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Making Last Rounds for Class of 2019

Jasmin Morse, Veritas Editor-in-Chief and Web Editor


On May 29, with graduation two days away, the Class of 2019 marched through the halls of their Rockland past.  After a breakfast and yearbook signing in the RHS cafeteria, members of the class put on their caps and gowns and journeyed through the halls of Memorial Park, Esten, Jefferson, and the Rogers Middle School.

The purpose of this procession is to inspire the younger kids in the community to strive for graduation, and also to let the seniors reminisce in the halls of their youth while visiting the teachers that helped shape their education.

All in all, it was a great day for all in the Bulldog community! The teachers were able to send their best wishes to the graduates. The students were able to go back to class inspired by their elders. And of course, the Class of 2019 got to walk away solidifying the memories of their past and friendships with their classmates.

Class of ’19 pranks RHS

Jasmin Morse Veritas Editor-in-Chief and Web Editor


Yesterday on May 20, the Class of 2019’s last full day in classes at RHS, the class decided to go out with a bang with their senior prank. Seniors arrived early on Monday morning, some even as early as 6:30. To kick off the day a few seniors had taken photos of the teachers who graduated from RHS’s senior pictures and made copies of them and hung them up all over the halls and by their classrooms.

Additionally, students hung up streamers in the hallways and in the staircases as other students set up tents by the auditorium. After it was all set up, the students had a party in and by the tents and danced to music that a student provided on a speaker.

All in all, this year’s senior prank went on hitch- free and everybody in RHS got a good chuckle out of it

2019 National Honor Society Ceremony

Jasmin Morse, Veritas Editor-in-Chief and Web Editor


Another year, another Pentelic Chapter of the National Honor Society Induction. Last night’s induction consisted of 2 senior inductees, 20 junior inductees, 2 honorary inductees, and 16 departing senior members.

The night was kicked off by a dinner provided by the RHS cafeteria for the inductees, the members, and their sponsors. Here, 2018-2019 NHS President Sean Morrissey welcomed the guests and invited tables up to get their food. This was also where the members and inductees exchanged gifts with their sponsors thanking them for their company at this event.

Following, the group made its way to the auditorium where they were met by their friends and family who came to watch the ceremony take place. As tradition, the seniors made their way to their seats on stage while the juniors took their spots in front of the stage. Here, they recited their pledge to the National Honor Society.

To start the ceremony, Morrissey led in the Pledge of Allegiance and then welcomed, the members, inductees, sponsors, and families attending the ceremony. After that Vice President, Tyler Beatrice and Treasurer, Jasmin Morse read speeches and awarded this year’s two honorary inductees. Beatrice first awarded long time Bulldog fan and one of Rockland’s most familiar faces, James “Jimbo” Cahill. Following, Morse awarded long time school committee member and one of the town’s most known Rockland supporters, Richard “Dick” Phelps.

As the night proceeded, Morrissey acted as the host. Secretary, Marissa Smith then called the roll and announced the future plan of the senior members of the Pentelic Chapter. Next, the four NHS virtues were explained by members. Justin Sherlock spoke about character, Francisco Oliveira explained scholarship, Caitlin Cameron definedleadership, and John Ellard discussed service. At the end of each speech, a candle was lit to represent each of the virtues.

After that, Beatrice recited the Exemplification of the Torch speech that he had to memorize while holding a burning candle in hopes the melted candle wax didn’t fall onto his hand or wrist. Then, RHS Principal John Harrison presented the National Honor Society certificates to the graduating members. As the members receive their certificates, the formed a receiving line at the exit of the auditorium for guests and sponsors to walk through and congratulate the senior members and newly inducted members.

At the close of the event, guests, members, and sponsors were welcomed to congregate in the RHS cafeteria for desserts and beverages. All in all, the event was a huge success as always and was the start of a new year of the Pentelic Chapter of the National Honor Society.


New Inductees:


Alexis Nastasia

Giovan Soares


Melyssa Almeida

Stephanie Beatrice

Jad Bendarkawi

Matthew Bruzzese

Kathryn Buckley

Maria Ciano

Jessica DeMarco

Jillian Dorney

Caroline Elie

Tyler Gambon

Madeline Gear

Nicolle Guidel Winter

Tyler Johnson

Sabrina Morgan

Alyssa Patten

Oliver Reera

Zachary Webb

Hannah Wyllie

Julia Yeadon

Danting Zhu

Departing Senior Members:

President- Sean Morrissey

Vice President- Tyler Beatrice

Treasurer- Jasmin Morse

Secretary- Marissa Smith

Madison Blonde

Caitlin Cameron

Abigail Condon

John Ellard

Elizabeth Kelley

Rebecca Mullen

Francisco Oliveira

Michelle Ramoska

Justin Sherlock

Kara Sullivan

Spanish and French Students Take a Trip to the MFA

Jasmin Morse, Veritas Editor-in-Chief and Web Editor


group shot MFA

Level 4/5 French and Spanish students at the MFA, Boston.

On Wed. April 24, RHS seniors and juniors taking Spanish or French level 4/5 had the opportunity to visit the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Here, students had the chance to view artworks from the Spanish and French artists they have recently been studying in class.

During the trip, students were split up in groups ranging from 8-10 kids with a total of five parent chaperones. In charge of planning this event was level 4/5 Spanish teacher, Melissa Shaughnessy with the help of French teacher, Julie Dore.

