle Atkins, president of Rockland HIgh’s Student Government Council.

Fifteen other schools competed in the tournament along with Rockland. The Special Olympics and the Massachusetts Association of Student Councils (MASC), ran the tournament; RHS’ Student Government Council hosted it.

Not only did everyone get the chance to have fun at the tournament, but also all of the proceeds went to Special Olympics.

“It is very important because it brings all of the students together, making everyone feel included. This allows everyone to feel that they are part of Rockland in one way or another,” said Joanne White, co-advisor of RHS’ Student Government and a Pathways teacher.

The bocce tournament started with an opening ceremony that included a welcoming message by Atkins in the auditorium.

During the opening ceremony Alex Anzivino walked with the Olympic torch onto the auditorium stage. This was the signal the tournament had officially started.  From there teams went off to the gyms to play or watch bocce.

Emily Hunt-Grandmont, a student in the Pathways program had a great time playing on the team, Bocce Meatballs. Emily was on a team with Jake Swanson, Shannon Lindahl, and Jillian Donahue.

Each team played three fifteen minute games of bocce.  Not only was there bocce but an Olympic Village was also set up in the middle school gym.  In the village you could get facepaint done, play ping pong, Just Dance on the Xbox, and so much more. Also, the back gym was open for basketball.

The day ended with the participating schools being awarded medals for the games they played in.

Ms. White said the bocce tournament was “rewarding, fun, and exciting.”

The next unified event, a basketball game with Abington, was scheduled for last Monday night in Rockland but was postponed due to the snow. It will be held at a date to be determined. Check the Veritas website: for details.

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