Seniors at Last

By Haley Reardon, Veritas Features Editor

The year everyone dreams of has finally come for the Class Of 2014. For the seniors it is time to really figure out what they want to do with their lives, and where they want to spend the next four years.

High school goes by so fast and for some it goes by too fast.  Many admit they are not ready because they will need to become adults, whether they want to be or not.

Senior Class President Molly Garrity said, “I’m trying to make the most of my last year here and get ready, but I guess I am as ready as I am going to be.”

“Honestly, the thought of it just sort of scares me,” added Sarah Fitzgerald.

The stress and excitement combined leads to many mixed emotions.  For some, senior year so far has been everything they pictured it would be.

Colin Aylward said, “Yeah, it is pretty much what I pictured.”

But many are surprised by some of their feelings.

“I never really thought of the whole stress part of it,” said Kate Sullivan, Vice President of the Class of 2014.

Although the excitement of graduation is in the back of everyone’s minds, in the front is applying to college and hoping to get into that dream school.

Many seniors plan to attend a four year college, go into the military, or take some time off and figure out what they want to do.

Christian McDonald stated, “After high school I really want to go to art school.”

Tyler Murphy said,  “I plan on going into the Coast Guard.”

Tom Sweeney added, “I am most definitely going into the Marines; it is something I have always wanted to do.”

To many of the Class Of 2014 it seems surreal to think of their high school days  coming to an end.

As seniors think of what comes next, they are also thinking of the past four years and how it seems, as Molly Garrity said, “We were just freshmen yesterday.”

This is related to the advice many seniors would have for underclassmen.

Jason O’Brien said, “Don’t mess up freshman year; best advice I can give.”

As seniors await the upcoming SAT tests and the dreaded college application process, they are beginning to realize that soon enough this will all be coming to an end.

As they throw their graduation caps in the air at the end of May, the Class of 2014 will also be tossing up all the memories that went with their four years at RHS.

Veritas Features Editor Haley Reardon can be reached at

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