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Eighth Grade Open House: Total Success!

Jasmin Morse, Veritas Editor-in-Chief and Web Editor


As the thought of high school starts to dawn on the Class of 2022, RHS took the opportunity to hold an open house for the incoming eighth graders last night, Jan. 10.

This year, RHS Principal, John Harrison decided to switch things up a bit at Open House with the introduction of a quick video to go over all the educational departments here at RHS.

After a greeting by Athletic Director, Gary Graziano, Vice Principal, Kathy Paulding, RHS seniors Jill Donahue and Zachary Peterson, and a panel discussion held by students to talk about RHS culture, parents and eighth graders went to the cafeteria where they had the opportunity to learn more about the clubs and activities available here at the high school.

In the cafeteria, RHS students came to be able to meet the eighth graders and discuss clubs and sports they are apart of to show them that there is something for everyone here at Rockland High School.

Principal Harrison concluded that he was pleased overall with the turn-out, the student involvement, and the professionalism of the informative presentations. All in all, the Open House was a success. With a higher attendance than previous years and more student involvement, the eighth graders and their parents left the school last night feeling more informed about life here at RHS.


School Cancellations Lead to Revised Schedule

Jasmin Morse, Veritas Editor-in-Chief and Web Editor


Due to RPS snow cancellations this past Thursday and Friday, the schedule here at RHS has been reformatted to compensate for the time lost.

Most importantly to most, this year’s midterm schedule has changed. Originally, the tests were formatted to start this upcoming Tuesday (Jan. 16). Due to the snow, now they are starting next Thursday, Jan.18 and will come to a close Tuesday, Jan. 23. Along with an end of midterms on Tuesday, Term II will come to a close as well.

For further information regarding midterms, go here or to our menu bar and click on the Principal’s page pull-down menus.  Go to: Dr. Harrison’s Weekly Updates January 5.

Both the girls and boys basketball teams had cancellations due to the snow. The girls are scheduled to play at home against East Bridgewater Jan. 11. The boys will have to travel to East Bridgewater on Jan. 22.

One activity that has not changed is the Class of 2022 (8th Grade) Open House scheduled for Weds. Jan. 10.  This will be held at 6:30 pm and will begin in the auditorium with a presentation. Parents and students will then proceed to the cafeteria for individual slideshows and presentations by student club and sports leaders.

Festive Final Hours at RHS

Jasmin Morse, Veritas Editor-in-Chief and Web Editor


Of course all students and staff were anxious to flee the building and start their holiday break, but RHS students were still awfully busy in the final hours of their last school day of 2017.

In the Music Department, the RHS Band traveled to each of the three Rockland elementary schools and the senior center to play some Christmas music for the students and seniors.

Later, juniors were called down to the auditorium for a brief meeting to review their final shot at PSATs before the students hopefully take them in the spring. At the meeting students learned how to analyze and break down their scores and also were given tools on how to improve scores and study for the SATs.

The senior class had a meeting in the lecture hall where RHS alumni returned to give them a little more knowledge about some schools they might be considering. At the Alumni Panel assembly students were able to ask questions of their graduated friends regarding post high school life.

After all of that was said and done,  both students and staff anxiously waited to hear the final school bell of 2017 marking the beginning of their holiday break.

Big Day at RHS for SGC

Jasmin Morse, Veritas Editor-in-Chief and Web Editor


During school yesterday, Dec. 20, teachers throughout the building were shown appreciation on the annual Teacher Appreciation Day. Yesterday, teachers were honored with a complimentary lunch donated by Mike’s Pizza in Rockland. The event was set up by Student Government Council members including the Finance and Fundraising chair, junior, Tyler Beatrice, and junior class Head Representative, Caitlin Cameron. Help was also provided by the Executive Board in setting up and donations of food, drinks, and utensils from other members.

After the school day was over, SGC held its monthly meeting. Yesterday’s meeting was extra special because it was the annual, December Ugly Sweater meeting. SGC members were surprised last night by the Big Five with a party in the Middle School cafeteria. At the party, everyone played holiday themed games and activities and was able to snack on the leftovers from the Teacher’s Lunch earlier in the day.

All in all, SGC had an action-packed day in and out of school and was able to provide teachers, and members with a fun filled day.

Don’t Forget! Spirit Week Coming Soon

Jasmin Morse, Veritas Co Editor-in-Chief and Web Editor


Hannah Boben is ready for Ugly Sweater Day next week.

As the Christmas break is rapidly approaching, RHS is celebrating the holidays all next week from Dec. 18-22 with a Spirit Week!

The SGC planned Spirit Week was lead by sophomore, Jacob Leahy and the Unified Spirit Committee. Here’s a look at next week’s themed schedule:

Monday: Cozy Day

Tuesday: Twin Day

Wednesday: America Day

Thursday: Superhero Day

Friday: Ugly Sweater Day

Be sure to get your outfits ready over the weekend to go all out next week!

Moon Over Buffalo Makes a Shining Impression on Audience

Jasmin Morse, Veritas Co Editor-in-Chief and Web Editor


This past weekend, from Dec. 7-9, the RHS Theatre Guild performed their annual fall play, the Broadway comedy, Moon Over Buffalo.

The play starred senior, Ronan McNally (George Hay) and junior, Megan Diver (Charlotte Hay). Other cast members included, freshman, Emily Gaboriault (Rosalind Hay), junior, John Ellard (Paul Singer), and seniors, Kellie Berry(Ethel), Ryan Struzziery (Howard), Erin Field (Eileen) and Ryan Mott (Richard Maynard).

The comedy was directed by Pathways teacher, Joanne White and biology teacher, Julia DiCanzio. Senior, Maddison Parlee worked on the play as Stage Manager and working by the side of Parlee was  junior, Ali Landi who helped as Assistant Stage Manager.

After all the crew members hard work and effort, they were finally able to reap the benefits after finally performing their work this past weekend. Along with the crew, the audience enjoyed themselves as well. Laughter filled the auditorium and smiles filed out of the building each night the play came to a close.

Ms. Paulding, RHS Asst. Principal said (via Twitter), “Amazing performance of Moon Over Buffalo by the RHS Theater Guild cast and crew. Always impressed by our students abilities.”

Moon Over Buffalo Eclipsing this Week

Jasmin Morse, Veritas Co Editor-in-Chief and Veritas Web Editor


RHS Theatre Guild’s winter play of the year, Moon Over Buffalo, is premiering this Thursday, Dec. 7 in the RMS/RHS auditorium. The comedy is being put on this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 7pm each night. Tickets are on sale now at for $5 each or can be bought at the door for $8.

The comedy features senior, Ronan McNally and junior, Megan Diver as the main characters of George and Charlotte Hay. The Theatre Guild has been hard at work perfecting the play with help from their directors, Joanne White and Julia DiCanzio.

At the play, be sure to stop by the Engineering Club table! Before and after the play they will be selling 3-D holiday ornaments. 3-D ornaments are being sold for $5. Bulldog plaques are also being sold for $7. They can also be customized for a total of $10.


Above on the left shows an example of the $10 customized plaques. Above to the right shows the $7 plaques. On the bottom displays the $5 bulldog ornaments.


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