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February Vacation Starts Today: Got Plans?

No snow days yet this year make this a much needed February Vacation! Veritas file photo


Students at Rockland High School will be enjoying a nice, long, well-deserved vacation starting today! After all, in an unusual winter, no snow days have been called and students have had no real rest since the holidays!

Most students will be far away from the high school, many getting much needed rest, many working extra hours to try to save money for their savings accounts, and many actually doing some school work without worrying about next-day deadlines!  Some will be heading south on family vacations to Disney or other tropical locations; some will be going north to snowboard, ski or do some tubing, especially since our area has had no real snow this year (so far).

A large group of students will be playing in vacation tournaments, including the boys and girls basketball teams who will both be participating in a combined tournament hosted by Abington.  For the boys they will still be in the hunt to wrap up a tournament spot, while the girls will be polishing their record to earn a home game and the highest seed possible in the postseason tournament that starts after vacation.  Those games are on Monday and Wednesday.  Check our website Events calendar for specific times.

The hockey team will also be involved in games over the holiday and they too will be looking to come out of the regular season ready to do well in the postseason tournament.

Two other groups will be participating in school-related activities.

The Service Learning trip to Guatemala starts on Saturday, Feb. 16.  Fifteen students and three chaperones will be traveling to Guatemala and working for the week to help provide needed services and supplies to villagers near  Panajachel where they will be staying.  See our Veritas story on the trip here.

Another group will be heading to Boston to participate in the Harvard Model Congress program.  This will be a four day conference held at the Boston Sheraton hotel conference rooms, involving multiple schools.  The purpose is to foster familiarity with the government process.  The Harvard Model Congress is the largest congressional simulation conference in the world, providing high school students from across the country and abroad, an opportunity to experience American government firsthand. This years’ HMC participants from RHS consists of Jordan Cunningham, Terika Crooks, Paige Donnelly, Michaela Sugrue, and Nicolle G. Winter.  Ms. Adrienne Donovan is the Club Advisor.  The Veritas will be reporting on the students’ experience when they get back in a week.

Whatever it is that you do, enjoy your vacation, Bulldogs, and be safe and rested, and ready for the final months of the school year!


Mock Trial closes out 2018-2018 season

Back left to right: Giovan Soares, Emmy Kelley, Annie Kelley, Callie Gillan, Jasmin Morse, and Caitlin Cameron. Font left to right: Maria Pala, Ngan Nguyen, Ashley Galliger, and Brynn Dempsey.

Jasmin Morse, Veritas Editor-in-Chief and Web Editor


After months of preparation and hard work, RHS’s Mock Trial team finished off the season on Mon. Jan. 28 after winning the trial’s verdict against Norwell.

At the beginning of this year, the team and advisors, history teachers Greg Rowe and Randal Grimmett were faced with the task of filling the team with fresh new faces after a majority of the team graduated last year. Thankfully, several underclassmen came to some meetings and decided to commit to the club.

On Fri. Jan. 18 the team kicked off the season on defense at the Hingham District Court where they faced Hull. The following week on Fri. Jan. 25, they faced Thayer Academy on prosecution at the Brockton District Court. Finally to close out the season they won as defense against Norwell at the Brockton District Court.

At the close of this season, yet again the team will be losing some key seniors including Giovan Soares, and captains: Jasmin Morse, Caitlin Cameron, and Elizabeth Kelley.


  • Jasmin Morse
  • Elizabeth Kelley
  • Callie Gillan
  • Ashley Galliger
  • Giovan Soares
  • Maria Pala
  • Makayla Andre


  • Caitlin Cameron
  • Annie Kelley
  • Ngan Nguyen
  • Ashley Galliger
  • Brynn Dempsey

For more information about the Mock Trial Team’s season see the print edition of the Veritas on Feb. 14.

Poetry Out Loud Is Monday Night!

