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RHS Students React To Vaping Ban

The RHS Journalism students interviewed several students and assistant principal Kathy Paulding about vaping and the recent ban by Massachusetts governor, Charlie Baker on the sale of vaping products in the state of Massachusetts.

Get Ready For Spirit Week!

Next week, Sept. 30 to Oct. 4 will be Spirit Week at Rockland High School. Student Government came up with the themes for each day.

Monday will be Rockland Pride Day.  Students should wear Rockland apparel.

Tuesday will be USA Day, so break out your red, white and blue!

Wednesday will be Boston Sports Day.  Students will wear their favorite Boston team gear.

Thursday is called Throwback Thursday.  Students can wear something that will represent past generations.

Last is Friday, the day of the Unified Pep Rally that will be held out in the stadium, weather permitting.  Students are asked to wear white to symbolize inclusiveness.

Spirit Week is designed to get everyone pumped up for the Homecoming game on Friday night and the Homecoming Dance on Saturday, Oct. 5.

Auditions for Drama Production Next Week!

The Theater Guild has announced that auditions will take place next week for its Fall Play, “Marcus Is Walking” by Joan Ackermann.

The auditions will be held on Monday, Sept. 30 at 3:00 in Room 205 or on Tuesday, Oct. 1st at 3:00 in Room 205.

Callbacks are scheduled for Wednesday, Oct. 2nd at 3:00 and rehearsals will begin on Thursday, Oct. 3rd.

The play will be performed in December.  Just to give you a quick preview, it’s a play made up of several vignettes, some funny, some serious, all having in common the fact that they all take place in cars. Some of the scenes include a couple having an argument, teenage girls who have run over a squirrel and, well, you’ll have to wait ’til December to see the rest.

Joanne White, faculty director of the Theater Guild, said they chose the play because it’s different and allows for a lot of flexibility with the cast. She’s hoping many will try out.

See you next week in Room 205!


New Mentoring Program Begins at RHS

Veritas Staff

September 6, 2019

As the new class of freshmen arrived at Rockland High School they were greeted with a new program designed to welcome and assist them. The HYPE Program (Helping Your Peers Excel) consists of twenty-three RHS juniors and seniors who will be mentors to the freshmen. The junior and senior mentors, selected after an in-depth application process, signed a contract in which they agreed to commit fully to checking in with their assigned freshmen at least once a month and also to respond to any emails, or texts they receive from their mentees.

The mentors went through training on August 14, a week before the Freshmen Orientation Night on August 21. In the training they learned what they should expect with the program. They also went through multiple scenarios to practice and improve their leadership skills. At the open house freshmen met their mentors and accompanied them on a tour of the building.

Mrs. Adrienne Donovan, Family Consumer Science teacher at Rockland High and the faculty advisor to the mentor program, explained the initial reason for instituting the program. “We wanted to provide a sort of bridge between junior and senior high, so that people could have a ‘familiar face’ when they enter their freshman year.” Mrs. Donovan compared the mentoring program to a “group hug that has many benefits.”

Mrs. Donovan says the need for a program that provided guidance to the freshman class has been talked about for almost two years. With the help of staff and Principal John Harrison, it finally became a reality in this 2019-2020 school year.

Dr. Harrison said, “The Freshmen Mentoring Program is an opportunity for us to create a more supportive community where our upperclassmen are taking care of our new students.”

Along with the benefits to the incoming freshmen there are many positives to the program for the mentors. Senior Tyler Johnson said, “So far, this program has been beneficial to me as well. I have learned so much about how to be a better leader and I have met a lot of the new freshmen.” Johnson explained, “I feel as if I have just the right number of freshmen to mentor. Although I am mentoring eight freshmen, I am able to do group and individual conversations or activities with my mentees. It also helps them feel comfortable talking to me, knowing that they have their peers there as well.”

Senior mentor, Elizabeth McGaffigan described how Dr. Harrison came to her last year and encouraged her to apply. So far she’s very happy she did. McGaffigan says she is looking forward to continuing to help the freshmen through their first year and preparing for sophomore year.

Mentors will be contacting their mentees at least one time per month. They are also encouraged to have informal conversations with their freshmen and create a friendship with them to make them feel welcome.   Freshmen can contact their mentors any time with questions or issues they need help with.

Dr. Harrison said, “My hope for the program is that each freshman feels connected to an upperclassman student.”


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