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2018-2019 SGC Executive Board

Jasmin Morse, Veritas Editor-in-Chief and Web Editor



Back: Sarah Pollard, Lara Glennon, Katy Buckley, Jasmin Morse, and Tyler Beatrice. Front: Caitlin Cameron, Francisco Oliveira, Jacob Leahy, Justin Sherlock, and Maddie Gear


As the 2017-2018 school year comes to a close, the June meeting means new beginnings for members of the RHS Student Government Council. This past Wednesday, new positions were elected and assigned, creating this year’s E-Board.

2018-2019 Executive Board Positions

Big Five

President: Caitlin Cameron

Vice President: Francisco Oliveira

Treasurer: Justin Sherlock

Secretary: Jacob Leahy

Publicity Coordinator: Maddie Gear

Committee Chairs

Finance and Fundraising: Jasmin Morse

Student Services: Sarah Pollard

Unified Spirit: Lara Glennon

Community Service: Kathryn Buckley

Class Presidents

Sophomore: Lauren Draicchio

Junior: Matt Bruzzese

Senior: John Ellard

Head Representatives:

Freshmen: Carolayne Lage

Sophomore: Grace Henry

Junior: Julia Yeadon

Senior: Marissa Smith

SEMASC Representative: Greta Russo

Historian: Tyler Beatrice


End of the Year Wrap Up

Jasmin Morse, Veritas Editor-in-Chief and Web Editor


Now that classes are over here at RHS, the Veritas took a moment to reflect on the last few months. From graduation to sports reports, its been a busy last few months for all the students and faculty involved.

Here’s the link of our 2018 wrap up.

RHS Goes to Japan!

Jasmin Morse, Veritas Editor-in-Chief and Web Editor


travel posters

RHS Travel Club provided by EF Tours. photo by Jasmin Morse

In 11 days the RHS Travel Club is bringing a group of juniors and sophomores to an exciting summer trip to Japan.

Unlike most school trips, RHS is venturing out to explore and immerse themselves in the Asian culture. This is not only foreign to the students, but the clubs advisers as well! Both Travel Club advisers Kristen Walsh and Samantha Hoyo will be taking their first trip to Japan along with the students involved.

Like many going on the trip, junior Caitlin Cameron, although very excited for the food, especially the sushi, is most intrigued in seeing the great architecture Japan has to offer.

Don’t forget if you are taking part in this trip, there is a mandatory meeting after school today!

2018 Underclassmen Academic Awards

Jasmin Morse, Veritas Editor-in-Chief and Web Editor


At the end of each school year, RHS holds an academic underclassmen awards ceremony in which three RHS alumni are inducted into the RHS Hall of Fame, and the present outstanding scholars are honored for their achievements.

New to this year’s ceremony was the location. This year, the ceremony was held in our very own RHS/RMS auditorium where students and families joined together to honor the evening’s award recipients.

Principal Dr. John Harrison announced each award winner and assistant principal Kathy Paulding and dean Fredrick Damon presented the awards, along with teachers from each department.

Awards 2018:

National Leadership Award (formerly I Dare You Award) – Meghan Dion

Rensselaer Medal Scholarship Award – Mathematics and Science – John Ellard III

Recognition of Math Team – Grade 11- Tyler Beatrice, Krysta Doherty, John Ellard III, Bonnie Gasdia, Michelle Ramoska, Kara Sullivan, Angelina Vuong Grade 10  – Jessica Demarco, Cynthia Elliott, Matthew Griffin, Tyler Johnson, Krystal LaFrance, Sabrina Morgan, Zachary Webb – Grade 9 – none

 Art Awards:  Elizabeth Kelley – Special Congressional Participation Recognition from the 9th District Congressional Art Competition

Art All State – Elizabeth Kelley

High Honors Three Terms This Year: Grade 11 – John Ellard III; Grade 10 –Sean Belmonte, Kathryn Buckley, Tyler Gambon, Tyler Johnson, Zachary Webb; Grade 9 – Jared Allen, Julia DeLima, Bridget Hughes, Ann Kelley, Devin Cavicchi, Mardally Freitas, Russell Jones, Cullen Rogers

