Student Government 2014-2015

Alexandra Pigeon, Veritas Editor-in-Chief

The RHS Student Government Council embraces change this upcoming school year with high expectations to exceed all prior levels of achievement.

The SGC executive board decided that this year’s theme would be Hollywood with the clever slogan, “Take the Leading Role,” to emphasize their positions as leaders in the school.

Ashley Pezzella, Ryan Sugrue, Haley Macray, PJ Butler and Katie DeLorey

Ashley Pezzella, Ryan Sugrue, Haley Macray, PJ Butler and Katie DeLorey


For those who aren’t familiar with what SGC is and does, it is a council of students of all grades who work together to put on fundraisers and events to make the school and community a better place.

This year, the council is led by advisors Kristen Walsh, Valerie Mulready, and Joanne White as well as the “big five” including President Katie DeLorey, Vice President PJ Butler, Secretary Haley Macray, Treasurer Ryan Sugrue, and Publicity Coordinator Ashley Pezzella.

DeLorey emphasizes her love for her fellow executive board members saying, “They’re all awesome. They consistently go above and beyond anything I could ask of them.” Personally, DeLorey is “honored” to have been elected as president and feels that it puts her in a “happy place.”

These leaders, as well as the rest of the student government members, will be busy planning and putting on numerous fundraisers and events throughout the year. Many of these we all know and love, such as Spirit Week, the Mr. Rockland competition, Project Pumpkin and the Powder Puff game.

However, not everything is the same. After one year of being involved with the council as an assistant advisor, English teacher, Ms. Walsh applied to take the advisor position when Mr. Rowe gave it up. She says her decision to take his place was easy because she was “amazed by how much SGC actually did in the school and throughout the state.”

With her new role in the council Ms. Walsh hopes to “bring in a fresh perspective and some different ideas.”

Some that have been discussed among the council so far are getting a hypnotist, having a school-wide student and teacher talent show, and changing the former ‘black and white’ dance to a new theme.

As far as differences go, Ms. Walsh says, “I don’t think there’s big changes.”

Besides working on organization and getting things done earlier, she says SGC is aiming to have more of an integration with the special education students. Council members have previously participated in Special Olympic events such as bocce, flag-football, and the Polar Plunge, but Ms. Walsh “really wants to invite them to participate in SGC events, rather than just SGC participating in their events.”

While change is definitely a positive, it is important to acknowledge the council’s past.

After ten years as the SGC advisor, Mr. Rowe gave up his position because he says, “Life gets busy when you have a two-year old.”

He explained that balancing family time and student government responsibilities became difficult. “I want to be a good dad and a good advisor, and if my time is split between the two, I can’t be good at either.”

During his time with the RHS SGC, he promoted excellence in the group which has been awarded the MASC Gold Council for four years.  He also had the opportunity to travel to the Nationals with his council, to host a statewide SEMASC conference at Rockland High School, and to be nominated by his council as Advisor of the Year.

It’s safe to say that although Mr. Rowe will miss being a part of SGC, he has many fond memories to look back on that he will always cherish.

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