The museum had pieces from Spanish-speaking artists: Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, Francisco De Goya, Diego Velazquez, and Pablo Picasso. Students taking French saw exhibits including: Claude Monet, Edouard Manet, and Henri de Toulouse- Lautrec.

During their visit, each group had assigned galleries that they had to visit during specific time slots. After visiting all necessary exhibits, the groups were allowed to roam and visit whichever galleries and artists they wanted to see.

Spellman Oratorical Results

Spellman contestants from left back row: Tyler Beatrice, Jacob Nunn, Fran Oliveira, Katie Houde, and Emmy Kelley. Front from left: Marissa Smith, Justin Sherlock and Caitlin Cameron. photo courtesy of Ms. Walsh.

Jasmin Morse, Editor-in-Chief and Web Editor


As part of Rockland tradition, last night on Wed., April 24 the RHS English Department had their annual Spellman Oratorical Contest. The contest is open to all seniors in the graduating class who may enter an essay/speech based on a stated prompt. Eight students are then chosen from the essay and speech entries to compete for $4,000 in scholarship money. The contestants are judged based on content, delivery, diction and poise. The prize money is made available from a trust established by the late Francis Cardinal Spellman of Whitman in memory of his mother, Ellen Conway Spellman, who resided in Rockland.

This year’s topic was Art as an Agent of Change.  In the end Katie Houde took first place winning herself a total of $1,200. RHS English Dept. Head, Carol Cahill noted, that it was a “great night” and all the students “did a wonderful job.”

Below are the students and their awards:

1st Place: Katie Houde, $1,200

2nd Place: Emmy Kelley, $1,000

3rd Place: Francisco Oliveira, $700

4th Place: Marissa Smith, $500

5th Place: Justin Sherlock, $300

6th, 7th and 8th Places: Tyler Beatrice, $100, Caitlin Cameron, $100

and Jacob Nunn, $100

Judging the contest were: Karen Bonn, Sue Doherty, Steve Waisgerber, and Laura Whitaker.  Bonn and Waisgerber are RHS graduates.

Congratulations to all the contestants.

RHS SGC Elects 2019-2020 President

Jasmin Morse, Veritas Editor-in-Chief and Web Editor


Committee chair, Katy Buckley posed with the junior class box.

As the 2018-2019 school year starts to wind down, so does senior Caitlin Cameron’s presidency of the RHS Student Government Council. Last night marked the SGC’s last meeting for this school year and here, the club elected their 2019-2020 president. They also nominated members for Big Five positions, including vice president, treasurer, and secretary.

At the meeting juniors, and best friends, Maddie Gear and Katy Buckley gave their candidate speeches;  afterwards council members voted for whom they saw best fit for the role of president. After counting all the votes, in the end Katy Buckley won by a very close margin. After winning Buckley explained, “I am beyond happy; this has always been a dream of mine since freshman year!”

Current SGC president Cameron noted before going into the election, “I had no clue who would win, but knew the council would be in great hands either way.” After the vote, she explained her excitement to see what Katy has in store and what new elements she plans to bring to the council this upcoming year.

After the president election, council members nominated others for the positions of vice president, treasurer, and secretary. Elections for these positions will be held at the June meeting. the nominees for each position are:

Vice President

Maddie Gear

Lara Glennon


Tyler Gambon

Nicole Guidel


Jacob Leahy

Lara Glennon

Miku Yoshioka

Emily Gaboriault

Travel Club Says “Hallo” to Europe

Jasmin Morse, Veritas Editor-in Chief and Web Editor


travel posters

Ads hanging up in RHS cafeteria for past and future EF Tours sponsored RHS Travel Club trips. photo by Jasmin Morse

At the start of April vacation, 34 RHS juniors and seniors are venturing abroad with the RHS Travel Club. For most of the kids going, this trip has been 2-4 years in the making and after many payments and fundraisers has become a reality.

On Saturday, April 13 the students will be loading onto a bus with chaperones English teacher Kristen Walsh, science department head, Samantha Hoyo, and science teacher Julia DiCanzio. From there, they will ride the bus to Logan International Airport, make it through security, and spend nearly 14 hours in and out of airports and the air before they reach their first travel spot in Vienna, Austria.

In Vienna, some of the main attractions they’ll see through tours are the Hofsburg Palace and the Parliament Building. After two nights in Vienna they’ll travel by bus to Prague, Czech Republic.

hofburg palace

Picture of the Hofburg Palace, Vienna.

In Prague, the group will visit St. Vitus Cathedral, the Charles Bridge, and other historic and cultural locations.  After spending two nights in Prague, the group will wake up and travel by bus to Munich and Dachau, Germany.

In Germany, among the sites they will visit are the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site, and the Munich Olympic Stadium. The students had the option to pay an additional fee to visit the Neuschwanstein Castle. On Day 8 of the trip, they will travel from Munich to Zurich, Switzerland.


Picture of the option Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany.

There, they’ll take a walking tour of Zurich’s Old Town and visit a local business. On Day 10, the group will head home.

old zurich

View of Zurich’s Old Town in Switzerland.

Their exhausting return flight is scheduled to land in Boston’s Logan Airport at 9:03pm and all students and staff on the trip are required to report to school Tuesday, April 23 after their long, fun-filled April break.

For further information on the Travel Club’s itinerary, check out EF Tour’s page on the Central European Quartet. And to keep up to date on your child or friend’s trip follow advisor Walsh’s Travel Club pages on Instagram and Twitter @rhstravelwalsh


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