January 25, 2019

Last year’s Poetry Out Loud contestants included: left to right: Mardally Freitas, John Ellard, Emily Gaboriault, Joe Lauria, Eden Dalton, Jocelyn Reera, Olivia Elie, Kellie Berry

Students are gearing up for the annual Poetry Out Loud competition to be held on Monday, Jan. 28 at 7 p.m. in the RHS lecture hall.

This year six students will vie for the honor of representing Rockland in the Regional Competition to be held in March. They are: Jillian Mitchell who will recite, “Self Portrait” and “Then and Now,”  Maria Pala who will perform “Lazy” and “Life,”  Kathleen Nee whose poems are “Song in a Minor Key,” and “The Ocean,” John Ellard who will perform “Caged Bird,” and “Invitation to Love,” Megan Diver who will recite “Kubla Khan,” and “Megan Married Herself,” and Paige Boggs whose poems are “A Rabbit Is King of the Ghosts,” and “Grief.

Ms. Carol Cahill, English Dept. Chairperson, says that this year students have selected interesting and diverse poems that are sure to inspire those in the audience.  She encourages all to attend, not only to support the students, but also to be entertained by the poetry that they will hear.


New Year, New Midterm Schedule

Jasmin Morse, Veritas Editor-in-Chief and Web Editor


midterm schedule

As the new year is kicking in gear, the students at RHS are preparing for their midterm exams. To help benefit the students and staff of RHS Principal Dr.  John Harrison has implemented some changes.

Not so new this year, but made a guarantee is the promise of an exam in every class. Whether it be AP Calculus or gym, to even cooking, there will be an exams in every class with the exception of study blocks. As for more hands-on classes like cooking or woodworking will also be given a midterm, whether it be a typical test or a project based test is up to the teacher’s discretion.

Also new to this year is the implementation of different classes acting as study periods in between the lunch blocks. Dr. Harrison explains, “We didn’t love how D block was everyday [in previous years].” So now the faculty has worked to make it so that each day during the lunch periods a different class would meet prior to their testing dates in order to prepare for the exam.”

The second change Dr. Harrison has established is the elimination of the the makeup period that used to be held on the last day of midterm week. Now to make up exams students must stay after school On Tuesday through Friday or go to Saturday School. Mr. Dan Kimball will be in charge of after school makeup exams that will run from 2:45-4:15 p.m. Furthermore, students must speak to an administrator in order to get permission to miss an exam due to an excused absence.

Additionally, students who have a study are allowed to leave school at 12:35 p.m. if their study falls during the afternoon exam portion. If their study falls during the morning session, students are allowed to come to school at 11 p.m.  During the week of midterms, the school day will start at 9 a.m. and end at 2:20 p.m., versus the normal start time of 8 a.m. and ending at 2:35 p.m.

Midterm grades count as 10% of students’ overall end of the year grades and will be displayed on  term two report cards that will be opened on Fri. Jan. 25.

Be sure to hit the books because midterms will start next week on Tuesday,  Jan. 15 and finish up on Friday, Jan. 18 unless of course there is a snow day.  In that case, everything will be moved up a day.

Swimmers Bond In and Out of the Pool

The swim team at practice at the Hanover Y. photo courtesy of Mrs. Margolis

January 3, 2019

Jahri Francis, Veritas Staff

The RHS swim team is having a good season. Members of the swim team tell the Veritas that they aren’t concerned about their record or the losses they take. They are excited about improving their best times and strokes.

At the beginning of the new year, Coach Julie Margolis says that she is pleased with the progress the team has made so far this season. “Everyone is getting stronger and all four competitive strokes have been worked on,” she said.

Improvement has always been the biggest goal for each swimmer. Mrs. Margolis said, “My goals, as always, are for every swimmer to have fun and to improve their strokes and physical well-being during the season.”

Swimming can be used to build bonds, laugh, have fun, and provide exercise for all ages.  “We like to laugh and have fun…. Swimming is a sport that you can do your entire life. At the pool I work at during the day, we have a 93 year old man who comes in every day and swims 500 yards still.”