St. Michael’s College Book Award – Tyler Beatrice, Sarah Pollard

 Academic Excellence Certificates and Academic Letters:

JuniorsKrysta Doherty, George Selados III

Sophomores:  Melyssa AlmeidaStephanie Beatrice, Jad Bendarkawi, Jakob Benson, Makayla Berardi, Mathew Bruzzese, Kathryn Buckley, Riley Cadogan, Nicholas Cedrone, Maria Ciano, Kerin Dalton, Jessica DeMarco, Caroline Elie, Cynthia Elliott, Elyse Finerty, Ashley Gallagher, Tyler Gambon, Madeline Gear, Melanie Harris, Frank Hawe III, Kyley Houde, Tyler Johnson, Ashley Kelly, Maryn Monett, Sabrina Morgan,  Hannah Murphy, Alyssa Patten, Jordan Pierce, Dakota Pike, Oliver Reera,  Lorena Soldevilla, Troy Therrien, Zachary Webb, Hannah Wyllie, Julia Yeadon

 Leadership Awards

Boys State – John Ellard III, Justin Sherlock (Boys & Girls State 6/16-22/2018)

Girls State – Elizabeth Kelley, Sarah Pollard @Stonehill College, Easton

Hugh O’Brien Youth Leadership Award  – Julia Yeadon

Mass STAR Youth Leadership Award – Kathryn Buckley


Gr.     9      Julia DeLima, McKenzie Tsiantoulas

Gr.   10      Neleh Dunn, Bryce Taylor

Gr.   11      Sarah Pollard


Gr. 9          Nicholas Earner

Gr. 10        Lorena Soldevilla


Gr.   11      Molly Grass


 Gr.     9      James Tsiantoulas, Cullen Rogers

Gr.   10      Cynthia Elliott, Jordan Pierce

Gr.   11      multi-winners


 Gr.     9      Austin Woods, Mariyah Velez

Gr.   10      Pierre Comeau, Erin Kearns

Gr.   11      Josie Hatch, Michael Norris


Gr.     9      Grace Henry

Gr.   10      Kathryn Buckley, Melyssa Almeida

Gr.   11      multi-winners


Gr.     9      Hissam Dubois

Gr.   10      Nicolle Ligia Gudiel Winter

Gr.  11      Francisco Oliveira


Gr.     9      Gianna Gervasi, Zackary Phripp


Gr.     9      multi-winners

Gr.   10      Sean Belmonte

Gr.   11      Matthew McPartlin


Gr.     9      Zachary Solomon, Emily Gaboriault

Gr.   10      Kayla Mantell

Gr.   11      Mireese Wilson, Mercedez Johnson


Gr.   10      Stephanie Beatrice

Gr.   11      Daniel McHugh, George Selados III


Gr.     9      Samuel Nascimento, Althea Olsen

Gr.   10      Hannah Wyllie

Gr.   11      multi-winners


Gr.     9      Catherine Hailer

Gr.   10      Joseph Messier

Gr.   11      Mark Sprague


Gr.     9      Greta Russo

Gr.   10      Zachary Webb, Julia Yeadon

Gr.   11      Megan Diver


Gr.     9      Nicholas Leander

Gr.   10      Noah Coughlin

Gr.   11      Anthony DeCecco 


Gr.     9            Devin Cavicchi World Language/Spanish, Mathematics

                        Jared Allen World Language/French, History/Social Science

                        Russell Jones Computer Science, Mathematics

Gr.   10            Kerin Dalton World Language/French, Music

                        Oliver Reera  Mathematics, Pre-Engineering/Robotics

                        Zachary Belcher Physical Education, Science

                                                  Austin Woods Family Consumer Science, Science


Gr.   11            Tyler Beatrice  World Language/Spanish, Pre-Engineering/Robotics

                        Jasmin Morse Communication/Digital Media, English

                        Elizabeth Kelley Art, World Language/French

                        Michelle Ramoska English, Mathematics, Science

                        Leah Drago Science, World Language/Spanish, History/Social Science


Grade       9      Ann Kelley

Grade     10      Tyler Gambon

Grade     11      John Ellard III

Speedball Tourney 2018

Jasmin Morse, Veritas Editor-in-Chief and Web Editor

God's Children and Quirks

From left: Pearse McNally, Ryan Quirk, Matt Ryan, Harrison Shields, Mike Leavitt, Matt Clougherty, Andrew Frazier. In front are Mr. and Mrs. Quirk, Justin Nguyen, and Dylan Bernache. photo courtesy of Ms. Walsh.

