Miss Rockland is crowned

Danielle Oliver, Macayla Sheehan, Dawn Bille, Shannon Gray, Brooke McDonald and Leah O'Bryan.

Danielle Oliver, Macayla Sheehan, Dawn Bille, Shannon Gray, Brooke McDonald and Leah O’Bryan were honored at half-time of the Homecoming Game.

Mikaela Dion, Veritas Staff

Each year in October six senior girls are nominated by the faculty to compete for the title of Miss Rockland. The winner, voted on by the senior class, is revealed in a ceremony held at the Homecoming football game.

The title of Miss Rockland has always been given to honor the senior girl who has the most school spirit, who is kind and courteous to students and staff, who does well in school, and who participates in some extracurricular activities.

Throughout the week seniors are given the chance to vote and choose whom they believe deserves the title.

At the game during half time each girl is announced and escorted to the field where they name the winner. This year the nominees chosen were seniors Leah O’Bryan, Shannon Gray, Danielle Oliver, Macayla Sheehan, Dawn Bille, and Brooke MacDonald.

On the night of the Homecoming game, students, fans and the girls’ themselves anxiously waited to see who would be chosen.

After the announcement of each candidate who were accompanied by her parents, the traditional tiara was placed on the head of Shannon Gray by Principal Cron.

Shannon Gray is a member of the National Honor Society, the Student Government Council, the and the Yearbook Club. She also plays volleyball and tennis.

“Being nominated for Ms. Rockland is an honor,” Shannon stated. “It was an honor to be recognized by my teachers and peers.”

Shannon also said that winning is something she never expected. “I always looked up to the past Miss Rocklands, so knowing I’m now one of them is unimaginable.”

Shannon joins Mike McCauley who was voted as Mr. Rockland during Spirit Week. The Mr. Rockland contest is very different from Ms. Rockland because Mr. Rockland is held as an entertaining contest in the auditorium where the contestants put on a show to prove they deserve the title. It is meant to be entertaining and funny whereas Ms. Rockland is a more serious event.

When asked how she felt about the difference Shannon replied, “I feel like having Mr. Rockland as a contest makes it unique; I like how it differs.”

The others nominees expressed similar feelings about being recognized and nominated for Ms. Rockland.

Leah O’Bryan who is vice president of the class, plays three sports and serves on student government, stated, “It felt really nice to be nominated. I didn’t expect it but to be recognized and nominated by teachers made me feel like I’ve done something good over my four years of high school.

Macayla Sheehan, captain of the RHS cheerleading squad, also is a member of an all-star cheerleading squad. She said, “ I felt surprised and honored to be nominated for Miss Rockland. It means so much to me that my teachers would nominate me for such a well known and special thing.”

Danielle Oliver told the Veritas,” I am so happy I was nominated and I feel honored. Shannon deserves being Miss Rockland and we are all happy for her.” Danielle is a member of the varsity soccer team and is involved in student government.

Brooke MacDonald, a cheerleader, member of the yearbook staff and Key Club and a stage manager for the drama club, said, “I was so excited to be nominated for Miss Rockland and I’m so happy I got to know my teachers so well throughout high school. All the nominees were awesome and I am honored I was nominated.”

Each of the girls has big plans for the college and careers. Dawn Bille, captain of the volleyball team and active in student government and on the Veritas Staff said, “I want to major in journalism and minor in psych.”

Congratulations to Miss Rockland and all the girls.

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