Hockey team’s Shawn Kane added to elite list

Shawn Kane fires a shot.

Shawn Kane fires a shot.

Mitchell Ryan, Veritas Staff
Rockland High School
100 Point Scorers

The following RHS hockey players have achieved 100 point totals in their high school hockey careers.

Mike Casagrande- 218 points 1999
Mike Flaherty- 100+ 1987
Mike Celestino- 100+ 2004
Kevin Sheehan- 100+ 2012
John Mulready – 100+ 2012
Shawn Kane- 100+ 2014

On January 15 against Norwell High School, Shawn Kane, a Rockland High School senior, achieved a prestigious milestone when he earned the 100th point in his high school career. In ice hockey a point is earned when you either score a goal or pass the puck to someone who scores a goal.

Kane has had lots of help in reaching this goal. His coach Mike Flaherty has helped him out most in his high school career. He said, “Flatts helped me learn to discipline myself and learn a new system.”
Kane has been working with Coach Flaherty since he was in eighth grade on the varsity hockey team.

Some may think that it would be hard to get a team back on track after such a momentous occasion but senior captain Andy Reardon says otherwise.

“His hundredth point came off an assist and it was exciting for him, but we just kept playing because it was a big game.”

Reardon had no doubt that Kane would earn his 100 points saying,“We knew it was going to come to him because he’s a good goal scorer,” He also said it is “special for the team and coach for a player to reach that goal because it’s hard and it requires a talented player.”

The last two players to earn this did it two years ago and that tells you that it isn’t a common occurrence.
Kane had confidence in his athletic abilities saying he knew that it was going to happen all along.

For any young hockey players hoping to follow in Kane’s foot steps he says, “Keep your head up and skate hard.”

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