Girls Soccer Coach honored

Lexie Carchedi, Veritas Staff

Girls Soccer coach Greg Rowe has been honored as Coach of the Year in Eastern Massachursetts.

Girls Soccer coach Greg Rowe has been honored as Coach of the Year in Eastern Massachursetts.

As Rockland’s girls’ soccer team took home a total of thirteen wins during the season, their coach, Mr. Greg Rowe, was victorious as well. After the season was over, Rowe went on to be recognized as  Coach of the Year by two different groups. He is also currently in the running for another award.

First, nominated by his fellow South Shore League coaches, Rowe was named the South Shore League Coach of the Year for girls soccer.

Rowe said he is “humbled and honored at the same time” to find out that he had won. He also said, “I did not [expect to win this award]. I thought other coaches like [those from] Mashpee and Norwell did fantastic, so when the other coaches in the South Shore League nominated me, I was truly honored.”

Later on, Rowe was nominated by another group of coaches for a similar award.  He ended up winning the award, making him the Eastern Massachusetts Division Four Coach of the Year.

It is not only other towns who think Rowe was deserving of this award. Leah Benson, one of three captains on his team this past fall, agrees with the honors he has received.

“Personally, I believe Rowe is truly deserving of winning coach of the year. Without him we would not have made it as far as we did.” She is referring to the team’s success in the tournament all the way into the semi-finals.

“He [Rowe] is the glue to our team. There is no better coach suited for such an award.”

Rowe’s success does not stop there, for he went on to be nominated by the former Eastern Massachusetts President for the Small School State Coach of the Year. This is a national award, given out by the National Coaches Association. Rowe has not heard back yet if he has won this award.

Rowe credits his team and assistants for these personal awards. Rowe stated, “It [the award] is a team award. I had fantastic leadership from the seniors and great assistant coaches. It’s nice for the program to be recognized by the coaching community because it really is a team honor.”

Throughout the state Rowe’s coaching skills and team did not go unnoticed.


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