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Welcome back readers! We hope you enjoyed your vacation.  In this issue we have some poetry from Danielle Hill and haiku from the iStaff.  In addition to the gorgeous word-smithing, we have lovely visuals by Kiani Conley-Wilson (cover image) and Bridget Martin.  Finally, as a special treat, we have a picture made from words…seriously.  Wait for it…

"Swan"by Bridget Martin

by Bridget Martin

wait for it….

"Squash"by Bridget Martin

by Bridget Martin

wait for it…….

iStaff Haiku:

Life: complicated
My comfort is eating eggs
the problem will leave

The red in Jace’s
hair illuminates in the
fluorescent lighting

You are a rainbow
and your colors are special
live long and prosper

The fire consumes
us both to the point of death
it brings life to me

Here is some additional Haiku from Anonymous, Logan Murphy and Anonymous (in that order):

Lightning and thunder

Leave us in the pouring rain

If only the sun…

After you’ve sunken

In the dark shadows, out comes

The glad light of life

The green field goes on

And on without an ending

Old, peaceful silence

wait for it………….

Introduction to Art

by Danni Hill

I ask them to sip a painting
and swirl the savory tastes
like an aged wine.

To swim and dance with
the emotions of the artist.

Or drop themselves into their
imagination and dreams.

I want them to sit and watch the fireworks on a grassy hill,
snuggle into a warm blanket and
let the beauty speak to them

But all they want to do
is chug the aged wine, boil down the mediums
and put a match to oddities.

They strangle the artist for clues
and stone the art to death
with questions.

(based on “An Introduction to Poetry” by Billy Collins)

wait for it……………………………………TA-DA!

"Michelle"by Jace Williams

by Jace Williams

  1. Well worth waiting for!

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