Seniors ready for a big year


The Class of 2017 at last year’s powderpuff game

Sophie McLellan, Veritas Co-Editor-in-Chief

Since their first steps through the doors of Rockland High School, every student has been dreaming of their senior year. Whether it’s the perks of being an upperclassman or the thrill of a new adventure soon to come, senior year seems to hold an air of excitement for everyone.

“I’m excited for everything honestly,” says senior Shannon Lindahl, Vice President of the senior class.“I can’t wait for the first pep rally, spirit week, and the first basketball game. I feel like all of the events that the school has will be ten times more fun now that it’s my grade that has to take charge and go all out.”

From the last sports season to new experiences, senior year is filled with both bitter-sweet goodbyes and promising tomorrows. “Being a senior feels weird. I’ve looked up to the seniors every year and have heard people say over and over again that high school goes by fast, and it has,” Lindahl says. Everyone can agree that it’s “both absolutely amazing and scary at the same time.”

All the fun aside, senior year can be very stressful. Whether you are going into the military, the workforce or college, big decisions have to be made about the rest of your life. Mr. Richard MacAllister, the athletic game administrator and history teacher here at Rockland High School, has great affection for this grade of students. After teaching many of them for two years in a row, coaching many others on the boys soccer team and traveling with them on trips to Australia and Italy, MacAllister holds them in the highest regard for being polite and hardworking. Wishing them the best, he also hopes to offer some advice for the senior classes in their future endeavours. “The best advice I have to give is not to be afraid of failure. As you go off to college, the military, or the workforce, understand that failure provides an opportunity to grow. We have to embrace our deficiencies to make us stronger.”

Senior Hannah Millen has been in the Rockland School system since kindergarten and finds it hard to believe that she has finally reached her last year of high school. After lots of time to reflect on her past years, she has some advice for rising seniors. “They say that your time here flys by so fast and as an underclassman, I didn’t believe them, and now I’m graduating. It really does, so honestly enjoy every minute of high school, take every chance and opportunity you have because you never know when you’ll have that chance again,” Millen advises.

“And make a difference. Be someone. Do what you want to do and don’t let anyone stop you. Just have fun, don’t stress out too much and live in the moment.”

No matter where the future takes this class, Mr. MacAllister thinks that the district has done a good job preparing them for the future. “I’m going to miss the camaraderie. It’s nice to see a class that has such a broad likes and skills. They all come together… They are very inclusive and kind. I know I’ll miss the unity and connections. It’s rare.”

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