Ally Cerrato leads girls to tournament

Ally Cerrato puts up a shot against Bourne.  Ally closed out her RHS career with a 20 point game.  photo by Mrs. Patton

Ally Cerrato puts up a shot against Bourne. Ally closed out her RHS career with a 20 point game. photo by Mrs. Patton

Rachael Spinney, Veritas Sports Editor

You may have heard of Senior Ally Cerrato from her sports career or just her loud voice in the hallways. But there is a lot to her many people don’t know.

Cerrato is mainly known for her dedication to sports here at Rockland High. She actively participates in volleyball, basketball, and softball. Also she has been a two season captain and that has meant a lot to her.

“It feels awesome knowing people trust that I can be a leader and lead them into success,” Cerrato says.

Cerrato’s skills in basketball have led her to an opportunity to play at Nichols college for the next four years of her life. This opportunity means the world to her, she can’t even put into words how happy she is about it.

She plans to go there and major in Criminal Justice. Cerrato is really interested in becoming a cop. Today she watches every episode of the television show Criminal Minds, which makes her excited for her future.

Cerrato says, “I’ve always wanted to help people in some way, and criminal justice just seems so interesting. I have always wanted to do it since like fifth grade.”

No one really knows Cerrato out of her sports and school environment. She spends her weekends working at Papa Gino’s and weekdays dedicated to the sports teams she’s on. Everyday she tries to make her way to Chipotle because she lives off of it.

Cerrato has only a few hobbies that she enjoys doing. From training her cat how to sit and play fetch to rapping almost any song on the radio. She has a hilarious personality and can make anyone laugh in a second of talking to her.

Cerrato sarcastically says, “Very few people know this about me, but I’m actually a rapper. I can spit every line to the song ‘Headlines’ by Drake.”

Graduating in four months has led her to think about her favorite and least favorite thing about Rockland High.

Ms. Lombardi is her favorite person in RHS because she always shares her snacks with her. But Cerrato dislikes the support system here. Not many fans show up to girls’ games and give them the encouragement they deserve.

Though she may not have the fans she deserves, Cerrato is excited for her senior year of basketball. So far it’s the best part of this year for her.

Cerrato explains, “I have had such luck with this year’s season and I hope it continues. Go Lady Dogs!”


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