Boys and Girls Cross Country

Kiani Conley-Wilson, Joe Palana and Lily Margolies along with Alex Smith were the captains this year.

Jonathan Lindahl
Veritas Staff

Last spring not only was Jonathan Turner’s jaw shattered, his dreams of running under the bright lights onto the football field every Friday night were shattered too.
After “JT” was hit by a baseball last spring, requiring surgery to his jaw, football was out of the question.
So, he decided to join the highly anticipated cross-country team this fall. JT said he “feels pretty confident about competing this year.”

The team currently has five wins against very fundamentally sound teams, one each against Carver, Randolph, Cohasset, and Abington.
Sophomore Pearse McNally said that he was thrilled about the win over Randolph. “Our best win so far has been Randolph. We crushed them with a five person sweep, which is when the first five places go to Rockland.”

The cross-country team admits to a heartbreaking loss to a very competitive East-Bridgewater team. Pearse McNally said it was the worst moment of the season.
“We were so close to winning but a runner got ahead of us at the end and they beat us 26-29. Even though we lost, it really shows how far we’ve come since last year. EB is 8th in the division, and we had them going. It’ll be a good season.”

Runners look up to various members of the team to help pick them up, and motivate them after times like these. “Cam Stuart and Ian Welch are two really good guys on the team. They’re both really funny guys and always quick with a motivational word,” said Pearse. Pearse continued, “These team leaders really affect the way in which runners run. Sometimes when you’re only halfway through a race and have no hope of finishing, you look up to one of these guys and say to yourself, I can do it.”

Coach Robert Murphy

Cross country is not only a sport in which you have to be physically fit to prosper, but also mentally fit. Having a good coach can really affect the way a team performs.
“Murph is an excellent coach. He’s supportive to everyone and knows this sport. He knows that the team has potential this year and drives it to its best,” said sophomore Owen Scott about current coach and science teach Robert Murphy. The season starts off sweating profusely in the hot summer sun like running in a desert, to the sharp pinch of late fall air, bitter and cold, so cold you can feel your sweat freeze before it runs down your cheeks after a 3 mile run.”

Rockland finishes the dual meet season with a 5-3 mark, the best finish in recent memory while the girls’ team also had a winning record, finishing with a 4-3 mark.Their last meet is scheduled for Tuesday, October 30, the All-League Meet in Abington.

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