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Halloween Opinions Heard at RHS

With Halloween this weekend the Journalism students went out and asked people what some of their Halloween favorites (or least favorite) things are. Take a look!

Happy Halloween!!

Trunk or Treat Coming This Saturday!!

Oct. 21, 2021

Shannon Gustin, Veritas Features Editor

On Saturday, October 23 from 2 pm to 4 pm, Rockland High School’s Student Government Council is hosting Trunk or Treat, an outside version of Project Pumpkin. Since this year is still affected by COVID-19, Trunk or Treat  will be held at the Rogers Middle School courtyard. 

This year’s Trunk or Treat event will have student volunteers decorate their cars/tables and hand out candy from their trunks to maintain a Covid free system. The children will go trick-or- treating from car to car, and in the end they will vote which car they think is the best. 

There will be games, a photo booth, and music. In previous years children, dressed in their costumes, would walk through the high school and trick-or-treat from tables in some hallways. Each hallway in the school had its own theme and anyone at a table in that hallway would dress up to match the theme. 

After traveling through the hallways, kids also had the opportunity to go to the high school gym and enjoy face paint, a bouncy castle, and other fun activities. The gym activities from years past are being moved outside to the RMS courtyard. 

This year after Trunk or Treat families and students will have the opportunity to participate in Terror on the Trails at Hartsuff Park. In the past, Project Pumpkin had its own haunted hallway where the kids would walk through and get scared.

This Saturday volunteers should be at the school at 12 o’clock, and for the public the event starts at 2 o’clock in the middle school courtyard.


The Veritas is Here!

The first print edition of the Veritas since February 2020 is now available at Rockland High School.  

As always the paper features current events such as Ms. Rockland and the Breast Cancer Walk along with updates of all the sports teams.  Profiles of three of our new staff members, articles on vaccinations, masks and “devious licks” along with awesome pictures from our pep rally, and the always popular Pathways page are also included in this colorful edition!

The paper will be distributed in the lunchroom all week starting on Oct. 20 and can also be picked up in Rm 124 any time during the day or from one of the editors of the paper.  

Nicole Cedrone, Class of 2025, Editor-in-Chief

Shannon Gustin, Class of 2025, Feature Editor

Cameron Babcock, Class of 2024, Sports Editor

Hailey Christianson, Class of 2023, Website Editor

Here’s a sneak peek of page 1:

Miss Rockland Crowned at Homecoming

The candidates for Miss Rockland are all smiles after Cailin Sullivan was announced as Miss Rockland at the Homecoming Game. From left to right are Olivia Dalton, Jordan Stec, Madison Murphy, Caitlin Sullivan, Olivia Jones, Grace Condon, and Maria Pala

October 8, 2021

Hailey Christianson, Veritas Web Editor

The weekend beginning on Friday, October 1st,  Homecoming weekend, RHS had its annual pep rally, Homecoming dance, and the annual Homecoming football game where at halftime Ms. Rockland was crowned.  This is a tradition that hasn’t happened in two years!

Every year, Rockland High students select several girls from the senior class to be candidates for the title of Ms. Rockland.  The senior class then votes on who will be crowned Ms. Rockland.  

This year the candidates were Grace Condon, Olivia Jones, Maria Pala, Olivia Dalton, Madison Murphy, Cailin Sullivan, and Jordan Stec.  Each of the girls was escorted by her parents onto the field where the winner was announced.

Congratulations to the winner of Ms. Rockland, Cailin Sullivan!  After being crowned Cailin said, “I feel great and amazing.  I love Rockland High School.  I like my teachers and my friends.” 

This tradition has been going on at Rockland High for decades.  Ms. Rockland is viewed as a positive role model who is respected by all students and faculty.  They are who little girls look up to and want to be when they get older.  It is a great honor to even be nominated and to win is just even bigger.   

For more details about each of the candidates please see our story in the print edition of the Veritas due out next week!  

In the gallery below from left to right top to bottom are:  Madison Murphy and her parents Steve and Gail Murphy; Maria Pala and her mom and dad, Stacy and Franco and her brother; Olivia Dalton with her parents, Kimberlee and Timothy Dalton; Olivia Jones and her mom and dad, Beverly and Edward Jones; Jordan Stec and her parents Matt and Jean Stec; Grace Condon with her mom and dad, Jenn and Mike Condon; and Cailin Sullivan with her parents, Kevin and Kerry Sullivan.

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