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Welcome to the Veritas of 2018-2019.  We have a great group of editors and writers to cover the news and features important to Rockland High School students and community.  Check out our website frequently and get a copy of the Veritas each time it comes out each month for in depth and up-to-date articles and information.

Our Managing Editor is senior, Jamin Morse.  You can contact her at with questions, ideas or to find out how to join the Veritas Staff.




  1. A. Scott MacKinlay

    Having been there at the beginning and present now to see the great advancements that Veritas has made is a source of great pride to me. Congratulations to the students and advisors for this outstanding accomplishment. Best wishes for continued success- A.Scott MacKinlay Principal (retired) Rockland High School- 1969-1995

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