Fall SEMASC 2014

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RHS SGC members enjoy a day of leadership, team building, and school spirit.

Haley Macray, Veritas Web & Features Editor

On Tuesday, November 4 members of the Rockland High School Student Government Council attended the Fall Southeastern Massachusetts Association of Student Councils (SEMASC) Conference at Middleboro High School. This year the conference theme was Premiering in Theaters: SEMASC Leaders.

RHS was represented by 20 students. The SGC members who attended the conference were chosen by their advisers and the Council’s President Katie DeLorey, Secretary Haley Macray, Treasurer Ryan Sugrue, and Publicity Coordinator Ashley Pezzella for outstanding work and dedication to SGC within the past few months.

Pezzella ran for SEMASC President, giving a speech in which she intertwined the magic of Disney with the appeal of SEMASC and student government. Following voting, it was announced that Pezzella was chosen to be President-Elect; she will take on the position of SEMASC President in the spring.

SGC members spent the day in workshops that focused on key aspects of student council such as spirit, teamwork, and planning.

“I always have a great time at any conference from going to the workshops and listening to the speakers,” said Sugrue. “I was proud to see that our freshmen had such a fun time and it made me remember when I was in their position seeing everything for the first time, and I have to say I am happy for them and can’t wait to see them grow as leaders.”

For SGC’s freshmen, Fall SEMASC was their first taste of what student council has to offer outside of the school level.

“I thought SEMASC was amazing! I’m so inspired and so glad I had the chance to go,” said freshman, Jillian Donahue. “It was so cool to talk to other people and see where they’re from.”

A big hit amongst SGC members was the guest speaker, Grant Baldwin.

“My favorite part about this SEMASC would have to be the keynote speaker,” said Rockland High School SEMASC Representative Adam Royle, “The speaker we had was a very nice guy and he gave a very good speech that inspired us all to do better. Not only that but he made all 800 of us laugh so hard at points.”

Sugrue also enjoyed Baldwin’s message.

“I liked his message about doing the little things in life to try to make a difference for someone, and I hope that I can take what I learned from him and apply it in school.”

Overall, the Fall SEMASC conference was a chance for both new and veteran SGC members to explore their leadership qualities and gain ideas and inspiration to bring back to RHS and the rest of the council.

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