Freshman Regan Glennon Is Our Winner!

March 30, 2022

Freshman Regan Glennon is the winner of the Veritas’ contest to name the 20 teachers at Rockland High School who are alumni of RHS.

Regan can come down to Mr. Murphy’s office at WRPS Wednesday or Friday to pick up her Chipotle gift card!

Congratulations to Regan!

Here are the teachers submitted by Regan.

Mr. Liquori – math

Ms. Penney – social studies

Mr. Novio –  science/substitute

Mr. Casagrande – math

Mr. Anzalone – math

Mrs.  Mulready -math

Mr. Damon – Dean/math

Ms.  Cahill – English

Mr.  Kimball – English / AD

Mrs.  Newcomb – Phys. Ed

Mrs.  McGonnigal – Special Ed

Ms.  McKenna – Social Studies

Mr. Peter Harrison – Science

Mr.  Rowe – Social Studies

Mr. Doyle – Phys. Ed

Mrs. Phelps – Health

Mr.  Graziano – Athletic Director

Ms. Lannin-Cotton – Journalism

Ms. Paulding – Asst. Principal

Ms. Medeiros – Art

Here is the story that appeared in the March Veritas print edition with interviews with three of these alumni/teachers.

Shannon Gustin, Veritas Features Editor

Over the years many teachers who attended RHS have returned to pass on their legacy as teachers and inspirations to many.

The high school has changed since many of these students graduated, from the new building to new subjects being taught.

One teacher that returned to Rockland High is social studies teacher Kara Penney.  She graduated from Rockland High School in 2015.

“My high school experience had some ups and downs and it was all the teachers at RHS that my friends and I could rely on to help us. I am still very appreciative for all the support RHS teachers gave me and my friends,” said Ms. Penney.

Over the seven years since she graduated from RHS, many things have changed.  “There have been a lot more state championship games and victories than when I was in high school!”

She continued, “In all seriousness, RHS offers a lot more opportunities for classes and preparing for what happens when you graduate as long as you take advantage of the opportunities.”

Returning to teach history, she says, “Since I got to high school I loved history class; my dream was always to teach at RHS. But I also want to give back to a community that has given me so much. I am very proud to be from this town.”

Substitute teacher and AP Biology teacher Richard Novio attended RHS seven years ago. When he attended RHS he had teachers that are still teaching here today such as  Mr. Bigsby, Mr. Rowe, and Mr. Casagrande.

But he says, since 2011, the school has changed a lot.  “The best way I can describe it is taking a time machine back in time, but something broke and it’s some alternate timeline.”

He went on to explain, “A lot of the school is exactly as it was ten years ago, including most of the staff, but there are just some newer concrete blocks holding the building up, and a little better technology.”

He says, “When I went to RHS, I decided I wanted to be a teacher after one of the few classes I had with Bigsby, where something just clicked and I thought I would love to make that kind of impact on someone and also be able to share my love of English with others; and after some strange luck, I ended up teaching AP Biology once Mrs. Armstrong left.

He then went on to say, “Now that I am here, I couldn’t be happier. It’s great to be part of where I grew up and see a difference in people, and also see the huge strides Rockland has come to make this school a better and more inclusive environment than it was ten years ago.”

Another teacher that has returned to RHS to teach is Nick Liquori of the math department.  He graduated from RHS in 1995.

“I very much enjoyed my experience at RHS. I participated in football, basketball and baseball. None of the teachers that I had in school are here, now…though I do have former classmates that are now colleagues.”

Since 1995, Mr. Liquori says, “RHS has changed quite a bit. [There are] many changes due to the new middle school, but some classes were either reduced or combined with other classrooms. Locker room locations also have changed.”

After he graduated from high school and college, Mr. Liquori did not take a direct path back to RHS. He began working in the financial field. But his work in the community led him back to RHS. “I decided to become a teacher because I was coaching youth sports and I enjoyed the teaching aspect.”  As everyone knows, Mr. Liquori is now the head football coach at RHS.

Overall, 20 alumni who attended RHS when they were younger have come back and are teaching at the high school they went to right now.


Here’s a few photos of alumni/teachers that we had on file!



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