thunder donkeys and gods children

From left: Thunder Donkeys: Matt O’Brien, Gavyn White, Jon Barr, Joe Campanile, Mark Shields, Liam Lenihan, Sam Gray, far right Harry O’Brien, in front, Kevin Fennell.   God’s Children: back left: Pearse McNally, Matt Ryan, Harrison Shields, Mike Leavitt, Matt Clougherty, Andrew Frazier.  Front: Justin Nguyen and Dylan Bernache.


After three days of long hard battles against fourteen of Rockland’s finest speedball teams, God’s Children reigned supreme yet again this year. At the fourth annual Jared Lewis Quirk Speedball tournament that took place in the RHS gym this past Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, nearly $4,000 was raised for the annual scholarship that is awarded to a graduating senior in memory of Jared Lewis Quirk, Class of 2015.

On Saturday, the final morning of the tournament, it came down to six teams after two days of brutal battle amongst the teams.

This year, out of the 14 teams, it came down to the two beloved veteran teams: the Thunder Donkeys and God’s Children. In the end, God’s Children won making this year their third championship in all.

For more information go here.

RHS Students Compete in 2018 Envirothon

Jasmin Morse, Veritas Editor-in-Chief


The Rockland High School Environmental Club recently took part in their third annual Massachusetts Envirothon. This year the event took place on May 18 at  Blackstone River and Canal Heritage State Park in Uxbridge, Mass.

The Rockland Team, coached by RHS science teacher Angela Armstrong, included: Jad Bendarkawi, Sean Fitzgerald, Tyler Gambon, Saoirse and Ronan McNally, Joseph Naughton, Michelle Ramoska, Sean Sugrue, Zach Webb and Hannah Wyllie.

In Uxbridge, students competed at different ecostations in which they demonstrated their knowledge about the environment based on research they had done throughout the year.

After being split up into sub-teams, they rotated through four ecostations where they answered written questions and engaged in hands-on activities such as soil analysis, wildlife habitat assessment, tree identification, and water quality measures.

At the fifth station, the Current Issue, each school gave a 15-minute presentation on “Partnering with Nature in Watersheds” to a panel of judges. Each team researched the Current Issue in their own community in preparation for their presentation. Rockland presented their research and action plan investigating the North and South River Watersheds.

Each panel of judges included concerned citizens and environmental professionals from government agencies, non-profit organizations, academia and private industry. Teams were asked to assess water infrastructure resources and needs, identify an important partnering opportunity, and make specific recommendations for action.

This week the Rockland Team was notified that they had received a Community Action and Community Research Award from the Mass. Envirothon.  They were one of 12 teams to receive the awards. Will Snyder, a board member of Mass. Envirothon congratulated Rockland’s team members for their presentation about the North and South River Watershed.  Snyder cited the team’s work with the Rockland Board of Selectmen, and other town officials in investigating the pollutants that run-off into the tributaries that flow into the watershed.  The team provided data that the town will use in its annual EPA report.

Sophomore Tyler Gambon noted, “Our recent success has only made us more ready for next year.”

The team has already started planning and learning for next year’s competition. Sophomore Hannah Wyllie said, “We have actually already started working on next year’s topic, ‘Growing Abundant, Affordable, Nutritious Food in Massachusetts.’ We are always looking for more teammates as well!”



Graduating Seniors Visit Elementary Schools

Jasmin Morse, Veritas Editor-in-Chief and Web Editor


Classes and finals are over for the seniors, but before they can graduate the Class of 2018 had one last obligation: saying goodbye to their former Rockland Public Schools.

For the third year, RHS seniors walked the halls of their former schools to wave goodbye to the future students of RHS and to some of their former teachers. At 9 a.m. on Wednesday, May 30 they boarded three busses and visited the R. Stewart Esten Elementary School, the Jefferson Elementary School, and Memorial Park Elementary. They finished up their walk through the Rogers Middle School.

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