Light and Dark

Greetings and Happy October!

You have spent the summer gathering new experiences and we are back with the only place reserved just for you to channel them into art.  So, please enjoy this sampling, and buckle up for a wild trip on the Images express.  This week we are tackling the dark and light sides of the high school state of mind.

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Love and Hate -Anonymous

Hate is red. Hate is hot, burning, and takes over your mind. Hate can occupy every cell of your being and change who you are. Hate can make you do things you’d never have thought of doing before. Hate could ruin you. Hate could chew you up and spit you out. Hate should be reserved for only the most deserving of people. Hate should never be taken lightly.

Love is red. Love is hot, burning, and takes over your mind. Love can occupy every cell of your being and change who you are. Love can make you do things you’d never have thought of doing before. Love could ruin you. Love could chew you up and spit you out. Love should be reserved for only the most deserving of people. Love should never be taken lightly.

Hate is not the opposite of love, as love is not the opposite of hate.

“The Things We Carried” (based on Tim O’Brien’s novel of the same name) by Haley Reardon

We carried our heads held high. We carried our team backpacks filled with sneakers, makeup, and our lucky rocks. We carried what felt like the weight of the world of nerves, hoping to prove ourselves once and for all. We carried opportunity in the palms of our hands. As we unzipped our backpacks getting out our shoes, we carried the weight of butterflies in our stomachs. We hoped that when we left we would be carrying a first place trophy and the chance to feel the weight of our first ring on our hands. As we walked out on the mat we carried excitement in our voices. During the routine the bases, including myself, held the weight of the flyers, hoping to hit that perfect routine. At the end we carried tears of joy in our eyes, hugging one another so tight. Up next came awards, where that weight of butterflies returned once again. The judges carried the papers with the results in their hands. The speaker the mic, which would announce whether or not we had reached our main goal. As we walked out we carried that first place state’s trophy and pride. Today we carry around two rings on our hands.

“Rebel War” by Alexis Smith

I swear I’ve left my sanity somewhere in this pile of cigarette packs and trash that lie on
the floor, somewhere in this rubble are my aspirations and my apathy
All I’ve ever wanted was to be broke, beautiful and free
Money is the root of evil, but freedom is the key
All I’ve ever wanted was beautiful chaos over ugly perfection
Geared up and ready, who’s ready for the war tonight?
Chain smoking through the gaps, ready to fight
I may have a sick mind but it’s time
Break the machine and the chain
Smash it into bits with no remorse
They said we have every chance, but how could we not **** it all up?
Kids and rebels, spending what they can afford on things that will stop their hearts faster
Dancing in abandoned buildings and drinking in empty parking lots
Break down the walls, tear down the roof
It is finally time for the war, forever the rebels’ war 



“The Mad King” by Jace Williams

The king lay down his sword, brown with crusted and dried blood. He took a deep breath, it rattled in his throat. The event was almost over, the deciding of the new king.

The sun glinted on his crown as he turned, looking at the men who were once his servants, his guards, who once answered to him, battled each other for the chance to overthrow him. The first king, he was dead now. He was killed when the current king took over, the current king who now watched as he was going to be killed so someone else might rule the land.

The king let out a breath he didn’t realize he was holding, wanting more time to rule. He was the best the kingdom could have. He was the true Mad King Ryan, the only king to have ruled as greatly as he did. The first king? He was weak. He did nothing right.

Ryan grinned as he watched the battle, looking bloodthirsty. Whoever managed to finish him off would have to be smart. He wouldn’t let himself be murdered so easily.

The king was snapped out of his thoughts by an approaching man who bore a wicked grin. Ryan swung off his cape and drew up his sword as he studied the approaching enemy. Without warning he thrust it out, clinking it against the other’s sword. The smaller man fought back fiercely against the king.

“Your time has come, Ryan,” the man spoke, spitting out the king’s name with malice. Ryan smirked.

“Ray, you act like you have a chance.”

The swords clashed sickeningly, ringing out in the court. It took one lucky strike on Ray’s part to bring Ryan down to his knees, wincing as the sword sliced into him. He clutched his stomach, looking up as Ray grinned over him.

“Call it luck,” he said, lifting the crown off of Ryan’s head and placing it on his own. He lifted his sword, slowly sliding it into Ryan once more.

As Ryan fell backwards, coughing and sputtering as his life slowly faded, all he could hear was Ray’s poisonous words as the guards cheered for their new king.

“All Hail the Mad King.”

Untitled Writing by Courtney Dolbeare

We were sitting there, on the rocks, looking over at the bay in New Bedford. We were all laughing so hard and having deep, sentimental conversations. We spent so much time there that it started getting dark and we stayed to look at the stars. It was that moment that I knew they were my best friends and that they’re going to be forever. We never get to see each other because of how far away we all live from each other but when we do, it’s like we never left. We pick up right from where we left off and we’re closer than ever.

Thanks again for joining us and come back soon!

Stay Crispy,


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