SEMASC Conference a Success

February 18, 2022

The Rockland High School Student Council received this message below from Linda J. Francis, Executive Director of SEMASC about the successful Winter Conference hosted by Rockland High School on Thursday, Feb. 17. Rockland’s Student Government along with the SEMASC executive board worked hard to make the conference a success!

“Congratulations to Rockland High School Student Council and their advisors Kirsten Bartoloni and Kara Penney for hosting the SEMASC Winter Conference on February 17, 2022. We were 235 Delegates and 28 Advisors from 20 SEMASC schools STRONG celebrating and learning leadership training skills through Student Executive Board member led Workshops.”

“During the conference elections were held for the SEMASC 2021-2022 President-Elect/ 2022-2023 President which was won by Adam Halperin from Plymouth North High School. A fun dance, a delicious dinner, a spirited display of school flags and many energizers brought student leaders together to once again celebrate in-person student leadership training conferences.”

“Thank you to motivational speaker Dan Dufour for his entertaining, inspirational messages and Paul Branagan for sharing his heartfelt reflections of success through storytelling. Words of wisdom shared from the heart!”

Rockland SGC Advisor, Kirsten Bartoloni said, “It was great! RHS students were terrific getting the event mobilized, they were welcoming and engerenic. Underclassmen participated in leadership workshops. All was awesome.”

The SEMASC Executive Board

Carolayne Lage, President – Rockland High School

Hannah St. John, Vice President – Middleborough High School

Kaitlyn Murphy, Secretary – Foxborough Regional Charter High School

Aislinn Campbell, Publicity Coordinator- Taunton High School

Carly Quill, Webmaster – Middleborough High School

Jacob Lustig, Delegate-Quincy High School

Conor Kelleher, Delegate-Middleborough High School

Adam Halperin, President- Elect, Plymouth North High School

Linda J. Francis, Executive Director – Marshfield


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