Ms. Margolis also says that she is so happy that she is able to offer diving this year to the team because of the addition of Mrs. Maureen Hebert, the new dive coach.

Coach Margolis said “The divers are doing awesome and most of the girls have learned at least six dives so they are now able to score at a meet.”  For those who would like to see this addition to the program, they can go to the following dual meets: at Randolph on Jan 20, at Middleboro on Jan 22 and at Quincy on Jan 29.

Margolis said, “One swimmer has already announced that she has a ‘slamming’ playlist ready to blast on the bus rides. We also try to have a couple of pasta parties.”

A member of the RHS swim team, Olivia Janis, says the reason she joined the team is because she has always enjoyed swimming and it has been part of her life since she was a kid.

She said, “Whether it was in the pool or at the beach, I was always happier in the water.”

Janis has goals for herself as well. She said, “I want to try to make sectionals this year.” She says she wants to make a change for RHS because not many people on the swim team have been able to make sectionals, so she is very motivated and determined to make it big this year.

Another member of the team, John Ellard says he wanted to be part of the team because he desires to enhance his swimming skills, even more after a swimming club he has finished.

He also mentioned how they are all working on perfecting their strokes and building their stamina up constantly.

Ellard has set personal goals for himself to eventually win more meets than last year and to hit a .500 mark for his swimming event.

He says he is very happy and motivated to “kill it” this year, thanks to his awesome coach, Mrs. Margolis.

Ellard says that she is a role model and very talented with swimming. “She is not only very knowledgeable about swimming, but she is one of the most supportive people I’ve ever met. She helps us reach our goals but also cares about us on a personal level.”

Both the girls and the boys teams opened up their seasons on Sunday, Dec. 9 with wins against Randolph.

The boys team followed that with a win against Pembroke.

The team looks forward to their meet tomorrow (Jan.4) with Norwell and with Cohasset on Jan. 11. Both meets are at the Scituate Racquet Club at 7:30 p.m.

Check out the team’s upcoming meets to see the competition and pride of this close-knit team!

Coach Julie Margolis and captains, John Ellard III, Aleigha Williams, Angelina Vuong, Rebecca Mullen, and Tyler Beatrice before their first meet against Randolph on Dec. 9. Veritas Photo

Chorus, Band Spread Holiday Cheer

Chorus members mingled with the senior citizens after their Holiday concert on Friday, Dec. 21.

Rockland High School’s Chorus and Band made their annual holiday visits to all the elementary schools on Friday, Dec. 21. Under the direction of John Piazza and Victoria McComb the students boarded their busses early and got on their way to their first stop at Memorial Park; from there they went to the Jefferson, and then on to the Esten.

The last stop was their visit to the Rockland Senior Center where they played to a full room of senior citizens who had gathered to hear their annual concert.  At all their stops they played and sang Holiday favorites to the appreciative audiences.



SGC Honors SRO Schnabel

School Resource Officer Ethan Schnabel was honored with a Top Dog Club t-shirt for his contributions to all the schools in Rockland.

Jasmin Morse, Veritas Editor-in-Chief and Web Editor


After a year of weekly announcements of who will be named the Top Dog amongst highly acknowledged members of the senior class, RHS’s Student Government Council felt it was necessary to recognize the faculty who go above and beyond their duties. This Monday, RPS’s School Resource Officer, Ethan Schnabel was honored as the Staff Top Dog.

For the past two weeks, SGC’s treasurer, senior Justin Sherlock as well as other members of the Executive Board have worked to create a video of staff and students for the hard work he dedicates to the Rockland schools. In addition, as you can see around the halls of RHS, they’ve hung posters everywhere thanking Officer Schnabel for all his hard work. This video was shown at the Wednesday, Dec. 19 SGC meeting.

Furthermore, at this meeting, Officer Schnabel was greeted by his wife and children as well as members of SGC to watch the video and in the end, presented him with his very own “Top Dog” shirt.

Be sure if you see him in the halls to thank him for the time and dedication he puts into making this school a safe environment for us all.

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