Images Magazine 2017 Webzine Is Now Live

October, 2017

The new Images webzine has hit cyberspace and everyone should check it out.  It has art, poetry and more!

Click on photo to go to website or follow this link: 

Below is Veritas reporter, Navaeh Clara’s article about Images that appeared in the October print edition of the Veritas.

Navaeh Clara, Veritas Staff

 Images, the RHS student art and literary magazine and webzine, had its first meeting on Tuesday. Sept. 12.  English teachers Chris Neal and Chad Bigsby hosted the meeting.

Along with the faculty advisers, leading Images are  junior editor, Emmy Kelley and senior editor, Sean Fitzgerald.

This club came to be to invite artists and creative students to submit and show off their work. The atmosphere of the club fully shows that it’s a safe place for all art types.

On Tuesday, students brought in about 25-30 creative students from all grades that are excited to join Images.

It’s good to know that their goal is to make the school a better place by congratulating all talents and activities, along with athletes or mathletes.  Every student deserves appreciation because Rockland High would not be like it is without everyone.

Images has an online webzine, (, filled with submitted art from its members.

Submissions can be sent to

Any type of art is valid here. Examples would be music,​ poetry, short stories, paintings, drawings, photography, and more.

The group’s main goal is to show that all students are equal, and all talents are valuable.

A tangible magazine will be published of the staff’s favorites as more time passes, and students can have their art shared around the school.

Students are encouraged to join Images and let their creativity sky rocket.  Nobody is excluded and anybody can improve their art. Everyone’s art is unique and the Images staff would love to see it!

It’s never too late to join this after-school activity.

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