Judges choose new Mr. Rockland

Mike McCauley’s ukulele solo won the hearts of the judges

By Dawn Bille, Feature Editor

Six seniors competed for the title of Mr. Rockland by showing the crowd and judges their unusual and unique talents, acting out improv skits, and dressing in their best attire.
This year’s judges were Mr. MacAllister, Mr. Smith, Ms. Walsh, Ms. McDonough, and the beloved Mr. Sangster.

The comical Deven Nunn had the crowd in hysterics as he came onto stage dressed in women’s clothing and a wig. He then proceeded to walk around stage as the song “Milkshake” by Kelis began to play, giving the audience quite a show.

The creative Joe Palana entered the stage in what looked like a “rapper’s get-up.” He then took off this baggy sweatshirt, sideways hat, and pulled up his pants to reveal his lumberjack outfit and began singing his own lumberjack song with humorous lyrics that shared his desire to be a woman.

Heart throb Kevin Strobel stepped onto the stage with what seemed to be a simple talent: jumping rope. While he presented the crowd with many jump rope tricks, he then asked his girlfriend Shannon Gray to go to the prom with him.

The actor we all know Chris Carchedi to be, stepped onto the stage in 16th century attire looking as if he were going to recite lines from a well-known play. Absolutely surprising the crowd, Chris then presented a Shakespearean reenactment of the hit song, “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix-A-Lot.

Mike McCauley then took the stage and stole not only the crowds’ hearts, but also the judges’ hearts with the singing of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole while he played the ukulele.

Last but not least, the talented and hardworking Justin Ferruello took the stage with his band. They played an original song that impressed many in the audience.

Not many people could stand on a stage and do what these six guys did. With the improv and the questioning portions of the competition completed, the judges deliberated for a few minutes and then announced the winner.

Deven Nunn took 3rd place with a pat on the back, Chris Carchedi took 2nd place with a self-assured smile, and Mike McCauley took 1st place with an accomplished smile and a graceful wave.

Follow this link for our photo gallery from the Mr. Rockland contest.

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