Peter Pan Review and Photo Gallery

Brian Cohen, Veritas Staff

On the weekend of Dec. 12, the Rockland High School Theatre Guild performed Peter Pan. The shows were Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday afternoon. The production drew large audiences into the RHS auditorium for all three shows.

This was the first time that there were two separate casts. Peter Pan was played by Sophie McLellan on Friday night and by Stephanie Blaney on Saturday and Sunday. The role of Tiger Lilly was shared by Alyssa Collins and Jurnee Dunn. Collins played the role on Friday and Saturday night and Dunn played the role in the Sunday matinee.

PJ Butler and Leah DeCecco split the role of Captain Hook. DeCecco took the stage Friday night and Butler performed in the final two shows. The role of Wendy was shared by Ella Engle and Genesis Rojas. Engle was Wendy on Friday and Sunday and Rojas was Wendy on Saturday.

Sophomore Jurnee Dunn, the Tiger Lilly understudy, enjoyed sharing a role.
“It was fun. I got to learn both sides of the part. I learned my part and the role I was understudying for. It was a cool experience to have a show where I played the main role.”

The production also marked the first time that there was a third show. It was a quick turnaround for the cast members because the third show came on Sunday afternoon. “It was different but it was good to have three shows because all of our work was building up to the three shows,” Dunn stated.
Many students and teachers attended the play along with the cast members’ families and friends.

Senior Danielle Hill who had the role of Liza said, “I think it went very well. When things went wrong everyone was ready for it and made a bad situation better.”
From the audience’s perspective, it did not appear that too much went wrong. They applauded after every scene and were almost as energetic as the cast members themselves.

Hill believes that the opening night show exceeded their expectations. “Friday night was our best performance. We were just building up on all this pressure and tension and I think we just wanted to get it right. But overall, I think all of our shows went well.”

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