Unsung Heroes of the Fall Sports Teams

Leah O’Bryan, Veritas Managing Editor

November 15, 2012

All sports teams, high school, college and pro alike, have players whose accomplishments and talents are recognized as important to the success of the team. Every team also has players whose contributions are less visible but are just as important to the success of their team. These are the unsung heroes of their teams and Rockland’s fall sports unsung heroes were recognized recently by each of their coaches.

Starting with football, Coach Kelliher chose Alex Mejia as this year’s unsung hero for football. “Alex came in this year, and has worked extremely hard each and everyday. He has become a very good offensive lineman and a student of the game,” Kelliher said with pride. Alex Mejia, a senior at Rockland High School, has played football his entire high school career and worked hard every step of the way. Kelliher added, “His effort on each and every play in practice and in games is unmatched. He is always going as hard as he can to make not only himself but his teammates better. He is an outstanding young man, and a joy to coach.”

Lauren Scott – Cross Country

Rockland High School’s science teacher and cross country coach, Mr. Murphy, chose junior Lauren Scott as the unsung hero for cross country this season. “Lauren Scott is not the person who always wins her races but she always works hard and helps the team stay positive,” Mr. Murphy said about his junior runner. This year the cross country team has the best record of the fall sports and Mr. Murphy is very happy with the turnout this season.

Alex Pigeon – Soccer

For girls soccer this year Mr. Rowe chose sophomore Alex Pigeon. “She is a defender and doesn’t get a lot of points but shuts down a lot of good players,” Mr. Rowe said with enthusiasm.

Louis Bamaca – Soccer

Andrew Frazier – Golf

Mr. MacAllister, coach of the boys soccer team recognized varsity soccer player Louis Bamaca. He is hardworking and dedicated. “He’s arguably the hardest working person on the team and although his name may not show up on the scoring sheet his presence makes a world of difference on the field,” Mr. MacAllister said about his player.

The coach for the golf team, Mr. Graziano, chose sophomore Andrew Frazier as the team’s unsung hero. Andrew had the best personal record on the team. “He played in the 3rd spot all year and always managed to get us points,” Mr. Graziano said about Andrew. Saying that Andrew is a hard worker and never gives up, Mr. Graziano added, “He was the most consistent on our team all year.”

Ashley Pitts – Cheerleading

The new cheerleading coach, Jeanine Reardon, carefully thought about who to choose for unsung hero and chose senior Ashley Pitts. “Ashley is always there and works hard. She doesn’t get the recognition that others may receive, but she is important to our success,” Reardon smiled and said.

For volleyball, Coach Johnson had to think about his choice for an unsung hero carefully. Mentioning how a lot of the team has been recognized for their hard work this season, he found one girl who works especially hard. “Angelica Calderon is the unsung hero for our team because she is a good passer, server, and hitter. She sometimes gets overshadowed by other people who do well in one of those aspects while she does well in all three,” Mr. Johnson explained. With positive things to say about their unsung hero, each coach was pleased to give them this much deserved recognition.

Angelica Calderon – Volleyball

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