Hall of Fame Inducts Superfan, Jim Cahill

From left Gary Graziano, Carol Cahill, Ken Owen and Hall of Fame inductee, Jim Cahill. Our story on all the nominees can be found below on this website

December 17, 2021

Jax Leduc, Veritas Staff

This year the Rockland community welcomed several inductees into the Athletic Hall of Fame. This is the single most prestigious honor a Rockland athlete or Rockland athletics fan can achieve. 

Among the inductees was the brother of teacher, Carol Cahill, Jimmy Cahill. 

Ms. Cahill explained what it meant to Jimmy “Jimbo” Cahill to be inducted into the Rockland High Athletic Hall of Fame.

“It meant the world to him. He is a devoted RHS Bulldogs fan, and receiving their top honor meant the world to him.” She also said what this community has meant to Jimmy, 

“This community has meant the world to Jimmy. It has given him a link to things happening in the school and in the town.” 

Finally, what would be one thing she would want the people of Rockland to know about Jimmy that they may not already know? 

She said, “He’s got a great sense of humor and he is the most positive person on the planet… even when something horrible happens he has the ability to look past it and say ‘what’s next’, which is a lesson I think everyone could learn from him.”

This is a great tribute from Ms. Cahill about her brother, such a monumental figure in our community.

See our story on all the inductees here.


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