Dr. Cron happy about his first year at RHS

Mr. Cron at a senior class meeting in May.

Mr. Cron at a senior class meeting in May.

Meghan Lee
Veritas Staff

As Mr. Cron is coming to the completion of his first year as RHS principal, he is very happy about the progress of the school, staff, faculty, and students.
Mr. Cron speaks highly of the students at RHS. He’s had the opportunity to speak personally with many. He describes the students as respectful.

With many memories to come, he shared what his favorite memories of this year were. One of Mr. Cron’s favorite memories is when junior, Billy Brady, shook his hand and introduced himself on the first day of school.
Another favorite is a phone call from an 80 year old man about senior, Jess Corr who had visited him in a nursing home on Veteran’s Day. The man talked very highly about the visit.
Mr. Cron says he was so pleased with the phone call he received, that he went to Mr. Bigsby’s 5th period English class and to praise Corr.
He was also impressed with the students who participated in the Spellman Oratorical. “It was extraordinary and they are such good writers for their age,” Mr. Cron said about the Spellman Oratorical participants.
Being a new principal to any high school is difficult, but Mr. Cron says that RHS made him feel welcome at the two pep rallies. In the fall rally Mr. Cron faced senior Kevin Strobel in a trumpet playoff and won.
“It (students’ enthusiasm) makes you smile,” he says. “Rockland is a special place, and everyone enjoys one another.”

Asst. Supt. Mr. Scarpelli, RHS Principal, Mr. Cron and Supt. Mr. Retchless announce to the faculty NEASC Accreditation.

Asst. Supt. Mr. Scarpelli, RHS Principal, Mr. Cron and Supt. Mr. Retchless announce to the faculty NEASC Accreditation.

Another thing that makes Mr. Cron smile is having the school be accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. Known as NEASC, this is the U.S. regional accreditation association providing educational accreditation to all levels of education.
Last year in 2012, the NEASC evaluation team came out to RHS to evaluate RHS’ in several categories. RHS had been on probation since 2007 and the evaluators were still concerned with some aspects such as core values and curriculum.
Now, Mr. Cron is happy to announce that RHS has been fully accredited and taken off probation, acknowledging the teachers who helped to get this done.
“Mrs. Patton, Ms. McDonough, and Mr. Harden were the leaders in the process,” Mr. Cron said, “but everyone contributed including students and the community.”
Not only is he happy for the school itself, he’s also pleased for the town and their faith and resources into the school.
Reflecting on the construction which is finally getting closer and closer to an end, he realizes that faculty, staff and students are anxious to have it completed.
“The noises, the smells, and kinks can be challenging for the faculty, staff and students trying to learn and teach, but it’s almost done so it’s exciting,” he says.
The last area to be completed is the woodshop. Mr. Cron says this is “very important” and a lot of students can get benefits from that.
Along with the students and staff in the school, Mr. Cron is very excited for everyone to see the new school when it’s 100% ready.
He’s very happy about how the school is staying neat, and how everyone is respectful of the new furniture, equipment and rooms.
With stricter rules being enforced this year, Mr. Cron says he hasn’t had many complaints about them. He explained that there’s a reason for why the rules are what they are.
“Some students didn’t want to change food rules, but they understand that it’s a new building and everything should be neat and clean.”
As an educator for 19 years, Mr. Cronsays this year has been his favorite without question.
Looking ahead to next year, Mr. Cron says he would love to spend more time with teachers and students, and attend more meetings with them to talk about how to make RHS even better.

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