Class of 2022 Graduation

The Class of 2022 held its Graduation on June 3, 2022. President Olivia Jones led the ceremony, introducing speakers Chad Bigsby, Dr. Alan Cron, Valedictorian Monalisa Almeida, School Committee Chairman Daniel Biggins, and Dr. Harrison who announced the scholarship winners and introduced each of the 139 graduates as they lined up to receive their diplomas from Mr. Biggins and Mrs. Margie Black, Guidance Director.

Behind the scenes of the ceremony

Pomp and Circumstance: Class of 2022 marches into the Stadium to traditional music.

Speakers: Olivia Jones, Class President; Faculty Guest Speaker Chad Bigsby; Valedictorian Monalisa Almeida and Principal Dr. John Harrison.


Finally, as day turned to dusk and a slight mist hung in the air, it was time to get those diplomas!!


The ceremony ends, the future begins!


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