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Alumni Visit RHS

December 20, 2019

Rockland High School alumni from the Class of 2019 visited RHS and spoke to students about their college experiences in an assembly in the auditorium.  Alumni had a chance to visit with students and staff in the cafeteria after the assembly. The visit was organized by English teacher, Kristen Walsh and RHS Principal, John Harrison.  Thank you alumni!!

Band/Chorus on Annual Holiday Stroll

The band plays a holiday tune at Memorial Park.

December 20, 2019

The RHS band and chorus under the direction of John Piazza and Victoria Allen visited the elementary schools this morning as well as the Rockland Rehab. Center and the Rockland Senior Center.  This is an annual “holiday stroll” that the band and chorus have taken part in annually to spread some holiday spirit and music in the schools and the town.

They played and sang several holiday tunes at each location and involved their audience in a few songs as well.

Back at RHS they gave a concert during the last block.

What a ride! RHS’ fall play was hilarious!

Emily Gaboriault, Veritas Editor-in-Chief 

December 12, 2019

On December 5th, 6th, and 7th, the RHS Theater Department put on “Marcus is Walking.” The show featured various scenes all based around a car; for instance, running over a chipmunk, a car accident and a night trick or treating.

When asked about the show , director Julia DiCanzio stated, “I love directing the fall play and seeing each student take risks, grow in confidence, and become part of the wonderful community that was formed around the play…The performances showed the commitment and effort that each student, cast and crew, put into the play.”

When asked how they thought the show went, actors Katy Buckley and Jordan Cunningham stated that they thought it went really well! Buckley states, “It was so awesome to hear such great reviews!” Cunningham also adds, “I loved the amount of students who attended to support the theatre department!”

Katy Buckley, Emily Gaboriault, Lara Glennon tend to a run over chipmunk as Suzi, Heidi, and Jay.  photo by Arianna Esposito
Jordan Cunningham, Philip Pattison, Zach Webb eat some treats on halloween night while trick or treating.   Veritas photo
Zach Webb and Adam Dalton as Gabe and Dmitry.  photo by Arianna Esposito

The actors included Ben Pattison, Zach Webb, Phil Pattison, Jordan Cunningham, Julia Yeadon, Adam Dalton, Neleh Dunn. Emily Gaboriault, Lara Glennon and Katy Buckley. Each actor played several parts.

The stage crew was led by stage manager Kerin Dalton and asst. stage manager, Maria Pala. In the crew were Jonah Pishkin, Maddie Smith Miku Yoshioka, Leah Leonard, Cailin Sullivan, Ngan Nguyen, Christa Pollard and Callie Gillan.

Seth Rosczewski and Terrel Wright were the lighting and sound operators with an assist by Chris Burnieika. Phil DiCanzio and Jim DiCanzio designed and built the set. Julia DiCanzio and Joanne White were the faculty directors.

Click here for our photo gallery of the play.  Photos by Arianna Esposito.

“Marcus is Walking” Begins Tonight

The cast and the crew of “Marcus is Walking” photo by Arianna Esposito

The Rockland High School Theater Guild’s fall production “Marcus is Walking: Scenes from the Road” will be performed beginning tonight (Thursday, Dec. 5) at 7 p.m. in the Rockland High School Auditorium.  The play is directed by RHS teachers, Joanne White and Julia DiCanzio.

The show features several short stories all revolving around a car or driving somewhere.  But there is more to the stories than just an automobile and the members of the cast (see below) do a great job of creating memorable characters in a short amount of time.  There is a great deal of humor, sometimes for mature viewers, and the audience will surely be entertained.

The actors performing in “Marcus is Walking” include: Back left to right: Ben Pattison, Zach Webb, Phil Pattison, Jordan Cunningham, Julia Yeadon, Adam Dalton and Neleh Dunn. In front: Emily Gaboriault, Lara Glennon and Katy Buckley. photo by Arianna Esposito

The play will be performed Thursday, Dec. 5, Friday, Dec. 6, and Saturday, Dec. 7 in the Rockland High School auditorium at 7 p.m. The cost will be $8.00 at the door but you can get tickets on-line at for $5.00.

The play by Joan Ackerman is presented by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service Inc. New York

Looking Onward for Rockland’s Elementary School

Drawings of the proposed elementary school to be built in Rockland. Voters in Rockland will have the final say about funding the project on December 7.

December 5, 2019

Yani Soares, Veritas Staff

On December 2nd, at a Special Town Meeting, Rockland residents joined together in nearly unanimous approval to appropriate funds for a new elementary school to be built in the district. The school, an entirely new, state-of-the-art school for first to fourth graders would be funded by both Rockland and the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA). The School Building Committee, along with the Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent, have been working with the MSBA in order to approve the project for this new school since February of 2017. (See Project Powerpoint below).

The town’s work with the MSBA has been done in order to receive a grant for the project, which will provide roughly $36 million of the project costs, leaving approximately $51 million that the town would have to pay. 

December 7, 2019 marks the day that residents will vote in a Special Election on a temporary debt exclusion under Proposition two-and-a-half. This is needed to raise property taxes (see ballot below). As a result of this contribution, Rockland’s residents will face some changes in how they are taxed.  For 30 years, the average property taxes per year will be raised by approximately $412, based on a home’s value. 

Rockland Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Alan Cron says that a new, comprehensive elementary school in Rockland’s district will bring various benefits, such as an easier way to react to population changes in the town. This addition will also bring a more streamlined education experience, better control of supplies to schools, the enhancement of teaching practices and curriculum. The superintendent also says that this new method of organizing a single building will be simpler than having to organize three, which lightens the burden of administrators. 

Dr. Cron also says failing to approve the project would leave the town facing approximately $40 million in future costs for renovating the aging elementary schools without adding the upgrades a new state-of-the-art school would provide.

A new school containing every elementary student should also provide each student with an equal beginning to the fifth grade, as separating elementary classes by building can lead to an inequality in their learning experiences. In a newly built school, paths towards innovative methods of modern teaching and creativity will be improved, as technology that is vital for later years will be introduced. This will make students’ transition into middle school easier.

Following the construction of the new school, the buildings that are currently in use will be repurposed for various goals. Esten School will become an early childhood center with free preschool and kindergarten education. Memorial Park will be torn down and replaced with a turf field per the project, and Jefferson School will be taken down and turned over to the Parks Department. In the future, the land at Jefferson may also be used as a playing field.

When the new school is finished, the elementary students in Esten, Memorial Park, or Jefferson at the time will be transferred to it.

Dr. Cron says, “If realized, a new, combined 760 student Rockland Elementary School would provide a world-class, state-of-the-art education for ALL Rockland children grades 1-4 for decades to come, allowing all of Rockland’s children the opportunity to maximize their unique potential and to become whatever their imaginations and talents will allow them to become.”

Rockland School Project

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