Fiddler on the Roof Review

Madalyn Maloney
Veritas Staff
Broadway to RHS

Senior Christian Malo plays Tevye in Theater Guild's Fiddler on the Roof

Senior Christian Malo plays Tevye in Theater Guild’s Fiddler on the Roof          photo by Devin Gilmore

Friday December 7th, the Rockland High School Theatre Guild had opening night of their winter production, Fiddler On The Roof.

The play is about a poor Jewish peasant, Tevye, who is determined to find suitable men to marry his three daughters while anti-semitic sentiment threatens his home.
The two lead actors in the play were Christian Malo who played Tevye and Charis Nelson who played his wife, Golde. The three daughters were Molly McLellan as Hodel, Molly Hurley playing Chava and the chorus teacher here at Rockland High School, Ms. Hartnett, who took the role of Tzeitel. The suitors of the three sisters were played by Chris Carchedi (Perchik), Justin Ferullo (Fyedka) and Joe Palana (Motel).

Malo’s characterization of Tevye was well-done and showed incredible control. He was on stage for a great deal of the play except for a few scenes with the daughters together and with their suitors.

The Theatre Guild here at Rockland High School prepared for the play for three months before the production took place. Practices went all the way up until the day of the play. Twenty four actors took part which does not include all of the loyal crew members who worked hard to help make the production go on! Twenty of the cast members were high school students here at Rockland High School. The rest were Rockland middle and elementary students.

The actors received their roles after auditioning back in October. Molly McLellan, who played daughter Hodel, explained, “Everyone was chosen based on their abilities and who they thought fit each part.”

The production was directed by Mrs. Armstrong and Ms. Hoyo. The fantastic music was all handled by the chorus teacher here at Rockland High School, Ms. Hartnett. Mr. Harden, music director coordinated the orchestral accompaniements.

The music was the best part of the play. All of the songs were very catchy and the choreography to match was superb. The musical numbers were put together so well and everyone really acted the part when they were singing.
Mr. Retchless, our Superintendent of Schools played the part of the constable. He commented on the talent of the actors. “These kids are so talented and they are a lot of fun to be around.” He added, “I really enjoyed being a part of this production.”

Ms. Hoyo was very pleased with how the play went. She said, “Things went great…we had a great cast, a wonderful set, and quite frankly fantastic directors.” When asked how she, a science teacher, got involved with the Theater Guild Ms. Hoyo said, “Well, Jesus was a carpenter so I figured I should follow the lead of my favorite guy and build set pieces.”

The show was packed both nights with eager viewers who were very excited to see the school play!
“It was different than the usual drama productions but I feel that Molly Hurley stepped it up to make it great!” said Mikaela Dion. Dennis Mcpeck said, “The play was fantastic and like a true Broadway production!”

Follow this link for our Photo Gallery by Veritas photographer Devin Gilmore

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