The Lighter Side of Life

Hello again readers! We hope that you have been enjoying the fine work of some of our very talented students. This week, we kept the writing to the short and sweet. In this edition, there are three poems and some colorful aphorisms. Some of them are from the wise, others from the wiseguys. As always, feel free to comment and remember, we cannot publish what we do not receive, so be sure to submit!

Our Relationship

by Jen McArthur

"Drawing" by Sydney Bissonette

“Drawing” by Sydney Bissonette


Thanks to Ms. Woodward’s AP Comp. Students

Abstracts in Pasteltop:Caitlyn Bohld, Kianni Conley-Wisonbottom:Sydney Bissonnette, Tamika Blount

Abstracts in Pastel
               Caitlyn Bohld, Kianni Conley-Wison
              Sydney Bissonnette, Tamika Blount

Concert Dreams

Sibling Love

by Haley Bent

‘Till Next Week!


  1. I’m loving Sydney’s eye drawing. Keep it up kiddo! – Ms. D

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