Golf Team Experiencing Success

Seniors on the golf team are Eric Wahlstrom, Devin Gallagher, Aiden Glennon, Chris Penney, Sarah Lovell and Eden Dalton. photo by Maddie Gear

Silvio Cordero-Zapata, Veritas Staff

October 2, 2017 (updated October 17)

As the golf season got underway the Rockland High School golf team made people take notice with a winning streak of four games.

One of Coach Brian Smith’s goals at the beginning of the season was for “the team to compete and improve and give 100%” He was  hopeful that would result in wins and that  the players would be having fun.

The golf team captain,  Aiden Glennon was chosen by his peers. Mr. Smith says, ‘’He’s a good role model and  he has done a great job so far.”

Mr. Smith also said that all the players on the golf team look up to him literally because at 6’6 he is the tallest player on the golf team and possibly the whole school.

Mr. Smith brings a lot of experience to coaching the team. He says he learned how to play golf by “playing with his dad and brother growing up.” This really helped him because now he is skilled enough to teach students here at RHS.

Another thing that Mr. Smith stated was that all the freshmen on the team are getting along well with the upperclassmen. One of those freshmen who stands out is Steve Tutkus who is playing well, according to Mr. Smith.

The golf team had a nice win over Abington 129-68  on Monday, September 25, making the team’s record  4-3.

Then they defeated Middleboro on Weds. 116-93 making the record 5-3.

The Bulldogs were led by Erik Wahlstrom and Chase McDonald.

Also winning for Rockland were Aiden Glennon, Peter Kohler, Devin Gallagher and Eden Dalton.

The Dogs’ evened their record at 7 wins, 7 losses on Oct. 16 with a win against South Shore Vo.Tech. They play Abington on Tuesday.

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