A Day with Dr. Cron

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Kaylee Ellis and Dr. Cron

Kaylee Ellis, Veritas Staff

principal: noun: 

     the person with the highest authority or most important position in an organization, institution, 

or group.

Some students assume during the year a principal does nothing but sit, relax and tell people what to do.

This isn’t the case for Dr. Cron (or any principal for that matter).

Recently, I sat down with Dr. Cron and asked him what his daily life as the Principal of Rockland High is like.

First, he said that being the principal is “a privilege” because of the amazing faculty and students that he gets to know more each and every day.

As principal for four years now, Dr. Cron has seen the highs and lows of Rockland High School. He says he feels closer to the community after everything that has happened the last four years, especially after the tragic events of last year. He hopes that since he feels close with the community that we feel the same way towards him.

Dr. Cron believes that the ability to handle the everyday responsibilities of being a principal is an art. He said his first job is to be the “lead teacher,” and to the best of his ability direct the school in the right direction.  He believes that in order to be an excellent principal you must be an excellent teacher first.

Dr. Cron works with all departments (math, English, sports, music, drama, etc.) to make sure  the “trains run on time.”  He also needs to be able to supply the needs of all departments, and to compromise with the budgets Rockland High is given.

Dr. Cron said he does not deal with discipline unless it is a serious level of discipline in which the principal needs to step in.

In return, he is very thankful that Mr. Damon and Ms. Paulding are in the office with him to deal with disciplinary issues.

Dr. Cron said that safe and secure planning is a very important factor in a high school. He works closely with the police and fire departments, so, if by the strange chance there is a tornado tomorrow, we will know exactly how to act.

As principal, Dr. Cron has the job of determining exactly who would be a right fit to hire for our school. [I am] “manager to a certain extent but not in a business,” he explained. He said he always looks for certain aspects when hiring a new staff member.  When he hires someone, he says he makes sure they are enthusiastic about what they do.

Also, he believes that “part of being a teacher is showing respect,”  and that  “everyone is always a team.”

Coming to RHS four years ago,  Dr. Cron expected he was going to face the challenge of getting the faculty and students to trust him.  After all, no one wants to work with someone who is unfamiliar to them.

Dr. Cron said he feels very proud of his achievements at the high school, and how far he has come getting to know his staff and the students.

Also, he said he is very pleased with the incredible support all the faculty shows.

Dr. Cron said he strives to make sure that whatever decision is being made, it always has to do with the kids and that he “doesn’t want to do something just because that is how it’s always been done.” He said he would only want to do something if that were the best decision for his students.

The big question everyone wants to know is how will Dr. Cron approach being superintendent?

“I will approach this as I approached being the principal,” he said.

How is that you ask?

Dr.  Cron said he does not exactly have any huge plans yet. For now he plans to learn as quickly as he can.

He said that it will be a very different job, but he wants to take on the challenge of learning a new position and being more involved with the elementary and middle schools.

Dr. Cron also wants to be able to keep the community informed of changes in the schools.  Sadly,  for the students when it comes to snow days that is not something that will be changed.

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