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The Veritas is the Rockland High School print newspaper and online publication.

These publications are produced by the Journalism class. Members of the class make up the Veritas staff, which includes editors, writers, page designers, and photographers.

The Veritas Staff: Front l to r: Jasmin Morse, web editor, Jayden Libby, Joe Taft, sports editor, Sophie McLellan, and Sean Vo, co-editors-in-chief, Shawna DeWolfe. Middle: Josh Thompson, Meaghan McDonough, Jaylen Haltiwanger, Erin Kearns, Brooke Kimble, Sammi Nachtman, Grace LaPlante, Maria Fiore, Julian Tarpey. Back: Austin Woods, John MacDonald, Brittany Keefe, Maddie Gear, Juliana Smith, Jayanna Parham, Jake Lauria, Rylee Kimball and Liam Lenihan.

In addition, students from outside this class may submit articles, letters to the editor, cartoons, or other appropriate pieces for publication by emailing;;;



  1. A. Scott MacKinlay

    Having been there at the beginning and present now to see the great advancements that Veritas has made is a source of great pride to me. Congratulations to the students and advisors for this outstanding accomplishment. Best wishes for continued success- A.Scott MacKinlay Principal (retired) Rockland High School- 1969-1995

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