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School is back in session

Katie Gardner, Joey Marchetti, Sarah Boucher in Digital Media Class.

Katie Gardner, Joey Marchetti, Sarah Boucher, Matthew O’Brien, and Ashley Dowling in Digital Media Class look like they are happy to be back.

The Dogs are back.

On Wednesday August 27 Rockland High School students began their academic year.

While it was new to some, it was old to others. Senior Brianna Starkey said, “Same old, same old. It feels like we didn’t even have a summer.”

But not everything is the same. “The schedule rotates now and is somewhat confusing,” sophomore Jackie Malloy said.

For incoming freshmen the schedule is something they are familiar with from middle school, but there are still things they need to get used to. “In the middle school all our classes were on one floor. Now we have to go all over the place,” said freshman Jaymie Atkins.

Freshman Danielle DeJesus said, “It feels like bumper cars in the hallways.”

After their first two hectic days, students will have the long Labor Day weekend to recuperate.

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