Cheerleaders Win State Championship

The cheerleaders visited the State House where they were recognized for winning the State Championship

The cheerleaders visited the State House where they were recognized for winning the State Championship

Natalie Draicchio, Veritas Staff

With the crowd chanting “D-O-G-S” in the stands, the cheerleaders were crossing their fingers as the announcer began the award ceremony. The girls only had one shot,  in a three minute routine, to prove to the two rows of judges at Lowell High School they had what it takes to win the State Championship.

And then the words they were waiting to hear:  “Your 2014 Division 4 Fall State Champions…Rockland.” The girls cried tears of joy as they jumped up to congratulate each other and collect their trophy.

“Pumped. I didn’t even know how to contain my excitement,” Sam Aylward says about how she felt when hearing the judges’ decision.

Arianna Roosa says she “had so much emotion as they announced Rockland. It was the best feeling in the world.”

The girls worked their facials and attitudes on the mat to impress the judges and bump up the scores.

“We worked the routine so much that the crowd was cheerful and motivated us to push harder,” says Roosa.

Hannah Boben, an RHS student  who watched the performance from the stands that day, says, “Their attitudes and facials made the crowd and judges drawn to the mat to watch their performance.”

The routine was not perfect but they still came out on top.

“A few minor mistakes but I never doubted them for one second,” explains Boben.

A few stunts did not hit solid on the mat but the team stayed positive when waiting for the awards.

“We could’ve done better but no routine was perfect. When we stepped off the mat I knew we rocked the routine no matter what flaws had happened,” says Roosa.

Aylward says they never would have achieved this goal without “lots of hard work and commitment. Multiple full-outs a day as well as the blood, sweat, and tears.” (Full-out means going through the whole routine start to finish as if competing, continuing through even when it is not hitting perfectly.)

Also, the team was, according to the girls, very close.

“I love this group of girls. We all know how to rock and work it!” says Roosa.

“Being friends helps them work together and take productive criticism from each other.”

Aylward says that the team “acted like a family.”

The cheerleaders had a successful season leading up to the State Championship, winning their South Shore League title and their regional competition.

The team gave up three months and a half, but it was all worth it in the end. “Knowing all the hard work and dedication put forth in this routine was all that mattered; the team is outstanding,” Roosa says.

The girls were also supported by their coaches, families and friends every step of the way. Getting on the bus to go home as State Champions they got a police escort back into town.

It has been quite a ride for the girls.

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