Stanzas, Stations and Sweets

Hello again, readers! This week we have some original poems by our high school students and pictures connecting to the poetry.  As always, enjoy and comment to your heart’s content. Stay crispy.

First, an award winning poem by Melissa Furlong:

It was cold and the day was aging.After losing you we all came together,
No not just friends more like a family.
But all the pain seems to subside when we’re here,
The smile that you’d have on your face would appear.
The moment of anticipation waiting for the train to come,
Felt like the world paused as if we were stuck in time.
Knowing you were looking down on us,
keeping us safe from the dangers ahead.
Holding us together with the thought of your welcoming laughter.
The laughter that will always be in our heart,
Carrying everyone through each rough day
As if you’re still here with us all.
Snapping back to reality with the whistle of the train approaching
And the memories that will always stay.
We race down to the platform before the wheels screech to close,
Like little kids running to base, speeding and screaming with joy.
Stumbling to our knees we crawl underneath,
Gasping for air and our hearts almost skipping a beat.
Holding each other close
Our skin pressed against one another.
Laughing while we look at eachother,
Realising you’d think we’re crazy.
The train reaches its destination, we see nothing but darkness.
Can’t even hear our screams over the roaring of the train.
At the time nothing mattered in the world
But the moment we were in.
Hearing the grinding of the bikes on the stair railing.
Doing what they do best and landing their tricks,
Even if they fail its not something they can’t fix.
They were taught to just get back up and try again
By the strongest person they know.
It’s not like you left, no not at all.
You’re still here with us.
God wouldn’t make you go through something
If he knew you couldn’t handle it,
So take a deep breathe, we can make it.
Every time i hear a bike pedal,
I know it’s you riding with your crew.
We will not grieve, we shall be happy,
For all the memories we have today.
And to know that we will see you again someday.


Some 3-D Photography by Joey Marchetti:


Now, a lighthearted poem based on Robert Frost’s classic “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening”

“Stopping by Triscuit Factories on Snowy Evenings”

Whose Triscuits are these I think I know
His kitchen is in the factory though;
He will not see me stopping here
to watch his factory fill up with chow

My little tummy must think it queer
To stop without a triscuit near
Between the woods and mothers kitchen
Its the saddest evening of the year

I give my rumbling tum a shake
To ask if there was some mistake
For why would I have traveled long
without a triscuit close to me

Triscuits are lovely, delicious and sweet
But I have hungers to sate
And miles to go before I eat
And miles to go before I eat


Finally, our first video submission! A fantastic piece of stop motion animation by Danni Hill


See you soon!


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