Should Mr. and Miss Rockland be chosen the same way?

Molly Hurley,  Veritas Staff

Mr. and Miss Rockland has always been a tradition at Rockland High School. Looking forward to senior year, the girls ponder the thought, “Who will be nominated for Miss Rockland?”

The boys, on the other hand, have the option to decide whether or not they want to sign up to participate in a contest for the male title. The question we found many asking this year is, “Why don’t the girls get to sign up?”


Each year, Mr. Rockland is held in the auditorium, and those who feel they have what it takes to hold such an honorable title sign up to compete against their peers. Mr. Rockland is judged by five staff members at Rockland High School, in a five category competition: introduction, question and answer, formal wear, talent and improvisation. However, those who compete for the title are not nominated whatsoever.

In contrast, many believe that every Miss Rockland nomination is a popularity contest and that the nominees are usually those who are well-known in the class.

If Miss Rockland were an event in which senior female students could sign up, would students from different social groups be more involved? Senior Macayla Sheehan, one of the nominees this year, strongly encouraged yes, saying, “If Miss Rockland were a sign up competition, you would see different sides of a variety of students.” Mike McCauley, this year’s Mr. Rockland agreed with Macayla stating, “Teachers only see certain sides of students. If the girls could sign up like the boys there would be more of a variety, and some who were nominated, I guarantee, wouldn’t even sign up.” So is this fair? Is Miss Rockland just another popularity contest?

Senior nominee Dawn Bille didn’t exactly know. “I don’t think it goes by popularity, but I do find it that those nominated are more involved in the school and friendly with teachers.”

After speaking with RHS vice principal, Mrs. Patton, we found she loved the idea. “Tradition has always been that the girls were nominated, but I think if the girls could sign up it would be a very fun event for the student body,” she said. Rockland High School is experiencing a lot of change now and will continue to in its upcoming years.

Maybe the tradition of Miss Rockland will also change to make both contests the same. The future of RHS tradition is now in the hands of the student body.

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