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Arts Festival April 12, 2017

The Rockland Public Schools held its annual Arts Festival. Among the highlights and exhibits was the release of the latest issue of Images, Rockland High School’s Art and Literary Magazine.   Photos by Veritas photographer Maddie Gear

Click on one photo to see the gallery.

Artwork from all the grades in the Rockland Public Schools was featured.

The RHS art students’ work was varied and interesting.

The RHS Band and Chorus also performed.

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Language Students Visit Quebec

Standing in front of a mural in Quebec City is the group from Rockland. Left to right: Mr. Finn, Elizabeth Kelley, Tatianna Hill, Emily Bugbee, Rachel Leleme, Jessica Dunphy, Nick Labolitta, Sarah Milks, Katie Houde, Leo Field and Ms. Lanigan. Back l to r: Kerin Dalton, Lara Glennon, Olivia Milso, Sammi Nachtman, Catherine Doyle, Hannah Wyllie, Jacob Nunn, Jacob Johnson, Kyle Lenihan, and Matt Griffin. photo courtesy Mr. Finn

Sammi Nachtman, Veritas Staff

A group of 20 students and two teachers left on a three day trip to Quebec, Canada on March 31. Mr. Finn, a French and Spanish teacher, organized the trip to introduce his French students to the French-Canadian culture.  He even had some of his Spanish students join the trip.  Ms. Lanigan, a history teacher, chaperoned as well. The group arrived home on April 2 at around 9:30 p.m.

When they arrived in the city, the group was brought on a two hour tour of the city and introduced to many of Quebec’s beautiful buildings: the Grande Alee, the Latin Quarter, le petit Seminaire de Quebec, Norte Dame de Quebec Cathedral, and the Terrasse Defferin. At the end of the tour they had a Parisian- style dinner where they had two options for food to choose from, and chocolate cake for a dessert. Later on that night they took a group picture in front of the Terrasse Defferin and headed home to sleep and get ready for the next day.

On day two the kids were taken to breakfast in the Quartier Petit Champlain. They had fruit, a freshly made croissant, a chocolate pastry, and a bowl of hot chocolate. They were then taken to a nineteenth century fortification where they learned about how the soldiers lived in there and reanacted some things.

The group then went to a very large mall where they had an hour to get lunch, shop a little, and use the indoor amusement park. For dinner that night they went to a place called the Sugar Shack. Outdoors there were piles of snow, snow tubes, sleds, and snow shoes for everyone to use and have fun with. On the inside there were rows of tables and many people excited to eat. Two men played music and everyone sang along and danced.

The trip was a success. The group learned  about the culture of a French- Canadian city  and met new people along the way.

Photos below courtesy of Mr. Finn.

Cheerleaders Honored at Fenway Park

The cheerleaders capped off a spectacular year on April 11 at Fenway Park.  photo courtesy of Jeanine Reardon

The 2016-2017 Rockland High School cheerleaders capped off a spectacular year with a special night at Fenway Park on April 11. As part of Champions Night, the girls were honored before the Red Sox game with Baltimore.

Peter Tolan is RHVC’s #1 fan & supporter. He wrote a letter to the Red Sox so that the team would be included among the other honorees at the Champions Night game on April 11. photo courtesy of Kim Reardon

Rockland High School custodian Peter Tolan, who is also an usher at Fenway, paved the way for the girls to be recognized.

The cheerleaders won the Division 4 State championship this past winter as well as the 2017 New England Championship. Along the way they also won the South Shore League title, the Southeast regionals and numerous invitational tournaments.

The girls got a special ride in a limo to Fenway and were also treated to dinner at the Bullpen Kitchen. Over 80 family and friends attended the game and sat in the bleachers. The Sox won the game 8-1, sending everyone home happy.

Head coach Jeanine Reardon expressed thank you’s to her thirteen cheerleaders and to all the team’s supporters, including asst. coaches Kim Reardon and Krystin Killion. Coach Reardon said, “I will never forget how fabulous this season was. I am the luckiest coach to have some of the best athletes ever.”

Reardon has coached the team for 10 years. In that time the cheerleaders have won seven state titles and nine league championships.

Senior Slideshow Pictures


Members of the senior class have begun working on creating a senior class picture slideshow to be shown to our graduates during senior week. The video will also be available for viewing online at a later date.

They are asking seniors and parents/guardians to send along any pictures from the class to the following email address: . They are looking for any pictures from the following time periods:

  • Baby Pictures

  • Elementary School Pictures

  • Middle School Pictures

  • High School Pictures

In addition, they are trying to make sure they cover all of the sport teams, clubs, fine and performing art events, and all of the seniors highlights over the course of the graduate’s time in the Rockland school system. Their goal is to make sure all students are represented and as many events as possible are highlighted. They do need your help to make this goal possible!

The deadline to submit photos is April 15th.

