Golf takes much practice

The golf team’s goal was to improve this year under Coach Graziano.

Tyler Quam
Veritas Staff
Everything is still. The only sound is the wind rustling around the cut grass.
The golfer has a tight grip on his driver as he adjusts his feet back and forth trying to find the perfect position.
He begins to draw his club back trying to find the right angle to hit the ball. He is finally ready to take his shot. He draws back and fires the ball 250 yards down the fairway. It is a difficult shot but he nails it.

Out of all the sports golf might be the most unrecognized, but shots like this are evidence that golf takes years of practice and hardwork to be good.  “Golf is very relaxing until you can’t hit the shot you want,” said Captain Trevor Trudueau.

“It’s extremely hard to hit the ball at the perfect angle and place it exactly where you want,” Trevor explained. He added, “With Mr. Graziano as coach these kinds of shots are possible.”

“He’s very supportive and helps us improve our weak points,” explained Matt Ryan, the team’s number three player. “He’s the best AD and golf coach on the South Shore.

“He never uses yelling as a method of teaching,” Trevor Trudeau says. “Mr Graziano drives the team to all its practices and hands out free sleeves of balls. He goes the extra mile for the team.”

The captains on the team are Trevor Trudeau, Brett Barrett and Sam Murray. Sam is the only girl on the team.
“Even though Sam competes against mostly males, she is always able to rack points up for the team,” said Mr. Graziano The team practices at the Rockland Golf Course. It’s the only public golf course in Rockland and they give the team free playing time.
The golf team consists of many young players but to get even more players, Mr Graziano said, he would like to introduce golf into phys ed. “Players could use the batting cage as a driving cage.”
Golf is not an easy sport to learn. Finding a comfortable swing is the most difficult part,” said Matt Ryan.
With the driving cage the team would improve, Mr. Graziano explained, adding, “The goal of the season is to develop younger players.”

The golf team captains this year are Sami Murray, Brett Barrett and Trevor Trudeau.

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