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Art Students Win Awards in Globe Show

GEORGIA PANAGIOTIDIS received a Gold Key in the Fashion Design category for her Beaded Dream Dress.

GEORGIA PANAGIOTIDIS received a Gold Key in the Fashion Design category for her Beaded Dream Dress.

Recently, the RHS Art Department received notice that five RHS students were awarded Gold Keys, Silver Keys or Honorable Mentions from the Boston Globe Scholastic Art and Writing Awards Contest. The students’ names and art work are shown below.

This is the 63rd year of the Boston Globe Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. Nationally, over 200,000 works of art and writing were submitted in 2012. At the regional level 7-10 % of works submitted receive Gold Keys; 10-15 % receive Silver Keys and approx. 20 % receive Honorable Mentions. Regional Gold key recipients go on to national judging. 5-7 % of these regional winners will receive national recognition.

Congratulations to our talented art students and to the Art Department!!!

Sydney Bissonnette's Self-Portrait Drawing won an Honorable Mention in the Globe Show.

Sydney Bissonnette’s Self-Portrait Drawing won an Honorable Mention in the Globe Show.

Bridget Martin's color photograph, "Pathway," was awarded Silver Key in the Globe Show.

Bridget Martin’s color photograph, “Pathway,” was awarded a Silver Key in the Globe Show.

Caitlyn Bohld was awarded a Silver Key for Photography  for her comic entry.

Caitlyn Bohld was awarded an Honorable Mention for Comic Art for her comic entry.

Joey Marchetti was awarded a Silver Key for this photograph submitted to the Globe Show.

Joey Marchetti was awarded a Silver Key for this photograph submitted to the Globe Show.

Rockland’s 2013 award-winners are:

1. Sydney Bissonnette Grade 11 Honorable Mention Drawing for her self-portrait
2. Caitlyn Bohld Grade 12 Honorable Mention Comic Art
3. Joey Marchetti Grade 10 Silver Key Photography
4. Bridget Martin Grade 10 Silver Key Photography
5. Georgia Panagiotidis Grade 11 Gold Key Fashion Beaded Dream dress

This year’s award ceremony is on Sunday March 3, 2013 at the John Hancock Hall in the Back Bay Events Center-180 Berekley St. and the exhibit is at the State Transportation from February 11 to April 19.

“Hand me the scalpel please!”

Tyler Quam
Veritas Staff

Imagine you are in school and your teacher plops a pig heart on your desk and gives you a scalpel instructing you to dissect it. Welcome to Sixth Period Anatomy class.

With the newly renovated building the Science Department now has more opportunities to provide a hands on experience with the material they work on. This term Mrs. Armstrong’s Anatomy class is getting a full experience of dissecting. The students in class have dissected different parts of pigs and chickens and even the eyeball of a cow. Recently, they dissected a pig heart.

Students’ reactions vary. “They think it’s either really gross or really cool,” explained Mrs. Armstrong.

A cow's eye socket and eye ball

A cow’s eye socket and eye ball

Some do complain about the stench of the preservatives such as formaldehyde that fill the air but senior Joelle Bowman doesn’t mind dissecting. She explained, “I like dissecting because it’s interesting cutting into those things.”

Meghann Sullivan with part of a cow's eyeball.

Meghann Sullivan with part of a cow’s eyeball.

New Images-The Innocence and the Grief

Welcome back everyone! We had a nice break, and we hope you did, too. In our return issue, you will find a wide variety of writings. From the heartache of a superhero to the quiet thoughts of a night, this Images issue is one of our best. As always, enjoy and comment to your heart’s content.    

uneasy lies the head that wears a crown

-A short story by Lydia Guerrero

Abiby Bridget Martin
by Bridget Martin

And now, a poem from a sixth grade Bulldog at RMS

“Good Night”

Good night

Sleep tight

Don’t let the bedbugs bite

But they might

What a fright

But it’ll be alright

Just send them on a flight

To the light

Which is white

In a kite

Which they’ll fight

With the black knight

What a sight

But not very bright

Unless you put kryptonite

Into the sunlight

Which will make it right

In Twilight

So grab a sprite

Which is a delight

For the appetite

And eyesight

Of Walter Kronkite

Who was very polite

And uptight

About the height

Of a certain stalagmaite

That is not quite

Standing upright

-John J. Ellard III

Rainbowby Sami Murray
by Sami Murray


I miss you.
So freaking much.
And I know I can’t talk to you.
And I know our separations for the best.
But my heart gets the best of me.
I still remember every crack
In your skin, faults that shouldn’t
Be on the face of such innocent beauty.
And those big green eyes that
Looked like gemstones
As the moon was reflected.

When I see those eyes
In the pictures that hang in my room,
I remember fond days spent
Hanging out, you in my arms,
Not a care in the world as we wasted
Those sweet summer days in
Such youthful ignorance.
You were the only thing that mattered,
In a time where the world was so small.
And still so scary.

Drowning any possibility of separation
And loneliness,
In summer loving and cheap thrills.
Flights of fancy lasting
Hours on end.
The kisses you gave me,
Those moments of electricity,
Oh how the sparks still dance on my lips.

You were so perfect, in beauty and intellect.
You were so innocent, so happy.
And in the end,
We both know it was me who tore us apart.
I wanted to love you,
I needed to love you,
But a person can only love one who
He sees.
But a person can only have one love,
Not two.

