Theatre Guild Presents The Odd Couple

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Sophie McLelland and Leah DeCecco co-starred in the Theatre Guild’s production of The Odd Couple.    For more photos  by Veritas Asst. Managing Editor, Jill Donahue, click here.


Seth Roscewski, Veritas Staff


RHS students performed their own female version of The Odd Couple based on the 1970’s television show The Odd Couple. With new directors, Joanne White and Kendra Donovan, RHS students put on an amusing show on Dec. 11 and 12 in the RHS auditorium.

The eight person cast  had to audition for the play in October. Tech week was just prior to the show dates.  Tech week is rehearsal for the booth and the actors. This is the time in which the control booth staff can communicate with the directors about what the show should look and sound like.

On Wednesday, Dec. 9, a major prop broke, leaving Mrs. Donovan and Ms.White concerned for Friday night’s production. The couch, the center piece broke during director’s notes. But Mr. Graziano brought his living room loveseat to the school on Thursday in the middle of the last rehearsal.

Ms. White said at the end of tech week, “I feel so proud to put the show forward on Friday. There were some ups and downs, literally with the breaking of the couch which was a minor setback. But thankfully the handsome and strong Gary Graziano came through for us.”

Tech week can be classified under many adjectives. “Spectacular,” said Ms. White and “memorable,” said Mrs. Donovan.

The Friday night production filled the audience with laughter and in some cases, emotion.

The audience seemed to enjoy the play, laughing at all the jokes and supporting the two lead actors, Leah DeCecco and Sophie McLellan who were terrific in their roles.

Like every other sport, game or club, the theatre guild members have their own traditions.

Fifteen minutes before the start of the show, the entire cast and staff members circle up for senior speeches. DeCecco was chosen to give her speech on Friday night and had everyone in tears. But after a heart-felt moment, the cast and staff all got together and sang “The Hokey-Pokey.”

Emotion was in the air with this cast. The cast agreed with the statement made by White explaining how they feed off of each other’s great moments to produce even better moments.

Most of the cast have a background working with each other in last year’s production, Peter Pan.

Ms. White and Mrs. Donovan addressed the staff after the Friday night performance saying their thoughts on how opening night went.

“I couldn’t be more proud of you guys!” said Ms. White.

Friday and Saturday night had around the same number of people in the audience. At the ticket stand, people had the option to buy flowers to give to the actors and actresses to congratulate them on their performance.

On Saturday night, after the cast took their bows, they presented Ms. White and Mrs. Donovan with roses to thank them for their time and dedication.

After weeks of hard work, the cast agreed that the show was definitely worth it.  The money raised from ticket sales helps support the theatre guild for future productions.

Another performance  is planned for the spring. The show has yet to be decided.

Anyone interested should talk to Ms. White and Mrs. Donovan for more information.

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