2017 Spellman Oratorical a Success Without Question

Left to right: Jurnee Dunn, Jessica Lutts, Sophie McLellan, Evan Murphy, Emily Delaney, Luana Lima, Michael Belmonte and Lauren Zaremba. These eight seniors were the finalists in the Spellman Oratorical Contest on Weds. April 5. Veritas photo



Sean Vo, Veritas Co-Editor-in-Chief

The annual Spellman Oratorical was held in the lecture hall on Wednesday, April 5 . At its roots this is a speech competition open to only seniors, where they were required to write a 500 to 1000 word speech, with the prompt changing each year.

This year’s prompt was all about the question, not the answer. Students had to explain how a variety of works of art were created in order to provide the audience with a better understanding of how to successfully question themselves and the world.

Students who were interested presented their speech to English teacher Christopher Neal. After about twenty students presented t him, he narrowed it down to eight finalists to present their speech in the official event. Those who spoke Wednesday night were , Michael Belmonte, Emily Delaney, Jurnee Dunn, Luana Lima, Jessica Lutts, Sophie McLellan, Evan Murphy, and Lauren Zaremba.

The prize, besides bragging rights, involved money: first place would get $1000, second place $700, third place $500, fourth place $300, fifth place $200, and sixth, seventh, and eighth place would receive $100 each; no one would leave empty handed. The awards’ total was $3000.  Prize money was awarded from a trust established by the late Francis Cardinal Spellman of Whitman in memory of his mother, Ellen Conway Spellman.

The panel of judges included Laura Whitaker, Karen Bonn, Peter Woodward. Whitaker is a grade 7 ELA teacher in Stoughton where she has worked since 2003. She received her Master of Arts in Teaching English from Bridgewater State University.Bonn is a former RHS Bulldog. During her time at RHS she was active in drama, chorus and the debate team. Following high school, she attended Dartmouth College and Suffolk University Law School. She is proficient in American Sign Language and French. Woodward is the former RHS English Dept. Head. Following his retirement from RHS, Peter went on to teach in China for three years and he continues to teach English part time at Hanover High School.

First place went to Murphy, second place went to Dunn, third place went to Lutts, fourth place went to McLellan; fifth place went to Delaney, and the final three places, in no particular order, went to Belmonte, Lima, and Zaremba.

Regardless of place, each student presented excellently. Congratulations to those who did speak; it will redefine beneficial inquiries for the years to come. As English teacher Carol Cahill said to everyone, “You are all winners in my book.”

RHS Shakespeare Festival was a Success!

Sophie McLellan, Co-Editor-in-Chief


The RHS Shakespeare Festival took place March 24th and 25th in the cafeteria, and was a complete and total success. Several groups of students came together, under the individual direction of each of the English department’s teachers, and gave the audience a night filled with wonderful performances of Shakespeare’s works.  

With classics like Romeo and Juliet, the cast portrayed a beautiful story of love and rivalry while the ensemble of Hamlet depicted the tale of a man gone mad. The cast of Macbeth brought forward a story of murder and madness, while the actors of A Midsummer Night’s Dream had the entire audience rolling in the aisles. From the talented actors to the brilliant sonneteers, the entire night was filled with beautiful words and exciting stories. With the roles of the King and Queen played by Mr. Graziano and Mrs. Patton and humorous anecdotes provided by the jester, Mr. Finn, the night was filled with joy and a delicious stew made by the King himself.

Everyone was pleased with how the night went and many left with a new love of Shakespeare.

“I have a newfound appreciation for Shakespeare,” says senior Shandi Austin, who played the role of Macbeth, ”I never thought I’d ever be in any play done by Shakespeare, and I’m so glad I decided to audition.”

The entire Shakespeare Festival was co-ordinated by Ms. Walsh, and the English Department, and  was funded in part by the Rockland/Massachusetts Cultural Council.

Link to pictures from each performance.

Link to cast and group photos.

RHS students attend annual SEMBSA Festival


Lauren Zaremba, Erin Field and Sean Vo participated at the Senior SEMSBA Festival” on Friday and Saturday held at Durfee High School.  SEMSBA festivals bring talented students from 33 schools in Southeastern Massachusetts together to sing or play in a combined choral or orchestral group. photo courtesy of Sean Vo.

Sean Vo, Veritas Editor-in-Chief


This past Friday and Saturday, March 24 and March 25, seniors Lauren Zaremba, Sean Vo and junior Erin Field went to Durfee High School in Fall River to represent the Rockland Music Department at the Senior SEMSBA (Southeastern Massachusetts School Bandmasters Association) Music Festival. Zaremba performed as part of concert band on tenor saxophone, while Field and Vo performed as part of the choir, soprano and tenor respectively.

While rehearsing with the choir conductor, Field and Vo learned a new and valuable lesson: to have your “heart on fire, mind on ice,” which was exactly quoted from the conductor Mr. Jeremy Young. The wise and final words of Mr. Young before the choir headed out to perform inspired each and every member. All in all, SEMSBA reminded seniors of the friendships they made through music and through festivals such as this one.

Erin Field and Sean Vo performed with the Senior SEMSBA chorus. courtesy photo

Lauren Zaremba is an accomplished saxophonist. She played at Senior SEMSBA courtesy photo

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