Seniors dominate Powder Puff game

Kayla Meech, Veritas Staff

Seniors dominated in the Powder Puff game held on Nov. 16th.

Seniors dominated in the Powder Puff game held on Nov. 16th.  Click on the picture for more photos of Powder Puff 2012!

Once a year, the girls get to experience what it feels like to play a game under the lights on the football field, and the boys have the chance to either coach or dress up and be the girls’ cheerleaders.

This year’s juniors were coached by Ethan Rooney, Bill Brady, Joe Rizzotto, Jared Hall, Matt Nicolson and Andrew Reardon. The returning seniors were coached by Alex Mejia, Dan Tobin-Rosman, Matt Anzalone and Mike Knobel. After last year’s dominating performance and almost defeating the Class of 2012, the senior girls were predicted to put on an absolute show against the juniors.

Led by quarterback and captain Angelica Calderon, and speedy running backs, Bailey Olsen and Jill Krish, they did just that and came out on top by a score of 28 to 6.

Faculty coordinator of this event was Mr. Rowe who ensured that good sportsmanship was followed throughout the game. Mrs. McGonnigal and Ms. Hoyo coached the seniors and juniors respectively.

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