Ms. Paulding Assumes New Role At RHS

Haley Macray, Veritas Web & Features Editor

Recently, walking through the halls of RHS you may have noticed a faculty member or two with bright pink hair.

One of these daring, familiar faces is RHS graduate and former dean, Kathleen Paulding, who generously vowed to dye her hair pink to support RHS’s efforts to raise money for breast cancer.

While a different hair color shows her personal side, a new job defines her professionally.

ms. paulding color

Ms. Paulding is RHS Assistant Principal

After being a dean for three years, Ms. Paulding has taken on the position of vice principal and has a few things she would like to accomplish during this school year.

As a dean, Ms. Paulding was responsible for helping to process discipline problems sent from teachers in the classrooms. She would help to decide what consequences would be put into action as a result of students’ inappropriate conduct.

Not only was Ms. Paulding a dean, she was also a Special Education teacher. She explains that at times it was difficult for her to have to be in two places at once. She would be in the middle of processing a discipline issue and then have to leave to go to class. One of the things that she enjoys about being vice principal is that it is “a little less stressful.”

Now that she has a job where she can focus on one thing at a time and not have to be as divided as before, Ms. Paulding feels a lot more comfortable.

“I have a little bit of an OCD issue,” she says. Her new job allows her to follow things through more easily.

Her only concern is that freshmen may not have the chance to get to know her as well as the sophomore, juniors, and seniors because she will not be spending as much time in the classroom as she had before.

Ms. Paulding graduated from RHS in 1990. Having been part of the Bulldog family previous to working at the high school Ms. Paulding says that her favorite part about RHS and Rockland is, “the toughness of the kids and the community.” She also says that she appreciates “the way they handle adversity and the sense of family.”

Moving forward with the school year Ms. Paulding has many obligations and responsibilities that she will oversee ranging from communication between staff members all the way to choosing the famous quote that is typed on progress reports. But for now her overarching goal is “to learn all the little details” of her job

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