That’s when I figured out
How good you really were.
Too good for a guy like me
Who burns away fear of separation
And Loneliness,
WIth stupid games,
And summer loving that wasn’t mine.
That’s when you saw how weak I
Really was.

That’s when you figured out
The only way to help me
Was to hurt me.
Burn me in a way no fire
Ever could.
Cut me in a way razors
Never could.

So I’ll keep my peace,
Shut my mouth,
And just keep my lusting eyes closed.
Because whenever I see those big green
Eyes in photos my friends hide,
I  Remember the way
Your lips felt on mine,
And how every minute we spent together
Was better than any feeling.
And when I look back on the day
You said”it’s over”
And then I’ll thank you.

-Pearse McNally



Exchange Concert held at RHS

Georgia Panagiotidis
Veritas Staff

For the past two years, Taunton, Marshfield, Duxbury, Pembroke and Rockland have come together for their annual Band Exchange Concert. This gives each school’s band the opportunity to play two to three songs of their choice to show what they have been working on and to enjoy the others’ music. This year the concert was held at the Rockland High School auditorium. The concert not only showcased the bands of five schools but also our auditorium with its state of the art acoustics! To read about the concert see the Club/Activities pages on the main menu. To hear the RHS band click on the video link below.

Yearbook committee working to meet deadline!

Molly Hurley
Veritas Staff

The yearbook committee is in the last stages of completing the Class of 2013’s yearbook.
The yearbook deposit of $75.00 was due November 7th along with each senior’s chosen yearbook picture.

Madalyn Maloney and Tyler Lewis were voted seniors with the best laugh!

Madalyn Maloney and Tyler Lewis were voted as most outgoing seniors!

Superlatives have also been announced and pictures were taken of each pair of seniors. In addition, the yearbook cover has been chosen and the senior class met in the high school gymnasium at 7 AM on October 31st for their class photo. Senior memories were due before Thanksgiving.

As the committee adds the finishing touches to the yearbook, they are contacting students whose photos have not been received. If a picture is still not received before the final deadline, the photo taken by school photographer, Lifetouch, will be used.

Club photos, winter sports and various candids are still being taken and collected while students involved in the yearbook committee work on their pages consistently. The pages must be submitted to the publisher by mid March for the yearbook to be delivered on time.

If anyone is interested in participating on the yearbook, please contact Ms. Gibson or Ms. Thompson.

Argo movie review

Editor’s Note:
The film Argo recently won a Golden Globe Award for Best Picture of 2012 along with Best Director Award for Ben Affleck. Argo is also up for an Academy Award in seven categories. Following is a review of Argo written by Veritas staffer, Meghan Lee.

argo posterMeghan Lee
Veritas Staff

Argo was directed and produced by Ben Affleck who also played main character Tony Mendez. Affleck did such an great job directing that you could not tell what could have been actual footage or a recreation of the events surrounding the Iranian Hostage Crisis that began in November, 1979 when 50 Americans at the U.S. embassy in Iran were taken hostage by the Iranians.

Affleck’s character, Tony Mendez, is a CIA agent aiding in the rescue mission of six workers from the U.S. Embassy who had escaped before being taken hostage, and who were in hiding at the Canadian ambassador’s home. The film co-stars Alan Arkin and John Goodman whose characters help Mendez (Affleck) come up with a plan to save these six Americans.

Mendez is on the phone with his son watching a tv show when he comes up with a plan to save the men and women. The characters played by Arkin and Goodman along with Bryan Cranston, come up with a story that Mendez would be a film producer going to Iran to film a science fiction movie called Argo. They set up a fake studio, make posters, create a fake script, all necessary to make their film seem real.

The movie is interesting because of the character of Mendez. He is determined to save the embassy workers in hiding despite the fact the mission was cancelled at the last minute by the CIA due to safety concerns. After much thought Mendez decides to move forward with his plan to save them.

At the theatre the day I saw Argo, I noticed it seemed to attract adults in their thirties and older, not so much young adults and teenagers. This may be because the movie is based on a political story set in 1980 and does not involve a lot of action. The last thirty minutes of the film, however, had much suspense and kept you on the edge of your seat in their attempt to escape from the Ambassador’s house to the airport and through airport security.

Argo is two hours long. It has been nominated for seven Academy Awards and just won the Golden Globe Award for drama.

Badminton Champs

Jon Lindahl
Veritas Staff

Billy Brady and Sean Roche are the champions of this year's badminton tournament     photo by Dawn Bille

Billy Brady and Sean Roche are the champions of this year’s badminton tournament
photo by Dawn Bille

Students at RHS always look forward to taking part in the annual “chip and dip” badminton tournament held each year in the physical education classes. The tournament was at first started by former teacher, Mr. Owen.  Since Mr. Owen’s retirement Mr. Doyle has continued the tradition.

After many matches and badminton vollies, the 2012 badminton tournament finally came to an end. The final game was played Wednesday December 19th, 2012.

The finals had the team of senior Sean Roche and junior Billy Brady playing against senior sensations Dennis Witt Jr and Alex Mejia.

Alex Mejia and Dennis Witt got off to a great start, winning the first set 14 to 12.
Sean and Billy took the second set, winning 11 to 8.

With a three set series going into the third set tied up, someone had to put the team on his back, and that someone was Sean “Rochy” Roche, scoring 7 of the 11 points on the last set and ultimately winning the 2012 badminton championship.

For their hard earned victory, Billy and Sean won a free bag of chips, of the flavor of their choice and of course bragging rights throughout the entire school.

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