Skeleton, Goddess and Prayer

Another episode of RHS’s internet sensation, Images, is laden with suspense and creativity!

Click below for more.

(cover art by Caitlyn Bohld)


by Jesse Johnson

The Little Skull Girl

by Jace Williams (inspired by the image below)

Skeletonby Sydney Bissonette

by Sydney Bissonette

“It Came To Me in a Dream”

by Deven Nunn

See you next week!


  1. Impressed with these submissions! Keep up the inspiring work.

  2. Love both “Dream” and “Skull Girl.” Love the last line if “Skull..” So many times we can be drawn to what we know can burn us! “Dreams” unites us all in the pain of missing loved ones. Great job writers!

  3. Stephen Sangster

    Mr. Neal and the student writers great job

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